Monday, May 23, 2011

Sociopaths on the internet

A sociopathic reader from Brasil:
The internet is powerful because it forces us to a much more subtle and interesting game over people. It's the game of words, no facial expressions, no voice altering, no changing the way you carry yourself, just pure words creating havoc among our friends. Now I am not calculating every single word, but when on public forums and stuff like that, datamining and hierarchies are so damn interesting. You get to a forum knowing who are the natural leaders of that forum (just like real life), then you create plans in your mind to become friends with those leaders and eventually take over their power (which is pretty hard, normally you can easily ascend to a position at his side).

It's just like we do in real life, but it's much more harmless and serves as great training for manipulation, internet people on obscure forums will rarely ever affect you outside the forum and reach you. Even if you commit a mistake on the manipulation and fuck it up, you can just abandon those targets and jump to others. There's a whole world to be manipulated, mimicked and explored. This can be interesting when we sociopaths are bored of the uninteresting people that are around us.

But let me warn you, prefer the games that train your body or mind, this way you will have fun and also become a more capable predator, with skills that can be used generically at everything.

I would like to see the others opinion about this...


  1. I do think that the game is played differently online--you can develop a very edited voice & avoid the sort of "slip ups" that can happen in real life. Posting "anonymously" as I do, if you misspeak, you can claim your name was hijacked. Likewise, if someone is clever in your name, you can keep silent & take the credit.

    It's certainly easier for me to have conversations with my S (who might actually be a narcissist, fiik) via text or online--in person he gets my adrenaline to the point where I go silent lest I say something foolish. Which probably amuses him....

  2. What is this feeble drivel?

  3. Brasil,

    You have some points, but you bet you can affect people online just as much as you can offline!

    It's not easier or harder to do harm or win positions online, the techniques are merely different. It's a new environment, but not alien to what we already know.

    Compare it to large cities opposite small villages. You'd be more careful about f.x. killing or raping someone in a small village, because you'll be remembered. In a large city you'll hardly remember how your victim looked.

    Now we have the Internet, and though it's common to debate anonymously on public fora that have no admin function, it's becoming more common that people use web-cameras and microphones if they move beyond impersonal debate.

    You're not likely to become anyone's friend without a minimum of identification. So I'm not so sure about the intricate impersonality of the Net, not anymore.

    All that aside, I share your fondness of the linguistic quality of online action. I've met a few who surpassed me by far, which isn't hard to do as I'm dyslexic. But there's more than one way to skin a cat, y'know? Goes a good way for linguistics too!

    Games that train body and mind are, in my opinion, the only kinds of games worth playing. Thankfully there're lots to choose from!

    But let me warn you

    Why call it a warning? Why not a great promise? ;)

    Calling us predators is just another way of saying 'efficient at surviving' or 'good at providing and making life interesting while doing so'. To say that's bad is just prejudice (but you know that).

    So on that note my opinion is like your own.

    Good luck ahead!... '^L^,

  4. Hello red, hello Zeric,

    what time again did we get on?

  5. in person he gets my adrenaline to the point where I go silent lest I say something foolish

    Wrong. But do go on...

  6. u got on the crack at 3am zhawq when zeric turned u into his new junkie bitch

  7. red, you can only claim hijacking if you're behind a proxy. Otherwise you leave your trace.

    You can easily check if S is a narcissist. Here's how:

    Do S become emotionally hurt if you say or do something that makes him/her look bad? Do you sense S's image and how others see her/him is more than just a small egocentricity?

    Narcissists are easy to hurt, because their emotionally attached to how others see them. Sociopaths... uhm, vary, I guess (often they're pretty much like psychopaths, though the reasons for how they are may be different). Psychopaths are not attached to this kind of thing, it's all about power and control.

    With this knowledge, if S is a narcissist, but not of the more serious kinds, called 'malignant narcissists', you should be able to control her/him so that they don't abuse you emotionally.

  8. jc,

    I didn't ask you, boy! You keep silent when the adults are having serious conversation, hear?!

    And no more trolling either, you ain't old enough yet! Remember what happened to the previous twenty kiddies who did that? We ATE them, that's what!

    So you just heat my warning now!...

    (Yummy, newborn baby troll coming in!)

  9. shove my ip address up ur huge flabby ass zhawq sw is not for stupid narcs its for real psychos like me i have a online smeer campaign against my bf and he doesnt even know its me

  10. OP, it's far easier to seduce one's prey in the dystopian swamplands of cyberspace.

    Every day I set traps and trawl; select my lures and cast off.

    My prey, bless, are always too willing to tell me how I might devour them.

    Every picture tells a story, and my pictures tell the stories my prey most want to hear.

    In reality I'm a middle-aged man. But behind the screen, pushing buttons and pulling levers, I'm whoever you want me to be to create and sate your needs.

  11. I am being clever in the name of the red one

  12. I am the cleverest person in the universe

  13. Bow down to me in awe of my superior cleverness

  14. Then you leave me with no choice but to unleash Professor Chaos

  15. Good God, I can assure you that not all of us sociopaths are retarded.

  16. Wait you mean people are using the internet to do things like practice stuff? When did this happen? You all are liars. The internet is for porn and porn alone.

  17. ::laughs:: I haven't laughed in a couple days. Thanks guys.

  18. thanks, Kesu--I needed the laugh, too.

    Oh, and it's not porn, it's erotica.

    (& clearly, i'm only occasionally clever, Prof.)

  19. Isn't it suppose to be General Chaos?

  20. "The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved. To this type belong many lunatics and most of the tyrants of history."

    Bertrand Russell

    "It is far better to be feared than loved."

    The red queen in Alice in Wonderland

  21. No, Kesu, I believe it's The Dishonourable Control Freak.


  23. ^So narcs attack. And your point is?

  24. it was a interesting study

  25. Zhawq, thank you for the advice--I'm continuing to study his reactions & actions, as well as the reactions of others who get close to him. He's endured some rather image-injuring situations over the last year... at least one of which can be laid at my doorstep. It's an odd tangle, since I can be a bit of a narcissist myself, I'm afraid. Which he took advantage of for a time... until it backfired. (I endured smear campaigns in high school--the cyberbullying aspect was new, but I adapted.)

    Alas, I keep falling victim to my own sense of guilt for "ruining" his life here. It certainly isn't where it was before we got tangled.

    Stupid guilt. Which is not the same thing as regret, actually. Guilt is more an agony of situation--a situation that one feels unable to affect or effect. It is a sense of wronging another party and wishing for the other party to absolve you of the negative impact of your action or failure to act. I feel guilty for accidentally mangling bits of his life.

    Maybe that's part of the difference between regret & guilt... intent versus accident.

  26. did i ruin ur life? did i mangle bits of it?

  27. awesomly cool to be cool, like me. found out that I had developed mythomania yesterday. my goal was to think i was better than everybody else but the problem was that i started to think that i was worth much more than anyone else and felt that i didnt need to be among my friends anymore.

    and to all of you, i know you care about me <3

  28. You need harden the hell up, and that is coming from a fellow 'sociopath', this whole 'I'm so awesome and special, I must manipulate other people because I'm so cool...I'm a predator!' is starting to annoy me. Don't kid yourself, you not eating anyone.

    Most people love being given the attention, focus and interest only a person like 'us' can give. Sure, practice manipulation (though really, don't feel good about yourself when you manipulate a retard, do it when you do it to someone smarter than yourself), mimic away, but this self-satisfied smug approach 1/2 the users of this site have just means you going to be too caught up in your ego to actually learn properly the best way to really get into people's heads.

    Being stupid and egotistical annoys me, especially since there's a slim chance you carry a bunch of potential.

  29. "(though really, don't feel good about yourself when you manipulate a retard, do it when you do it to someone smarter than yourself)"

    There is no one smarter then me. More knowledgeable in an area yes but smarter no.

    "Being stupid and egotistical annoys me, especially since there's a slim chance you carry a bunch of potential."

    I agree with this. Know your limits, your downfalls, and your inadequacies. That way you can strengthen your weakest points. However, there is something to be said about unwavering confidence. Life isn't about walking the middle road. It is about having a firm grasp of both extremes. That way the entire spectrum is in your arms length and you can play any side at any time. Being able to switch between extremes is useful.

  30. i also agree. first i thought that thinking you were better than everybody else would make you become better than anyonelse.

    but then i realised that to become the best, I couldnt just watch everybody else around me. lie to myself over and over to get me think that i was better than them, i actually needed to get my ass in gear.

  31. Seriously what would give you the conclusion that you're better than anybody else? more money, longer relationships, more victims, more friends and allies, more time, more space, more peace, more control? So the more you can convince everyone that its the same for everyone the more for you to gloat?

    What's the opposite? Just replace all the 'mores' with 'less'.

  32. what i did was to repeat to myself that everybody around me was naive and simple and i was the only one that could understand what was going on. actually it was, long story.

    but it was then i realised that i needed to stop comparing myself to others and be so interested in myself. i thought that i could just slow down and relax,i didnt thought i needed to care about everybody else. it was then i understood that i had lied to myself so much that i didnt see the reality. i had lost it.

    anyways, my main point is that if you just focus on not comparing to others you will develop much faster than them because most of the people around you dont make an effort in life.

  33. @Reader: It's no harder or easier online.

    I've never looked at it as practice. I just do what I've always done.

  34. I'd never been on a blog before this one so the whole thing seemed unusual at first. It doesn't take long to figure it all out though. The only thing here that makes manipulation easier than in the real world is how easily you can change identifies. You can use that to play people off against eachother, start arguments and generally just wreak havoc without anybody knowing you're behind it.

  35. "Even if you commit a mistake on the manipulation and fuck it up, you can just abandon those targets and jump to others."

    That's how it works in the real world too. Or you can have another go at the same person.

    "Even if you commit a mistake on the manipulation and fuck it up, you can just abandon those targets and jump to others."

    It's never hard to tell when people are backtracking and saying your name got hijacked just makes you look even more stupid than the stupid shit that you're trying to cover up. It's also easy to see through most of the regulars who post as anons or under other screenames as well, which is why you have to make a complete change to pull it off.

  36. "if you misspeak, you can claim your name was hijacked."

    I meant to post that before the second paragraph. Actually no fuck that my name got hijacked. I never made that mistake hahaha.

  37. here's something to whack off to socios

  38. LOL. LOL@most of of the comments today.

  39. The other red oneMay 23, 2011 at 8:26 PM

    Red! How lovely to see you.  Are you sure you're not a blonde?    Here I thought you settled on Detente as the optimal strategy. My S' please be mindful of that possessive, He's not your pet.

    In person he gets my adrenaline to the point where I go silent lest I say something foolish. Which probably amuses him....

    Muppet, if he's an S, what amuses him is not your mute button. Much of the time he probably wishes he could find that. What he appreciates is your humiliation (if i recall correctly your little buddy's a sadistic chap) and his ability to reach inside you and make your mouth move.  From the study of my own subjects, I can think of several explanations for your silence.  All center on the lack of what prey would deem to be acceptable options.

    What you are experiencing is not ‘just adrenaline’ but ‘unspecified arousal’.  Your body has come online as it were and now your empath brain must decide how to interpret the change in chemistry. You're disoriented and intoxicated.  You don’t know whether to fight, flee or suck. You might actually think there's a third F here, but that would assume some mutuality in the exchange.  He believes he was born your better and doesn’t seriously entertain the notion of balance.  He only uses that language in so far as it serves him.  It will never matter how formidable you are Red, whether you speak to him or not, your friendship, as you view the concept, has no value.   Or maybe it was the other you that said that..

    You might want to get down on all fours for this next one.   It is also possible that given the animal you are, you may have frozen, as prey, hoping that if you do not move you will be camouflaged. Basically, that the predator will miss you and move on. In essence, if you are still, you will be spared.   Or maybe, you're just having a difficult time recalling the blood to your head.  Put down that joint or whatever else it is you do to self soothe, and you might just notice that ‘your friend the S’ isn't the only atavist.

  40. Jim The WifeBeaterMay 23, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    remebr to leve no marks gais

  41. He's endured some rather image-injuring situations over the last year... at least one of which can be laid at my doorstep.

    He's paranoid.

    Alas, I keep falling victim to my own sense of guilt for "ruining" his life here. It certainly isn't where it was before we got tangled.

    How do you know? Why do you care and if you do, why not leave?

  42. did i ruin ur life? did i mangle bits of it?

    No dear, you did not. If you can't differentiate between denigration and teasing don't play.

  43. hu m i misantrop?

  44. omg i r so confused by evil spaths what is illusion and what is reality i r so retarded i can no longer tell

  45. See how seductive we are, Mis?

  46. The truth is out there! I think...

  47. I think that it is much easier to start the grooming process online, particularly using "esoteric" forums.

  48. I wholeheartedly agree. Particularly when said forms incorporate narrative constructs that sell a version of the idea that can be identified with or responded to with some point of view (by the victim) and subsequently exploited (by the predator).

    How esoteric?

  49. PM--

    Looks like a fun project. I do like how clearly you've rendered the mechanics of the seduction. I really do get the sense they're "your human toys".

    I understand this might not suit your purpose, but if you'd care to broaden the appeal of your site, you might get into the victim's psychology a bit more. Note what sells best in erotica of this genre. Read the 2-3 stories that rise to the top and see what they have in common.

    It is in any event your blog has a brilliant name, excellent merchandising opportunities and I wish you the best with this newly minted venture!

  50. 7:59

    Aaahh hahahahahahaha

    My ex GOT ON THE PHONE w/ my new hairdresser to tell her to do a good job. I was like : oh no you din't.
    She and i were crackig up. I think I was trying on this lifestyle for fun, and laughing. I liked it. IT was Hillllarious to me. He was like a caricature. We would once in a while play these roles in public and watch people's reactions. It was a fun role for him. We had a LOT of fun. But....
    this guy believed this shit sometimes. It was so entertaining. But I think he thought he eally could manipulate me. I was fucking laughing. One day I came back from a weekend with friends, and came back with the smell of a different conditioner in my hair. He looked at me out of the side of his face. Next thing I knew I was outta there. Fuckin paranoid wacko.

  51. They're All My Little DollsMay 24, 2011 at 6:58 AM

    It's about time you started banging on about being the Puppet Master again. Although, I doubt you ever stopped...

  52. YakKety yak =DONT TALK BACK BITCHES.

    I bought me a mail order aisan bitch. Sleeps OUTside the door on the dog bed.

  53. I wanna suck ur cock adam. meet me for a beer later?

  54. nice try adam u looser I always knew u were a faggot glad to c ur out of the closset so i can beat ur cock luving ass

  55. fuck you jc.i'm outta this fuckin hell hole. going over to haven's blog. she wants me

  56. Bella, prank calling hairdressers is juvenile and unfunny. Please prank call sociopaths instead.

  57. LOL paranoid whacko.

  58. ALL sociopaths love to suck cock, and get their ass crammed with dick. they also really love sucking balls, at the time their nose is DEEP in hairy ass crack. GO SOCIOPATHS!!!

  59. I know this sociopath who was obsessed with me. They constantly demanded me to talk to them and would harass me continuously if I refused.. They cried for my attention and would chat with me for literally 4 hours without a break. They needed me to take out time for them, that alone was too much to ask for.
    Honestly sociopaths are not as clever and manipulating than how they make themselves to be. They make talk like an adult but they have the maturity of a 5 year old. I'm not even exaggerating. The sociopath I dealt with wasn't very bright. Yes, they lie and toy with people but that doesn't make them clever. I was able to spot their bullshit on the first day and he has been doing it for many years.
    I never bought into their lies. I still wonder why they were so obsessed with me.

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