Friday, April 17, 2015

My life with a sociopath in pictures

From a reader:


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    1. Is it me, or des everyone look like a dick?

    2. yes, they do :D the second picture even features a snowman.

    3. with a dick arm like the other ones as well

  2. But the sex and excitement more then makes up for it. Just ask Travis
    Alexander next time you see him.

    1. It was absolutely horrible for me. Completely robotic.

  3. Recently, there were a couple of comments suggesting that I might be a masochist. I found these comments rather inappropriate and highly unfitting (or they could have been made to solely provoke or incite arguments), since my personality has absolutely nothing to do with masochism. Overall, the definition and manifestation of masochism within my own self sound quite foreign to me. My mind is rather different, and truth be told, it has never worked in this fashion (i.e., light years away from masochism).

    According to established descriptors, the masochist believes, or is deliberately taught, from a young age to dislike or hate him/herself, feeling unworthy of love and worthless as a person. [In contrast, I have been taught to love myself, and my family (my parents while growing up) has always told me that I am quite special.] As a result, the masochist is predisposed to self-destructive, self-defeating and punishing attitudes/behaviors. A masochist pursues suffering, hurt, and pain in relationships, declines help and dislikes those who offer it. I actively pursue the opposite of these, and that is a great part of who I am.

    The mental masochist engages in self-sabotage, and when faced with failure, s/he experiences anger/rage, and guilt. The masochist is prone to make up for undesired achievements and vivacity by having an accident or participating in actions or behaviors that constantly lead to frustration, illness, abandonment and physical pain. Again, all of these sound foreign to me (as in the working of my own mind), and I distance myself from people that employ and believe in such things.

    Here is an even more detailed description of the above:

    “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Third Edition, Revised(American Psychiatric Association, 1987, pp. 373-374), for research purposes, described Self-defeating Personality Disorder as a pervasive pattern of self-defeating behavior, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts. The person may often avoid or undermine pleasurable experiences, be drawn to situations or relationships in which he or she will suffer, and prevent others from helping him or her, as indicated by at least five of the following:

    • chooses people and situations that lead to disappointment, failure, or mistreatment even when better options are clearly available;
    • rejects or renders ineffective the attempts of others to help him of her;
    • following positive personal events (e.g., new achievement), responds with depression, guilt, or a behavior that produces pain (e.g., an accident);
    • incites angry or rejecting responses from others and then feels hurt, defeated, or humiliated;
    • rejects opportunities for pleasure, or is reluctant to acknowledge enjoying himself or herself (despite having adequate social skills and the capacity for pleasure);
    • fails to accomplish tasks crucial to his or her personal objectives despite demonstrated ability to do so, e.g., helps fellow students write papers, but is unable to write his or her own;
    • is uninterested in or rejects people who consistently treat him or her well, e.g., is unattracted to caring sexual partners;
    • engages in excessive self-sacrifice that is unsolicited by the intended recipients of the sacrifice;

    The behaviors do not occur exclusively in response to, or in anticipation of, being physically, sexually, or psychologically abused.

    The behaviors do not occur only when the person is depressed.”

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    2. A retry on that masochistic reply that get sensored

      Do you wanna beat them ? Do you defend yourself. Not necesseraly for minor shit, but if it gets to some serious stuff ?
      Then your not a masochistic. Pretend being one. Get what you can get from it, and just fuck it.

      No one replying here (very few) are really anti-socials. They are either redeemed old ones, or wannabees. And to be honest. Dont be one. Do it the smart way..."Me so fucking hurt in my soul because some is bad to me.".. Fucking photosynthesis. What about the forest ????????

    3. NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Lol. Enjoy just fucking life. Stay away from jail (That place is as fucking boring as it gets and you will have to mingle with a lot of semi-retards. A few of abouve IQ of 100, but they will be to stuck into serious shit, most of them. Sadly. Better guys than their "reputation" though. But it aint fucking worth getting to know anyone in there)

      STay smart ! Dont worry too much and ask yourself

      What about the forest ?????????????????????????
      NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Yeah. I forgot. Most of those semi-retards are violent too. Not because they can fight. But they group together, so it does become a problem, unless you tell them to sod off and take what comes. (Again. It aint worth it).

      Stay forestial.... What ? Nope !

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  4. Continued from above:

    Self-defeating actions/behaviors have never become a part of who I am. In fact, I have always been a fighter, and happiness coming from the right source is something that I strongly believe in/uphold. Having said that, I believe the individuals who have said so about me were not familiar with the true definition and manifestation of masochism in relation to WHO I AM (i.e., truly/genuinely knowing me would result in a completely different characterization), and I hope that my informative comment has provided them with much-needed clarity.

    All in all, most people cannot “place” or define me because I am different from them, and, ultimately, they don’t seem to truly understand my personality until I describe myself in great detail. As it were, and based on my life experience, observation alone (without my input) on their part, has never been on par/fitting at all. Truthfully, I have never had expectations of this sort, and that is because I know that I am uncommon. Reality has always been my inner compass. I hope that reality will also be the guide of the individuals in question.

    “There is a difference between conceit and confidence. Conceit is bragging about yourself. Confidence means you believe you can get the job done.” J.U.

    1. Smartie, you know I like you. I know you're smart. My question to you: Is this an attempt on being funny? And if you negate; Have you ever heard that self-diagnosis leads, in most cases, to a wrong result?

      But let us have a look at the list:
      • chooses people and situations that lead to disappointment, failure, or mistreatment even when better options are clearly available;
      You comment on a blog made for sociopaths. You try to talk about love - to sociopaths. There are tons of sociopath-survivor blogs and fora on the web. See?

      • rejects or renders ineffective the attempts of others to help him or her;
      You were told, repeatedly, how you could do better.

      • following positive personal events (e.g., new achievement), responds with depression, guilt, or a behavior that produces pain (e.g., an accident);
      Granted, I'd have to know you outside the internet to determine whether this criteria fits you or not.

      • incites angry or rejecting responses from others and then feels hurt, defeated, or humiliated;
      Take your time to read what you write, look at the angry nature of most answers and then tell me this isn't you.

      • rejects opportunities for pleasure, or is reluctant to acknowledge enjoying himself or herself (despite having adequate social skills and the capacity for pleasure);
      Another criteria that can hardly be investigated via internet. However some comments had pointed in this direction.

      • fails to accomplish tasks crucial to his or her personal objectives despite demonstrated ability to do so, e.g., helps fellow students write papers, but is unable to write his or her own;
      Despite getting regularly verbally bashed on here, you return. Don't get me wrong, I like that about you.

      • is uninterested in or rejects people who consistently treat him or her well, e.g., is unattracted to caring sexual partners;
      This one's interesting, but just as well not really answerable in this context.

      • engages in excessive self-sacrifice that is unsolicited by the intended recipients of the sacrifice;
      Have you read your comments yet? You really should.

      So, out of 8 you have 5 points, the remaining 3 can't be answered.

      "The mental masochist engages in self-sabotage, and when faced with failure, s/he experiences anger/rage, and guilt. The masochist is prone to make up for undesired achievements and vivacity by having an accident or participating in actions or behaviors that constantly lead to frustration, illness, abandonment and physical pain."

      Except for the physical pain, which I am not able to witness - this. is. you. in a nutshell.

      I know this is hard, but I'm there for you if you need me. And if you really need that too, I can act abusive just as well.

    2. NM,

      Thank you for the compliments, but, no, I am not a mental masochist.

      "...this. is. you. in a nutshell."

      I firmly believe that my previous comment (i.e., especially the last paragraph before the quote) was enough to convey my point. It was all-encompassing.

    3. You firmly believe a lot of things that are simply false, Uptight. You are certainly delusional in certain respects.

      Why *do* you post here? You've always avoided that question. Do you believe that you're a sociopath, or that you can enlighten us all on what it means to be one? Surely you can respond to such a simple query, being the an all-encompassing expert on everything that you are. :P

    4. A, You and your rabid, delusional words mean nothing to me. Absolutely NOTHING. And you didn't even deserve this reply.

    5. Oooou. Still chafing, are we? LOL

      Then I'll make sure to keep rubbing you the wrong way. I know how much you like it, masochist. XD

    6. NM. What if he is a person victimizing himself to make himself the victim and for instance the non-provocateur of a violent situation ??

      Fucking know-it-all wannabe. You know shit Jon Snow

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    8. Behaving.

      I am not saying what you have written is meaningless (but it could very well be).

      I am just asking if you (as a narc) did ever stop to question your won premises in the tirade and philosophy, before you wrote those other ten pages ?

    9. Smartie (and the alters that follow you around) -

      If you are not, as you claim, a masochist, then by elimination, you are a delusional twat.

      I guess A wins this round...sigh...

      ...and I so thought you were just aching for a hard cock in your ass while biting down on a pillow thinking on how you are being the cum slut you know you are born to be.

      ..and, for the record, I have no problem with choking - I'm not as skilled as some of you...but I do appreciate the tips. 8)~

    10. HLH, You and your partner (also as Mikey Mike among other names) are the ones that follow me and RA around with your rabid, sleazy and false comments. There is no such existence as alters.

      You and your partner, as well as your delusional and feculent words, mean nothing. You are NOTHING to me.

    11. MM, if Smartie is victimising himself so he doesn't look like the provocator in a violent situation that wasn't violent in the first place, then he's still a masochist. But that's opinion not fact.

      Regarding your second question, I've got no clue whether this is directed to me or not. I'll assume it is, 'cause as you said I'm fucking know-it-all wannabe.
      What ten pages are you referring to? That little bit of text above? Anyways, my primary goal on this site is entertainment - discussions, fooling around, talking 'bout myself, this kind of shit.
      For your information, I consider all my statements to be momentary opinions or hypotheses if not backed with scientific facts.

    12. "If you are not, as you claim, a masochist, then by elimination, you are a delusional twat."

      "I guess A wins this round...sigh..."

      There's no reason to assume that she can't be a *masochistic* delusional twat.

      But you're right, of course. I always win. Thank you for acknowledging and conceding my victory. :D

      "...and I so thought you were just aching for a hard cock in your ass while biting down on a pillow thinking on how you are being the cum slut you know you are born to be."

      Well, now. :)

      "..and and, for the record, I have no problem with choking - I'm not as skilled as some of you...but I do appreciate the tips. 8)~"

      I've got plenty more. I'm always happy to share.

    13. "There's no reason to assume that she can't be a *masochistic* delusional twat."

      Maybe a delusional twat with a masochistic streak? But, I do have to tip the hat - delusional twat dominates the persona.

      "But you're right, of course. I always win."

      We'll see about "always." ;p

      "Thank you for acknowledging and conceding my victory. :D"

      I'll expect the same. XD~

      Smartie loves it when I talk dirty - I'm thinking "Bukkake" might be a more fitting name...maybe show the way even...

    14. Lol. You're worse than me. :)

      Teo the Tryhard is tied up tight
      Sexless Smartie needs to get fucked right. XD

  5. Old old old lurker here. What happen, where is the chat thing with Luna? Where are the old commenters? Alia, Edvard, Medusa, where'd you go? (I haven't been on this site in years, it got boring.)

    1. Visit, they're there...

  6. Patience, my ass. I'm going to kill something.

    1. You are a fucking boring disgrace to a lot of other semi-good comments in here. What the fuck is your problem ? Are you just a totally retard or do you pretend. "Me so tough I could kill an ant". What a fuck ? ? Are you like 10, IQ or age ? Fucking retard.

    2. What about the forest retard ?????

      nope ???

    3. Too fucking stupid to be jailed... Disgrace

      Schizophrenic ?

  7. Psychologist."No sign of Alzheimer's. Some damage to the frontal lobes. Definitely ADD/HD. Exercise. Lose weight."
    Me: "Am I a psychopath? Or at least very low on empathy?"
    Psychologist: "No sign of being a psychopath. You seem to have normal empathy."
    Me: "Sincerity is everything. Once you can fake that, you've got everything."
    Psychologist: "Check back with me in a year."
    Will the human species still be around in a year? Or will we destroy ourselves? Where do you fall on the four D's of Doom? Denial? Depression? Distraction? Delight?

  8. Replies
    1. He is schizophrenic I belive. But this one wasn't that bad.

    2. About it. I am personally mr know it all. And i give a fuck about what others think I am, just as long as I get my disability and my legal rights :)

      What about the fucking forest Mr I wanna earn money on the rainforest ?

      NOPE !!!

  9. I believe you don't get it. As you are anonymous, I am not sure I believe in you.

  10. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding on this site concerning the nature of sociopathy, so I thought I would post the DSM-V criteria so that folks could examine it for themselves and see whether or not they believe it applies to them.

    APD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) is a DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition), diagnosis assigned to individuals who habitually violate the rights of others without remorse (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). People with Antisocial Personality Disorder may be habitual criminals, or engage in behavior which would be grounds for criminal arrest and prosecution, or they may engage in behaviors which skirt the edges of the law, or manipulate and hurt others in non-criminal ways which are widely regarded as unethical, immoral, irresponsible, or in violation of social norms and expectations. The terms psychopathy or sociopathy are also used, in some contexts synonymously, in others, sociopath is differentiated from a psychopath, in that a sociopathy is rooted in environmental causes, while psychopathy is genetically based. The term antisocial may be confusing to the lay public, as the more common definition outside of clinical usage is an individual who is a loner of isolated, The literal meaning of the term antisocial can be more descriptive to both the lay public and professionals, To be anti- social, is to be against society; against rules, norms, laws and acceptable behavior.

    Individuals with Antisocial Personality Disorder tend to be charismatic, attractive, and very good at obtaining sympathy from others, by describing themselves as the victim of injustice. While the intelligence of antisocials is widely distributed, they possess a superficial charm, and have an intuitive ability to rapidly observe and analyze others, determine their needs and preferences, and present it in a manner to facilitate manipulation and exploitation. They are able to harm and use other people in this manner, without remorse, guilt, shame or regret, It is widely stated that antisocials are without empathy, however this can be disputed, as sadistic antisocials will use empathy to experience their victims suffering, and derive a fuller pleasure from it (Turvey, 1995).

    1. Symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder

      According to the DSM-5, there are four diagnostic criterion, of which Criterion A has seven sub-features.

      A. Disregard for and violation of others rights since age 15, as indicated by one of the seven sub features: (Just ONE is enough for a diagnosis?? I actually fit them all- but I still prefer Hare's checklist, which has me scoring just below the threshold of "disordered")

      1. Failure to obey laws and norms by engaging in behavior which results in criminal arrest, or would warrant criminal arrest.

      2. Lying, deception, and manipulation, for profit or self-amusement.

      3. Impulsive behavior

      4. Irritability and aggression, manifested as frequently assaults others, or engages in fighting

      5 Blatantly disregards safety of self and others.

      6 A pattern of irresponsibility and

      7. Lack of remorse for actions
      (American Psychiatric Association, 2013)

      The other diagnostic Criterion are:

      B. The person is at least age 18,

      C. Conduct disorder was present by history before age 15.

      D. and the antisocial behavior does not occur in the context of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder (American Psychiatric Association, 2013)


      The DSM-5 notes that Antisocial Personality Disorder cannot be diagnosed before age 18, so while an adolescent may display antisocial features, prior to age 18, if diagnostic criteria are met, the appropriate diagnosis would be Conduct Disorder (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).


      According to the DSM-5, the annual prevalence of Antisocial Personality Disorder is .02% to 3.3.% when the criteria from prior DSM editions are applied (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).

    2. Risk Factors

      The DSM-5 indicates that risk factors for Antisocial Personality Disorder are having a first degree biological relative with APD (my father, certainly according to this criteria) and being a male, (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). If Antisocial Personality Disorder is primarily genetic or a product of social learning and other environmental factors has been widely debated by behavioral scientists. There are indicators that Antisocial Personality Disorder is a result of a genetic predisposition in that the individual is born without conscience. There is evidence for neuroanatomical differences in antisocials. A rs-fMRI (resting state functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) study of n=480 adjudicated antisocial offenders showed “uncoupled connections”in areas of the frontal and parietal lobes which are associated with attention, self regulation, the ability to control oneself, and resolve conflicts . It was noted that physiological and anatomical deficits observed in the frontal /parietal areas, as well as the cerebellum, may account for the chronic low arousal, high impulsivity, lack of conscience, callousness, and decision-making problems commonly seen in individuals with APD (Tang, Jiang, Liao, Wang, & Luo, 2013). There is also evidence that environmental factors, such as internalizing messages from antisocial peers or parents are at work in Antisocial Personality Disorder. One possible developmental pathway if there are not appropriate treatment interventions is ODD, or RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) , and CD leading to APD.


      The DSM-5 indicates that Antisocial Personality Disorder is comorbid with substance abuse disorder, and other personality disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).

    3. I didn't read this one. I've read former. This "A" often posts some good stuff.

      What say you Mr "A" about the forest ????

      Nope ???

    4. I did read it. It was very "A4". Not one of your best posts "A". Delete them. They make you look silly and stupid.

      (you gotta keep in mind. Diagnosed people don't give a shit about all that. That is why you need to pretend that you do :) )

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    6. Being diagnosed a psycopath/sociopath is basically down to this:

      A male born with a lot of testo in his balls (who is to blame ?) and a failure in behaving (pretending that he doesn't have testo. Lol. All women wants that testo. Even the psychiatrist. Yet it has become a shame ).

      Then you have the manipulative ones too. The macchiavellians. Fitting good into society but very scared themselves of their companions with "high testo" default.

      It is all just fucking stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Narcs just fucking need a scapegoat to feel better about themselves and to feeil that they are doing the "right things".

      Just look at them. They all look fucking depressed. They are low on energy. They look like shit. They dont even have the energy to avoid a fat pharm operation. So what do they do ?? Do they change ? Neh...Takes too much effort. Better to find a scapegoat and pretend to be better. But do they look "better or happier"...? I am just telling you. I am not even a fucking sociopath (by diagnosis). Basically a fed and pissed up empath. It is all just children lies. Hilarious. Dont be fooled

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    9. Mr. A says that Mr. Mike is clearly off his meds, and should probably have had 3 fewer cups of coffee, this morning. :P

    10. I need more. but thanks for caring. First one in my fucking life who did ! :) lol (almost true).

      Yeah a few drunk post yesterday. Most of them though, do have a point, IMO. I am trying to delete the rambling ones.

    11. Don't mistake my condescension and contempt for caring; I don't give a rat's ass what drunken verbal detritus you vomited, last night.

      But how very narcissistic and self-conscious you to be shamefacedly attempting to clean it up. XD

  11. The movie Compliance does much with very little. The "phone psycho"-genre is underestimated, both Scream and the Joyride-flicks get their nerve from this. Takes it too far to really be realistic, but somehow manages to still linger. Fine scene when the phone pervo-character is seen with a "subtle smirk" thinking about just how daft the "pawns" on the other side really are.

    1. Actor Pat Healy carries the movie, "low key" portraits like this is so hard to pull off. Could be one of the finest performances ever in this genre, not just standard talent.

  12. I see nothing wrong with taking a shower before heading off to the hospital to see your injured family member. You could end up being there for hours.

    1. This is not a concern when an emergency happens. It's a valid concern later when there is frequent activity.

    2. What does this mean? You would never be concerned if a person needs immediate medical attention bcuz it doesn't affect you directly, but you would be concerned about going to a funeral? I do not cry at all funerals it depends on my relationship to the deceased.

  13. When I first came here, M.E. had just done her Dr. Phil video.
    She was on the pourch and she said, "I could kill somebody!"
    Some smart aleck posted that M.E. was "fat," and M.E. herself said that she
    had "streached the truth," when it came to the description of her physical
    attributes. I don't think so. She looks fine to me.
    I saw a picture of Nichole Simpson sitting at the edge of a swimming pool, with
    her legs draped around a man's neck. If O.J. had seen that picture, it would have sent him into a "chimp-out" frenzy. I was just wondering what the experiece would be to have the luscious M.E.'s legs draped over my neck.
    What would THAT experience be worth? A King's Ransom, I suspect.

    1. Add to the fantasy. ME's legs choking you to some interesting level without killing you, and later laughing and thanking you for reading her book and then demanding a b-job from you.

  14. It's not like that. "life with a sociopath."

    1. Oh come on. There's a bit of hyperbole in those crappy comics, but there's a kernel of truth there.

      Like when someone gets hurt and you get mad at the inconvenience, instead of showing sympathy? Especially if it isn't serious?

    2. The comics are the actual statements and events that occurred with my ex spouse. I assued these to be normal reactions if u are a sociopath.

    3. makes you the victim in those comics? That's just pathetic.

    4. Correct I am the victim. Are they accurate of a sociopath?

    5. Do you have lung cancer? Is that why you represent yourself with blood coming out of your mouth, and are so frequently in need of medical attention?

    6. I take what I said back, because, just about 30 mins after, I did something similar, and I stopped for a second, thinking how I wasn't even noticing what I was doing, it's must be scary!

      i can't believe ME has been on Dr phil's show.

    7. So then if you had a gashing flesh wound that required stitches would u simply not feel any physical pain? And therefore not go to a hospital?

    8. Do you feel physical pain or don't you feel.pain?

    9. Honestly? The pain circuitry in my brain is screwed up.

      I'd go to the hospital, if necessary. I would dismiss anyone whose presence wasn't strictly necessary. Why should anyone else waste their time as I wait for hours, just to see a doctor, over a condition that isn't fatal?

      Besides, I want to die alone.

      Tonsils don't generally "rupture" and threaten a person's life with the risk of internal hemorrhage. Your assertion has caused me to question the validity of your claim.

    10. I am older and the site that was cauterized where they removed my tonsils was tearing due to vomiting. I was instructed by the surgeon to go to the ER to avoid the site tearing. The ex spouse told me I was ruining his holiday as it was 3 days prior to xmas. Then told me I did not need to go to an ER.

    11. Why do you want to die alone A?

    12. @ Anon 2:59, Your ex probably didn't realize it was serious. We tend minimize things like that- our own pain, as well as the pain of others- especially if it puts a dent in our agenda and plans. And sometimes, we just don't know how to handle certain situations- especially the emotionally charged variety. We tend to respond to everything that throws us off-kilter with anger, especially at first. It is the knee-jerk antisocial reaction.

    13. @Anon 9:44... I'm not sure why, I just do. Maybe it has something to do with a dislike of being around others if I am feeling vulnerable?

    14. @Victim... My partner is not particularly empathetic. Once I had pneumonia and experienced an immediate and rapid decline in my health. I asked him to drop me off at home before he went with the kids to visit their grandparents. He got mad at me and assumed I was trying to get out of the visit.

      By the time he got back he saw that it was indeed serious. I couldn't walk and I could barely breathe. I just curled up and huddled alone in bed. That is all I wanted.

      I let him bring me to the hospital, but on the way I insisted that he find a place where he could buy me a slushie in the dead of winter. Then I made him leave as soon as he dropped me off at the ER. Why should we *both* have to sit around for hours, while he unnecessarily exposed himself to germs and viruses? That would be illogical.

    15. Thank you "A". You have provided to me the reasons behind the behaivior I have experienced for 12 years. We immediately assume your responses are the result of something we did.
      I have one additional question. I am now in a situation in which my ex, since I left and divorced him, exhibits the Jodie Arias type behaivior for 4 yrs now. I call it indiscriminate stalking. Books appts w my own hairdrsser, goes to my sisters church, tried to move across the street, demands In court orders I respond to his communication within 24 hrs etc. I am highly intelligent so I have fought back, at times manipulated etc. Tried to move away but the ex takes me to court to stop me. States I am mentally ill, crazy etc. In attempts to take away my child. I block him from all communication then he requests I be jailed for violating a court order, hacks my email, fb.
      Can I assume this is never going to end?
      Should I be concerned for my safety?

    16. He is attempting to coerce certain behaviors out of you because you are not responding the way he wants you to.

      He wants you, then he doesn't; he fluctuates back and forth between anger and cold apathy, both of which he will use like a knife to cut you down in any way he can. He is successful when he elicits a reaction out of you.

      Be as civil as you can. Bore him to death and be as unattractive to him as possible. If you are able, covertly attempt to bait him with someone who might draw his attention away from you, since you are his current target.

      My father might be considered a clinical sociopath. When my mother finally left him, he stalked her relentlessly. He would pick me up where I'd hang out with my friends, lure me with marijuana, and try to extract information from me about her whereabouts and actions, whilst insisting that it was "her life" and that "he didn't really care". (Sure, dad. Whatever.)

      Then he broke the nose of a guy he worked with when he suspected he was trying to move in on her. They were just friends. Psychos can be thoroughly unpredictable.

      Does your ex have a history of violence? (My father beat the shit out of woman he was with, except my mother.)

      Is he currently in the throes of a rage? If you try to take away what he feels entitled to, he will react- especially if you try to withhold *his* children. He could alternate between gaslighting you and painting himself as the "victim" (thereby justifying his manipulative and controlling behaviors) and making overt threats. How he reacts will depend on his mood. His poor impulse control make that unpredictable. It is possible that you are in danger.

      I've advised you to attempt a bait and switch and/or making yourself thoroughly uninteresting, but if he holds a grudge, it could be too late for that.

    17. He pushed me into a wall and forced me to have sex with him once and once I passed out highly intoxicated and awoke w all my clothing off and him attempting to have sex with me.
      Otherwise he is in such control of his behavior he appears robotic. But when he loses in court I receive a flurry of emails. all about my child of course. Then the silent on's blanket at school, Sent me an email detailing his engagement, tells me he hopes I meet someone as great as she, yet they say due to the length and content of his texts and emails he is obsessed with me. He was forced to undergo a psychological evaluation but of course passed. He uses my child's court appt psychologist as a way to get all the info he wants in a court report she writes. I have reacted to his nonsense and it is now making it appear as if I am a sociopath. He has used this to manipulate everyone and paint himself as a victim. I had primary custody and gave him shared. Yet he now took me to court 8x in 12 months and currently charged me with 27 counts of contempt and said he will not rest until I am put behind bars. I assume since he does not wish to be in prison the next best thing is to have me put in jail.
      I am.concerned due to the level of hatred he has towards myself and the fact he unravels when I threatened to expose him. I recently told him I know what he is and he reacts by trying to further discredit everything I say by painting me as mentally ill. He tries to gaslight but I know what he is doing and call him out on it. Then I get the confused look. I react at times with a different emotion than what he would expect. This also confuses him. I feed him false information and he again looks confused but then states I lied to him. This is all a game but I am wondering if he could eventually snap.

  15. I am not an artist. My tonsils were removed and the site about to rupture. I was told I could bleed to death unless I got go the ER immediately.
    The other one my spouses father was dying w cancer, hospital called said he was about to die. He did die before we arrived. I m trying to understand.

  16. >be me around 13 or 14 years old
    >mum comes into my room worried
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    >"is he alive?"
    >"yes but very emotional. he could use some support"
    >"no thanks, im busy"
    >continue reading and enjoying my book

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  18. So the question remains:
    Nature or Nuture?


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