Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sherlock sociopaths INTJs

A reader writes on the relationship between sociopathy and the Myers-Briggs personality type, INTJ:

In short, I think a lot of people take MBTI too far. They base huge decisions about life direction on a general tendency to think in a specific way and use their psychological reserves in a particular direction. It isn't a horoscope, the MBTI is supposed to be used to branch out into other styles and become a well-rounded person. No one is a pure type, and INTJs can be arrogant about their perceived purity of rationality, which, ironically, isn't what a rational person would think. The website LessWrong is a pretty good breakdown of the kind of self-regulation a high-minded personality type requires. I type as INTJ myself and can't help but facepalm over the self-appointed geniuses who never created a damn thing in their entire lives. It's a potential, not a promise.

Personality typing is complicated when you bring in certain disorders. INTJs, being a hermitic type, are often judged for that literal and mental distance. The two common slurs are Aspie and Sociopath. What do these have in common? Blunted affect. Or so it seems.

There's very little written on the connection between certain personality values and mental abnormalities (I mean that in the mathematical sense of rarity). It's largely speculation and from what I studied at Uni, it's imprecise. Like throwing at a dartboard and hitting the same place twice it may happen, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything. 

The similarities I can see between sociopathy and INTJs are best described as coping mechanisms. Both types of person deal with copious amounts of information on a daily basis and some form of filtration is required to thrive. Both types tend to live in their heads and this can fairly freak normal people out. The pressure release valve of INTJs is easily upset by undue amounts of stress in a short period of time, causing them to lash out. On the surface, this might appear a sociopathic 0-60 in temper. 

Neither is automatically trusting and these belief systems about testing the world, changing things and treating the world like a gigantic experiment can appear manipulative in a damaging way, as many people are socially-oriented before ideas. The dark sense of humour in expression make it sound worse than it is. "I wanted to see what you'd do."

INTJs and sociopaths value truth above socially-proscribed norms and among the common herd this can make them enemies. I agree with those who type BBC's Sherlock as INTJ because his deep, alarmingly sharp processing of information screams INTJ to me. 
That isn't to say the guy is without faults. He's full of inconsistencies, being the product of many writers, and one outright declared he isn't a sociopath although "he wishes he was." With all due respect, that guy is full of shit. If we place the INTJ typing aside, the Sherlock they wrote behaves in a sociopathic way. Whether it's for dramatic effect and whether he intends to are irrelevant. SEASON 3 SPOILER ALERT: A person with no sociopathic bent could never shoot a guy in the head at point-blank range in cold blood. On a practical level, their fight/flight response would make it impossible. What annoys me about the character's recent outings are the typical attempt to make him cuddlier and in the process lose the veracity of the Sherlock Holmes brand. 

Those personality traits don't need to be fixed, they're valuable to society. However, sometimes the person who embodies them needs to branch out for personal reasons and that is to be encouraged. 
If a pure INTJ met a pure sociopath, the latter would be irritated because the former would see them as a big puzzle and the latter would see somebody with a good theoretical brain being wasted on impractical goals. They overlap where they think: yeah, I know the social rules, I just don't care.


  1. I dont believe in that INTJXYXBJHF mumbo jumbo... I believe in personality disorders!

    1. I believe in Captain Crunch, for I am the Frizzle Fry...

    2. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 8:34 AM

      Lol HL, slurp. :p

    3. I haven't listened to Primus in years - reminds me of university. Good times!

    4. HLHaller,

      "In commune iubes si quid censesque tenendum, primus iussa subi: tunc observantior aequi fit populus nec ferre negat, cum viderit ipsum auctorem parere sibi. componitur orbis regis ad exemplum, nec sic inflectere sensus humanos edicta valent quam vita regentis."

    5. Also HLHaller,

      Quis fuit, horrendos Primus qui protulit enses? quam ferus et vere ferreus ille fuit!

    6. Well, you got me there...

      When I was about 10 years old, I learned Morse code - my friends and I would play spy or army man or something. I had a couple of memorable tantrums where I cursed out my mom in Morse code around then. When I grew up, I understood the importance of being understood when I was expressing myself.

    7. HLHaller,

      "In commune iubes si quid censesque tenendum, primus iussa subi: tunc observantior aequi fit populus nec ferre negat, cum viderit ipsum auctorem parere sibi. Componitur orbis regis ad exemplum, nec sic inflectere sensus humanos edicta valent quam vita regentis."

      "If thou make any law or establish any custom for the general good, be the first to submit thyself thereto; then does a people show more regard for justice nor refuse submission when it has seen their author obedient to his own laws. The world shapes itself after its ruler's pattern, nor can edicts sway men's minds so much as their monarch's life; the unstable crowd ever changes along with the prince."
      — Panegyricus de Quarto Consulatu Honorii Augusti, lines 296-301.

      The second quote was simple.
      "If you can explain it simply, you understand it well enough." (Adaptation from A.E. quote).

    8. I guess the word "primus" was...interesting...

      For me it was just a band that I have fond memories of...and the original statement, "I believe in..." just reminded me of this Primus song -

      Primus was a fun band. Les Claypool is an interesting guy. All the deep Latin (?) quotes are...interesting but missed the point, which was to play on the "I believe" theme -

      It's OK - not everyone sees the same stuff (Sceli, does that help?)

    9. @Smartie: did you at least listen to the song...or did it put you to sleep?

    10. HLHaller,

      I listened to the song.
      I like this song, but without the singer's voice, which would make it instrumental [stage 1]. Then, I would modify it by adding a different singer/voice, which would make it more appealing [stage 2].

      The Latin words on Primus were meant as a bit of dark, more "elevated" humor.

  2. Yeah, Myers-Briggs tests are Woowoo, pseudo-science, bunkum.

    1. I don't think it's scientific at all, but it certainly seems possible to categorize people based on their personality traits, which is what MBTI does. And as far as that goes, you might be able to draw some conclusions about strengths and weaknesses based on that categorization. Probably a mistake to take it any further than that, though.

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    1. "What was God doing before the divine creation?"
      ― S.H.

    2. Fucking nut job.

  4. "A person with no sociopathic bent could never shoot a guy in the head at point-blank range in cold blood. On a practical level, their flight/flight response would make it impossible."

    A convenient theory, but just plain untrue. There are layers and layers of social conditioning that have to be counterbalanced in order to make it viable, but that is exactly what the nurture component of fight/flight is about.

    As to the meat of the blog... Sure. Of course there are parallels between one psychological personality theory and the identified traits of a subset. You could also say that all sociopaths are represented by the Tarot suit of Swords, or any other trait-based system developed since the dawn of time. I suspect little has been written on the connection because it is so ridiculously obvious that anyone with the smallest grasp of any psychological theory has made the same connection, realized it has no diagnostic or research value, and moved on.

    After all- if you take a 50% accurate theory of personality (trendy though it may be) and square it against a 50% theory of disorders (redefined in the most resent DSM because we still don't have a clue), you don't validate anything.

  5. Oh boy - so much can be said here...I'll try not to be my usual pedantic self...

    I've had the MBTI administered to me several times and I come in fairly consistently as an ENTJ (the scores wiggle around as one might expect...). I also typically weigh 170Lbs-180Lbs and I'm 5' 9". So what? None of that is sufficient to really describe me - "BPD" or "ASPD" aren't all that helpful either. I would argue that "asshole" is a far more useful term - both to me and others.

    Some "types" do better in certain fields and situations - but as CC pointed out it doesn't really correlate well and there's really not a lot of solid scientific theory supporting it. In fact, it sounds to me like the whole field/industry is rethinking the whole concept - they've been struggling with it for years as I understand it.

    More recently, all the work with brain imaging and genetics and such is, I think, giving a fresh perspective that seems to be more helpful. Getting to a biological basis for how and why we do what we do is really what needs to happen for the Therapy Industrial Complex to come out of the barbaric dark ages.

  6. Hey, for the BPD nutjobs that hang out on this site, I just read a study that 28% of female prisoners are bpd, and 41% of male prisoners are bpd. Try getting some help before you go and kill someone. I think I'm going to go put this study on facebook, and warn others about you people.

    1. LOL!

      I read somewhere that 90% of statistics are nonsense...

      (thanks for the giggle)

    2. So you don't think the prisons are full of borderlines? The way you pretend to be so nonchalant makes me think otherwise.

    3. I strongly encourage you to warn as many people as possible about us (though I don't consider myself BPD). Its the worst possible thing you can do for them.

      People don't fall for us monsters because they are ignorant, they do it because deep down in that place society tells them is naughty and dark, they want to. The allure of the edge has been well documented, with characters from James Dean to Dracula soaking the panties of suburban women everywhere for decades. Dorian Gray is perhaps our most shining example.

      The only thing better for me than you expending all that energy educating the masses is knowing that with your "good intentions" you are forever more inextricably tied to and responsible for what I do to them. Tuck that away in your bitter, vengeful heart, Anonymous. I am practically salivating over the thought that you are going to prime an indeterminate number of new targets for me.

    4. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 8:37 AM

      Lol , you go ahead and do the 6:43. Warn them good. :p

    5. Cold catharsis I didn't say anything about you. Its the borderlines that are scary. They are like third degree burn patients and emotional train wrecks
      They are extrmly unstable emotionally and cannot be trusted.

    6. I believe you hold that opinion due to personal interaction with a BPD. I also believe, with no imperical evidence, that you are much safer in a Walmart with an immolating human form running around and screaming than you are with me shopping in your aisle. All you have to do is avoid Burning Ban and stay out of the sections likely to catch blaze. You'll never know that your choice not to return a nod or smile just added you to my list of things to do, and I don't mind waiting four years until there is no concievable connection between us to show up at your house and take a baseball bat to your face.

      Sorry 'bout your BPD experience, though.

    7. CC, No matter which skin you shed before creeping into another, your crass, scatological "whiff" is commonly wrapped around you - the great unwashed, the vulgus.

    8. Cc in that case we should set up a no holds barred fight between you and a BPD : D

    9. This is awesome!!! CC - my sides hurt from laughing. 8D~

      Anon: I have no doubt that the prisons are full of people like me. What I think is idiocy, is the whole PD system promulgated by the APA. The only thing dumber is that you didn't bother to read my posts and think critically before spouting off.

      Now, run along and tell everyone about the mean old sociopaths they should be loosing sleep over. Go on!

    10. Cc can you pwetty pwetty pwease target daughters of anarchy? :D he trashes on socios nonstop on facebook

    11. HLHaller, you know I'm always good for a laugh.

      Anonymous, you're just being silly now. If we were so easy to ID by our scent and avoid based on danger, we wouldn't be controlling you right now. You came here, you said your peace, you've been drawn in to a discussion you cannot hope to emerge on the winning end of... Way to show us up.

    12. Sorry Anonymous 9:56AM, but DoA doesn't trip my triggers, so I couldn't be bothered.

    13. Hlhaller I can understand your need to appear nonchalant like it doesn't bother you but borderlines are like third degree burn patients and everything hurts you. You feel the need to appear strong and give the appearance that things don't bother you as much as they really do. This how you have protected yourself and probably have your whole life. You have tried to hide your weaknesses not showing how much you are hurt. Once people see the weaknesses you know people will target them.

    14. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 10:20 AM

      "Cc can you pwetty pwetty pwease target daughters of anarchy? :D he trashes on socios nonstop on facebook"

      O ya please add me on Facebook so I can like the warning status. Lol.

      Ginger bread cookies darling? I added lots of white icing for you. :D

    15. "You'll never know that your choice not to return a nod or smile just added you to my list of things to do, and I don't mind waiting four years until there is no concievable connection between us to show up at your house and take a baseball bat to your face."

      Cold Catharsis, Here is something for you on the subject of dangerous, violent threats. Everything that you say, no matter what kind of server you use, can be tracked and traced back to you (also recorded). There are such things as authorities, "preventive and pre-emptive measures." Just making things clear, in that you'll never actually get to show up at that house and take a baseball bat to their face.

    16. OK Anon - look a little closer at the definition of BPD (or ASPD for that matter; the numbers are a little different) as given by the DSM. There are lots and lots of ways to be labeled BPD - you only need five of nine criteria. So should one view all "beepers" the same? I mean, so might be triggered by abandonment. Others guilt. They can act out in lots of different ways.

      But, as I've said before, I'm not a doctor in the field, even if I sound like one sometimes. Don't take my word for it. The woman in the video below helps to explain the problem around 16:30.

      It's really a bad way to manage anyone's mental health.

      Can I have a bad temper? Oh yeah - big time. (But as I get older, it's less of an issue)
      Can, as CC says, getting on my "to do list" be bad for you? Count on it.
      Will I feel bad about it? Nope - not in the least. I will likely take pleasure in the act(s) and the memories.

      Don't worry about me being emotionally reactive. Worry about what I'll do about it.

    17. Super chick will tell the truth about you

    18. Anonymous 10:23AM, of course anyone can be traced, tracked, recorded, etc. Here is something for you in turn about the nature of surveillance and prosecution- a nonspecific threat against a hypothetical person doesn't trip any triggers in the LE/IC world, and any efforts to do that in an official capacity would violate a metric ton of really good laws (while doing it personally limits the value of the alleged evidence while simultaneously violating the user agreement of most ISPs).

      Thanks for the tip, though.

    19. Getting on your "to do list"...taking pleasure in in inflicting pain and not feeling bad about it..making veiled threats " worry what I'll do about it".....and you question those stats

    20. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 11:23 AM

      Dr.Ginger has expertise qualifications. She also has the schooling knowledge with many of the the cluster b personalities. I'm sure she'd be happy to help you after she finishes playing with superchick's in her hotel room. Where is the doc lately? She's been gone too long. Mwee misses her.

    21. Your threats have been submitted to law enforcement.

    22. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 11:50 AM


    23. Your knowledge of the law is limited and precarious. The authorities offer protection in such cases, taking "preventive and pre-emptive measures."

    24. Aww is Trevor missing the doc? Glad you are learning DBT. You seriously need that shit. I'm sure she is off enjoying her social status somewhere.

    25. Let me know when they are finished laughing at your sorry ass.

    26. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 1:41 PM

      Good luck with that doc. Tell me when yr splitting phase has lifted. Give it a few days; yr mood will shift over. O ya trevy sends his regards from a while back. You two would make a good fit right about now. You should give him a holler.

    27. Just a quick note so all my dear friends on SW know the Sociopath Police have not swept in on their stealth helicopters and taken me away to a FEMA camp adjacent to Area 52. Turns out, hypothetical aren't illegal. Who would have thought?

    28. We know, Cold Catharsis.
      We know everything. "All over the map."

  7. I've read that sherlock is an INTP. i'm an INTP myself. :)

  8. To the author of the post:

    "The two common slurs are Aspie and Sociopath."

    It sounds like the association bothers you - why?

    1. I presume because aspies and sociopaths are essentially ill...
      sociopathy is just a psycho-scientific name for backstabbing assholes, and aspies have dificulties to think outside of their comfort zones.
      for me it´s quite bothering when people are reluctant to change their false positions, especially if it´s offensive. (like being called a backstabbing asshole or a limited thinker).

    2. maybe more precise is chronic backstabbing assholes...
      the strange thing about sociopaths imo is that they can´t change that urge to be a backstabbing asshole... sooner or later they come back to that routine, even if it isn´t beneficial...
      (altough no offense is intended, i like sociopaths & aspies very much... at least some of them)

    3. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 9:05 AM

      I have assholian disorder. Also called bpd. That term can be very stigmatizing on both the individual who has the diagnose and the non-bpd in projecting labels that end up causing probably just a little more damage than good. They have made changes to that label in some countries if I recall... it's being changed to emotional dis-regulation disorder. There are 250+ subtypes of borderline.

      The only thing that got me back to neutralizing thinking quicker was utilizing the dbt skills. Practicing them over &over. Its a continuum and everyone in the world has traits of borderline and sociopathy. Just some are stuck in them and fall into a disordered way of processing their thoughts than someone who snaps out of it quicker. I also joined a borderline group for the Nons. They know my diagnose, and I'm accepted there. Just hearing it from their perspective helps a lot to know what the go threw themselves. Actually I'd say it's where I receive a lot of validation. I'm also am involved in a closed group for borderline online. But it's dbt skills based with worksheets given out to print. The administrators are non- drama individuals and keep it focused on skills. I try to avoid drama groups, but I have a few on my list and its funny, they end up weeding each other out in the end. But I admit, I enjoy some drama too. I have two groups full of drama. I need sum entertainment. God people too. :)

    4. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 9:06 AM

      Good people too. * dam auto correct. ;)

    5. Kind of confusing, isn't it? Shall we love'm as they are or shall we work hard to identify and change'm?

      Live and let live, you can only change yourself, so as they say HTFU. This applies to aspies, BPDs, socio's, even the angels.

    6. You say, "can't change the urge," which posits through structure that it is an urge that should be changed because the act is somehow wrong. It also suggests that doing so is an impulse rather than a decision. For high-functioning sociopaths, neither is true.

      I would say, "never really take backstabbing off the table," is a more accurate comment.

    7. i find compassion and patience to be very useful strategies with borderliners, evetually they´ll snap out of it...
      with sociopaths it´s a bit different. "never really take backstabbing off the table," is a bad strategy because you use the strategies "on the table" so i rather not put it on it... nevertheless with sociopaths the best strategy imo is to put backstabbing "on the table" and use it mercilessly if needed... i can deal with that, nevertheless i find it rather sad if i have to look on the socio thinking "well we both know you´re a despicable piece of shit" and then seeing the mask fall off for some seconds... that´s what hurts them. knowing that they could and whould be destroyed (socially and career wise) is what scares them. i think thats very sad cause win/win is what friendships should be about, but in my expirience with socios thats hardly possible if you have self respect :-(

    8. Hi Anon1,

      It makes me happy that at least we can agree on some terminology. But I'm with CC - in this world, backstabbing is always on the table. However, as I get older, I find that cleaning up the mess gets old, so I look for more artful ways to get to where I'm going. Failing that, though - I would recommend against backing up if think I'm behind you...

      I'm still actually interested to hear from the person that wrote the post. Are they more upset by the conflation of Aspies/Socios with INTJ's as you suggest? Or, does the label strike a bit close to home?

    9. "God people too. :)"

      I think you had it right the first time DoA - at least us. ;p

  9. Hi, everybody. Here is a Freudian slip of fine sort. Police says 'in dog we trust,' and why not? When in that corner is it God or is it the police dog, lol?

  10. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 9:12 AM

    Haha, I like that better , "In dogs we trust. " sounds about right. :D

  11. In cats, I don't trust. When does the Singularity occur and we will all evolve into a new species? Or destroy our current species. As soon as we try to study ourselves, the very act of self observation changes us into something else.

    Please join my cult, Ethical Nihilism. It's just something to do while we wait to extinct ourselves.

    1. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 10:28 AM

      I'm working hard on liking cats. Dogs are the God's to me. Lol

    2. It doesn't matter. If you drop dead, alone, in your apartment, neither your dog nor your cat will wait that long to start consuming your corpse. Unlike humans, neither dogs nor cats are very sentimental, and are much closer to their sociopath nature than most humans. Rover! Go ahead. Bite daughter of Anarchy.

    3. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 15, 2015 at 2:07 PM

      Ruff ,, :)

  12. do any of you know me

  13. "Maybe being in law is a good career choice for me — tearing apart people’s stories, the lies that they’ve decided to live or at least try to pass off as truth."


    I can relate, and I know what being in law means. It is never easy to deceive agile individuals who are in the legal field.

    You have a great strategy, and I believe in the words below. Also, writing a memoir takes a great deal of strength.

    “If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.”
    ― V.W.

  14. "Detecting Personality Traits." This sounds like a case for Sherlock, M.E. :)


    “The narrative opens as two German agents called von Bork and von Herling stand talking outside an English country house. The two men discuss the positions of the United Kingdom and Germany relative to the impending First World War.

    Von Bork talks about an Irish-American man called Altamont whom he employs as an informer against the British. Altamont is supposed to be bringing an important dossier to von Bork that evening. Once von Bork receives it he intends to leave England.

    Von Herling departs and von Bork starts packing in preparation for his getaway. Altamont soon arrives in a chauffeur driven car. He has a small wrapped parcel with him which he claims is the anticipated dossier of information.

    Von Bork opens up the parcel and is amazed to find a small blue book entitled “Practical Handbook of Bee Culture.” Altamont then swiftly renders von Bork unconscious using chloroform.

    Altamont is really Sherlock Holmes and his chauffeur is Dr Watson. Holmes gathers up von Bork’s papers so that the English government will be able to get an idea of how much information the Germans possess. Holmes tells Watson that he supplied many of the documents himself in the persona of Altamont and so the information they contained was inaccurate.

    Holmes had retired to the South Downs and immersed himself in his new hobby of bee-keeping. The handbook which was in the parcel was Holmes’ own work. His secluded life had come to an end when the British government asked for his help. Holmes had gone to America and worked as a criminal in order to get the attention of von Bork and ultimately be trusted by him as an agent.

    Holmes talks to Watson of the dangers of the impending war and his hope for a “cleaner, better, stronger land” after the storm has passed.

    Following the arrest, Holmes returned to his life of seclusion in Sussex to live out his life in peace and solitude, keeping bees and eventually publishing a manual on the subject. It is revealed that Holmes has retired from active detective work. He spends his days beekeeping in the countryside and writing his definitive work on investigation. The details of his later life and death are not known but he lives on to this day through the records of his thrilling cases, and will always be remembered and regarded as the "World's Only Consulting Detective."

  15. It could be confluent or it might not be. It's really a case by case basis. I am also an INTJ and test out as one every time I've taken the ACTUAL test and the less reliable online versions. I'm not sure how you can really differentiate the two if they are present in the same person though.

    INTJ's are also commonly associated with a lot of asocial PD's like SPD for example.

    This is just another problem with labels, however. People are a lot like a person standing in a house of mirrors. If you focus on one mirror over another for too long you'll start to believe that this is the only side of yourself. A 2D representation.

    I'd imagine this propensity to identify with one label is biologically rooted in tribalism. "I am this and I will always be this therefore this is my tribe." It's simplistic thinking and does a lot of people harm, I'd imagine.

    1. Hi BKvS4!

      I like the tribalism angle - we do seem to be wired for a couple hundred relationships (give or take) and we do like to look for ways to differentiate people -

      We talk about "introverts" versus "extroverts" like that is the only defining feature of a person (pop media) while it's clear that there are many more dimensions -

    2. BKvS4,

      "It's simplistic thinking and does a lot of people harm, I'd imagine."

      "If you can't explain it simply,
      you don't understand it well enough."
      Are you arguing with him? treblA neitsniE

      "I'd imagine this propensity to identify with one label is biologically rooted in tribalism."

      Since you've mentioned it, this must be your "mirror," in cannibalistic, concubin(istic), going ballistic, etc.?

    3. Smartie,

      How many alters do you have? It's getting down right tiring trying to keep up...and boring...

    4. HLHaller,

      Dimensions. As it were, you spoke about time and called yourself punctual. As it would be, being in 4-D space has some rather strange, revealing "occurrences." As might be, I wonder, can your brain see into the fourth dimension?

    5. Q... this character from that sci-fi-series? I wouldn't have guessed you'd watch that, SS. Interesting.

      Why that character?

    6. @Smartie: I used to do a meditation when I was roughly in university where I would try to picture all six sides of a cube without "flattening" it. I found it useful before exams - kind of like people who speak/sing do warm ups.

      I've also noodles on what 9-11 dimensional projections of spherical packing might looks like in 3 spatial dimensions, but that's really speculative stuff that I haven't worked through.

      @NM: How do you get to add all those pics and posts? Also, has the puppy started ;p

    7. Harry, I've linked my blogger profile with google+, now I have to watch each step not to accidentially let google spy my position via GPS... but I'm just a bit paranoid, so it's probably not that bad.

      Puppy is very obedient, except for some minor misbehaving and overall shyness toward city noise she's no work at all - actually quite the opposite. I enjoy going on walks in the dark. Didn't thought I had missed that.

      Well, okay not everything's goin' smooth - yesterday I was caught bringing her to university and lied to the porter... three times... that was no fun when he decided to write down my name. I don't know what he'll do 'bout it, but I couldn't get myself back to study for the exam. Which is basically today. Great paranoia. Anyways, nice times... much less boredom.

    8. You're no puppy master, NM. That's for sure.

      "and lied to the porter... three times..." Just like there is no puppy.

    9. "How many alters do you have?"

      HLHaller, are you serious?

    10. "I used to do a meditation when I was roughly in university where I would try to picture all six sides of a cube without "flattening" it. I found it useful before exams - kind of like people who speak/sing do warm ups."


      It sounds like you've missed the point, but that is alright. Not everyone sees the same thing, especially during meditation.

    11. "Q... this character from that sci-fi-series...I wouldn't have guessed...?"
      NM, You're getting a sticker today!

    12. I guess you mean that sarcastically?
      Anyways, brought back a pleasant memory - thanks for that. And I gonna keep that sticker no matter what.

    13. Your sticker for today, NM.

  16. Replies
    1. Wasn't there a "psychic" around here? Or even someone into predictions and astrology?

    2. RA, is this you about not knowing who you are? It sounds like you.

    3. Although I don't know who I am your reference is not to me. I am Stephen Kahn and I live on a Puget Sound Island. Please join my cult of ethical nihilism.

    4. RA, where do you stand these days on possessing free will? On the double?

    5. I feel like I have free will. I think I probably do not. In a sense, the argument is meaningless. Neuroscience seems to indicate that our nervous system makes decisions at a level deeper than our "introspection aware thinking" and that our conscious mind is a kind of artifact that our nervous system evolved to keep us entertained while we wandered around trying to survive and get laid.

      In other words, if you are about to be attacked by a lion (assuming you're a Masai warrior with a spear and practice in using it, you are wandering around in the bush and you stick a spear in the lion faster than it sticks a claw in you, that's all done at a lizard brain instantaneous reaction and then your conscious brain drags the carcass back to the village and boasts, "I am a man now! I killed my lion!" Then your lizard brain grabs the nearest nubile woman and rapes her and then your conscious mind says, "Let's have a wedding ceremony and carry on the lineage.

      Certainly in "civilized" society, rape is one of the most persistent problems. Given the constant messaging about "Don't rape," and the constant and repetitive raping by alpha males, "e.g., Woody Allen and Bill Cosby) [allegedly for both but I bet almost everybody reading this agrees with me that these two pathetic excuses for "alpha males" [how human scummery has fallen since the time of Attila the Hun when men were men and raped and murdered without denial and apology] supports my case that we don't have much "free will." Don't forget to Free Willy.

  17. I don't think such tests can be taken seriously, tho they're definitely fun and can surely be used to improve skills and whatnot. I took the online test and ended up with INTP each time, to my surprise the percentages were quite consistent too.

    I read the Introduction part and half-way through the other points and was even more surprised to see quite a lot of what they wrote rings true for me. However, I read 2 or 3 other personality types too, and it's quite the same. I'm not yet sure what I should think about this.

    Test done on this site:

  18. do I know any of you?

    1. RA, if this is you, you'll know "soon enough."

    2. It is not me. My name is Stephen Kahn and while my brain is losing at least a neuron a day (I think it's lost a dozen so far today) I know that I am not the stupid poster to whom you are referring. When do the aliens land?

    3. I thought it might have been you, but thanks for explaining.
      Yeah, the aliens have taken a detour.

    4. Stephen Kahn? You mean, THE Stephen Kahn?

    5. Who the fuck is "THE Stephen Kahn?" If I were somebody notable, I would have at least a million dollars in the bank, a wife with bigger boobs than my dear bride of 49 years' 32B tits, and I would be on death row or on the way to accept my Nobel Prize instead of typing stupid comments on a psychopath web site.

    6. Untrue, RA, for every point that you've brought up. That is every single one of them.

  19. I am disillusioned enough to know that no man's opinion on any subject is worth a damn unless backed up with enough genuine information to make him really know what he's talking about.

    1. So you don´t talk about subjects where you´re no expert?
      wtf... every opinion is up for consideration. children are no experts but have brilliant ideas sometimes. if you´re n expert in any subject you should be able to help the other see the things more clearly. if you´re incapable of doing that you´re no expert.
      imo no opinion is beyond doubt. not even my own. titles, degrees or being an expert in other fields are worthless if you´re incapable of defending your argument. arguments and ideas stand for themselves, it doesn´t matter whos argument or idea it is. without genuine information and expirience everybody will make false asumptions with should brought to light, not dismissed before they formulated.

    2. I start with my religious belief I call "Wallism." Every time I try to walk through a wall, I get stopped cold. A fancy name for this is empiricism. The principle is simple; the proof consistent; the devil is in the details.

  20. What was God doing PRIOR to creating man? He was with the Angels and
    other spirit beings. He had always indended to create man.
    Actually, it was the "Christ" aspect of God that created man. Christ was in Heaven
    with the Father and created the universe.
    "In the beginning was the Word. (Christ.) And the Word was God. And the Word
    There are two principle parts of God: "Upper Yawah"-The Father. And Lower
    Yawah-The Son. Upper Yawah, has never personally interacted with the Human
    Species. All Human interactions with God have been through Christ in His
    prexistant state, i. e., prior to His physical incarnation. The "God" of the Old
    Testament WAS Christ.
    When Moses was on the mountain in Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments,
    he did NOT receive them DIRECTLY from God, he received them from a powerful Angel who had the authourity to speak for God. This Angel was God's
    mouthpiece. The Angel said, "I am the Lord thy God, Who brought thee out of
    God/Christ DID experiment with PRIOR creations BEFORE He made man.
    There was a prehistory prior to the "beginning." In fact, there were two "beginnings."
    The Bible says: "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth.
    And the world was without void." Some interpetor's take this to mean, "The
    world BECAME without void." An intial creation process, that was abandoned
    for some reason.

    1. altough i respect the incentive of religions to motivate people to at least consider some moral values, i really despise the fact that some people take pride in obvious stupidity... creationist idiots who just can´t comprehend any facts that are contradictory to a thousand years old religious-fiction book. i understand the elegant simplicity of reading the bible and taking gods word for it, but i whoud like to counter argue with the pice of paper i found yeasterday: "don´t take the bible literally ´cause thats just really stupid! (below was a nicely written signature) GOD".
      on a more serious note i like this video:
      on christian logic a like this:
      i think this guy was onto something:

    2. Anonymous 0: The stupidist thing one can do is tell a stupid person, "Stop being stupid." Stop being stupid.

      Anymous 1: The videos are great. I can't draw or make a video, but I can provide ethics in one minute:

      Ethical Nihilism. Don't murder, torture, or rape. Do Help others when feasible, practical, sensible, and fun.

    3. Ethics: The code which fits one's logical conclusion.

      Ethics are selfish. Good and bad are qualitative abstracts, and very subjective. There is no empirical method of verifying whether something is good or bad. Such assignment of value is entirely dependent on what is important to a person as he views himself. In the end, each person must define his morality for himself. Ethics is essentially cost-benefit, with end goal of validating oneself, through confirmation of one's idea of oneself and reality.

      Validation gateways extend into biology (socially supportive behaviour - benefits species and is therefore advantageous) and into conditioning ('I believe x is wrong because that's how I was brought up.) In examining one's evaluation of morality, one often must deconstruct and revise aspects of one's own personality- but it's always a growth experience in the end.


    4. D,

      "Good and bad are qualitative abstracts, and very subjective. There is no empirical method of verifying whether something is good or bad."

      From a legal perspective, there exists an established system of knowing and comprehending the difference between right and wrong, and that is the moral code that ultimately prevails. In other words, good and bad are not defined by an individualistic standard. Moreover, there is a system of checks and balances that unquestionably exists, and that is what should be fitted into one's logical conclusion.

      "In examining one's evaluation of morality, one often must deconstruct and revise aspects of one's own personality- but it's always a growth experience in the end."

      It can certainly be a growth experience in the end as long as one abides by that which is true (i.e., factoring in the system of checks and balances).

  21. Without ever searching up the prevalence of sociopaths in INTJ personalities, I immediately felt that it was the most common personality for sociopaths to assume. As an INTJ myself, I knew I would be considered mildly sociopathic before doing any research, and I knew that my peers with a similar personality would feel similarly.

  22. I'd be interested to know M.E.'s MB type.

  23. "facepalm" for the last time, Sherlock (BBC) is NOT a sociopath! I thought YOU of all people would get the hint? Here's what Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat has to say about this issue, (

    "It’s funny how people are always wanting to prove me wrong on this one. They say: ‘But he’s not a high-functioning sociopath.’ I never said he was! Sherlock Holmes tells people he is. Why would you listen to him? Nobody can define themselves. That’s what he’d like people to think he is. And that’s it–and I think he probably longs to be one. I think he loiters around prisons for the criminally insane, envying them their emotional detachment. He knows emotion is a problem to him. A man who has decided to suppress all his emotions in order to be better at what he does clearly has an awful lot of emotion. That’s a very simple deduction. It clearly is a problem for him. So, in itself, that is an emotional decision."

    Also you said Sherlock shot someone. Your point? It’s like each and every detective or character in the history of TV/ literature shot someone and later turned out to be a sociopath!! Also I’d like to point out that John Waston also shot the cabbie in the very first episode. If you compare this with Sherlock’s shooting you’ll see that John had fewer information about the cabbie having an intention to hurt Sherlock. As far as he knew Sherlock and the cabbie were just standing staring at each other and he was doing nothing harmful to Sherlock. Do you call him a sociopath as well? (It’s an irony of the show. People warn John to stay away from Sherlock because he’s such a psychopath that once there’ll be a corpse and Sherlock will be the one to put it there. Buuuut at the end of the very episode we get the cabbie dead body. And who was the one to put it there again??) They both shot to kill someone and RISKED INCARCERATION TO SAVE OTHERS. When writers create characters who goes as far as kill the villain to save their loved ones what kind of character trope they fall into? I dunno about others but I thought they are called the hero or good guys or even the tragic hero. Not saying killing in cold blood is nice. Personally I don’t have what it takes to go as far as kill someone even if they threaten or destroy the lives of my nearest and dearest. But I have a feeling people will call me heartless, selfish, coward or maybe even a sociopath for that.


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