Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No remorse

I have been meaning to do a post on this New Yorker article "No Remorse," about the sentencing of adolescent murderers who do not have the same sorts of life experience that would cause them to realize the consequences of their behavior. These teenagers typically do not show the right amount of "remorse" in the minds of some, and are consequently labeled sociopaths, sentenced to life in prison.

The expectation that defendants will display remorse either shortly after their crimes or never is generally accepted as common sense. In a Columbia Law Review study of cases of juveniles charged with violent crimes, the Emory law professor Martha Grace Duncan found that youths who failed to express their contrition promptly and appropriately, as adults would, were often penalized for showing “less grief than the system demands.” In many cases, she writes, the juveniles appeared to be in shock or in a kind of dissociative state and failed to appreciate the permanence of what they had done. “Less under the sway of the reality principle,” they were more prone than adults to engage in forms of denial. But prosecutors and judges interpreted their strange reactions—falling asleep after the crime, giggling, rapping—as signs of irreparable depravity. Duncan found that courts looked for remorse in “psychologically na├»ve ways, without regard for defense mechanisms, developmental stages, or the ambiguity that inheres in human behavior.”

One of Dakotah’s closest friends, Christina Wardlaw, who sat through the trial, told me that she had to suppress the urge to laugh as she listened to Dakotah’s recorded conversations with the police. “He still saw himself as the same old Dakotah, jabbering and singing and making jokes,” she said. “He had no idea what he’d become.”

Dakotah’s reaction, with its apparent remorselessness, less than three hours after shooting his grandfather, was discussed by three witnesses for the prosecution. It also figured in the jurors’ deliberations. They asked to view Dakotah’s videotaped conversation with the detective again, and an hour after watching the tape, and just three hours after beginning deliberations, they announced that Dakotah was guilty of first-degree homicide.

One juror told me that several people on the jury were troubled by Dakotah’s youth, but they’d been instructed that if the evidence indicated that the offense was premeditated and deliberate the crime was first-degree murder. Age had no place in that calculus. As is required under Michigan law, the jury was not informed that the conviction carried the automatic penalty of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

The video from yesterday reminded me of this article, the cannibal's comment about how there are consequences to killing someone, and if he had known that earlier many people would still be alive. I had a dream about this recently. I had gotten called in to consult with a child who had just murdered a third party to get back at someone else, like murdered a mutual friend to hurt another person. She was young, maybe 8 years old. I saw some video of her before I was going to meet with her and she was talking about it as if she was talking about how she had stolen someone's bicycle. It was very clear that she didn't understand that killing someone had consequences. I wondered -- should I explain to this girl that killing has consequences? If she's normal but just a little immature, like this Dakotah kid seems to be, then those consequences might weigh her down for the rest of the life until she's just a pile of human garbage. On the other hand, isn't knowing that our actions have consequences what helps us make "better" decisions?


  1. Congrats I suppose I'm second.


  3. tell him to join the club

  4. Does this kind of thing come from nature or nurture, I wonder?

    Animals seem to understand being "good" to other animals( and to people)

    Look at the gorilla who took the young boy, who fell into the pen, up to the human caretaker.

    Look at dogs and even pigs who pull owners out of fires, or run for help.

    Dogs sense distress and come to comfort you.

    He sounds like he does not "hear" the signal of human distress, like he is blind to it or does not have "emotional receptors" to it.

    I could see how severe abuse would wipe it out.

    I used to think everything was nurture, but now I think people are born with proclivities.

    1. Monica,

      Don't forget... gorillas have been known to kill as well, and many more dog attack stories than those of saving people. AND... I met a VERY mean pig once.

      People tend to see what they want to see, when they want to see it, and ignore the rest.

      It's both nature and nurture... If it's in you it does has to come out, but the environment you are in will help to determine HOW it comes out.

    2. Certain primates have been observed to even form small warbands to wipe out/weaken rival packs to gain new territory/resources and secure more mates.

    3. Yeah, gorillaz are awesome

  5. Yesterday someone posted something about what we write here that it can be held against us. I totally agree. I haven't been careful at all lately about what I say and shit and it's risky.

    From this moment on I am out. I will only be posting as Anonymous or with a name without profile.

    Nice having you guys. You're all dismissed. Goodbye.

    1. Well thanks for telling us Remy... spoken like a champion narc! Catch you on the flip-side, Coward.

    2. Nevermind Rem, I am sorry for what I said. I realize now that I am scum and should've never talked to you in the first place because by doing so I showed my loathsome self even more by contrast. I apologize and just as soon as I am finishing this comment I am going to buy a firearm and shoot my whole family, even the distant relatives after which I am going to kill myself through autoerotic asphyxiation.

    3. "Nevermind Rem, I am sorry for what I said. I realize now that I am scum and should've never talked to you in the first place because by doing so I showed my loathsome self even more by contrast. I apologize and just as soon as I am finishing this comment I am going to buy a firearm and shoot my whole family, even the distant relatives after which I am going to kill myself through autoerotic asphyxiation"

      Well played Remy... well played. All here know I would NEVER apologize to you.

    4. LOL! That wasn't me virus you sad sack of shit. But honestly, I think you turn me on the way you put me down. You are right. I am a coward and I don't deserve to live. Good by cruel world!

    5. I don't like what they've done with you Virus. You never liked to be told what to do and now you've become their puppet on a string. A silly entertainer. Just read your comments, do any of them make sense?

    6. That was just a 'tad' over the top Virus, but with all the copy cat name thieves that run around like monkeys who knows who is really whom? Ah The SW Zoo it's never too dull a place.

      "He who angers you conquers you."
      Elizabeth Kenny

    7. Rembrant, even when you post as Anonymous eventually that can be found out that you were the one who posted it.

      You are very young and who the heck knows what you may become one day and assume a position in total conflict with what you are saying today, like the juveniles in today's post. You should listen and ask questions, but not give opinions. Letlife slowly teach you what your opinions should be. No one needs to know.

    8. That's a good advise, however I doubt that it can cause major problems.

    9. WHAT?!?!?!!? Virus is NOBODIES puppet!!!! He could singlehandedly take down everybody at SW one by one if he wanted to!!!! LOL

    10. remy, the IP is never anonymous

    11. Use an anonymous VPN proxy. Most services purge logs every 24 hrs. so unless you are doing something illegal that draws immediate attention, whatever you do online is your little secret :)

    12. Provided your pc is free of spyware and your wifi is secured properly that is

  6. Good Morning Sociopathworld!!!

    Looks like alot has gone on already today, I have some catching up to do!

    How are you all?

    1. I'm SUPER GREAT RICHARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      My mother who has been ignoring me for years and always passively aggressively calls and texts contacted me via messaging to talk about her feelings! It was three20six in the morning when i got a message saying something about why I never contact her, and was it something she did when i was a child! Funny that, I actually couldn't read the text because I dropped my phone and ruined the el see dee screen. so, by some sort of ironic fate, the ONE time she wants to get serious about her feelings and how fail of a mother she is, i can't contact her because my phone decided it wanted to commit suicide and jump off the calzone box it was resting on. GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How tha' FUCK are you guy!!!!!!!

      Pizzle mai Nizzles!!!!!

    2. Iam okay bud.....

      I have been in that exact situation before, only mine was with my father...... Ultimetly it led to us never talking to each other ever again, I havent spoken to him for over 10 years (Iam 24 years old) and to be completely honest with you Im WAY BETTER OFF without him in my life.

      Sometimes just because people are related to you dosent mean anything, if they are "Personality Disordered" or "Toxic" to be around than you just have to let them go for your own peace of mind and sanity ;)

      I hope you make a good decision on what to do...... Have you EVER had a good relationship with your mother? mBecause I NEVER EVER had a good relationship with my father, so that may have been why it was alot easier for me to "write him off" and keep him out of my life.

    3. LMAO on the 2 guys snapping their fingers on your link!!!! LOL! You are hilarious Themes!!!!!!

  7. Thomas had never stopped to consider what was going on inside him.

    He had been running, screwing and making money all the way to the top.

    Now, he was in a outrageously crazy scheme to help his brother with a CIA experiment.

    He walked into the office of Dr Monica Moo at 9 AM sharp.

    She looked lovely with her brown hair falling on the side of her face. He hadn't noticed that before.

    She smiled and asked him what was on his mind.

    He told her that he would lose all he had if he could not stop the gambling.

    "Are you serious enough about this to face yourself, Thomas?" she asked.

    Tears rolled down his face.

    1. Oh come on,where's the sexy stuff already?

    2. Thomas told Monica about his childhood and the one thing he never told anyone.

      His mother was raped by his father's friend and he saw it from the upstairs landing.

      He never told a soul, as his father would have had a fit of immense proportions.

      His father was a not so honest cop and his father was macho beyond what is usually termed macho.

      Thomas knew heads would roll, so he pretended it never happened and his mother did, too.

      Thomas looked up to see Monica and her eyes were moist.

      She touched his hand.

      They smiled a private smile that only deep revelations can produce and Thomas wondered if he could go through with the plan or not.

    3. Thomas called ME on his cellphone, as Thomas opened the door of his luxurious black BMW with the black leather seats.

      ME had a twin car in Fomentile fashion, not that Thomas and ME were copying.

      It just worked out that way.

      Thomas did not have his car on his mind or even gambling. He wanted to talk to ME about getting out of the deal.

      A unusual pang of conscience had hit him.
      Thomas did not want to use Love Potion Number 9 on Monica.

      ME loved Thomas more than anyone on earth, but ME knew the stakes and the people who enforced the stakes.

      These people made UKan and Kany look like two dweebs who could not cross the street, on a crossroads, at a red light.

      ME was fuming.

      "Why didn't you have your fucking pang of conscience before you accepted the deal, Tommy?" said a hotter than hell ME.

      "Bro, I don't know what happened. I just can't hurt her. I don't care about the money. Hell, I will find it somewhere. Just count me out." Thomas said.

      ME sat Thomas down, as a father with a small child. ME had a look of compassion on his face.

      "Sometimes, someone makes a deal and there are so backsies. Ever hear of a Faustian deal?" said ME.

      ME's usually unruffled face was lined with sadness.

      Thomas asked for a vodka, no ice.

    4. These stories are getting so dumb and don't seem to be heading anywhere. Is it going to get better soon? I'm so bored.

    5. Do people agree that they are dumb and dumber or do you like the story going at it's literary pace ~

    6. NICE!!!! I had 3 days of catching up and saving to do, and I just finished :)

      From my perspective "Up From The Sofa" is moving along well at literary pace, you have to introduce the characters one by one, not every story can be excitement filled AT ALL TIMES, there has to be some background information added so we get the full picture, which I have to say is done beautifully!

      Iam curious on how this "Love Potion No.9" is going to be used in upcoming stories!!!!! Suspense, I LOVE IT!!!!!

    7. Thank you Rich
      I wanted your opinion, most of all. You are the hero, after all :D

    8. I vote Up From the Couch get its own blog and you can provide us a link and a reminder when a new issue comes out. All in favor?

    9. LOL "Up From The Sofa",thank you, I happen to love it and actually LOOK FORWARD TO IT, LOL come on some of you others out there are BEGGING to hear some more Up From The Sofa!!!!! HA!

      I have saved EVERY "Up From The Couch" so far, that is how greatful I am! Domeday, It'll be a book....... Like it or not, maybe we can see it on SW?!?!?! Maybe Barnes and Noble?!?!!? Borders Books?!?!?!?! AMAZON!!!! HAHA!!!!!

      $$$$$ ALL Day!!!!!!

    10. Iam drunk, I meant "Up from the sofa" instead if Up From The Couch! LOL

    11. SDCEO SociopathworldNovember 21, 2012 at 7:53 PM

      Up From the Couch belongs to us, anon. UFTC wants out, UFTC pays.

  8. Interesting.

    Knowing your actions have consequences is an important developmental step. But as has been discussed here before, babies and small children are rather sociopath-like in that they don't understand the world around them isn't revolving around them and that there are consequences outside of what they experience.

    With that said: Just apologize profusely for everything.

    I do this more often then not. Don't get me wrong, there are certainly times when I feel abject remorse for something, but it's also usually correlated to a sense of personal loss. I hate that I've hurt someone b/c hurting them results in a loss for me. I'm selfish like that.

    Other times I know that an apology or a display of remorse is expected. I really don't feel remorse for many things I've done if I'm not negatively affected by them at the same time. (I also don't do much anymore that requires a response of remorse.) If I feel like the social situation will have negative consequences for me if I don't show remorse, regardless of how I feel, I'm perfectly comfortable giving it to the crowd. It doesn't bother me a bit. It will eventually work in my favor for having done so.

    If there isn't a social benefit though, I just don't care.

  9. Someone cite new yorkers article, pls (it fails to open for me for some reason).

    1. Search This: The New Yorker ANNALS OF JUSTICE NO REMORSE

    2. Apparently, I can't access the new Yorker :(
      Back to 8:40...

  10. Speaking of no remorse, anyone here ever hear about someone getting a sociopath label, only to find out it was really PTSD and narcissism they had ?

    1. Didnt that happen to Sam Vaknin, just backwards?

      Didnt he get diagnosed with NPD and then in his movie "I, Psychopath" his brain scans showed that he was a psychopath but I think his PCL-R score was only about 18 or 19, but his brain worked just as a psychopaths would if under MRI images.

    2. That's fucked up, 11:09. It'd be like walking forward and backward at the same time.

      A scared narc? Creepy.

  11. Please Watch this
    It speaks for itself

    1. It's not such a bad idea, is it? I mean, I don't need lots of medication right now, but old Virus might. So it can be good in the long run. On the other hand, it wouldn't be nice if it is going to have multiple functions, e.g. act as a tracking device. It would destroy our privacy, however it would be a good tool to control ppl. Ignoring all pros and cons, a small chip in the body causes no harm, imo.
      Please correct me, if I'm wrong.

    2. I am not going to answer until people watch it, as it should be obvious what this is to anyone who knows a teeny bit of Prophecy.

    3. If so, then ask Jesus for help and fill the comment box with religious stuff you are hiding from me, or better yet - make some logical arguments.

    4. mee, if you have a smartphone and take it with you wherever you go they're already tracking you. and how do you know what's really in it? how do you know that it isn't monitoring you day and night, or transmitting signals that shape your thoughts or study your biological functions? maybe it contains a listening device that can be activated remotely or is always active? or a mini camera? if it's with you wherever you go, what difference does it make if it's implanted in you or in your pocket?

      so glad i'm not paranoid :)

  12. I am not here to preach ~ I just want to see if anyone knows what this means.

    1. it's hands free. i like it

    2. You want a chip, Zoe?

    3. Ever read Bible Prophecy and hear of the mark of the beast?

    4. there are two risks, that it will affect my mind and that it will steal information from my mind. i don't care about the latter. there are so many radio and digital and what have you signals out there right now that who is to say they aren't already affecting our minds?

      it would be cool to be able to roller blade and do work ha ha. a multi-tasking dream

    5. that's just silly bible anon

    6. anyway apparently the tv is the devil's chief weapon.

      actually it would be really cool to be able to watch tv in my head where ever i go. or listen to music. maybe an itunes chip? imagine a playbook in your head...

    7. technically wouldn't a pace maker be the mark of the beast, as it came first, in which case the chip is safe?

    8. or breast implants

    9. No, the chip can be scanned and all your personal info is in there. That is why people have to take the mark( in the Tribulation) in order to buy and sell, as the person is scanned just as a credit card is, now.

    10. sounds efficient

    11. the thing is bible anon, we're already there, figuratively.

    12. Yes, but the implantation is the next step and it is grotesquely bigger.

    13. I agree Bible, but not necessarily for religious reasons but on the grounds of common sense. By the way, if you type certain key words or say them on the telephone your mobile is listening to you while in your pocket. The best part is, under the legislation involved, no one in the fed has to prove that they had probable cause to tap you and you can not bring in an expert to refute the audio evidence. That's because revealing their methods of spying on citizens is forbidden by the same law. You basically go through the motions of a trial to satisfy your constitutional rights before getting locked in a deep dark hole until you die.

    14. Yes, Obama signed legislation that they can imprison you with no trial and keep you there as long as they want.
      Scary times!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Thomas went to his appointments with Monica for the 3 weeks he had planned

    In that time, he started to fall in love with her. He didn't plan it. He did not tell a soul. He had just admitted it to himself.
    Then, he would tell ME and ask ME what to do about getting out of the deal with Alia.

    ME was good about putting out fires and Thomas needed the Fire Chief and Bottle Washer for this one.

    Thomas and ME decided to meet for dinner.

    Thomas took ME to a posh Boca Raton restaurant and told ME to order the best meal and best champagne on the menu.

    Thomas had quit gambling and seemed like he had a renewed interest in life. Thomas wanted to celebrate his new lease on life with ME.

    Thomas wanted ME to tell the higher ups in the CIA that Thomas could be trusted never to tell what he knew.

    When ME arrived, Thomas told ME him his plans.

    ME said he would talk to Alia and see if in this case they could let Thomas break his deal. ME had influence with Alia. Alia had influence with the higher ups.

    "It should work if the gods are with us" said ME.

    ME loved his brother, dearly and ME did not give his love in a cavalier fashion, so that meant something.

    1. Lol how do you come up with this stuff? So is the Love Potion going to be used on someone else? I wonder who that would be. Maybe Medusa, the epitome of frigidity?

  15. Thomas was a happy man as he left his dinner with ME. ME was the closest person in his life.

    Maybe, he would stop therapy with Monica and tell her about his feelings.

    Meanwhile, ME was upset. He did not tell Thomas, as Thomas was more of an innocent than ME.

    Even though Thomas was older( by 5 minutes) ME was the leader. ME always made it right for Thomas when Thomas screwed up with Mom and Dad.

    ME made it right if someone bullied Thomas by meeting with the bully, himself, often in a dark alley.

    However, ME was worried.

    When ME got home, he called Alia and told her his concerns. She said she would speak to the higher ups, but could not guarantee what they would do.

    She would get back to ME about it.

    Alia got off the phone. She frowned. She got her Prada bag and fished for the small, mother of pearl revolver.

    No one was going to mess up her plans.

    To be continued.

    1. Wake up and get to writing dammit! No cliffhangers allowed

    2. By the way, Up From the Couch is Rich. First.

    3. What anon @ 6:49?!?!?!?! I dont write it! You must think that Iam nuts since I comment how good it is right? LOL Praising my own writing!!!!

      I am not sure who writes it but they have talent, I will say that much.......

  16. Thomas entered Monica's office for his 5 PM appointment.

    He had changed the time because he wanted to be there when the building closed.

    He had a bottle of expensive wine in a paper bag.

    He was going to tell her that he thought he loved her, but he was not sure.

    He wanted to try it out. Here and now.

    She looked especially lovely today with her black fish net stockings and black pumps. She had the classic 3 inch slit up the side.

    Her blouse was cream silk, opened 4 buttons from the top.

    She had large hoop earrings as her only accessory.

    She looked as if Vogue was her alma mater, not Vassar.

    He was going to tell Monica that he did not want to be her patient, but her lover.

    When he told her, she laughed a kind of crazy laugh and then she started crying, as he moved his chair next to her and started kissing her hair.

    Her hair smelled of Victoria's Secret "Oh So Sexy". He knew because his last girlfriend used it. It was his favorite.

    He kissed her hair. He could see her nipples under the white silk. He ran his hand on top of them and they became as hard as flower buds.

    He wanted to ravage her on the desk, to throw off the papers and shove himself inside her while he called her dirty bitch and filthy whore.

    But, he wanted to take his time, too, and the latter won out.

    He put his tongue in her mouth and moved it in a sinuous in and out dance.

    He would kiss those hard rose bud nipples and run his hand up that inviting slit on her skirt.

    He would unhook the garters and run his finger up her thighs.

    He would make her moan like no woman he had made moan.

    He knew he could do anything he wanted. He just had to look at her face.

    Happy? :D

    To Be Continued

    1. LMAO!! XD XD I'm laughing so hard at this story. I wonder why Monica doesn't seem to comment much on it.

    2. Probably because she wrote it.

      I was wondering why the level of crazy dropped for a while right before Couch updated. She is exploring all her fantasies and making herself the heroine at the same time.

      Started as a compliment to our dear Uber Empathetic Rich, but then her narcissism took over and she had to take the spotlight.

      The crazy sock puppet theater keeps getting bigger.

    3. Is that your passive aggressive way of admitting it, Monica?
      There are people here that read that garbage and don't want to vomit. I'm not one of them. But you can still stand up and take a bow, if you have the courage to. The truth will set you free.

  17. I am just getting started. Got to let loose and let them go wild :P

    1. Yeah I agree things are getting interesting. I'm sure the other scientists disapprove of Thomas's unscientific behavior.

  18. Thomas had Monica half undressed, while he remained fully intact, clothes speaking.

    Her make up was smudged. Her blouse was open to reveal ample cleavage still within the confines of her bra, albeit cascading. Monica Moo was an apt moniker.

    Her Victoria's Secret bra was black silk with tiny pink hearts. It opened in the front.

    Thomas never touched a woman until she was moaning and moaning loudly.

    That was his trademark, if you could call it that ~

    Tonight he would fuck her.

    He closed the door behind him and walked into the waiting room. Medusa was sitting at the front desk, texting, as usual. Thomas said hello. Medusa grunted.

    Then, Monica heard a loud noise coming from the lobby. It sounded like a gun shot.

    To Be Continued.

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