Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drugs, eating disorders, and burn victims

I regularly cull through photos of drug addicts, anorexics, and burn victims (let's be honest, bulimics, you're not horrifyingly skinny enough). My drug addict of choice is the crystal meth user and his rotting-out-of-his-face teeth. These pictures are the result of no one stepping up to help a drug addict, and it’s hard to look away.I think everyone likes to stare at the macabre, even empaths. They're all images of human destruction, of course: the drug addicts show the effects of a demon, the eating disordered show the effects of a mental weakness, and the burn victims reflect our own inhumanity back at us.

But I do feel like I get a unique pleasure from gazing upon them. I think I like the notion that I can easily understand how bad their lives are. If sociopaths like me can understand their pain, then they and the similarly afflicted may be the only people immune to a sociopath's exploits. They're so bad off even a sociopath can feel sorry for them, somewhat. At least they have that to cheer them up!


  1. i don't think you like looking at these people because it gives you an insite into their pain, i think you enjoy seeing people at their absolute lowest. you feel a satisfaction, maybe you feel powerful, like you "won". but, i think the real perverse titillation, is that maybe you can identify with someone that appears to be stripped down to their bones. the empty, hollow, complete dependancy these people exhibit, no longer able to control the events of their lives. that is what it feels like to be you, yet you can look away into a mirror and see healthy flesh, teeth, (a mask), and that relief that you are still hidden from the rest of the world, the understanding that your "secret" is still safe. THAT is what gets you off. THAT is what makes you powerful, because these people have nothing left to lose, nothing you want. in your eyes they're throw aways, as a true sociopath, you still don't "get it". those individuals look that way because they DO have a capacity to feel. where as you will always have to wear the mask. the beauty lies in the fact that for you, that either way, you really just dont give a fuck. it's really very tragic to someone who can feel. mentally, your probably closer to being a fish. and i say that in only the most physiological of ways

  2. I believe you digg to deeply, my friend. You make us look all so evil.

  3. possibly, but finding a unique pleasure looking at photos of burn victims or shot out drug addicts, seems "evil", (your term, not mine). i personally feel it is disturbing to witness someone in agony. so now i am left a little confused by this post, is it the main focus of the sociopath to win or to destroy?
    and, maybe i am digging too deeply, me, my friend :p.
    i never meant to "stumble on" this site and suddenly i find myself looking back at relationships in my life, wondering if possibly some were with that 1 in 25-50, i see quoted. it's a relief to feel that hint of closure. lol
    very interesting blog, i look forward to reading more.

  4. I share the same interest as the host, as well as the sociopathy and all, but really I don't think it has to do with winning or being better off than the person in view. For me, it's more that what I'm seeing is simply an interesting example of the particular sort of destruction being exhibited, sort of like watching a virus eating away at a culture under a microscope.

    It's just that when it's shown in a person, we aren't inhibited by feelings of disgust or grief like the normal person is. We don't like to look at it because of any meaning you can attach to it, it's simply an interesting display, something to think about.


  5. For the most part sociopaths relationships are a one night stand or long term. The long term partner is based on someone who's useful and valuable. They thrive on confrontation. They have purpose in everything they are doing. They use people. They are not afraid to abandon you coldly and to her face reguardless of how it makes you hurt. Ask anyone in here who's broken up with a sociopath.
    People who have low self esteem and abandonment issues tend to have short burst relationships that last till the infactuation wears off. They have commitment issues with men who are not dominant. They have lack of initiative so that is a need they want filled, but they seek men who don't because they are afraid that they will abandon them and leave them hurt. They are right in a sense because they are extremely vulenrable when with a dominant man. This is why they say nice guys finish last. They are afraid of confrontation, and engage in passive aggressive behaviour compulsively. When they are alone they go on a downward deppressing spiral so they need attention.
    She said that men cried to her in the break up. This shows the type of men she seeks. Everyone has a type and I'm sure she didn't break her pattern. She tends towards weak men and finds them undesirable in a matter of months. Fits right in.
    Another statement was that they would call her and ask her out, and she would lie to them. Why lie? Why pick up the phone at all? She felt compelled to explain why she wouldn't hang out with them. Being unconfrontational she lied to spare his feelings not to make some plot. Its obvious. What else would you gain.
    Another statement said she would fake crying if they broke up with her. To what end? The reality was she was crying for real and has rewritten history to delude herself that she's in control.
    Another statement says she would comfort her crying ex. Why? What sociopath can stand the pathetic sound of crying anyway? Maybe if something was at the end of this trail of tears, but no. No, instead we are led to believe it was a diabolical plot to get men to break up with her. Why not say you're now a lesbian? How bout fucking a man while he's walking in? Why make him break up at all? She wants to spare their feelings, and that's the only logical explanation.

  6. Disorders need to be taken care of. It affects the overall health of the person.

  7. "...These pictures are the result of no one stepping up to help a drug addict, ..."

    Oh no, I assure you, many have stepped up and tried to help the addict in the picture. The addict simply didn't want to stop. That is how addiction is. It requires a bloody miracle to get an addict to actually want to stop. Typically, addiction is a fatal affliction, esp these days with drugs being a lot stronger and more toxic than they have been in the past. Am thinking heroin and crystal in particular. Also, lots of street drugs are now cut with very toxic fillers b/c supply can't keep up w/ demand and the vile dealers want to collect the money anyway. The fillers deliver some kind of kick that the addict will happily take in a pinch. The price for these fillers though is much faster poisoning of the addict. Google "Krokodil drug" to see the latest quick-kill super-addictive drug out there and you will see just how utterly hopeless dealing with drug addiction is becoming. In an increasing number of cases, I think you would serve the addict better just by putting a bullet in his head. Better than watching him die slowly and painfully, and better for him. Not too much different from putting down a pet suffering from an incurable malady.


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