Friday, January 23, 2015


There's been a ongoing debate on insight and sociopathy. I remember making a television appearance and being told recently that sociopaths lack insight, and so if a sociopath had insight he wouldn't actually be a sociopath. I've also heard that if sociopaths don't have empathy, they can't experience insight. And maybe it's true that sociopaths lack definition, particularly if we use Merriam Webster's first definition which is "understanding or awareness of one's mental or emotional condition; especially : recognition that one is mentally ill". Because many (most?) sociopaths are not self aware and few would classify themselves as mentally ill even though they may clinically qualify.

But if we think of insight as the ability to understand or at least predict particular traits of a person on a deep level, then sociopaths do it and approximately the same way as this data analytics tool presumes to do so. From an Engadget articles on how your Facebook likes can predict all sorts of other personal attributes:

[Researchers at Cambridge and Stanford] created a computer program that sifted through the Facebook likes of over 85,000 users to see if a person's preferences could rat out their true persona. The team used certain associations that seem fairly obvious; for instance, liking tattoos means you're more likely to drink alcohol. Others were more bizarre: apparently, people who like curly fries tend to be intelligent. Who knew?

The researchers made the subjects take a MyPersonality survey to create a baseline, then asked friends and relatives to judge them with a similar survey. The results were surprising -- the computer model could judge someone better than a friend or roommate by analyzing just 70 likes, and do better than a parent or sibling with 150 likes. The average number of likes per user in the study was 227, enough for the computer to evaluate someone better than almost anyone, with one exception: their spouses.

You can try the program here, but you need to be a very active Facebook user for it to have enough data to crunch. But you can imagine that if a computer is able to learn so much about you based on your Facebook likes, and if Sherlock Holmes is able to learn so much about you based on the mustard stains on your shirt, it should be very possible for a sociopath to have similar levels of insight about you and based on approximately the same techniques.


  1. If someone tells me about a problem they're having, I don't have any trouble understanding its cause or how it affects them.

    That doesn't mean I care about it.

    1. Are you into bdsm? I get the impression you'd be lots of fun to try that with. :))

    2. I've only done some online roleplaying. How about yourself?

    3. I have tried it yet. But really looking into it more. What it all entails. I think I'd be a type of gal who really enjoys it.

    4. I haven't tried it yet*

    5. Do you go to the forum?

    6. Can you link me the address?

    7. Lust is in the air early this year...

    8. Yes it is, I want my wrists tied up and a big cookie in my mouth. Lol


    10. I'll check it out. May I ask, what yr screen name is?

    11. D'uh... Damaged... lol

    12. On the forum I meant, not here.

    13. Morbid Polar figured it out. You will too.

  2. But socios are said to actually LIKE their mental condition, and this is what make many experts annoyed? And if they like it, they surely have to be aware of it? They cherish their supernatural powers..

    1. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 23, 2015 at 1:55 PM

      Just thought if this on my drive home. I'm intertwined with bpd traits and I can't help but see the positives side to this quote on quote "condition." It's biting that ego down and really looking within. Toning down on some of the negative behaviours and embracing the good. I'm weird though, I love weird - different. I'm open and I like that about me.

    2. Hi DoA,

      Yeah - you know, there are aspects of my "persona" that I like and value.

      Because I can be such a good "mirror" (my way of seeing a combination of "reading" and "chameleon" behavior), I can be really good with people that are triggered (this has been helpful both personally and professionally - and I'm an engineer). It is an effective way to engage so that you can diffuse the situation.

      Because I can shut down emotionally, I can handle very emotionally charged circumstances without getting sucked into the drama. That is very helpful when people are freaking out for just about any reason -

      My narcissism is helpful for helping me take risks (this can go both ways...). When going after something risky, you have to believe that you can pull it off.

      These are a few - there are others.

      Is this what "noms" find so distressing?

      Stay weird kiddo - 8)~

    3. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 23, 2015 at 6:07 PM

      You explained it so perfectly. I love yr lingo... yr way with language really draws me in. Being Italian my english is not the greatest - but I resonate with all you said. All these cluster b traits are useful in the right given situation and when applied with our 'personas' we can have the confidence to feel empowered that they help us & the human race to get ahead and not behind. It's like a ying yang model. ... feed on the positive and learn and embrace what works. . . Thanks HL. . :))

      I will stay weird. ;)

    4. I have long enjoyed archetypes - be it the seven deadly sins, or the furies, or whatever. But to me they are just another lens for viewing "the subject." No single "lens" gives the whole story - but individually, they inform the "truth."

      ...OK...time to cut me off...I've had enough to drink...and type...

      Good night Sociopathworld!!!! *smirk and wink*

    5. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 24, 2015 at 12:11 PM

      " I have long enjoyed archetypes - be it the seven deadly sins, or the furies, or whatever. But to me they are just another lens for viewing "the subject." No single "lens" gives the whole story - but individually, they inform the "truth."

      Keep going.. I'm really enjoying you. Well said. Cheers HL ! ☆

  3. Personality classifacation systems-if accurate-are so wonderful.
    It's great to know that there really is a valid way to "type" a person.
    Take three people I "know." I haven't personally met them, but enough is known
    about them to test.
    Of the 3 people I know the least about M.E. When I first began following the
    blog, I knew that M.E. was 30 years old, and a self professed sociopath. It
    wasn't until sometime later that I discovered M.E.'s real birth name. I won't
    reveal her entire name, but her first name is "Jamie." What can that tell us about
    M.E.? The first name is the "outer" name. What public impression does the person give off? The first letter of a name is known as the cornerstone. What is
    the most basic revealatory trait of the person? With "J" people, it's "justice."
    Justice has to do with fairness, and the settling of scores. You will note that the
    bottom of the letter "j" turns to the past, and most legal cases have to do with
    prior misdeeds. Many "j" people have carrers in the legal system like T.V Judge
    Judy Shienbaum for one. It would be too numerious to name all the legal egales
    who have first names that begin with the letter "j." Vengenfull also have letter that begin with "j" like Jodi Arias. So much more could be gleaned about M.E.
    if we knew her exact date and time of birth. But based on the little we can cobble together, a law professor makes perfect sense foe M.E.'s carrer.
    Now take Casey Anthony. She was born on March 19. 19 is a karmonic number.
    Lizzie Bordon (July 19) and O.J. Simpson had number 19 associations. History
    tells us about them. 19 can be very naracisitic number. It reduces to 1. Sometimes "1" can be the "loneliest" number, as the lives of O.J. and Casey
    Casey was born near the Aries cusp. She is a Pisces but she has a lot of "fiery"
    Aries to her make-up.
    I "know" another woman who was born on June 20. There is a world of difference
    between number 1, and number 2. 2 wants to help other people. 1, only wants to
    help themselves. This "2" woman is the sweetest most loving person I know.
    She was born on the Cancer cusp. Though she is a Gemni, she has a lot of
    Cancer in her, which jibes with the number 2. She is worth her weight in gold.

    1. Okay. Born December 7 and the first name starts with an A. What does that tell you?

    2. Some days I read this web site and it seems kind of crazy. Other days I read it, like today, and it really goes off the deep end. Then I start to worry about myself. Then I walk into a wall to test if I am still here. BANG!!! Ouch! My head hurts. Brain damage. That's how I know what is real.

  4. Sigh. This is, I think, part of the problem with labels and how people use them. You either are or are not a sociopath (we'll come back to that shortly). There is no, "mild sociopath" or "3/10 sociopath" - no one has a "touch of sociopathy". There is no spectrum. Once the label is applied, the whole kit and caboodle of characteristics is endowed upon the person - regardless of degree or if they present with that particular characteristic.

    The other problem is the definition of "sociopath." It's bad enough that the DSM criteria which is "three of seven" criteria, which means that there are lots of ways to be ASPD (there is no "sociopath" in the DSM).

    Psychopath is sometimes used in place of sociopath - and some people object to that as they see them as distinctly different. But, if we accept that the two are the same, then at least old Bobby Hare gave us something of a definition to work with (the score cut off is still wonky in my opinion...). But even with that - which of the factors and facets apply? People can score "high" and not be criminals. It's still problematic.

    Which brings us around to ME's post - cold reading, by a person or a computer, is a very effective way to understand other people and predict their behavior. Applying it to ones self can be dicey, however, since we are all (all empathic stripes) possessed of vanities and blind spots. I think that's the lack of insight that "they" are talking about - the fact that we don't see how we are being assholes. But, I don't think that phenomenon is unique to us "empathically challenged" types.

    I also find the "lack of insight" comment odd and, if I think about it, it's one of the reasons that I didn't see myself as "disordered" until recently. I knew I could be an asshole. I knew that I liked a good scrap. I knew that I relied heavily on my "cold reading" to navigate life. I also knew that I wasn't like other people - I couldn't put my finger on it until recently (lack of affective empathy mostly). But, besides being a little rough to be around and not well suited for "office jobs," I didn't see it as anything to be too worked up about -

    But, as Damaged said so well above - "That doesn't mean I care about it."

    1. It's all fluid and relative, like you said.

      Even your statement 'I don't care about it' has such a range (like the character at the end of this post being at far end of the spectrum).

      One may not care emotionally but still do some things, and another may care emotionally but not move finger to change anything, then the hybrid positioning in the middle, changing position based on who's getting the grunt (stranger vs family member), etc.

      There'll be a lot of strangers who remember a psychopath very fondly beacuse in that short time frame of interaction psycho may have pulled a very heroic little act to pump his ego, and you ask his family members how the household life for them was and psycho misses the point because it really is hard to feel the impact on others when one's behaviors cannot be mirrored by the others around him.

      One doesn't even have to be a psycho, just be the person in any environment who is controlling the place. Controller will miss a lot of the human insight because he just is not in a position to truly feel how it's to be controlled.

      Or, be someone successful most his/her life. Successful streak in life prevents one from gaining 'loser' insight, that's why it really is a lucky thing to have some early failures in life.

      I was looking into npd this morning, and this character truly stands out.

      Look at his words after killing his dad: "I didn't look at him. I expected him to go to hospital... I couldn't believe that someone would have died so easily."

      This is someone who got straight A's in his A-levels.

      This is how he spent his days after killing both parents:
      "After fleeing the country, Blackwell ran up a £30,000 bill on his father's credit cards. He and Miss Saba, the daughter of a Jordanian physician, flew first-class to New York and spent three nights in the presidential suite of the Plaza Hotel.
      They later flew to Florida, Barbados and San Francisco before returning to Britain in time for Blackwell to celebrate four As at A level. All the time his parents lay decomposing in their £350,000 home."

      He was 19, dad 71, mom 60. He looked great, parents didn't, plus they were too old for the narc. Dad was 52, mom 41 when this kid was born. God knows how this kid must have been the parents' narcissistic supply. So ironic, to create a 'perfect' kid to only be murdered brutally by him. Such waste other than being an interesting story for others.

      "extreme feelings of self-importance, a high need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. His family nicknamed him “The Determined Wolf” and “Brains” due to his exceptional academic success. Blackwell’s mother had the unusual habit of bathing her teenage son. The sexual abuse helped lead to the smoldering rage Blackwell internalized for several years. Jacqueline even dressed her son in the morning. Her constant smothering caused Blackwell to build a fantasy life in his head in to which he retreated to escape his mother’s constant control.....

      Tellingly, Blackwell dragged Jacqueline’s corpse into the bathroom and left it there, perhaps symbolic of his humiliation by his mother’s forced bathing rituals. "

      Look at the similarity between his girlfriend and his mother:

    3. So what happened to the girl friend, Amal Saba? Did she recover from learning that her unbelievably generous date was . . . a not very nice guy? And for all his high grades, not really that bright?

    4. The video said she was innocent, had no idea. If she's a bit sociopathic she sure got a great vacation and a story out of this. The thing is they're saying the guy may be out soon. My heart goes out to his future ladies.

    5. What a "charming" fellow. Yeah, it's all the ones on the far end that get all the press. You don't hear about the "narcs" that make the day to day lives of many people unpleasant but don't kill people. Again, weakness of this black and white way of doing things.

      I do wonder if there is any correlation between PD's and age of conception. I recall reading some years ago that older dad's were more likely to father kids that develop schizophrenia - but then nothing, so maybe it didn't pan out.

    6. Schizophrenia isn't a personality disorder. I have schizophrenia, I am the 0.3–0.7%.

    7. @Sceli: I saw this and I couldn't help but wonder about Edgar Winter. I love this song, but he really does a lot of heavy lifting...and I thought there was a theremin in there somewhere...

      @Anon: Fair enough. I was more wondering if there was anything about being older and cranking about ankle biters. I was just referencing a study I vaguely recall reading. Peace.

    8. Hi, HLH. You bring up a really interesting point with dad's age at the time of conception. I'd say go ahead and add into that mommy's age, too.

      Some fun thoughts come out...
      Sperms are produced over time unlike eggs that are all sitting there to be dropped down right from the age of puberty (is this even true, I don't know, I just remember something like that, but for now let's assume it's true).

      Then the question is how does the quality of the sperm production change from a sweet, romantic 23 year old's work to some tired, some-what run down 53 year old's work? 53 and still wanting to throw his sperms around surely suggests some level of narc in there for the dad, and not just nature, as the kid develops the guy's being a dad so late may be making him a really narc dad, too, who knows.

      Then the egg. We think of faster sperm as the winner, but we don't necessarily think faster egg to be the winner. So, what's the difference between an egg that gets caught at 23 versus the egg that sat there for 20 more years and got caught just before it could be never a person? Is this a happy egg or a sad egg? Was it waiting anxiously to dodge a sperm or was it screaming 'me, me' all the time and still missing the sperms over and over for 20 years?

      I smell some funny stories here.

      Why did you bring Edgar Winter to my attention? There must be some connection but I'm missing it, sorry. Please help with this. I googled to see who he is, and saw that both himself and his brother were albinis. Growing up albino sure sets a minority position outside the house but inside the home to have two albino brothers is more like an equal footing. Certainly a very interesting setup.

      I wish RA also responded to what he envisions wrt age of the sperms and eggs.

    9. Good video on how to deal with a narc

    10. Hi Sceli,

      Not all older dads are narcs. Some are "oops" and some have difficult paths before they had kids.

      Like you said - you have eggs that have been "on the shelf" for a while with mom and dad's pollywog machinery has to be getting a bit worn out after years of service.

      The Edgar Winter video - if you watch it, he is doing three or four different instruments. It's all about him -

      He might be the nicest, sweetest guy - but it is "THE Edgar Winter Group" and he is doing all the leads on that song.

      Since we were talking about narcs - the video just struck me - that's all.

      Baby's crying...

    11. I see. Thank you. I'll look at it again. Must be tempting to pull it all by himself. To be a verticaly integrated musician, one man show.

      How old is the crying baby?

    12. Hi Sceil,

      My little angle is 15mos. She is sooo sweet - she bit my finger the other day and it startled me so I gave out a little yelp - no big deal. ...Oh my...the sad, guilty eyes she gave me...


  6. Does anyone know what "lack of specific insight" in the literature means? google it if you don't recognize it; it relates to diagnosing.

  7. I can't imagine why anyone who reads this website on a regular basis would wonder what "lack of specific insight" means. Everyone who posts here is completely in touch with reality, especially in regard to him, her, or itself.

  8. I am so bored that it physically hurts, and nothing is interesting.
    I was doing some 'future planning' and the outlook for my life and everyone else is so boring. We all spend our life preparing for work, and then we go to work, and then we prepare to stop working, and then we stop working and die.
    It's so fucking mundane i can't stand it. I'm tempted to just say fuck all in society and travel the world on a train, doing drugs and going somewhere new each day, with no planning or stupid bullshit.
    The only things that interest me are things I'm 'not allowed' to do. I'm out of my explosives, I can't find any mice, I'm not allowed in any stores, and I don't have any friends to fuck with. Should i get friends? I've never had any interest in companionship, I just need someone to cure this boredom. But hanging out with and maintaining friends is boring, hence why i don't have any. I'm stuck on this godforsaken website with a bunch of narcissistic wannabe Dexter fags complaining instead of doing anything mentally stimulating.
    How do you join a mob or something? I have nothing of interest to do and I'm going fucking insane.

    1. Start a cult. If you were going to start a cult, what kind of a cult would it be?

      (Actually, I destroyed a cult once. I am not making this up. The cult leader was a sociopath. Aside from driving his wife into committing suicide, he didn't kill anybody, though he stole about a million dollars over a 30 year period. I am pretty sure he found running his cult interesting. I found destroying the cult interesting, and the cherry on top was stealing almost a hundred thousand dollars from the cult leader. Although you never heard of this cult, it was the second most notorious cult in the history of Oregon. Everything I just said is true, though it's kind of old news (from the 1970s).

      So, Mr. or Ms Bored, get on the stick. There are lots of books and movies about cults. Do a little study. Get to work.

      Or, just sit around and whine and post whinging messages to SW.

    2. I could do that. Start a cult or a mob that specializes in burglary and home invasion. Maybe some drug trafficking, or hit jobs.
      Although It's been too long since the US has had a good, artistic serial killer. I'll drink to this.

    3. How's your sexual appetite? What turns you on?

    4. $1M over 30 years doesn't seem like a very lucrative career. It's $33K a year.

    5. Hi RA and folks,

      It sounds like the Bored Family is more "hands on." In that case, start dealing in drugs (don't do them - just deal). Start by buying from and selling to college kids and start working your way up the supply chain - this will take a year or two.

      When you spot someone of "some authority" look for a chance to "do them a solid." Make it clean, easy and artful and you will be on your way.

      Stolen goods might be about the same, but I know less about that...

      Good luck!

      For me - I'm liking the cult idea... 8D~

    6. Become a Navy Seal or join the CIA. Connect with something greater than you are. Join a religious order and become the most devout monk. Then go ride a train.

    7. I'm a month late on this, but i used to deal drugs. I hate when people have authority over me, the military is the worst thing I could do. The people yelling at me would just piss me off and i don't want to die just to line some capitalistic pig's pockets with oil. (unless it's my pockets and i'm not the one dying.)

  9. I tried that program to judge personalities by Facebook, since I am a very active Facebook user. It said I was 32 years old (I'm 59), male (I'm female), and not in a relationship (I'm very happily married). So much for machine empathy. A true sociopath would figure me out much faster and much more accurately. I mean that as a compliment.

    1. The software looks at likes. What kind of likes you have there for a 32 year old man without a relationship would like? Playboy, maybe Video games? Photography? ClubMed for singles?

  10. For the bored, here's a real laugh. There's a new book out called Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build Implements of Spitball Warfare. If you read the Amazon reviews, you will see people getting their knickers in a real bunch. Because, although these are meant as toys for amusement, a sociopath (young or old) could with little trouble and effort do some real harm. You didn't hear this from me!

  11. So what is ur end game here?

  12. An inquisitive person decides to run a series of detailed experiments, coupled with insightful messages/demonstrations, on the commentators of Sociopath World. Said experiments include demonstrations/“mock trials” entailing human emotions and empathy, testing a myriad of responses/corollary, and focusing on how others displaying specific mentalities and alleged personality disorders react to diverse methods, such as hypothetically feeling “hurt,” offended or even “slighted” at times (i.e., this was the initial experiment); “pinpointing” creativity and/or creative techniques and their ensuing effects; testing patience versus anger/rage and the tendency/predisposition toward revenge/violence; and, exploring the “shakable” notion of reality versus fiction within the context of human relationships. Needless to say, the results are quite revelatory, reflecting phases of thought-patterns and influence/affect. As the series continues and as the methods are continuously designed to do so, the commentators are continuously (i.e., seemingly intermittent) tested on an array of topics designed to reveal and expound upon the inner workings of the psyche as presented by the traits and psychological states of said individuals. As it were, the experiments and findings are planned to be used within the broader context of an insightful, albeit “fictional” to some degree, article in a monthly periodical.

  13. I meant to post the previous comment at 8:16 p.m. in my name, but I was in a hurry and did not log into my account. Referring ONLY to the commentators here (i.e., M.E. not included), the monthly periodical I mentioned is strictly about psychology, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about in the grand scheme of things.

  14. M.E.,

    "...and if Sherlock Holmes is able to learn so much about you based on the mustard stains on your shirt..." :)

    " should be very possible for a sociopath to have similar levels of insight about you and based on approximately the same techniques...."

    I agree with your well-crafted approach, and I find it to be truly insightful. Like so many other topics you've discussed, I was able to determine even more useful information from today's post.

    "...and so if a sociopath had insight he wouldn't actually be a sociopath...."

    While it is a matter of debate as you've mentioned, I believe that most people, sociopaths included, have insight, but actually using, shaping an evolving it constitute the essential factors. After all, it has to do with observation, satisfactory judgment, sagacity, vision and the inner power of intuition. Self-awareness, and being true to one's own person, is the primary key that opens up/unlocks all types of voluminous, empowering possibilities.

  15. Oh, BTW, the first T.V. Judge to hit it big was Judge JOSEPTH Wapner
    of "The People's Court.
    Concerning the December 7th birth date and having a name with the cornerstone
    "A": Go to your local library and get the book, "The Secret Language of Birthdays." Also get "Sun Shines, The Astrology Of Being Happy," by Michael
    The letter "A" vibrates to the number 1. (See "Chaldean Numerlogy For
    Beginners,") by Heather Lagan) "A" people want to be "first." The birthday of
    Dec. 7, means that you are an intellectual.
    Another great book is: "The Life You Were Born To Live," by Dan Millman.

  16. That 'curly fries' study is mentioned in Dataclysm : Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking) by Christian Rudder, in Chapter 14. Rudder, co-founder and president of OK Cupid, has this to say about the flood of data and the science of data analytics: "We brought on the flood--will it drown us or lift us up? My hope for myself and for the others like me, is to make something good and real and human out of the data."

    Et tu, Brute?

  17. Nobody's plaything is my girl.

  18. Can you just come out and play? What's wrong lately....You doing alright? I know sometimes we push each others buttons a little...but I hope yr well. It will pass whatever yr going through. You is fighter material. ;)

  19. I've got a question I hope you'll be able to answer. To start off, I'm a 16 y.o. female who's got a higher intelligence than my peers (there's been testing done - when I was in elementary school I was tested to see how high my intelligence was since I was failing all my classes and all my scores were high school and college level besides math). I've had an obsession with the human body since the childhood years which led me to do a lot of reading about medicinal and psychological subjects. I always knew when I was younger that when I had done something bad I shouldn't have done it. By age ten I was a master of deceit, twisting specifically one my cousins truthful words whenever she got me in trouble. Ex. We rode my bike down a road and crashed. Her lip got injured and her face was covered in blood. She told the truth and I twisted it, telling the adults she had taken my bike and I had tried to stop her from riding it when the crash happened. She was grounded for about a month and my only concern was that she didn't get any blood on my handlebars. At this age, I had also attempted to kill her during a fight. Later on life became a chess game and my obsession with the body and failure to understand people led me to research the mind and how/why people reacted to events so I would know how to act. Since this is getting long, currently, my view on life is basically that I know my mind is fucked up and if my friend and mother didn't depend on me so much I'd end up killing myself. I do my best to act how I'm expected to but there's quite a few people that I use. I have two friends and both "friendships" started out as motivation by a selfish purpose. I was expelled from my high school in October and was forced to transfer to the local high school where the other teenagers act like trash. I have a really bad temper and there's a lot of things that piss me off so I've almost been in a couple fights and I almost shanked a girl who sat next to me last semester because she was tapping her fingernails on a textbook while the teacher had a movie playing. I don't do anything that can really be classified as violent at school because it'll mess up the game and ruin my plans. Outside of school though, I won't hesitate to beat the shit out of a person until there's blood running out of their orifices. My friend keeps me from fighting though because he knows I won't hesitate to kill someone if they get in my way and piss me off. My mind is in a constant battle because I basically have two different personalities - when I'm smoking green and I'm just mellow and my mind is logically and OLD (self diagnosis and diagnosis from cousin who has it- I don't like dirt, the objects in my room are in a symmetrical pattern and in patterns that don't disgust me amongst other things so it seems reasonable) based and then the other one is when I'm mad I just crave ripping out a person eyeball. My question is- do you know any good methods I could use to continue stopping myself from committing murder? I know my current tactics won't work forever and I have an untreatable sleep disorder so the amount of sleep I manage to get when I can actually sleep is a huge variable in the effectiveness of my methods. I've worked too hard to live this long and to get where I am, I'm not trying to lose everything I've worked for.


    1. The lack of sleep may be a huge factor in your rage. I suggest finding a good martial arts program that embodies the philosophies into their program (otherwise you are just hitting shit). Martial arts training would help by giving you an outlet for your aggression while at the same time teaching you to control it.

      Another good outlet is RPG (role playing games). You get to kill things yes no one is really hurt. Both methods did wonders for me.

    2. Self mastery is your goal. Long term and short term. A code of conduct that you hold yourself to helps immensely. The sleep disorder is a bitch though. My condolences. Though I have found that on five separate occasions the medical "professionals" have told me something I had was untreatable/incurable and the nice people at the health food store fixed me up with herbal/dietary remedies in no time at all. Might give em a try you don't have anything to lose. I use a herbal called Calms-forte to treat mine and it works pretty well.

      Good luck.

    3. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 25, 2015 at 1:57 PM

      Puppy, great advise up above. My boys do martial arts ; they love it. And I'm gonna look into the calms forte product.

    4. Daughters of AnarchyJanuary 25, 2015 at 4:05 PM

      I see that one main ingredient is chamomile. Makes sense. I've quit coffee for approximately 2 months now and switched to chamomile herbal tea throughout the day with honey. I've cut my sleep aid medicine by half in doing so. So this product looks promising. I'm sure it has more ingredients that aid also.

  20. I disagree with that premise, as human beings, we all have the capacity for self awareness and insight, including sociopaths. Perhaps it is more a matter of practicing this trait that makes the difference between more successful and less successful sociopaths and empaths alike.

    There is also a matter of context of course, during WW2, there were Nazi sociopaths and Jewish sociopaths, how they processed the events and behaved depended on their particular circumstances. We have to move away from the "all bad people are sociopaths" and "victims are all good people." We live in a world of multiple realities.

  21. ME communicates oddly. Am I sure IM a sociopath, and not an exMormon eating cash from the church's marketing fund? Hehehe. Peace B Unto U, dawg. Lmao

  22. Why would you say a sociopath is mentally ill? They may not be baseline but why is it necessarily an illness. Game theory suggests the a certain percentage of psychopaths are necessary for society to function.

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