Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Irish journalist request

From an Irish journalist:

I'm an Irish freelance journalist, working primarily for The Irish Times newspaper and the Huffington Post. I'm looking for Irish sociopaths or people with antisocial personality disorder, whether diagnosed or self-diagnosed, to talk about their life, how they behave, how they have come to understand themselves, and so on. I'm happy to conduct interviews anonymously and to tread carefully so as not to identify any interviewees. Feel free to contact me: petemcguire@gmail.com I would hope to do get moving on this by early May if possible. Discretion assured.


  1. Ultimately, there are only 3 kinds of people in the world.
    Super sickies, Common sickies, and Spiritually attuned people.
    A Super sickie is an irredeemable person. Some have been tabbed
    Psychopaths or Sociopaths, but that would be too broad a distinction. I don't think M.E. fits that disctinction. She has capasity for remourse and growth.
    I think Hillary Clinton, and the media in general, qualify for the Super sickie
    The second kind of person is a Common sickie. NONE of us can avoid falling
    into this trap. Because the world is a tangled illusion and we have been feed
    generations of skewerd misinformation from our elders. To be socially
    acceptable is to make accomomadations with hypocrasy and falsehood, like
    "Don't raise the bridge, lower the water." An attorney like M.E. would know this.
    The only way out of the trap is self examaination. See how you are a conditioned and reactionary beign. UNLEARN societal programming. You can
    still do the essential, practicle things like working and paying your bills.
    ATTENTIVENESS is your major requirement. BE HERE NOW. Observe your
    thoughts. Snap out of it. Only in this way can you wake up and become as
    free as possible.

  2. Hi there, Pete.

    We had an Irish sociopath here. His name was UKan.
    He found M.E. to be an utter disappointment and this place too tedious and full of sociopath wannabes (narcissists, borderlines and plain old sad losers) to bother with.
    You could try searching the archives for him, if you wish.

    Now I am pretty sure that the vast majority of those eager to be interviewed will be said wannabes.
    Nothing gives them the recognition their ego craves more than a journalist paying them attention.

    That said, sociopaths are a hot topic, so as long as you can string together a semi coherent sentence, the readers will probably lap it up, no matter how full of it these people are.

    Have fun :)

    1. Ukan was incredibly astute. I learned more about effective arguing strategies butting heads with him than I might have had I spent 2 or 3 years in a debating club. He was trenchant, incisive, and perceptive - but he was not always right.

      He insulted everyone with equal zeal and came here *only* to fight... And he bloody well hated me, LOL. I have never had so much fun arguing with anyone in my life. :)

      He was one of the most worthy opponents I have ever sparred with, and I have successfully absorbed some of his better strategies. But he saw everything in black and white, and literally categorized everyone who posted here into two broad categories: Narcissists and victims (in his estimation, M.E. is a narcissist. Big surprise. He saw them crawling out of the woodwork.)

      He believed himself to be the only sociopath on this site. This was fundamental to his identity and served as fuel for his superiority complex.

    2. Hi Alter :)

      Really good to hear from you again. I hope you and the family are very well.

      Lol! I remember those seemingly unending fights you and UKan had. Once I even intervened, then you said I was an alter ego of Kanny's. My husband loved that, joked that since he is UKan, he better go raise some hell... Good memories.

      I couldn't agree more, he was incredibly astute, loved to fight and did have a bit of a sureriority complex.

      But I have to disagree with you on a few points.
      His thinking was not so black and white, as I recall. He readily accepted some others as sociopaths: Misanthrope, Postmodern and Loki come to mind first.

      Oh yes, he did see narcissists crawling out of the woodwork. But let's face it, this place has always been full of narcissistic wankers, like John from a little while back, who came here to proclaim themselves King Socio.
      As I said, pretty certain that most of those who will answer Pete's request will be pathetic narcissists like John and those 16 year old badasses who once killed some ants and are not even a little sorry.

      UKan never really argued with me, called me a victim or a narcissist, even though I had numerous talks with him during the year I was here.
      I learned a lot from him too. His advice was instrumental to a shift in my life that has made me far stronger and happier.

      He could see straight through bullshit and relished holding up mirrors to people. Up to them to learn or leave.

      He could be a pig headed, paranoid, gaslighting, arrogant asshole. And he was undeniably brilliant, strong and with a wonderful sense of humour.
      I respect him.

      As for M.E... I completely agree that she is a classic narcissist. Especially after she threw the world class hissy fit when I challenged her ego.
      If I had any residual respect for her, it died on that day.
      Granted, I still chuckle at the fact that she called me a tyrannical, fear mongering, manipulative, malignant narcissist. "The worst this world has to offer". Ha!

    3. You're my favorite, Kat.

    4. And I'm rather fond of you, E. :)

    5. I had forgotten about Loki and Post; it is true that they got on well. I always suspected that Misanthrope was one of his puppets.

      When I first came to this blog, I used it as a sounding board; a place to engage in self-discovery and self-therapy. Note the emphasis on "self": I was insufferably narcissistic, and Ukan wasted no time in calling me to task on it. Being fully transparent in one of the most challenging, vicious environments I had ever encountered (this place was much different then) made me a lot stronger. That is part of why I liked it so much.

      He attacked my belief in God and how I claimed my faith had helped me to overcome certain traits. (I now understand more about my "disorder" and can see that in many ways I had been kidding myself about how much I had "overcome" anything. He was right about that.) He told me that deep down, what I *really* wanted to do was to step on the weak, and burn down the world around me, but that I was a narcissistic coward living in the past on account of a "boring" and stable present. He said that by not being true to my nature, I would end up in a bathtub late at night with my head under water, screaming. (He was right about that, too. I've been there- but only fleetingly, and figuratively speaking. Hasn't everyone? Lol.)

      By urging me to dispense of my boring, stale life in order to be "true to myself", perhaps he hoped to manipulate me into throwing everything meaningful away. (As if I would be so easily destabilized... But it actually worked on Gungy... Remember him?) Surely that would have brought him great satisfaction. He was a cruel mentor. But he caused me to re-examine myself and my beliefs more rigorously than anyone ever has, and forced me to take stock of my weaknesses, while also showing me that many of the traits and behaviors he called strong, I consider weak.

      I do think he was a black and white thinker. He had an outdated, unscientific and incomplete understanding of the genetic, epigenetic, and environmental underpinnings of psychopathy. He and his wife were avid fans of sticking labels on everyone, because they claimed that everyone could be neatly categorized and pigeonholed according to the "science" of psychology- and their substandard understanding of it. While Ukan was brilliant in some respects, he was not a scholar. He had the intellectual capacity to absorb certain concepts, but he lacked the interest. He merely collected information to use as ammo in his endless, protracted debates with everyone.

      Ideologically, we were at odds, but I thoroughly enjoyed fighting with him. He was like crack. He was clever, quick witted, and sometimes he made me laugh so hard that I literally spit out my drink. For all his pride and disdain, I respected him too. :)

      Re: Your tussle with M.E....A tyrannical, fear-mongering, manipulative malignant narcissist? LOL. You must have really pissed her off to have triggered such venomous hyperbole. Where can I read this exchange? XD

  3. Some things in life must be looked for, one cannot hope the answers will ring the doorbell. All the latter plan will result in is an endless stream of blabbering fakes, phonies, pretend-to be:s, silly teenagers & super-empaths in denial. Most genuine everyday articles cannot simply be bothered. What´s in it for them? I also imagine many of them really hate being questioned. THEY should do that part, others can give them info/answers, its how many of them think..

  4. How close to senility are we? Why am I reading this? How soon does the world end?

  5. I like Peter McGuire from what I've read of his stuff. Can't say I really give a shit about the gay marriage referendum and all that, but his articles seem well researched and I generally agree with his opinions, so it'll be interesting to see what he makes of this topic.

  6. I'm half Irish, and half Greek/Ukranian/Polish/Russian. I live in Canada. I have really red hair and I consider myself a sociopath at heart. Feel free to contact me, my email is lovesinside@hotmail.com

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