Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stanford prison experiment

A reader sent me this video and the following description:

I don't know if you're familiar with the Stanford Prison Experiment, but it was basically a two week simulation in which college students were put in the basement of the psychology building at Stanford, some acting as guards, some acting as prisoners, and let things run their course. The whole thing was quite a fiasco. It's used in psychology classes across America to demonstrate basically what not to do when performing an experiment.

What I'm most interested in, however, is the behavior of one of the participants, by the name of Dave Eshleman, who acted as a guard. It is, in my opinion, a rather clear cut example of remorseless sociopathy. In this video he speaks of his role in the experiment. He first appears at 6:20 or so, talking about how he was recruited. But he appears several times throughout, both in an interview and in raw footage from the experiment, explaining the acts he committed with a peculiar note of what I identified as pride. He doesn't appear to show any remorse; in fact, he seems to laugh about some of the atrocities he committed at some points. He talks about how he created a new persona for himself, adopting a Southern accent to appear more tough. He refers to his part in the experiment as "playing a role" several times in the video, yet he admits that he was the primary instigator of the terror that the guards put the prisoners through. The footage of the decompression after the experiment was halted, where he comes face to face with one of the prisoners he tormented is quite interesting.

I'm curious what you and the SW community have to say about this.

I watched it and found that the most relevant points occur at:

18 minutes, where he gets "creative" about evil

21:45 small sacrifice

25:20 now he's aware of evil


  1. Reminds me of the early days of the Church of Scientology.

  2. If one is glib, possess charm, craves power, enjoys manipulating people, and uses concepts such as, let's say, "good" and "evil" to assist in duping others all while remaining fully conscious of how they are deceiving others, we generally typecast that as sociopathic behavior, correct? But where does such a person stand when they believe their actions are fundamentally "good", for the "good of others" etc. (I have in mind an officer who abuses petty criminals, a statesman who supports genocidal ethnic cleansing, as a few examples)

  3. There is this socio I am associated with who has two deaths in his family now. He is acting as if the deaths have an impact on him and he knows that he doesn't feel emotions at that level. These person are not even very close to him. Yet few weeks ago he told me that his sister-in-law who lives at the family house hit his dog. He had a machette in his hand at the time when the sister-in-law hit the dog and he told her he will chop her if she hits the dog again. She got scared out of her wits and avoided the socio altogether. She knew he was not joking.

    He told me that he felt no way about what he said to her. He laughed about how scared he made her feel as he told me the story. He said the conscience is asleep. Here there is no remorse yet he is acting now as if the death of the two family members are impacting on him.

    On another note. Have you ever wondered what music does for a socio. Does the words have any effect or is music just about the beat?

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, SW.

  5. ( Posted it on yesterdays, due to shyness but got bold and moved it up)

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    Her make up was smudged. Her blouse was open to reveal ample cleavage still within the confines of her bra, albeit cascading. Monica Moo was an apt moniker.

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    Then, Monica heard a loud noise coming from the lobby. It sounded like a gun shot.

    To Be Continued.

  6. Could someone explain Monica's use of ~ as shown below and used often in all the characters she creates:
    "That was his trademark, if you could call it that ~"

    I know she tried explaining once but she was unsuccessful. She fucked up a notion that was successfully introduced by Postmodern way back when.

    1. Who are you, bitter anon? You seem to be a long time regular since you know the tilde was introduced by Postmodern Sociopath. Why do you hate the story? Write a better one if you can.

    2. She's just bitter because monica is the only one getting some action on turkey day :)

    3. Lol!!!
      Monica is getting action in a story she wrote herself. With an entirely fictional character. And even then she's not getting much.
      Wow! What a lucky gal!
      If only we could all be so lucky on this glorious turkey genocide day!

  7. ~ is tongue in cheek

  8. Interesting article, I have read about this experiment, but haven't took a closer look until now, thanks.

    The idea of experiment is fascinating. It reveals the influence of authority pretty well and I believe that it works in other less or non-violent environments too.

    That guy seems to be sociopathic because of the way he talked, his leadership skills and his eyes are relatively cold too. On the other hand, being a leader doesn't mean that you are a sociopath; why would anyone care about something that had happened long time ago? So maybe, maybe not.

  9. the woman
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    1. Now look what you've done, Monica. You've officially and single handedly increased the level of crazy in here with your Couch Surfer writings. Now they all fancy themselves to be Hemingway or Wilde and insist on dazzling us with their offerings.
      Thank you very much~

    2. you would think she would be concentrating on Dec. 21st being the Bible Anon and all

    3. Silly, me ^they do that in the mental wards, also

  10. Alia called Elicit and said it was urgent that they talk.

    If Alia had to trust someone, it would be Elicit, another defector from a Communist Country.

    Alia did not defect, exactly. She escaped through legitimate means. However, there is something about former Communists that makes them more trustworthy than Americans.

    They know what happens if you rat out. These Americans are soft. Spit on them.

    Alia and Elicit met for drinks and both had Vodkas, a kind of symbolic gesture.

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    "ME" said Alia.

    1. Actually that's very in character for both women. I can see how Alia would be emotionless and practical and prefer someone else do the dirty work while she remains in the shadows. And how Ellicit would accept the job with a big smile on her face.

    2. I bucuraţi-vă munca mea.

  11. That's the impression i get

  12. Elicit did not come cheaply, nor was she anybodies fool.

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    1. Well that was unexpected, you dirty, dirty author!

    2. Soft core lesbian porn fanfiction is infinitely better than the sexy Monica and M.E.'s whiny brother garbage you have been writing lately.
      Well done.

    3. I am having such a wonderful time when you guys give me feedback. Thank you.

    4. Oh, uh, my. I'll be watching avidly for more updates, Sofa.

    5. so what was the loud noise coming from the lobby?

    6. thank you, sofa.

    7. Bahahaha! OMFG too good to be true! I love you Up from the Sofa!

      Fuck, I so hope nobody believes I'm the one writing this stuff. I'd be so doomed if that happened.

  13. Love You SW
    Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful place.



  14. SDCEO SociopathworldNovember 24, 2012 at 1:31 AM

    We're lucky to have you, Themes.

  15. It has nothing to do with this, but have you heard about Rosenhan's experiment?


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