Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sociopath movies or books?

From a reader:

I just wanted you to know how influential your book was on me. It was brilliant, I could not put it down. I found that a lot of what I have been told about sociopaths is wrong, but I suppose I've only been informed by ignorant people. I honestly don't understand why people are so intimidated by you all. I don't find sociopaths intimidating at all....

     I kept finding myself biting my tongue during lectures in psychology class because they just did not really have much of a clue what they were talking about. I even got into a heated debate with my history teacher after he casually walked by, snatched your book of my desk and after reading the back of the book proceeded to tell me that sociopaths are simply crazy people and that their lives will only end up in trouble. That there's no way someone like that could live in our society without committing a crime sooner or later, and that they should all be 'locked up'. 

     I gave him my refutation using quite a lot of information out of your book, but he just came back with a bunch of nonsense that had nothing to do with the debate at hand. However, everyone saw him as the winner because they're too ignorant to understand half the crap he was spitting out. 

     Anyway, I wrote to you because your book has given me a miniscule epiphany at the mere age of 16. I am fascinated by your perspective on sociopathy and psychopathy. I find myself no longer really wanting to know what the professionals have to say, but wanting to hear from the actual psychopaths or sociopaths perpective. How they veiw their mental illness and what their opinions on it are. Would you happen to have any book recommendations? Movie recommendations? 


  1. The problem with most books on sociopathy is that they are written by non-sociopaths. No matter how dispassionate the author might think they are being, unconscious judgments/assumptions are probably being made (not to do so would mean their own empathy was switched off).

    I'm going to try Fallon's book next.

  2. Fiction often is more illuminating than "selling a story about being this or that". Maybe the Ripley novels are the best beginners introduction material? The (original) Funny Games movie is also an eye-opener. Although extreme and "over the top", like everything else involving psychopathy, they still capture some kind of "essence". If they were just drama with no mayhem at all they would be masterpieces..

    1. Classic novel The Stranger by Camus also should be on a beginners reading list.

  3. I´m scared of unpredictable psychopatic people, if they get annoyed by my sweater they might stick a fork in my eye. This is no big deal to them. And if it happens they´ll say "I asked for it"! Doesn´t that seem like folks not to eat dinner with..?

  4. It took me the greater part of 4 years of very frequent (think daily) and relatively close contact with a sociopath to be able to understand this person enough that I can say that I am able to empathize, at least some of the time. I am able to see the world through his eyes, and I can say that it pains me. The incessant intellectual work they need to do to fit in their circle is incredibly difficult and exhausting for me just to watch. If they are tired, they can easily slip and never be able to recover. They never had or never developed the instinct we have that allow us to relate to each other in a somewhat effortless manner.

    I know it sounds counter intuitive when I say that I pity him in the most kind and tender way. I believe this is the first time in my life that I am able to pity anyone without mixing any disdain. I so much wish that I could help, but I am at a loss as to how. I have attempted to educate him on his "condition", but he refuses to acknowledge that he is different from others. He still does not comprehend that lying can irreparably break a bond. In his logical world, he sees everybody lie, and he has a point. We lie all the time. His lies are different. They are self serving, and their primary aim are to destabilize the recipient of the lie such that the sociopath has more knowledge and therefore more perceived power. It has been studied that normal people lie many times during a conversation, but those lies are benign and their aim is to strengthen a bond. Very subtly different, yet so difficult to explain the difference to a purely logical being.

    1. :D Actually, I find it hard to understand too - the 'little white lies'. And I find people hard work. I can imagine how much more work it would be if I had no empathy. I'm afraid I can't agree that the lies told by 'normal people' aren't self-serving also, though: they are, even if they only serve to avoid confrontation - that's still self-serving. The bond itself is self-serving. We're tribal animals.

    2. You are right, pretty much anything we do can be seen as self serving, even altruistic gestures.
      The line between an acceptable lie and one that is not can seem arbitrary and it won't withstand the scrutiny of logic. It depends on the person, the situation, the type of bond you have with the person, how often you talk to them, who they are to you, whom you know in common, whether you want to get closer to them, and many other factors. That is why i talked about instinct.
      Examples out if the full context would be mostly meaningless. Here us one anyway: the other day, I said to my sociofriend it would have been ok for him to lie by omission and let me believe he changed the timing of an appointment just to accommodate me. But it was not ok for him to tell me that he changed the timing just for me (it was not true) and it was not ok for him to tell me he only changed it because of another conflict (which was true but kind of made me feel I was not as important to him, or that he wanted me to believe that I was not). Very subtle differences. And very confusing to him.

    3. "The line between an acceptable lie and one that is not can seem arbitrary and it won't withstand the scrutiny of logic."

      Yep - that's where I get confused :)

    4. I need my alone time. The mental energy interacting with people in a way that is socially acceptable is exhausting. And, now that I think of it, the lies are a part of that defense mechanism.

      Take for example the lie that many people tell when asked, “how are you?” The acceptable thing to say is, “great, how about you?” and the dance goes on. This little exchange annoys me – if I’m feeling shitty and tell the truth, it disrupts the whole interaction and I end up having to talk to someone I have no interest in.

      It’s a simplification, but it’s also a starting point.

      Then, there are the people I know – acquaintances – they sometime want all the “juicy details” of life and I’m simply not interested in having that discussion, so I lie about whatever they want to know about saying there isn’t anything to know. It’s a short cut to moving on with my day.

      Then we get to people I call friends and those close to me. I sometime shield them from some of the more unsavory parts of my life that I know they wouldn’t be keen to be privy to. They know stuff goes on, but we agree to just ignore it for the greater good.

      I’m sure I tell all sorts of self serving lies, but I think this really covers the basics. It’s just a way to avoid talking to people for the most part.

      At least these days…

      When I was younger, I lied about all sorts of stuff to get laid or win a bet or get promoted or save my ass. As I get older, though, I find myself not wanting to have to lie my way out of fix, so I don’t do a lot of that stuff anymore. Just got tired of that game –

    5. "Here is one anyway: the other day, I said to my sociofriend it would have been ok for him to lie by omission and let me believe he changed the timing of an appointment just to accommodate me. But it was not ok for him to tell me that he changed the timing just for me (it was not true) and it was not ok for him to tell me he only changed it because of another conflict (which was true but kind of made me feel I was not as important to him, or that he wanted me to believe that I was not). Very subtle differences. And very confusing to him."

      ^This is confusing for me, too :S

      Why is lying by omission ok, but not outright lying? They are functionally equivalent. As such, should they not be evaluated through the same ethical lens? And why was it not ok for him to simply be truthful- especially with someone who purportedly knows and accepts him as he is?

      Why did it make you feel unimportant just because he changed an appointment to avoid some other conflict? This is a manifestation of *your* insecurity. Why do you feel entitled to have it accommodated? Aren't your feelings your own responsibility?

      Emotional minefields such as this make it impossible to be real with someone. :P

    6. "Emotional minefields such as this make it impossible to be real with someone."

      Oh yes. Absolutely. A lie has no colour or size to me: it's just a lie - "that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Lying by omission still feels like lying, but I do get tired of picking my way through the eggshells when the truth is often perceived as a personal attack. I don't want to lie, even by omission. But I can't count how many times just telling the truth has got (and still gets) me into trouble. I've often thought about becoming a hermit in consequence ;)

    7. A, my friend knows it is OK to tell the truth to me. He tries things on me to see how I react. I am ok with it. I try to tell him with words and logic how it feels. We agreed to this a few years back. We are each other's lab rat - his words.
      And let me tell you, he is so much more interesting than I could ever be.

      He knows that I like it when he says it the way it is. I got used to it from him. He is showing me my insecurities and my weaknesses and that is one of the reason I seek his companionship. He helps me grow. Understanding why you react negatively to a particular situation is very empowering...

      In turn, I am trying to tell him how it would feel to most people when he says or does things that most would perceived as inappropriate or unsettling.

      Am I making sense to you? It is very confusing. I don't get it right myself all the time. I am not a socialite...

    8. Hello, sweet Monica. I see you. :)

      How have you been, sister?

  5. Anonymous (April 24, 2015 at 6:10 PM) wrote:

    “This is the time when children reiterate knowledge by doing…It is called repetition compulsion and it means that the child victim repeats the abuse on others until the trauma is processed, which in people abused in this time of their life rarely happens because it is almost impossible to remember.”

    Speaking of sexual abuse and repetitive compulsion of it in children and adults, this sounds like the repeated, revealing comments and thinking of A and HLHaller. When looking at their thought processes, manifestations and reactions, they are outwardly repeating their trauma on others. If one (as I have done) is able to psychologically analyze their compulsions and pinpoint their source, it is quite easy to remain detached and unaffected in any way, knowing that they can only abuse themselves in this process, and, as a result, continue the inner cycle of abuse. Also, they seek to degrade or to be degraded by others (both as sadists and masochists) as demonstrated by HLHaller’s thinking and inner urges to be debased (all of the four comments seen below). Hopefully, this comment will guide them toward self-examination, deeper realizations and restraint/impulse/self-control when communicating with others:

    HLHaller April 18, 2015 at 9:27 PM

    “I'm thinking "Bukkake" might be a more fitting name...maybe show the way even...”

    HLHallerApril 23, 2015 at 8:43 PM

    “...really wants the badass - Fearless? (something like that) guy to force her to her knees and making her suck his throbbing cock while he tells her what a worthless piece of crap she is..”

    HLHaller April 17, 2015 at 11:02 PM

    “...and I so thought you were just aching for a hard cock in your ass while biting down on a pillow thinking on how you are being the cum slut you know you are born to be.”

    HLHaller April 12, 2015 at 7:11 PM

    “ are dying to be dicked down by a big, hard, uncut cock. That's why you're here - you're hoping that someone will throw you face down on the bed and give it that fat dong while pulling your hair and pushing your face into the carpet.”

    A April 9, 2015 at 9:13 AM

    “I mix sexual thoughts with almost everything. I am a total perv, lol.”

    A April 10, 2015 at 11:21 PM

    “My father was a bloody beserker. I was surrounded by constant, incessant aggression, and my only defense mechanism in the face of repeated verbal, physical and emotional assaults was arrogance.”

    A April 12, 2015 at 11:58 AM

    “It resonates with me because it makes me think of someone in particular.

    I have acted on some of these impulses in the past, and I have hurt people as a result of my lack of self-restraint. This is one of my biggest weaknesses.”

    A April 24, 2015 at 9:13 AM

    “...should we go anywhere else for target practice when there is a great big bullseye conveniently located right on your great big ass? xD

    Don't let the door slam it on your way out, now. :)”

    1. When looking at their thought processes, manifestations and reactions, they are outwardly repeating their trauma on others. If one (as I have done) is able to psychologically analyze their compulsions and pinpoint their source"

      I have no qualms about how my past relates to my present. I am very deliberately transparent, here. My father was a hard-ass, but I was never sexually abused, and he would have literally killed anyone who laid a hand on me.

      Teo, your attempts at psychoanalysis will always fall short, because folks like Haller and I are just doing what comes naturally: Seeing *your* weaknesses for what they are, and poking at them with a stick (or in Haller's case... A big fat bat. xD). We are doing it to elicit a reaction from you- and it works, every single time. :)

      It's like playing a game of whack-a-mole. We know exactly what buttons to push, and you respond predictably, like a defective spaz. It's hilarious. There is nothing deep rooted or compulsive about it. Don't flatter yourself. You don't matter. We are simply amusing ourselves at your expense. What's more, I am perfectly willing to engage you in civil conversation. Unlike you, I don't hold grudges, or take anything here personally. I can't speak for Haller, but apart from our interactions here, I dont think of you at all.

      You, on the other hand, are a woman obsessed.... On a warpath... A misguided crusade to enlighten and redeem sociopaths, and to lecture people on what you perceive to be their inadequacies.

      You aren't unique or "divergent", special spaz... You're a typical narc, obsessing over anyone who dares threaten your self-image, or the image you seek to convey. You even post anonymously when you are tempted to let it rip, because you don't want to tarnish your precious image. You are a coward who worries incessantly about whether or not others see you as the brilliant special snowflake you think you are. Here's a hint: *we don't*. We see you for the uptight try-hard *you are*.

      What you think you project is not what others see. I'm just holding up a mirror for you, and revealing your real weaknesses. I'm doing you a favor. You should be thanking me. :)

    2. I don't think of Smartie at all unless I'm suggesting ways she might release that pent up sexual frustration.

      LOL!!! You are spot on, of course A, this is just a way to amuse myself in the moment.

      Explaining to my five year old what's so THAT's something I think about.

    3. Why doesn't she come out already. It's doc @540

    4. Because she is a narcissist who doesn't want to besmirch the image she thinks her primary alt conveys. She hides behind puppets because she is too cowardly to own all of the facets of her personality. Yet ironically- *this* is the advice she extols consistently when advising others from atop her self-perceived position of authority: "Be FULLY yourself, at all times, without compromise....", pontificates the one who hides behind an army of alts because she can't own what she is occasionally compelled to dish. She feels justified in lashing out because she thinks our behavior warrants it, but she cannot do so as herself, for that would be "base and crude". Textbook narcissism.

    5. A, The crux of the problem at this point is that you’re looking at this person according to your own personality and circumscribing knowledge. There is no “primary alt,” or the manifestation of “hiding behind puppets.” This person is a detached, confident strategist/experimentalist, and his/her only reason for being Anonymous was to offset your typically convulsed/highly emotional response. However, you still responded in this albeit repetitive and ireful fashion, which is a part of yourself (this is what you’ve exhibited quite a lot of so far). In other words, the strategy was not about protecting an image, cloaking or about him/herself (on the whole); instead, it was an external experiment. Being naturally-composed and (the personality of a strategist/originator), this person does not spastically lash out, but, once again, this is a mirror that you project according to your own personality/emotions. You are interpreting things conforming to your own way of being, and you are looking within when analyzing others (trying to relate as much as possible), which is why you’re frequently frustrated or insecure when encountering a person who is very different from you (as in this case with Teo). Also, don’t rely on the opinions of others when thinking that you have things “figured out,” since, after all, they are just opinions (this should be self-explanatory).

      Your primary instinct at this point is to refute everything that you’ve read in this comment, and to respond disorderly/aggressively as you have done so far, but there are no common factors between you and this individual. It would be wiser to cease replying/feeling highly emotional/affronted by looking within for comparison, and to understand the obvious fact that this person is strikingly different from you. Replace subjectivity with well-balanced objectivity and you’ll be able to ACCEPT things as they are in reality (outside of your own being).

    6. "A detached, confident strategist/experimemtalist" LOL. This is just so much bullshit, Teo. We all know it's you. You pop gaskets left right and center, sometimes for weeks after an exchange in which you are insulted. How is that acting like a "detached mirror"? Again, you accuse me of doing what *you yourself* do. I called myself a mirror, now you're claiming to be one. I called you uptight and inhibited; a few comments later, you say this is what I am. You accuse me of being the alts of all the posters you don't like, while *you* fling shit like a coward from behind a squeaking horde of anonymice covers. Your "grand strategic defense" essentially amounts to "I know you are but what am I?" Are you detecting a pattern yet? Because it's as plain as day to everyone else, here. :P

      My calling you a narcissist does not constitute a "convulsed/highly emotional response", Captain Obvious- but your writing novels in defense of your image certainly does.


    7. @ anon 5:19 AM, A is a narcissist and a masochist, you are just a masochist (unless this behavioral research/ stalking people around the town pays you enough). In any case, being around narcs I have learned that they got their own “language”. You have to constantly telling them what they want to hear, reassuring them about their “superiority”, and their great skills. Or they will go totally berserks on you, even creating a delusional doll of you…Honestly, it’s a skill to be able to communicate with narcs, since they’re filled with tons of insecurities. As a matter of fact, I “experimented” with one of them online a few days ago. And I was able to transform this person from a very angry/almost out of control to a very mellow, nice fellow. So, don’t give up on A. Also, I acknowledge that I’m totally a narc right now, by not speaking narc. But hey once in a while you got to tell the “truth”…

    8. Anon, Teo, Doc puppet alters;
      A just gave you some great observation of what you yourself deflect & project onto others. Heed the wisdom sweetie. It will only help. :D

    9. Oh superchick, you are a sweet talker, don’t get defensive. You have a peculiar way of seeing things. I hope you are not another of doc’s puppets. His/her characters are all narc, in some ways. And all were projecting and deflecting the different aspects of the puppet owner, not ME. I’m usually more than required nice to people, unless they constantly and for no apparent reason try to get into my life, then I might turn a little passive aggressive toward them. By the way, how is your “FBI surveillance” going? I’m getting so used to all kinds of stalkers/hackers, groupies and non-groupies! :)

    10. The only surveillance "groupie" you might have gazing at ya is possibly the anonymous dude who's obsessed with Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, and M.E on this site. But I wouldn't put it passed him if ya just don't do it for him. :D

      Aw, those claws of yours how they try to scratch. Yum. I do admit if it wasn't for all those alters you have coming out .. this place would be just a tad bit boring around here. So, by all means - do keep us entertained.

    11. O I almost forgot to ask ! How's the sells going for your book? Rumor has it that you faked your accident - to capture an audience to feed your narcissistic supply..... it was all bullshit what you wrote.
      Gotta give it ta ya sweet heart. You know how to reel em in. But keep reel em them in. The thought did cross my mind into giving ya an amazon write up review........5 stars..... but naaah I get bored too easily. You just been through so much with the borderline community - that I just can't stoop to that level - even though your audience would know the truth about you. But naah. I'm gunna let you have your book sells because ya need to be fed somehow. :D you're only human. And you need that supply.

      I'm just glad your audience feeds you the attention that you feel you need. Way to go docy. :) thumbs up. Stand proud.

    12. Stay Smart... are you for real? Sometimes I think you just want to make people on this site react. If that is the case, please stay on. But if it hurts you being here go away. Spend your energy elsewhere. You are but a joke here when you could be so helpful elsewhere. You have passion and energy. Please don't waste it.

    13. @ superchick, my dear “non-groupie” stalker, calm down! :)

      @ Sonja Contrerares, Hahaha.. I think I made your club-mate angry. Talk narc to him…

    14. Let your words be a mirror back to you Anon 412. I have six children, a hobbie farm and a part time job I work around - like i really even have the precious time to stalk you. I just converse on this site every now and then.

      Honey, then I'd be taking the investment out if my own kids lives. You just ain't worth all that to me.When yr nice and respectable I'll talk to you .... but your accusations just turn me even more off. :)

    15. ^6 kids, a hobby farm, and quads, eh?

      Aren't you a busy little hottie. ;)

      I like country girls. They're unpretentious and natural.

    16. ;) aww, thanks my A.

    17. And they are BEAUTIFUL kids -

    18. Aw, thanks you two. HL , your clan is pretty darn cute as well.

      A, offers always open if ya wanna connect on facebook sometime. :)


    kids are socios

  7. How I view it - it is a bit irritating but how else could it be?

    lately I experience regret when I do inconsiderate things. it almost always has to do with me wanting somwthing, seeing a chance to get it and then pouncing - and only then realizing I missed somehing. so my practice is to try to slow down and resist impulses to pounce - which actually brings about greater joy for me and others.

    There's different sorts of sociopaths/psychopaths. The mental health people seem to get so disgusted/scared that they misunderstand things. some are smooth talkers - con men. some ae just ice cold (Mitt Romney). Mitt Romney is a shitty con man - but he'd be great at running a death camp or factory farm.

    as outliers, psychopaths contribute a lot to our civilization. muhammad and St Paul were psychopaths, for instance.

  8. Hey maybe in public they saw him as a winner, but when they went home maybe they thought about what you said and looked up the book. Probably at least some of them did.

    Anyways as far as book reccomendations on human behaviour that sound as diplomatic as possible, I turn to Dr. Serge Kahili King, he's a shaman and author from the Huna tradition of the Kahili family of Hawaii.

    Did you know the Hawaiians had no word for guilt or its equivalent? It might be because the language has no past or future tense.

    I once asked the author for strategies on increasing empathy. His suggestion was to pretend to be the person I want to have empathy for and imagine seeing/feeling things from their point of view.
    A light went on in my head. This guy is full of good ideas.

    Anyways, he does have a doctorate in psychology but he is primarily focused on healing... and a lot of what he says is just simply practical. He has quite a few books out but you can check out free articles and more at

  9. I don't view it as a mental illness.

    1. Agreed - research shows it has a biological aspect. But at present the 'official diagnosis' usually falls to psychologists, so it ends up lumped in that category.

  10. "I gave him my refutation using quite a lot of information out of your book, but he just came back with a bunch of nonsense that had nothing to do with the debate at hand. However, everyone saw him as the winner because they're too ignorant to understand half the crap he was spitting out."

    OP, although the circumstances and location were different, I can understand and relate to your thoughts above when communicating with ignorant and foolish people.

    I would like to recommend H.G. Wells' "The Island of Dr. Moreau." Dr. Moreau is one of the most complex and gifted characters that I've read about, presenting a distinctive demeanor.

    As an aside, toward the end of the book/movie, the insecure creatures (in all of their perceived inferiority), become motivated by a thirst for destructive power, which simply kills the sympathy the reader/viewer should have for abused, afflicted and miserable things.

  11. OP: I'm with HB and A on this - I may not be like the other kids, but I'm not "disordered."

    I am an asshole and I used to be fairly angry and impulsive. I took some time to work out my anger and become less impulsive. Those are things I could do something about. Weak bonding and lack of affective empathy - either I fake it (lie) or act "authentically" and suffer the consequences.

    I have a very calm, thoughtful persona if you meet me in real life. I am a very mellow person (now - 20 years ago I was unhinged). It took some growing up to realize that I didn't have to piss everyone off (though I had a couple of tussles with profs in my day too - win some, loose some).

    I really do see this as an adaptation that helps the species continue. I can understand why some people would be uncomfortable with me and those like me - it's really just ignorance and tabloid media.

    In the mean time, keep reading, studying, and when you've got the sheepskin, tell them how it really is!!! :)

    Good Luck!!!

    1. "I really do see this as an adaptation that helps the species continue."

      I'd go further: I see this adaptation as contributing to the evolution of the species in the first place. Perhaps empathy ('extended empathy' might be a better description) is the real adaptation. The brain evolved in a particular order.

    2. Agreed. As the local environment settles down, it makes sense that affective empathy and cooperation would become more important than the suite of traits we posses.

      I've never given thought to the "order" in which the brain evolved but it sounds like there's something to think about anyway.

      But I still think society is well served by have at least some of us around. least in the big picture...

    3. I've also mellowed out a bit, the older I've become. (I'm in my thirties, now.) Ten years ago I was far more unpredictable. I am not sure why I've traded impulsivity for restraint, but I would guess a relationship and a career I am invested is to blame.

    4. I've become less impulsive (at least for things that can hurt or get me in trouble) as I've gotten older too. A relationship and career might mean more to you than being impulsive. I also think that acting impulsive and getting hurt or in trouble has taught me not to do them. Sort of learning thru repetition like the character in the movie Momento.

    5. I still screw up in this area a lot, but at least I'm not hitting people anymore. :P

    6. I think it comes down to cost/benefit. Ten years ago I lived in a city where no one knew me, and I knew I wouldn't live there forever, and so there was no real consequence to acting out. I could scream obscenities at old women and assault people, and it didn't matter. No benefit, but no real cost either. Now, I live in a smaller community, have a more visible profile, and such behavior would have consequences I would rather avoid. Little benefit, very high cost.

  12. "Controled" sociopaths are the winners in life. They PERSIST. Their
    intelect , abilities, and ruthlessness (And allies) see them through.
    For example, we are about to have 8 years of Hialary. Nothing is going to stop
    her because the Jews and the News (Same thing) are for her.

  13. First of all, calling sociopathy a mental illness is like calling blackness a skin condition. It's just a natural human variant. As far as movies go, TV shows tend to have a lot more sociopathic characters. Ones that come to mind are Murphy from "Z-Nation", Howard Hamlin from "Better Call Saul", the Governor from "Walking Dead", Roger from "American Dad", Jackie from "Nurse Jackie", or any character from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

    1. Not sure about that one. Normal human emotions/thinking patterns are missing. And combined with antisocial behaviour an inhuman monster is created. As european I like US methods of dealing with crime, I think some states has "scared straight" programs were juvenile offenders gets "a tour" of the prison system with hard, but constructive, prisoners as guides? Similar programs with psychopath-mentors perhaps could "talk some sense" into teenagers suffering from illusions that sociopaths are cosy cuddlebears or just simply "harmless & misunderstood"? One can like wildlife such as crocodiles and sharks as longs as one is not in some fluffy "lala-land" when it comes to understanding how these behave in reality.

  14. Well, since you're probably 16 I won't recommend you R rated movies. You can check out Walt Disney's Snow White. It's appropriate for your age. The queen/witch is a true bitch in this one and it even rhymes.

    1. And don't forget to take some apples to school. You can even give one to your teacher ;)

  15. unrelated to the post ...

    from Cracked:

    #1. Simple Smell Tests Can Detect Alzheimer's ... And Psychopaths

    1. I snored as a kid. My dad snored (his whole life near as I know) and Jr. snores like a chainsaw sometimes.

      I also have a terrible sense of smell - always have. Just figured it was allergies and/or 20+ years of Marlboro Reds.


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