Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tina Fey's Sociopath Daughter

Not sure why I didn't publish this before?

The first one:


And the more recent one, still doing bad to the bone:


  1. Many people in the american "media landscape" appear like psychopaths, at least to europeans? Glib, talky, shallow, able to push a "canned laughter" button, cynics, looking for others "dirty laundry" to poke in, loving humiliation etc..

  2. My heart breaks for Fey. She can only afford to have the entire state of
    California to help her out, if she needs it.

  3. Fey herself may be Histrionic.

    1. Nah,, she's hilarious. I've heard that many actors and comedians can be on the bipolar spectrum thou. 1, 2, or high functioning 3. Anyone who is funny and up like that - usually - naturally come down at some point.

    2. Not for nothing, but one of the primary symbols of her profession is a combination of happy/sad masks.

      Just sayin...

    3. Speaking of masks... You know what I like about this place? (Apart from it being a source of easy prey, thought-provoking conversation, and a harmless outlet for my sadistic amusement? :D)

      I can actually integrate every "mask"- or facet of my personality, here.

    4. HL :( :)


      Haha I agree. It's pretty fun. Freeing.

    5. I don't know that I integrate every facet - at least as I think of them.

      Many of the more polite and demure "facets" have no place here. Nor does one facet in particular that I refer to as "the perfect mirror." It's a mode of operation - usually where I'm dealing with lots of different people that I need things from (information, actions, etc.) - I try to keep this persona "at work." It's useful in that context, but must be used sparingly - people get creeped out by it if it goes on too long.

      But these are all personas created to function in a neuro-typical world.

      Here, I dispense with those "facets" because I'm more interested in understanding that part of myself in an uninhibited and unfiltered way - the raw feed, if you will. I can let myself blather on and not worry about any fallout (and if there is any, it's rather expected that I can act...naturally).

    6. That's just it. I can be myself, fully.

      I can't discuss a lot of the things that I talk about freely here with anyone. I can't be open about my proclivities, my past, or some of the dubious ways in which I entertain myself.

      This has a lot to do with the role I play both professionally and personally within my community.

      HL, "the perfect mirror" is incredibly useful when meeting new people.

    7. Yes!!! New people are another great application of "the perfect mirror."

      I get what you mean - I'm in a mode of "picking at the edges" and "looking under rocks" - so having a place to just "let it fly" is very helpful and useful to me -

  4. Lately I´ve also pondered how the military creates a "psychopatic environment" most likely responsible for as many deaths among empath soldiers as actual combat after finished service. The ideals, the stress & fear combined is what drives folks to the bottle, suicide or mental institutions afterwards. Little is talked about this. Plain empaths cannot function on a battlefield, "artificial psychos" must first be created. The "breaking down process" is not described that way. Reading excerpts from famous ex-soldiers memoirs reveals the tragedies: "bolstered empaths" doing everything they can to convince their readers how much they liked killing, couldn´t get enough of it, & and then had beers with their rough mates. It was nothing but a cool videogame. Nobody had nightmares or flashbacks about folks whose heads exploded like watermelons by sniper fire. They circle-jerked at the sight of the flag & felt proud..

    1. And the other side of the coin, of course, the "real articles" telling their stories without the fake macho crap, just thinking & behaving like "legit serial killers", bored by wife and kids, bored by vacation, just wanting to "whack things" on a daily basis regardless of cause, politics or motive. fearing the day all the carnage will end in trite retirement. Real but slightly surreal. Impossible to believe if not understanding the basic features of aggressive sociopathy or the "extroverted" zodiac Scorpio mentality..

    2. (Deleted my comment because I posted it in the wrong spot)

      Many of those who were once called warriors are now called "sociopaths".

      That "breaking down" process is really just systematic desensitization. Some adapt readily, others reluctantly and/or poorly, and still others are broken by it.

      Interesting thoughts.

    3. That brutal process makes sociopaths "more able", just like daddys repeated beatings "awoke" mob guys or enforcers. Empaths get mentally scarred and often will crash later in life due to this. But I guess its the empaths that are seen as the sought after "material" in the process: socios are not group oriented and reliable. Most likely the zodiac Scorpio is the ultimate fusion: a "normal psycho" nature somehow designed to hunt down prey. I doubt killing other humans bothers Scorpio (it sounds incredible for a non-psycho) after the first times, there may even develop a strong appetite to do just that, legally. Read somewhere of such a military specimen which felt he was "made solely for that purpose". I believe it.

    4. @A "Many of those who were once called warriors are now called "sociopaths".

      True enough.. society needs them. My hubs woulda been a viking back in the day. ;) Now all he needs is country rural life far away from civilization - a few close friends, hard work, and his family. :) I joke with him... you're my almost sociopath husband. Not quite fullblown traits. ..but close enough. :P

    5. South Side SociopathApril 19, 2015 at 5:19 PM

      Greek mythology is filled with sociopaths.

    6. I recall a poster here that went by Cold Catharsis that was a former military type.

      He (?) made some very astute observations that suggested that in spite of the militaries best efforts to "crank out killers," they still hadn't really cracked the neuro-typical instinct to avoid killing other people.

      There were some respectable books on the subject that I hope to read at some point - the on-line commentary and analysis and criticism suggest it's worthwhile reading.

      As much as we would like to think it - it's just not so. The military isn't doing a good job of churning out sociopaths. - if one considers the PTSD (and TBI) reports, they are just as clueless as the APA.

      Never mind kill rates...

    7. "Greek mythology is filled with sociopaths"

      Like Thor Savagecock? XD

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Chiquita... If I could go back in time and be part of any ancient civilization, I would choose to be a Viking. No doubt about it.

      Do you watch the HBO series? It's amazing, and actually follows historical events quite faithfully. And it has major battle porn- especially in the first season. If he doesn't already watch it, tell your husband to check it out. He'd love it. It's one of my favorite shows, along with GoT.

    10. Norse mythology is filled with socios. And giants. And naughty werevolves. Have I mentioned ships made from corpse-nails? This is the creed of the norsemen which so many US citizens seem to think were "lovable rouges", almost like a "sailing biker-gang". They name football teams end even oil-platforms after them. Even I almost consider the vikings to be a genuine american phenomena, They came from Texas, for sure. Or maybe they started as "oregonian loggermen"..?

    11. They pretty much took over the New World- first by raiding, then via assimilation.

      Most people in North America either have Viking or Saxon roots. I recently traced my ancestry right back to William the Conqueror- a Viking branch.

    12. But the beauty of of the norse tales is not Thor wielding "mjolnir". Its the terse "scorpionic" laconic language and attitudes. Everything withers and dies: all that remains is the name, the reputation. And Lord of the Rings is packed with norse stuff, the Rohan horse tribe for example..

    13. Thor as "superhero" is actually rather disgusting! It misses the "point" of the stories. Norse tales reminds me a bit of Clint Eastwood masterpiece western-movie Unforgiven where the myths are umasked, the gunslingers are myopic & the killing of others only harrowing tragedies in the end. Similar wisdom is found in the now distorted "superhero" tales: leave the sword on the shelf, it will only end in tears.

    14. I love the Thor !!

    15. A, I will definitely let him know to check it out. He's a history and war junkie. :P

      PS. I think viking/night girls are hot ! ;)

    16. South Side SociopathApril 20, 2015 at 6:38 PM

      Thor Savagecock is clearly a smoldering hunk of virile, sociopathic manhood.

    17. South Side SociopathApril 20, 2015 at 6:40 PM

      If I went back in time I would want to be a Spartan. Those took farther than anyone else. Spartans didn't play.

    18. South Side SociopathApril 20, 2015 at 6:41 PM

      Those guys...

    19. Yeah. Spartans are pretty cool. Except when your well-educated offspring accuses you of being one in an reproachful tone. :P

      "300" is quite likely mu favorite movie of all time. It is one of very few that I was able to watch more than once without getting bored.

      The battle scenes are just orgasmic.

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  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Rotflmao. Entertaining.

  8. Why does professor want me to meet one of ur colleagues?

  9. My friend has that thing that u wanted.

  10. Are their any cases of kindergarten age children taking out their teacher and half their class? Sounds as if Tina Fey's kid may make her mark.

  11. If I recall the research, somewhere in the three year old range is "peak violence."

  12. Here's a news item about a six year old boy in Michigan killing a six year old girl.,9171,40342-1,00.html

    Is there a watch on Tina Fey's daughter? Or is it just a stage she's going to grow out of?

    I remember when I was 12 years old or so thinking my brother (about nine) was a sociopath. (I didn't know the word, but I had some idea of the concept.) As I was chasing him at the time with a knife in my hand, I am not a good witness for the prosecution. Both my brother and I were not impeccable as we grew up, but we met the basic standard, I think, during our lives. No murders, no tortures, no rapes. A few good deeds. So maybe baby Fey will just grow up to be a smart ass comedian.

  13. I love M.E. very much. She is far from the run-of-the-mill sociopath.
    I am delighted that her material means are secure, and she lives a healthy
    But where does she go from here? We've seen no evidence of a new book.
    No evidence of a T.V. gig. No reports of marriage.
    Is she happy? I suspect not. I have no idea if she's bored.
    Hillary Clinton is going to be elected President for 8 years. THAT'S A BORE.
    I'm glad I won't be around for THAT.
    But I'd LOVE to see M.E. progress in a notable way before I leave this world.
    Then I could die happy. Like Houdini, I'd like to make contact with M.E. from the
    other side if I could.

    1. Don't hold your breath, or you will reach the "other side" (and by the way, there is none) sooner than you want to. But maybe you should end it all?

  14. First of all before watching, I just have to say, I've been thinking about Tina Fey the past few days so this is neat to come to.
    After watching these now, I'd like to say that children are children, therefore they haven't been programmed with ideas like 'compassion and empathy' yet so they are naturally sociopathic until they learn to conform more.

  15. Tv-hosts with low empathy levels (in general, not talking about any specific case of course) often use the studio audience as their "apaths" (useful "tools") to make the guest look like a cretin. Their whole persona radiate a "support my slippery debasing of this guest", they sort of "shine" with a rotten two-faced personality: seemingly jovial host & beyond the scenes scumbag de luxe". They entertain people. And nobody thinks about that a psychopath is holding court using guests as "jesters"..

  16. Just minor typical news of run of the mill evil. BBC caries a report of a Chinese boarding school for upwardly mobile peasants children where a teacher repeatedly raped and tortured male students. Police reportedly knew about the goings on and simply shrugged when parents complained. Not against the law to rape adult males in China.

    In spain a 13 year old brought a crossbow to school and shot and killed a teacher.

    Kind of an evreyday run of the mill day for the human race.

  17. As far as Tina Fey, is she looking at her "reportedly" sociopathic tyke as an investment for material for her career? Kind of charming, when you think about it, no?

    In the days of kings and queens, a sociopath such as Henry VIII looked on sociopath kids (like Elizabeth) as a legacy to be proud of. Women's rights before they were hip.

    In the Soviet Union, leaders such as Stalin, Mao, Caecesciu (sp?) gazed fondly on sociopath kids carrying on the tradition.

    God father and so on always with us.

    We're good stuff, we human beings. Never tun out of thoroughbred stock to be proud of.

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