Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sociopath quotes: alien

"Everyone's quick to blame the alien."

-- Aeschylus, 525 BC-456 BC


  1. ME's points are becoming few and far between and it is as if the feelings of despair and need are becoming too much for him/her to handle, perhaps ME needs a hug to calm his sarrows.

  2. I agree. I wonder whether he is capable of validating himself? Not sure.

  3. Everyone knows that all we really need is a hug, a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits. I don't know why psychological science has not caught up with this idea yet.

  4. “I don't know why psychological science has not caught up with this idea yet.”

    Because psychological perspective is still heavily influenced by a kind of moral compass, where we do not register under N for normal, since he tend to show up just south of normal. And I was not using the traditional definition of the term moral compass, but rather my own version that goes as followed:

    N - normal under social terms

    W - without logic, or mentally incapable of rationalizing reality

    E – eccentric, which is a more politically correct way to say “odd”

    S – detached from the social norm

    It’s a social compass where anyone that isn’t considered normal falls under one of the other areas of the social stance, which ironically is reverse, with the N being the most unstable group.

  5. I meant it to go: N,E,S,W

    Though, as is, it shows the insanity of the whole thing.

  6. Anon, you are unstable—that being said, your view was somewhat thought provoking for a few seconds, thoughts that were very droll in nature.

  7. drole dude, drole. with a thingie over/on top of the o.

    if ME is in a bad mood why doesnt he just write about that. like me right now. could be interesting.

  8. I just received an email in which I was called "a reptile", "a robot" and "a monster... with a sick disease"

    Great day to be alive today.

  9. FD

    From who?
    Is The Woman coming to see you or what. 2 weeks to go right?

  10. FD,

    "I just received an email in which I was called "a reptile", "a robot" and "a monster... with a sick disease"

    Great day to be alive today."

    What, were your feelings hurt or something?

    Or, were you serious about having a good day.

    Guess I'm missing something.

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  13. Ok. You are all obviously on the inside of society if you can't find more to say about this quote than that ME needs a hug.

    It seems that it's over your head in the simplified word choice so lets put it another way and link it to psychological studies. Then perhaps we'll have something to talk about. It's all well and good that the empaths here have found a way to infiltrate and flood with melodramatic anecdotes and stupid uninteresting snippets, but plaease feel free to leave so we can continue to talk about interesting things.

    But I digress. To put the Alien quote another way, Society rejects the deviant. Which is to say that anyone who does not go along with a broadly accepted truth, moral or otherwise dumb idea will be literally assaulted and alienated from the group that believes said truth. Because of this, the people within that group will all eventually have the same opinion to fit in. And so, the sociopaths of the world are thought leaders because we are unable to be swayed to an accepted truth just because it is accepted. So the things that we think are actually that. Our personalities do not change according to our surroundings. The way that we blend into our surroundings will be, but we are not the ones following thoughts in any situation. We are the ones manipulating them to our advantage having seen this idiocy and found ways to exploit it.

    Prolonged exposure to opinions will eliminate individuality within most people. It can perhaps be said that because of this fact, ideas like racism take off. This can contribute to the explanation as to why people are worse the larger the group of them that you have.

  14. Sobriquet was correct on the spelling, try grabing a dictonary sometime Disney. T-R-O-L-L.

    Troll, dude, troll.

  15. Anon

    Drole was French. I was just bringing some culture here. Remember how I said I thought Americans should at least visit one other continent? For this reason. English is only my fourth language so reading your comment is just cute to me.

  16. Jasnowflake, why on earth did this quote merit such a massive response? This is the same shit that M.E.'s been screaming for months.

    That being said, a less deceptive, more relevant version of this quote would be,

    "Everyone's quick to blame the deceptive bastard who has no qualms about fucking people over and gets his kicks out of manipulating people."

    There, that's what he really meant. He just dressed it up all nice'n'perdy to cast sociopaths in a positive light, as always. People are disappointed because it's obvious bullshit, and people here want to read something real and meaningful about sociopathy.

    Unless you're too stupid to see that, you should really save yourself some time and reputation, and refrain from commenting. If you are, then by all means, use your narcissistic superpowers to turn this simple-but-relevant bullshit into something grand, massive, profound, but considerably less connected to M.E. and his blog.

    You have to understand that he, like any good sociopath, lies by telling the truth. Oh! Sheep! Look over there! There's a shiny true and profound statement!


  17. I don't agree AT ALL with most of the comments here. It isn't possible for sociopaths to say truthful things about sociopathy. All you will get is oneupmanship with one person trying to be even more gross and callous than the other. But this doesn't capture what sociopathy is at all.
    A sociopath will spend most of his life doing boring routine things and thinking boring routine thoughts. The nonsense about vampires is the sort of talk we need less of around here, not attempts to show unexpected similarities between normals and socios.
    There is only one regular contributer who is 'pure' in sociopathy terms and that is Harry Lime. Lime is a clear, current and active menace to women and girls and the quicker he is identified and put behind bars on an indefinite term, hopefully for life, the better.
    But the others, including ME are something more complex, and the content does and should reflect that. Also empaths come here and so the interest will naturally be what things are in common.

  18. Disney, your repeated reference to the many languages you know speaks more about your ego then it does your pursuit of knowledge. It also takes away from your impact since all that knowledge means nothing because you don’t have enough wisdom to know that flaunting it isn’t the same as applying it.

    Those who say, don’t know and those that know, don’t say.

    You should try it sometime, knowing when not to say things.

  19. "Those who say, don’t know and those that know, don’t say."

    This is a hugely misused quote. There is nothing wrong in general with knowing and saying, in fact it's usually a jolly good thing. Though perhaps "The Sobriquet's Motive" is right about anonymous bragging on the Internet. Every chick drop dead gorgeous and guys are enormously well hung with IQ's over 160. This is a given, you don't need to tell us, we assume it.

  20. My use of the quote was a joke, but the point I wanted it to make wasn't.

  21. It's also good to know that you're assuming for the rest of us.

  22. Oh, I thought when I said that all sociopaths need is a hug and a biscuit, that it was implicitly sarcastic?

    No, DH. My feelings are not hurt. I'm just angry.

    Disney - I doubt she will be coming to see me. She sent the email.

  23. Actually I think I should add here and now that I was being absolutely and completely sarcastic. I don't have sympathy for myself, and I don't think I need or deserve a hug, and no I'm not sitting here weeping to myself at the plight of my life, and no I am not wishing I had more people *close* to me right now.
    Peter Pan is completely right - you can't expect people to think we're just super people. As was said to me yesterday: " I'm not like you. I don't take pleasure in watching others squirm, even if it is you, even if you have had it coming for a long time.".
    I don't feel sad at this statement. I don't need a hug. I accept that it's quite true.
    I don't think we can continually say "woe is me, I have a disorder" - fine, we do, but it doesn't endear us to people. It's not like we want it to. It's not like a lot of us even want to change.
    Can we just from now on assume I am being sarcastic? Christ I hope nobody actually thought I had a gooey-soft centre.

  24. The only people right now I read with any interest are Peter Pans, Father Dearests and Daniels Birdicks. The rest( most) is just too defensive and vulnerable and it really takes away from the humor or real thoughts that could be given here to explore.

  25. Yes exactly. People are just coming on here to throw in their two cents because they're studying criminology at school or have just read American Psycho and think they know everything.

  26. That book is bad PR for psychos, it makes them looks, well, psychotic.

  27. “American Psycho” was a fun and insigtful book and so was the movie. I do agree with FD’s larger point, which I believe was that basing your opinion of an entire group of people who happen to share a few personality traits in common on one book/movie is just plain stupid. You handicap yourself, reduce your vision unnecessarily when you do that, which means your assessments of people won't be as accurate as they could be. That’s what I meant when I made an earlier comment somewhere here about moving from generalizations, which are important in their place (like studying large populations/groups), to talking about and with individual people.

  28. I also wish people would stop saying "Oh I've dated a couple of sociopaths.." like they have. What, were they diagnosed? I don't think so. No, they just treat you like a cunt and now you THINK you have dated sociopaths. I am sick to death of people saying it, I really am.

  29. FD:

    Come on man! Those, what I call “love frauders”, have been victimized by a big bad baddie and now they have a traumatic story to tell, which gives them omniscient like insight into the minds of big bad baddies everywhere. That has to count for something… right… maybe… no? And again, because I have to spell it out (which ruins all the fun), I’m being sarcastic.

    A person going by the name Sarah made a similar comment a few months ago. Just because someone roughed you over emotionally, financially and so on, doesn’t mean that someone is a psychopath or has ASPD, to use the “clinical” terms. It could just mean that person was a douche with a bad credit rating who needed a little extra money that’s all. Contrary to popular opinion, douche and sociopath are not always synonymous.

  30. You do have to spell it out because unfortunately some guests on this website are too dim to understand sarcasm - even if it is literally written in black and white before them.
    Yeah it really gets my goat. I give any of my exes license to say "I dated a sociopath" because they did. Good for them, now they can say to their little friends "He was some kind of PSYCHO or something!" but I just can't stand it when someone like you say just dated a douche. I don't want those in the same league as me, for another thing.
    A friend of mine described her ex as a sociopath, and to some extent I'd say he was worse than one in some ways. If someone hurts a person over and over again, and there is no gain, and there IS a feeling of remorse but then an insistence to carry on - well that's no a sociopath. That's just being a twat. And this is what people should understand - we're not all exactly the same. It's like when people call people who can't make up their minds "schizophrenic", or people who are neat and tidy "autistic". It's idiocy.

  31. FD:

    The relative presence or absence of a conscience is the distinguishing line a lot of people use. Again, psychopath and ASPD use more indicators than that, but the conscience line is as good a marker as any. If you believe Martha Stout (and Robert Saltzman), having little to no conscience is a larger divider than anything else, making our subjective experience profoundly different from those with average consciences. Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t. Judging by some of my conversations with normals here and with others in my offline life, it might very well be true. But a guy who cheats on his wife, or beats her regularly, then feels wracked with guilt later, only to do it again because he can’t help himself, is just a moron with self control issues (among other things). No need to saddle him with any of the dreaded “pathy” labels, when idiot will do just fine.

    Imprecision… that’s the way of it. Most people don’t even bother with at least trying to be a little more precise, both in their thinking and in their serious conversations. Psychopath is the same as serial killer, which is the same as you, which is the same as monster, which is the same as sociopath, which is the same as Bernie Madoff, which is the same as me… it all depends on who you’re talking to and what mood they’re in, and usually not on anything more than that. As for me, to quote the great sage Eminem, I am whatever you say I am. I never bother trying to convince anyone here that I am anything other than what they believe me to be, and this is one of the reasons.

  32. Exactly. There's no point, and I find when one is in a mood to call a sociopath "a monster" or whatever, then who am I to possibly try to prove that theory wrong? I know it's silly, I know it's an opinion of someone who doesn't really know - and I still believe a lot of this is fear. Fear doesn't necessarily mean a fear of coming to harm, it is a feeling of unease at something which one does not know enough about; hence why sociopath becomes psycho, becomes Patrick Bateman becomes Ian Brady, becomes A Clockwork Orange becomes me, becomes you.
    I get a little annoyed on the outside world, when people tar me with the same brush as a serial killer. It's hard for me to explain that whilst if I was to commit a murder I would not feel the same about it as other people might, this does not necessarily mean I want to commit a murder. I don't. I would never do that. I despise how this is assumed of me - and once you are given this label (especially in a clinical setting), anything you do is classed as an indicator for possible future "danger", hence my current detainment.
    You're right, on how people can have different perceptions depending on mood. TW tends to swing between thinking I'm delightful and is very impressed and even sometimes jealous of my adaptable personality, and then other times she can accuse me of being soulless and heartless, like "a robot".

    1. Sociopaths commit emotional and psychological murder all the time in relationships. The temptation to kill without killing is too great to resist. I've never seen one avoid it yet. Destroy, destroy, destroy. Anything beautiful, good, noble - a relentless rage to DESTROY it all. You guys just can't help yourself. And that is why I feel pity when I look at sociopaths. Although to some extent or another we are all prisoners of our own physiology, socios are, tragically, overdetermined biological organisms without creative will, and the benefit and pleasures of being fully human that that can bring. So of course you'd persist in making a strength of weakness. I guess when it's all you have, it's admirable in its own way. And it IS all you have. But only the rest of us will ever know that, because without empathy and a functioning sympathetic imagination, there is no way to get a perspective outside of your own self.

  33. FD

    I agree, non judging is always the only way to go. Just chose your own life and dont waste your time blaming or judging others. Its really just an excuse to not deal with your own shit. Its also absolutely pointless to categorize people anyhow, unless its for scientific purposes and you are trying to go from gross to subtle so to speak, but for personal relationships it has NO point. I am just curious.
    For instance what I would like to know is whether the times you emphasize with TW, whether its just for the purpose of getting what you want or you honestly feel bad for her and sort of hurt when she hurts? Could you still have any of such 'feelings' for her, say if she rejects you to the core?

  34. It's funny you should ask, Disney, because I received an email from her yesterday which basically said "I never want to talk to you ever again" but in a far more vicious way. Aww. She's so cute when she's like this.

    Since then, I've just been angry. I still care about her, but now her care for me has petered out, I am genuinely just angry. I also know she is lying.

    I said I was like her voodoo doll but really she was more like mine. She'd hurt herself and then that hurt would absorb into me, but it was okay, because I didn't feel the hurt. Nothing she can say or do can really hurt me, I feel resilient against it. She can say things that will make me angry, or she can make me sad for instance when she confuses me, but it doesn't ever really hurt. I sometimes think that if she doesn't have the capacity to break my heart, then I'm positive nobody does (and apparently the notion of me having a heart is still one that is hard for TW to comprehend. Perhaps I don't.).
    In times of rejection I stop longing and start fiercely wanting, that's the only difference.

  35. It's funny you should ask, Disney, because I received an email from her yesterday which basically said "I never want to talk to you ever again" but in a far more vicious way. Aww. She's so cute when she's like this.

    Since then, I've just been angry. I still care about her, but now her care for me has petered out, I am genuinely just angry. I also know she is lying.

    I said I was like her voodoo doll but really she was more like mine. She'd hurt herself and then that hurt would absorb into me, but it was okay, because I didn't feel the hurt. Nothing she can say or do can really hurt me, I feel resilient against it. She can say things that will make me angry, or she can make me sad for instance when she confuses me, but it doesn't ever really hurt. I sometimes think that if she doesn't have the capacity to break my heart, then I'm positive nobody does (and apparently the notion of me having a heart is still one that is hard for TW to comprehend. Perhaps I don't.).
    In times of rejection I stop longing and start fiercely wanting, that's the only difference.

  36. Father Dearest said, “It's hard for me to explain that whilst if I was to commit a murder I would not feel the same about it as other people might, this does not necessarily mean I want to commit a murder. I don't. I would never do that.”

    You know, I could commit murder. I HAVE NOT. (That disclaimer is for the Sherlock Holmes wannabes who might be reading this.) I have never killed a soul, but I know I could. I’m even curious about it. But again, I have not. Also, saying I could commit murder is really no different than a normal saying the same thing. Lots of people of all kinds of personality types could commit murder.

    As a side note, I’m not sure that most serial killers are actually psychopaths. I haven’t looked at any numbers yet though. It’s just a hunch, which goes along with the popular myth that all criminals must be psychopaths.

    I gotta say, I am really glad I haven’t told anyone in my offline world about any of my comments here and your story is illustrates why. Good lord, I can’t imagine people always being suspicious of me, quick to label anything I do or don’t do as pathological. I could never get anything done for one thing. My options would be unnecessarily limited. Does TW lay this stuff on you because of this “diagnosis”? Did you say she was borderline?

  37. FD

    what triggered the ' i never wanna talk to you again'?
    what did you ( or she) do? why not say in which vicious way she said it? What makes you angry now?
    How do you know you still 'care' about her?

    Whats the difference for you between longing and fiercely wanting. I mean I bet it has something to do with the challenge of not getting what you want, but Im sure you realize that pretty short term so how do you rationalize that?

  38. As is so typical of empaths, it would seem to me that she has yet again had another session of raking over every conversation I have ever had with her in her head, and is trying to find every level of meaning possible. Again, I think she is scared that there are people that exist who are not exactly like her.
    I asked her if she would come and visit me, and her reply was "have you lost your mind? Oh, yes you have, and that's why you've been forcibly detained". Since it's come out of the blue, I expect it was a friend or lover who spoke about me and perhaps gave her a shock. Or, she knows something about me that I didn't know. The possibilities are endless. It could just be her erratic tendencies.
    The only distinction between longing and fiercely wanting is the feeling attached to it - when I long for something or someone, it means I want it, but I'm prepared to wait for it. When I want something fiercely, it means I want it, and I want it now. Also, it usually means some obstacle has been thrown up which has made me angry.

    You're right, even if I know it's only a short term thing (it will be, she knows better than to provoke me like this. This is just one of those little tiffs she likes to have. Things are probably going to shit in her life right now so she's taking it out on me. Aww.) it still pisses me off because of the insinuation that I am somehow the root of all problems. That the reason I'm not getting what I want is my own fault - when it so clearly isn't.

    Also - yes she is Borderline. I think she only came out with all that shit because it's probably only just hit her that I am in hospital. She might be upset. It was after I asked her to visit me in here, and I think she saw it all as a bit of fun up until then, when it became real and she became scared that if she visited me in here, all the loonies and madmen would surely rape and murder her.

  39. FD

    "have you lost your mind? Oh, yes you have, and that's why you've been forcibly detained"

    Thats hardly vicious!
    What I wonder is if your ego could handle the thought ( just the thought) that honestly there are things she needs and doesnt feel you can give her any longer. Dont get defensive, I simply dont know,I just wonder how you would carry just the idea? Just assume its true...hypothetically.

    And what could have been told to her that would incriminate you towards her?

  40. Disney,

    That's hardly the worst of it. Here are my favourite bits:

    " You think you respect me, and you think that we're friends, but - and I know you can't understand this because you have no heart, soul or spine - but this isn't how friends treat each-other.
    I was going to. I was going to wait until I said this, pick an optimal time to do this, but I don't take pleasure in watching others squirm, even if it is you, even if you have had it coming for a long time. ...
    And you're not this amazing person you think you are, or I ever thought you were, you have a disorder - a sick disease that makes you no better than an animal, or a robot. You're not human at all, you were right when you said it - you are reptilian. A snake in the grass, slithering around and poisoning all around him. Your problem has always been wanting what you can't have; you don't *want* me, you just want what is and always was out of bounds to you. Like a greedy child with a toy, you just want to destroy me because you can't have me, and don't want anyone else to either. You do this with everyone - and this is so blatantly obvious. The only reason you're toying with [name removed] so often is because she is an easy target; dull, average, normal, and yet so pathetically in love with you. Come on, I thought you enjoyed a challenge? ...Don't you know everyone is laughing at you? You have barely anyone in your life left. Yes, you had a very difficult childhood and yes, I can understand that, but what I can't understand is your lack of care. And I don't think it's that care doesn't come easily to you - quite the opposite. I think you understand how to care for someone, but you purposefully don't because you're going on your ridiculous little mission to get revenge on the world because you were bullied as a child or whatever. Well deal with it. And deal with it without setting fire to things. You have a child now, maybe it's time you grew up a little bit, eh?

    I have forgiven you a multitude of sins, and I have sacrificed a lot to keep you in my life because I have cared about you, because you have been what I saw as a good friend to me. I hated you years ago, though, when I was with [name removed] and you were so pitifully JEALOUS that your better-looking friend got the girl you were hoping to destroy, and later attempted to... OH NO! ...
    Now that I think about this logically, there is no reason I should still be talking to you. In the past perhaps I wanted you for drugs, for champagne, for gin, and for fine food, but that really is all you were good for. Maybe once I to use you for something physical, through sheer boredom, but you couldn't even do that properly. You wanting what you can't have. You had it, Jack, you just couldn't keep it for longer than five minutes. Pathetic.
    This is so over. I want nothing from you any more, and you have never been able to give me what I wanted. And I lost your diamonds. "

    Ah. She's so lovely.

  41. FD

    Youre uncareful Jack.

  42. Ah FD, some of the people who comment here are so going to make you regret posting that here. Or not. Maybe no one will say a peep. Or if they do, maybe you truly won't give a damn.

    Is this TW? Were her words "vicious" because they carry the ring of truth in your ears?

  43. Listen Jack. im a woman. Thats the kind of stuff you write when you are emotionally invested yes, but definitely DONE too...I guess you really did spoil your chance. I like her style. Doesnt sound too irrational to me.

  44. DB

    I honestly hope and dont think FD/Jack will care. The entire purpose of this blog is people expressing their thoughts anonymously and openly not just act like something their not. It just shows so easy and looks so damn dumb.

  45. Disney said, "The entire purpose of this blog is people expressing their thoughts anonymously and openly not just act like something their not."

    Who told you that? OF COURSE people here are going to act like something they are not! Isn't that what sociopaths are good at? LOL Have you read the comments here? Some of these folk can get pretty brutal in their comments the moment they smell what they perceive as weakness. I've watched with wry amusement and occasional boredom as one person after the next quits commenting here after they've been "savaged" by some of the other commenters.

  46. Sure people fool around, im just sayin its pretty lame when you need to pretend on an ANONYMOUS blog.

  47. Well Disney, I happen to agree with you, as my bravely anonymous attacker just demonstrated on the other thread. But what are you gonna do? It's the internet. You can't have a forum without these... children.

  48. Ah well. My name is Jack, I'm sure you now know where I live, my surname, the names of my parents and what my son is called. ; )
    I didn't post that because I want sympathy, christ! What happened? I just put that up here so it was here, so you knew what I was talking to, is that what people assumed of me? Christ. And is anyone saying I'm pretending? That too is quite risible.
    I know a lot of what she's saying has a valid point, and don't you think if I wanted your sympathy I would have put that up, which is so patently a message sent from a woman who is so patently sad with me, because I have so clearly let her down?
    I have let her down, this is true. I just hope people don't think I don't already know that, or that I think she's being a silly little woman. She does sound completely over it, which is so strange because last week she emailed me with quite a different feeling, but then - I don't know what she's thinking.
    She has sent me very many mean emails in the past, so now I feel she could be playing me. Our circle of friends seems to know and predict when this will happen. I only hold out a small amount of hope, and I'm not putting much effort into it. Though, I did blow my chance, I know that. I regret that.

    Also - I'm not pretending, that's what I like about this blog - I see it as an outlet, if I'm honest. But, people need to accept that people do pretend. I've seen a few comments posted here and there, not by regulars, that seem awfully false. I think that's something one needs to accept when visiting a blog, especially one such as this one.

    I am quite aghast that anyone thinks I would be foolish enough to post that up here if I felt it would leave me emotionally vulnerable. I'm more sophisticated than that ; )

  49. FD

    I dont see how that post would make you emotionally vulnerable.

    But to get back to the letter. It is clear she is emotionally invested in you and she obviously has had and maybe still has a MAJOR weakspot for you. I dont think she is playing with you at all. Honestly. She sounds like she just wished you would have come through and is just angry with believing you ever would. Now its just a matter of time til she has dealt with it and youre not on her radar anymore or you show consistent change and care ( or whatever she needs) for her over time. What do you think?

  50. Daniel Birdick - Yes, you are right. If I felt like comments anyone could make about that post could hurt my feelings or whatever, I would not have put it here. I'm a sociopath, most of us are - we know better than that.

  51. It is clear she is emotionally invested in you and she obviously has had and maybe still has a MAJOR weakspot for you
    That's what I thought, really. She often blinds me like this; her technique is to throw all this shit at me, and then she will casually waltz back into my life as if nothing happened, and I let her because I accept her for that. I don't know - she's sent me so many emails telling me she never wants to speak to me again, it's hard to know what's what. I applaud her for that in some ways.
    I also accept that this could be it - I'm not delusional. I guess I just need to wait it out, again. Because this has been prompted by seemingly nothing, and I KNOW she is perhaps in a relapse (judging by what she's been saying to other people I know) I am wondering if she's again using me as her punchbag. She would never apologise for that. Not to me.
    I'll wait this one out, unfortunately I have already replied.

  52. FD:

    Why do you still want this woman? Did you say you were in love with her?

  53. Daniel Birdick - Yes, I am. I replied to that, and she said "Seriously, you can't want anything from me any more - what is it that you want? Just tell me, please, because I can understand if you have something you want to tell me" and I sent something sarcastic back, without really having to do that.

  54. FD:

    Alright. I won't pretend to understand this because I don't. I guess you 2 have a dynamic going, a give a take, a you hurt her she hurts you kind thing that makes sense within the space of your relationship. So does part of the dynamic include her coming back to you at some point inspite of the email she sent you?

  55. FD

    What did you reply? Share at least a piece.

    And sorry but you only pick up one part of my comment. The part where I say she has a weak spot for you.
    Youre not after influencing her or really showing comprehension to/for her as far as why she seems done and is exasgerpated (or however that word you used before is spelled)?

  56. Daniel Birdick - It is very complicated. Yes, usually she will come back at some point, when SHE wants something. She will do something like that to get back at me, and then I will wait. And then she comes back, and forgets anything ever went wrong and then I do the same. I'm starting to think it's time we both just cut the crap, it's getting on my nerves. I sometimes wonder how similar we are, me and her. She employs some very precise technique in the act of hurting someone. I've seen her verbally destroy people before now.

    1. Finally Jack said somethig smart, hat he and she are similar. SHe is the female sociopath, better known as Borderline Personality Disorder who will be your angel if you have something she wants and are willing to provide right at the time she asks for it.

      This guy sounds more like an idiot who is numbed out than a sociopath. Sure sounds like a pathetic loser. A sociopath wold have told her exactly the lies sge needed to hear. Wake up and grow up Jack baby. You are being pushed around by a BPD chick.

    2. Father Dearest, it sounds to me like you respect this woman for her mad skills in controlling you, keeping you waiting. I appreciate you posting the email she sent you. Very educational. Well done. Don't take offense that she called you a snake.
      The sex must be phenomenal, eh?

    3. Father Dearest was a doll. I only just recently realised that Father Dearest was the name a friend of mine used on here as an outlet, I've been awake all night reading every single post he left. I miss him. And yes, the sex was phenomenal, and in the end it turned out I wasn't BPD but was diagnosed with PPD, bipolar, and ASPD. Perfect match.

  57. DB

    Gee have you ever even been with a woman?
    No offense ( I know; none taken)...

  58. DB

    Gee DB have you even ever been with a woman?
    No offense, just wondering ( and no I know; none taken)...

  59. Yay I posted the same thing twice. Im too fast for my own good.

  60. Disney:

    LOL! Yes I have. Why do you think I'm single now?

  61. Father Dearest said, "It is very complicated..."

    That's an understatement. Like I said, so long as it all makes sense to you and her.

  62. DB

    Because youre a hermit with no physical or emotional needs. Sounds weird maybe but Im thinking its pretty much whats the case.

  63. Whenever I've had relationships with men they've been much easier than this.
    I handled it differently this time - usually I would say "Don't do this." or meet it with indifference, but this time I said "Ok.
    So you've finally tired of all of this, you've actually seen yourself as a victim here (which is of course SO unlike you) and you've decided to do the grown-up thing and end our friendship. Well, well done.
    I'm not going to send you a big email back defaming your character, or telling you all of the faults that I accept you for (though let's face it - there are quite a lot), but I'm going to accept what you've said and play along.
    You accuse me of having no heart, or soul, or spine, but I think you'll find that's a rather sweeping statement. And you tell me that I am some sort of second best to everyone - [name omitted], don't you think I am aware of that? I am not precisely what you want, and I accept that, and I've never tried to be better than what I am for you. Just honest. That's the respect, again, that I was telling you about. I might not gush over with love like you, but I have respect.
    This is very silly of you. You are very hyperbolic today. "

    She seemed to soften a little after that. I thought she might.

  64. FD

    I dont understand what the first sentence is about? Youre bi?

    I read it as just (subtly, Ill give you that) defenses of your ego. But I guess you guys have been at it back and forth for a while and it makes you tick. Its clearly not aimed at seeing what there would be to build on from. Why would you guys want eachother? Focus on that. Paint the dream. Then tone it down to realism.
    I like the last bit, sounds honest and taking her serious without games, apart from the last sentence though. I must say thats a style I used a lot in the past but i cant stand it if its used on me.

  65. Disney:

    Sadly no, I'm not a hermit. Well, not literally. You might say psychologically I am. I'm surrounded by people all the time, all day long, every day, and yet I am no more a real part of their emotional worlds than they are mine. Just don't tell them that.

  66. I don’t mean to offend you Father Dearest, but at the same time, I don’t give a shit if I do—that said.

    You keeping showing this peephole into your emotional life whenever you talk about the woman trouble/lover’s quarrel you’re having. There is irony all over the place: you say you are a cold sociopath and say that there is no point you beating someone when they’re down…but then you continue to reveal that you have a conflicted set of emotions for this girl and are actually punching her heart while she is down, even if you don’t know it.

    Too much information is being sent out into the ghost land of cyberspace and what’s worst is you are sending it out in one of the darkest parts of the blogging world, where the so called “monsters” all seem to gather to play 21 questions and trade stories. Some of them have even warned you of the implications of revealing too much here, but still you do so—how fucking stupid are you?

  67. SM - First of all, I'm not stupid. You thinking I am is in itself stupid. Second of all, I have never denied the hypocrisy of this situation Third of all, I've made it clear that my presence on this site is a mere outlet for how I am dealing with life at this present moment. I doubt I'll be on here half as much in the coming weeks. However, if that is also offensive to you, then I will happily shuffle away and you will never have to see my posts again.
    Also, I use the term "monsters" with a hint of irony, didn't you see that? No, no probably not. I was warned that the implications of revealing too much here was that some people might savagely rip my comments apart. Was that your attempt?
    I was tiring of myself with this story anyway. It would appear that people have confused it with a sympathy attempt, which it is not.
    But thanks, anyway.

  68. Sigh. I give up on the melodrama. I can't even read these any more. The only comment I finished reading after my own was Peter Pan's, and even that was a struggle. But I will respond by saying this. It is not stupid to find meaning in that which has none. That is to say bored people are boring. For example, to make the quote at least intriguing, and not dramatic like the posts previous that I haven't read that apparently say the same thing, I related it to psychological concepts. If that's applying too much meaning to something we all know, than why ever are we even here? Everyone seems to already know everything being addressed leaving no reason to talk on the subjects to provide different perspectives, but instead to compete with each other in Dick measuring contests and insult wars where we all get to talk about how great we are and how some insignificant thing in our life today proved us yet again to be an amazing sociopath. Boring. If we insist on staying in such a narrow world, I think I have to give up on all of you. You remind me too much of the worthless people who do all the talking and none of the listening. They all love to tell you how much they don't understand. And frankly, I get enough of that from the idiots I have to interact with, I won't subject myself to more of it here.

  69. FD your reply to SM confirmed his point because you got all defensive about it.

  70. Anon

    stop being an anonymous wanker.

  71. FD said, "I was warned that the implications of revealing too much here was that some people might savagely rip my comments apart."

    Actually they haven't been as bad as I thought they would be by now. The ones known to savage others don't comment here as much anymore, which I should have remembered. I won't be either after Saturday, so it'll just be down to... Eh, who knows? It was interesting while it lasted.


    Half the anons usually are wankerish. They can't help themselves. I know. It's a modern tragedy. Let's hope they find a cure in our lifetime.

  72. DB

    what happens after saturday?

  73. Of course I was being defensive, I defend when someone is on the attack. I think when I said that I could be very impersonal, this was taken to mean that I have no capacity for annoyance whatsoever.
    I won't be here after next week, either. Well, not completely. I'm sure I'll drop by from time to time though. It's been great fun. I am also very aware that I have been somewhat mopey regarding the love life, and this is not usually like me. I can only attribute it to cabin fever.

    Where are you going, Daniel Birdick?

  74. Away, he is going away...until the time comes for his return, which may be never.

    And where he's going he won't need roads.

  75. Disney & FD:

    I’m heading south for the winter to begin my little sabbatical. Saturday is the last day my internet is on. Friday is my last day at my current job. I doubt Daniel Birdick will be commenting here when I get back. I know. Try to hold back the tears.

    I’ve been commenting here regularly since April. I’m glad I did. It was by turns helpful, amusing, and annoying. Working my thoughts out on all this via this comment section was good for me

  76. And you're right, DB - it *has* been interesting. I shall miss this place when I am free again to *cough*[wreak havoc on the world]*cough* live life as a free man having learned many lessons.

  77. So you're in jail FD? That how you see it, like being in a psychological prison?

  78. DB and FD

    Well I wont ever check this site again if you two wont be here. Take that promise to the bank. Yeah Im attached that easily;)

  79. DB

    Oh and I bet your sabbatical means moving back in with your relatives since your job ends;)

  80. Disney:

    Awww! She really does like us FD! When I first started commenting with you, I thought you were a smart normal who had something interesting to say, then I thought you were a smart normal whose only purpose was to dissect the people commenting here for your own amusement (hence the defensive tone I eventually took with you…), then finally I figured that you are a smart normal who’s just curious. Curiosity I understand completely.

    Well, it's right that we stop commenting here soon, don't you think? I mean, we’ve "hogged" the comment section long enough haven't we? We’ve chased away all those “hard core sociopaths” who want to talk about the pleasures of throwing puppies off cliffs in the Middle East or killing random vagrants in Eastern Europe. We’ve been so selfish, don’t you think? Shouldn’t we let the child rapists, serial killers in the making and other “real sociopaths” come on in and leave some dark and horrific comments?


    Well in a manner of speaking I suppose you could say that. Only the prison is one I built out of ignorance. I created this version of my life and our mysterious benefactor ME suggested that taking a break might not be a bad idea.

  81. Whoops. Didn't mean to embolden that "I". Oh well... I can't use Monday as an excuse this time.

    Disney, I won't go into details about my arrangements, but I will say that I'll be staying with a cousin who lives down south. That's the only time staying with relatives will be involved. Staying with my parents upon my return is out of the question. If that were the only way I could do this, you best believe I wouldn't be doing it. The only way I can get along with them is by NOT living with them.

  82. Juuuust posting this again:

  83. DB

    Well you know what; in the next year, after I am finished with what Im doing right now ( I just got this news a few days ago) I am going to enroll in working for like the CIA of my country ( I word this as vague as possible, its not too fancy, although as interesting to me as its gonna get). And I really dont feel comfortable commenting on this site anymore for that reason aswell. Although you are the only one on here I think I could endlessly converse with so thats a good reason too ( you leaving here). I will hang around for a bit for now. But I wish you a good life within your own possibilities. Oh and yes thats me; a smart normal who is just overly curious. I am a bit off though...But I like it that way.

    Lastly people who need to brag about throwing kittens against a wall are just dull if they are zero in touch with any idea as to why, how and so forth; its really just escapism. Id rather have someone talk about how painful boredom can be ( for instance) and how it can be relieved and such. Stuff FD was good in authentically getting into.

  84. Disney:

    Congratulations! (Right?) In another life I might have gone into government service so I could have the chance to do that wet work I was accused of before. (I love it when people project onto me. It’s so revealing.) I think it would have been real interesting. Alas, I ruined my chances of working for the “evil empire” that is the US government by not thinking things thru when I was in the military. I got out screaming I was on the verge of suicide and yes, dragging that therapist I talked into believing I was a multiple into sending his notes to the psychiatrist in charge of determining whether I should be discharged or not. I didn’t get myself then so I “lashed out”, as it were by jumping into and then out of the military using any words I could. Had I known then what I know now, I probably would have stayed where I was. Oh well, you live and you learn.

    Thanks for the well wishes, btw. I wish the same for you. You should be good to go security wise, right? I mean, no one knows you’ve commented here, you’ve been careful about revealing details about your personal life and no one has a need to trace your comments… I’ll admit, I don’t know much about digital forensics.

    Btw, my puppy/vagrant comment specifically referred to some videos I’ve seen recently on the internet. Some marine guys threw a puppy off a cliff and taped it for all the world to see, and some very bored teens somewhere in Eastern Europe bludgeoned a guy to death with a hammer/wrench like thing, again taping it for “posterity”. Geniuses. Now those are the guys who need to be telling us how they felt about what they did. Oh yeah, that’s right, they can’t because they’re either in jail or too busy killing other animals and vagrants to bother with a blog like this. I keep forgetting that “real sociopaths” have very full maiming and slaughtering schedules.

  85. DB

    Oh yeah the one hammer and something video right? Or three hammers, dunno. I remember that ( I looked everything up on that, I remember their faces in that area behind bars in the courtroom, I do suspect retardation on at least one of them, cause even light retardation in combinations withs socio- or psychopathy is really...killer.And Ive seen the puppy/dog fragment too, the dog was fine though...Yes those I would absolutely love to hear from. I would only want to talk to such guys behind bars though. I dont mind people who are emotionless but that video is just way, way too brutal for me. I bet those kind of guys have an attention span of like 2 seconds so I dont expect them to find them on a blog either. But again I would have no problem questioning the hell out of them just out of curiosities sake. Even normal people hide so much....I just love, love this crazy world.

    Thanks for the well wishes too. If I could make you blush I would throw a kiss but I guess it would be in vain. Hehe.

  86. Disney,

    You could just skip blowing kisses, and give him a blow job.

    I'm sure that would make him blush.

  87. DH

    I dont think that would make him blush at all, not even if you would do it, but thanks anyway!

  88. Disney,

    You stupid fucking prude. You'll be great for the CIA, living vicariously through spying on others.

    I'm sure he would like it. The redness on the face would technically be called "blushing".

    What penis doesn't like a blowjob?

  89. DH

    DH are you a sociopath? Is it true what I heard about female sociopaths that they use sex to gain all sorts of materialistic wealth?

  90. Disney,

    Are you wanting to study me, now?

    No thanks.

    They teach fellatio classes around. But, you'll have to pay.

  91. Jasnowflake:
    Fine, fine. Don't subject yourself to it. Nobody is stopping you from leaving, and nobody will care if you go. Is anybody shedding tears? Daniel? Dirty? Disney? Father Dearest? M.E.? UKan?

    What? No?

    Who the fuck are you talking to? Yourself? Love the sound of your own metaphorical voice?

    Quit bitching, delete your bookmark, and click the little X in the corner of the window.

    You blab on about a tired old topic, with a tired old interpretation of it, in that same, tired old superior tone. Yeah. We just don't understand.
    Yeah. We're narrow minded.
    Yeah. We're boring and dull.

    Yeah. Get a clue.

    We're waiting for quality content to discuss, you dumb cunt, and until we get it, we'll fight, bullshit, stroke our egos, and anything else necessary to alleviate boredom. Discussing an obvious interpretation of some stupidly out-of-context quote really isn't very entertaining or thought-provoking. I'd rather read some creative bullshitting and/or insults, or just visit another site. I know in that damaged little mind of yours, what you said was profound and more worthy of discussion than random bullshit, but I assure you it's not.

    Random > Stagnant.
    You, bitch, are stagnant.

    So go ahead and give me your typical "I don't need to address you, because I'm too narcissistic and you're too blah and stupid" cop-out, or better yet, just shut the fuck up, do what you implied you would, and vanish. Somehow, I don't think you can carry through with it.

  92. "You have to understand that he, like any good sociopath, lies by telling the truth. Oh! Sheep! Look over there! There's a shiny true and profound statement!"

    So true! LMAO!! I use the truth all the time at work to manipulate potential clients. They'll go from saying, "I'm not interested. It's handled." to "I'm not satisfied with the situation currently. You see, what happened was..." That phrase, "I need help" and "Let me step into my office..." are my 3 favorite phrases to hear at work.

    "As a side note, I’m not sure that most serial killers are actually psychopaths. I haven’t looked at any numbers yet though. It’s just a hunch, which goes along with the popular myth that all criminals must be psychopaths. "

    Daniel, I have a theory that a lot of serial killers are sociopaths. Take Eileen Warnof, for example. She showed sociopathic behaviors before she murdered anyone (sociopaths are well suited for prostitution, as we don't have the guilt, moral complex or emotional attachment empaths do). The first man would have killed her if she hadn't 1st killed him. It was the flight or fight instinct. She fought and got away. This is where I believe PTSD and psychopathic tendencies go hand-in-hand. She had some "slight" self-esteem issues and having the power over another person's life gave her a rush. Her next victim triggered a PTSD flashback, but also fed her enjoyment of killing, because it gave her such power over another person. By the end, the PTSD figured into it very little and the pleasure and rush of killing fed those psychopathic tendencies to do what feels good.
    I believe sociopaths have a certain sense of moral values, but these don't always parallel with those of society. I still can't figure out why prostitution is considered such a crime, for example. If I willingly provide a service to a willing client, what harm has been done? None at all. The Netherlands have the right idea. But the moral code I live by dictates that screwing over my employer, who is very good to me, would be wrong. If the employer screwed me over, then it would be a different story.
    Psychopaths are without conscience at all. They do what feels good and cannot comprehend why it's not ok to kill whoever they choose, to rape and pillage, to rip off innocent people of their life savings.
    The serial killers who killed because it was enjoyable are most psychopaths. Those who did it out of a need (to protect themselves, whether real or imagined), even if only to begin with, are probably sociopaths.

    FD, she'll be back. My boyfriend and I have had some very nasty exchanges and have parted ways a couple times, only to cool off and hash things out. We've finally stopped all the nonsense and are existing peacefully together. For now. :o) Seriously though, we both realized we had unrealistic expectations of each other and have worked a lot on communication. We can both withdraw emotionally very easily (both sociopaths), stop communicating and then delight in fucking with one another when the other makes a mistake. It's a vicious cycle. We're both working not doing it anymore.
    I'd say she's definitely Borderline with some sociopathic tendencies. Borderline PD sufferers often place people on pedastals quickly and knock them down equally as fast. They do it repeatedly with the same person. It's bizarre.
    And she is very much emotionally invested. Leave her alone for awhile, let her cool off and then talk to her a bit. If she was serious, she wouldn't have done this by email. It would have been either face-to-face or on the phone. When a woman can face you, say it's over and walk away, it means she's done.
    And yes Disney, female sociopaths make great prostitutes (or "High-End Escorts"), as I prefer to be called.

    FYI... My time is valuable. I ain't cheap, but I can be had. ;o)

    1. WildChildGirly: I like you. Let's get coffee.

  93. SM - I'm clearly not in jail, no, and I wasn't using a metaphor. I am in hospital.

    And: DH are you a sociopath? Is it true what I heard about female sociopaths that they use sex to gain all sorts of materialistic wealth?

    That's more the Borderline's trick. I think ME posted something about it some time ago.
    Also - I think the woman I talk about so sickeningly definitely has some sociopathic tendencies. I would not be surprised if her next assessment shows this. She knows how to always get what she wants.

  94. Hi Jack,

    She seems damn hardcore borderliner to me. She gets too attached and is then angry with herself and you for having that dependant feeling and tries to kid herself by rejecting you. AND what kind of sociopath thinks about using bleach on themselves? Plus she gets help for christsakes and takes it too.
    Im afraid your projecting your sociopathy on her;)

  95. What kind of hospital? A typical hospital or a mental health one?

  96. Anon,

    It's most definitely a mental health hospital.

    FD is nuttier than squirl shit.

  97. DH

    I think you should take note from Peter Pan; He is capable of being gross but at least being humorous at the same time. Youre just gross.

    I think FD is detained and 'chose' for therapy instead of jailtime as I remember it, and the person who landed him there actually dropped charges, so its not a big deal anymore anyhow.

  98. Disney,

    Well, then you should take a note from me...

    Why don't you suck Peter Pan's dick, too, after you're done with Daniel's?

    Yeah, you stupid whore...

    How's that for cerebral entertainment?

  99. DH

    Youre so easy to egg on. For some reason it gives me energy. I can just see you tripping over your little fingers to write me back.

  100. Disney,

    When did you start egging me on, you deluded cunt?

    You're starting to sound as narcissistic as Jasnowflake, except with worse punctuation, and more pathetic delusions of grandeur.

    Try harder, whore.

  101. DH

    Nope. Im done with you.

  102. Disney,

    I can hear a little growing narcissist in there, just wanting to get out.

    Shame, you won't let her out... you stupid spy.

    P.S. I hope they track you back here.

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. Daft,

    Yes -

    Doesn't make all the monkeys in the monkey house off limits!

    Disney's "blow you a kiss" had it coming.

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Daft and DH

    I dont have any material for you guys Im afraid.

  107. DH

    It will be wonderful

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. Daft,

    I'll have you know, Daft, that I procured that handjob for Daniel Birdick!

    The vag is still there.


  110. Well that guy needs one!

    - a too lazy to sign in right now Daft

  111. M.E. is very lazy it seems.

  112. blaming the sociopath is a sure way to stunt your own insight and growth

  113. blame everyone you'd like, never blame yourself that's the way to go, that way you're always perfect

    1. let me check the mirror
      guilty as charged
      p e r f e c t

    2. Perfect but

    3. yeah some ppl don't get a big word like perfect
      that's ok
      i still love you

    4. loooooooooooooong time

    5. Yeah, when you become stagnated you become delusional

    6. yeah i wish i was a smart narc like you

    7. no you are a indenial

    8. I'm not in Egypt

    9. This reminds me one my short friend. He's funny, but total attention whore... He keeps referring to himself as "Mr. Awesome" and I usually reply "for your height - yes" then he tries to defend himself and fails with every new sentence :)

      Point is - who cares if you're perfect or not?

  114. Anybody got a pen I could borrow ?

  115. I can hold a pen in my toe and paint

  116. Twitter Update
    "the sociopath's resistance to an emotional decision making allows them to pursue truth in cases were others would turn away."

    I think this is correct in emotional confrontations and scenes but the truth will always be tainted by their pd.

    1. Any stubborn person would act in the same way which means that M.E. is searching for similarities between nt's and pd's to prove that people with pd's are humans too :)

    2. why did you run away from the forum Mee?

    3. Maybe you remember an anon asking how to fix his computer? Well, he didn't and his phone only allows him to read forum in a list or threaded view which is good if you want to jump in and reply to the latest comment but is a total pain in the neck if you have to open up the whole conversion (and if you accidentally click "reply" you have to do it all over again)...

  117. Where is everyone :D

  118. Seeking dust bunnies beneath the sofa Monica x-)

  119. Disney, DB and FD were having a good, easygoing and easy-flowing conversation. They were all communicating like intelligent people. It was a treat considering the power struggles that goes on here and hinders worthwhile conversation like the mentioned three were engaged in. Then Sobrique the vibes killer came on the scene and squashed the conversation as if FD was asking him to guard his back. The solid conversation ended prematurely.

    Later on DH came on the scene with a nasty temper-tantum bawling for ATTENTION from Disney, DB and FD. Disney patronized DH with a bit of attention but DH was fitting for more. Disney simply dumped DH who it seemed went and curled up in a corner due to lack of attention.


    1. JohnC, your comments are valid, but it seems like you just need a good dicking to loosen up.
      Can't we all just get along?
      Farewell, lovely Daniel Birdick with your ever-balanced input. Ah, to be balanced.

    2. And Father Dearest, thank you for using the word "risable."


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