Monday, October 20, 2014

Evil is everywhere

A reader sent me this comic:


  1. Well that was lame

  2. all your posts are lame :|

  3. I don't want anyone insulting M.E. or making her day harder then it is.
    O.K., so she can "take" it. That's not the point. She shouldn't HAVE to take it!
    If you have nothing nice to say, say NOTHING at all.
    People do evil because it's built into their nature: "All have sinned and fallen from glory of God the Father." "Our righetousness is like filthy rags." It is our
    carnalistic nature that causes our problems. "The carnal mind is emnity to God."
    "Carnal" in this context doesn't mean "sexual," it means "sensual." The NEED
    to appease the senses-"creature comforts," cravings, is sensual.
    Christianity isn't the only faith that tells us this. Buddhism also tells us this.
    It is the URGES, desires, and INSISTANCE for a prefered OUTCOME that
    causes us grief. An old man told me, when he was a kid, people saw ice cream
    as a treat. "Now, he said, people insist on a special flavor of ice cream. When
    "you" (Which doesn't exist) DEMAND a result, which may or may not ocurr, you
    are condeming yourself to unhappiness. But this "western" consumer culture tells you, you are a failure if you don't get what you THINK you need.
    The only way to know whether these ideas are valid, is to try them out for
    yourself. Once you get the hang of them, that is what being "born again" is

  4. The post was not lame. It was "right on." Last week someone tried to bully me "for my own good," just like my not dear old dad. The wheels of revenge grind very slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine. It will takes weeks, maybe months (if I live that long) to get my revenge, but it's coming. My wife says, "Don't be vindictive." I politely ignore her.

    Yesterday, a woman (just like my "not dear" old mom) tried to bully me with her victimhood. She has been getting away with this for so long, she was entirely caught off guard when I called her on her "victim-bullying" and created a scene by refusing to give way. I did not handle it as "eptly" as I could have, but we all learn from our errors. Well, some of us do. "You are not listening to me," she said. What I didn't say, and probably should have, was, "I've been tested for dementia? Have you?"

    I am kind of a piss poor excuse for a sociopath, but even if my skills and execution leave something to be desired, my heart is not in the right place, for whatever that counts for. He doesn't need my endorsement, but I will give a plug for Tim Dorsey, whose 20 or so novels are even better than the Dexter novels/videos for imagining and celebrating demented psychopathy. I hope I live long enough to suck the marrow out of each vicious book.

    1. Rad, I think ur just an old borderline, not a socio

    2. RA, bullying can be a blow to handle, but the way to get them back is standing up to it boldly with kindness and with truth. Truth that sometimes can hurt. Sometimes even just walking away to not feed its power. You'll have to decipher each situation to decide yourself. It heaps coals on its head that way. I want you to know I enjoy you and I'm sorry to hear that you went through some tough battles in your life. Revenge might not be the way to get out of it thou. Just my thoughts. ;) If you ever want to stay in touch with my husband and I through email, we welcome it. You have a beautiful consistent love for your wife. I can see it. I'm sure you've been through some hurdles and joys. I like that. Spend these golden years well. Have a good day k. It's not based on people's opinions of you, it comes from within and the few people who actually really care.

    3. The short book Anon posted a few threads ago about anger as a healthy emotion and how to use it in a healthy way (not to suppress it or deny it but transform it in a way to get one's needs met) is also I find useful for just about any other strong emotion. It's easy to grasp. ... ?id=462167

      The Surprising Purpose of Anger: Beyond Anger Management: Finding the Gift (Nonviolent Communication Guides) 2005

  5. But everyday socios aren´t evil, just indifferent & self serving? Comparing a "normal" socio with a anti-social empath probably would produce sensational results, the latter fella most likely would do 90% of the misbehaving. The socio would only misbehave if/when he had no other options. But he´d get the bad press anyway.

  6. how to say "sociopath" en espanish?

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