Friday, November 23, 2012

Sociopath quote of the day

It is a sin to believe evil of others, but it is seldom a mistake.

H. L. Mencken


  1. how true.
    Proverbs 17:13
    "Whosoever rewardeth
    evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house."

    are any of you out there interested in a true tale of sociopathic exposure?
    let me know.
    and anonymity is certainly overrated.

  2. Let me guess, your kid was a meth head.

  3. We are all capable of evil thoughts, but only very rarely of evil deeds: we can all do good deeds, but very few of us can think good thoughts.
    Cesare Pavese

  4. "But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men". Would it be sin to expect a dog to act like a dog? Its evil to believe that you're anything better than anyone else, in which case you'll deserve whats coming... A lesson in humility.

    1. "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten"

    2. True Anon 3:15

      The human heart is wicked. Who can know it?

  5. :) Good Morning Sociopathworld!!!!!

    Good quote with alot of truth to it.

    Now that I have learned about personality disorders, specifically NPD, APD and psychopathy and learned their traitds and red flag behaviors I can spot evil out alot easier. Iam not saying iam immune to being "victimized" because nobody is, but now I could figure it out alot faster to keep from it being prolonged.

    It is hard for some people to believe that there are so many human "predators" out there but if they dont they are more vulnerable to them.

    Hell, 3 years ago I didnt even know what personality disorders were. I didnt know about sociopaths and psychopaths and I was victimized by one and that led to me finding out about them, which I find is a blessing, because Iam only 24 years old, I can be on guard from them from now on...... Some stories you hear of people being married for 30+ years to a sociopath/psychopath and being abused in one way or another are horrible because these people DIDNT KNOW about sociopaths and psychopaths and all personality disordered people.

    Knowledge really IS power!!!!!

    1. Rich, I'm only telling you this because I like you. You are not even close to being immune to "predators", no matter how much you think you know about PDs.

      You are a sucker for flattery. You also seem to have this need for everyone to like you and to help anyone who asks for it. Leaves you wide open for manipulation.

      Example: A girl could worm her way under your skin all too easily with a few well placed compliments. Even if you did recognize what she was doing, she could tell you that you are so clever, she never knew that about herself. She doesn't like being this way and if only there was someone who could help her get better, etc.
      How could you resist a chance to help a maiden in distress?

      Before you know it she will manipulate and gaslight you into submission. Then you will be one of those poor bastards living 30+ years married to a sociopath and hating every minute of it, but unable to break free.

      Knowing your own weaknesses and dealing with them will see you better able to resist predators intent on eating you piece by piece.

    2. Anon- I didnt say I was "immune" to predators, here is what I said.....

      "Now that I have learned about personality disorders, specifically NPD, APD and psychopathy and learned their traitds and red flag behaviors I can spot evil out alot easier. Iam not saying iam immune to being "victimized" because nobody is, but now I could figure it out alot faster to keep from it being prolonged."

      I was saying Iam not immune to them but can spot them alot easier now because I know what to look for.

      But I do get what you are saying and where you are coming from.

      I dont have a need for everybody to like me, I think alot of people just do like me because Iam not mean or abrasive with anybody, until they are to me. BUT, you are right about me stiving to help others, I cannot deny that because I try to help others as much as I can.

      This part of what you wrote was BRILLIANT information....

      "Knowing your own weaknesses and dealing with them will see you better able to resist predators intent on eating you piece by piece."

      I have spotted alot of my weaknesses and it really does help, but I dont think I have spotted ALL OF my weaknesses, which leaves me open to manipulation, I hope, slowly, that I can master all of my weakness and emotions, but it is alot harder than it sounds......

    3. Also Anon, now that you have written about the female predators, I realize Iam alot more likely to be "victimized"by them than by a male just for the simple fact of how us males are, we dont get close like we get with females, so naturally that leaves us more vulnerable to them.

      I do thank you for your advice though and thank you for saying you like me, that was very nice of you and I appreciate it.

  6. Thomas had just left Monica's office. She was a mess of feminine arousal.

    What was that loud noise she heard from the waiting room? It sounded like a pistol?

    She looked out the window and saw Thomas walking to his BMW.

    He stopped to talk to a woman. She was handing out leaflets which said "Repent. Your Savior is coming"

    Thomas thought this stuff was the purview of uneducated ignoramus'.

    However, he asked her name. She told him Bible Anon.

    Thomas took some leaflets and then headed to his car and home to make a foreplay dinner because Monica was coming over tonight.

    He would make oysters and have bottles of the finest port. Life was looking up. Thomas was starting to have the hole in his soul close a little.

    Meanwhile, Monica made a phone call to her best friend, all the way in Belgium, David Socio.

    He had come into a small inheritance from one of his clients dying( and not by David's hand.)

    David was living in his beloved Israel and was finally, at peace from many of the demons that had plagued him.

    He told Monica to be careful, as there were many bad people in the world.

    They said they would plan to see each other soon and hung up.

    Monica was heading home to get dressed in something very, very sexy.

    Meanwhile, Alia was firming up plans with Elicit on how to kill ME and make it look like an accident.

    1. Ugh... this is cheap, sleazy, over-the-top without even a hint of subtlety... must be a dude.
      Oh, its horrid, make it stop...

    2. you don't like sofa soap?

    3. Hope there's more today. And are you male or female, Sofa? Please answear this fan of yours!

    4. Thank you Anon 8:42
      I am very sensitive so need good feedback or I will stop but now I have it :D

      Yes, Zoe, the sofa needs a good cleaning.

    5. So what was that gunshot noise then?

    6. Wow, back to drivel again, huh Monica Sofa? When I saw that you posted, I thought "cool, more lesbian porn fanfiction". How very sorely disappointed I was to read this garbage again.

      Your narcissistic ass can't resist writing about sexy Monica living out her fantasies with M.E. (well, a poor substitute anyway) no matter how much feedback you get that it sucks. And now you're even introducing more of the Chorus Monicarum into the story.

    7. Lesbian action is coming. Hold your horses. This is a 3 ring circus. Everyone has a place in the ring~ ~

    8. haha anon 10:11! Your thirst for lesbian actions shows you are a dude, am I right?

    9. Nope. I'm a chick. But a bi chick.

    10. LOL Nice!!!!! It CRACKED ME UP how you introduced "Bible Anon" LOLOLOLOL That shit was PRICELESS!!!!!

      Monica sure does seem to be getting ALOT of action lately ;)

      To the writer of the brilliant series "Up From The Sofa" You are a bisexual woman?!?!?!? INTERESTING!!!!! I always thought you were a guy on here because I thought I knew who was writing these and he is a male member of SW...... Plesantly suprized to see that it isint him, I love your writings, PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING!!!!

      I save every one of them :)

    11. PS- I cant believe "ME" is marked for death!!!!!!!!

      Nice twist in the story., I got drunk yesterday so I had to catch up on yesterdays writings, today ;)

    12. Umm, no Rich, anon 1110 (me) is the bi chick. Who do you think Sofa is?

    13. Anon @ 2:50..... Oh okay I was mistaken.......

      I used to think it may have been "Mindless Pleasures" but he hasnt been around for a little bit so I may be wrong ;)

    14. PS Anon @ 2:50, Good for you for being a Bisexual woman!!!!! I have been with 2 women who were Bisexual (never dated them, just sex) but when I would see them make out and so forth, it just seemed NATURAL! I loved it!!!!

      Plus the one who "loved" me has nipple rings (and a lip ring but I would make her take it off when we were getting busy, LOL) ;) I love them but I havent found another woman with them since her :(

    15. The reason I thought it may have been MP is because he is extremely intelligent and has a way with words...... This writer has a way with words also so I kinda connected them in my own twisted mind, I could be wrong though!

      Either way, I love the series!!!!!!

    16. LMFAO THEMES!!!!!! Hilarious song and music video!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

      You are a trip Themes!!!!!!! BRILLIANT!!!!!

  7. I, certainly, would not look to H.L. Mencken to define "sin" for me. The natural aristocracy would align him with Rand and Greenspan. He was definitely arrogant and demissive of the middle class but approved of laissez-faire capitalism.

    Mencken, was the saint of sarcasm. He wasn't a nice guy.

  8. I think if you have too much evil foisted on you at a young age, you can become sicky sweet.

    You feel you have to be perfect because you got an overload of evil and just checked out.

    I have seen so many woman who are sicky sweet like this and many of them have diseases like Fibromyalegia(sp) and Chronic Fatigue.

    It is holding down all their dark impulses out of abject fear of them.

    They can't discern that there are many parts to a human being.

    SW has helped me to see this, in myself, as I verged on sicky sweet, but was never that bad, as it is repulsive ~

    1. Right, I see this sweet persona when you talk to most men.

    2. this is so boring it needs a shot of...

    3. Being sweet seems to work for Green Eyes. She seems
      happy, assertive and spends little time lying and degrading others.

    4. Actually, I find GE annoying as hell.

    5. So annoying it is not funny ^^

    6. Yep. Vomit-inducing sycophant, who thinks she is cool and groovy

    7. Yes, Green Eyes is vomit material.

    8. I feel like I may be inflicted with that, Monica :(

    9. You are perfect just the way you are, Rich!

    10. Now I want to vomit

    11. Monica 842
      I honestly feel sorry for you. How obvious you are when you have to diminish an intelligent contributing post 835. Your need for evil and attention is sad.

  9. schizoid: the label all psychopaths with out a record hide

  10. AnonymousNovember 23, 2012 9:04 AM

    Right, I see this sweet persona when you talk to most men.

    You have a point. I don't trust woman. I have an armor up, at all times. Even if a woman is my friend, I expect her to turn at any moment.

  11. Theme Song for "Medusa" the writer of the story 4 days back

    1. What did she write?

    2. Interview with a cannibal

      The "Medusa" post is on this thread.

    3. How would "real Medusa" react, getting this theme? Is she around?

    Becoming a Muslim

    1. someone at work warned me for becoming a radical "pschopath"muslim lol


  13. Elicit was a nasty morsel, thought Alia. Damn shame if I have to off her.

    Time to figure all that out, later.

    For now, Elicit was coming for dinner. Alia had made a poached fish dish with brandied apricots and Alia's special chocolate mousse for dessert. They were having an expensive wine to loosen things up.

    Alia never got loose, but she loosened up others.

    She was going to tell Elicit that Elicit had to kill Thomas. Then Elicit could go on her whirlwind tour with all the trimmings.

    Alia would share the story of Thomas, ME's hidden twin.

    After Elicit did the deed, Alia would decide whether to send Elicit to Cannes, Monaco or into the river for a long sleep.

    Alia was quite a comedian, in her own mind.

    ME could not die. He promised her some sugar when this whole mess was done.

    Now, she would make Elicit give HER the sugar. She knew Elicit could give as good as she got.

    Let Elicit put that tongue ring to good use.

    Elicit rang the door bell. She had on a her see through top, nipples hard. Her skirt was slit up the side, way higher than was decent.

    Yes, Elicit was a tasty morsel.

    Alia invited Elicit in. Alia was not one for formalities. She let her Gucci pink robe slip to the floor and said, "Baby, you have to work for your dinner."

    Alia led Elicit to the bedroom. The bed was piled high with white down pillows and a white comforter.

    Alia threw them on the floor. She threw Elicit on the bed, all 105 pounds of her and shoved her tongue in Elicits mouth.

    Alia was going to show Elicit who was boss. She tore open Elicit's blouse. They heard the tear, as Alia shoved her fingers inside Elicits very moist and inviting lower lips. Elicit moaned as Alia's finger kept up a steady rhythm as drum beats in a far away tribal ritual. Elicit's body arched high, as she moaned.

    Then, Alia took her tongue and flicked it on Elicits pulsing clit.

    Elicit was somewhere in dream land when Alia abruptly stopped and said, "Time for dinner, bitch". Alia shoved Elicit off the bed and threw Elicit's clothes at her.

    "Get dressed, Bitch. Dinner is in 5 minutes. Don't fucking be late"

    Happy :D

    1. So much for mods.

    2. mmmm... dom!Alia... sub!Elicit... don't know what's hotter.

    3. So she tells Elicit she has to work for dinner, then she does all the job for a while and then she stops and gives Elicit dinner?

      And didn't she already tell Elicit to kill ME?

    4. WHEW!!!!! I need a cigarette after reading that :)

    5. That's pretty good, but anon 225 said exactly what I was thinking too.

    6. I'm diiiiiiiyng! XD

    7. AnonymousNovember 23, 2012 2:25 PM

      So she tells Elicit she has to work for dinner, then she does all the job for a while and then she stops and gives Elicit dinner?

      And didn't she already tell Elicit to kill ME?

      Questions are welcomed

      You did not read all the episodes.

      Thomas is ME's twin. Alia said she was going to Kill ME but she could never do that.

      Alia is going to kill Thomas because Thomas made the deal to try the potion with Monica and Thomas backed out.

      Thomas knows too much and Thomas broke his deal, so he must die as Alia can't take the chance that Love Potion Number 9 will come out.

    8. Oh. Of course he has to die. Silly Thomas didn't know what he was getting into when he made the deal. :D

    9. :D Edvard


    The problem with sociopaths. (See till the end)

  15. There is no such thing as evil, not an objective moral scale.

  16. This "Up From the Sofa" writer has a way of letting the socio act like hungry wolves rushing for raw meat. Look at it. A good conversation might be going on and the moment your story is posted the previous conversation just die. All focus is then turned towards your story. Now I understand how easily bored socio get hence the high need for entertainment to relieve boredom.

    I don't have a problem the socio. Just noticing a bit how your inner world operates. Interesting.

    1. Come on, it's hot lesbian porn stories! You don't need to have ADD to come running when that's on offer.

    2. A clear indicative sign of the sociopath. And of the narcissist?

    3. Or any hot blooded person.
      Narcissists here would want to run and read it to check if there is anything about them in it ;)

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