Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seduction 101: Angelina Jolie

I read celebrity gossip. I find that even people who don't keep up on it regularly would rather talk about it than the weather if we have to small talk. People love idle gossip, and if you don't have any common acquaintances, celebrities are the next best thing (including, of course, politicians, sports stars, royalists, and every other person of note). Reading celebrity gossip is social research on many levels.

I was reading this ridiculous account of an interview with Angelina Jolie that probably took longer to read than the actual interview, but the interviewer did have some interesting comments about her subject/experience that indicate either seduction or socio or both, for instance: "I can't decide if she was teasing or serious. She has a way of saying things that can seem half like she's f-cking with you and half like she means every word."

Another example of some very good technique:
It's intimidating. Not just the looks but the whole aura. More than once that day, afterwards, I heard several journalists referring to her as "regal". She is very still, spare with her movements, not warm, not mean, but not, like, obsequious in the least; nice, but not gushy no way, and somehow you feel you need to please her - it's not a command, it's not like she's Julia Roberts who straight up tells you you're there to serve her, but there's something natural about it, like it's been ordained, something you don't question.
The sparsity of movements and words are key, the lack of things for the mind to focus on means that it will imbue the movements and words with additional meaning. It invites the observer to speculate, to try to get in your head and figure you out, which is exactly where you want them:
And then somehow the conversation came back around to me dating Dustin Hoffman's son and I told them that I've been married for almost ten years, and I remember when I said that, her eyes narrowed, just a little, like she was surprised, then maybe not that impressed. This was the exact thought that crossed my mind at that moment, trying to decipher her expression: maybe she thinks I don't have good sex anymore.
Good luck trying to decipher that unfathomable expression. And finally:
As I was leaving, as we do, I said to them both - it was great to meet you. She made strong eye contact, dipped her head, lifted up her eyes, and said "yes you too". Pure sex. You just don't have a chance.
Sociopath maybe. Skilled seducer, definitely.


  1. She has a sort of feral sexual power. Is that sociopathic? I don't think so. Do sociopaths have it? Certainly. Any good looking gal doesn't need to do much to seduce. But to seduce you, own you, and scare you, all at the same time? Not terribly common. That's why she stands out. There are better looking actresses out there, no doubt. But when you think celebrity sex appeal, you think Angelina Jolie. There's something positively ferocious behind those eyes. It's all she can do to contain it.

    1. No she's most likely a psychopath.

    2. I suggest you read up on her history abit more.

  2. I wish she would comment here

  3. You couldn't spot a sociopath if your life depended on it. She is far from a sociopath.

  4. Next we will be calling John Mayer a sociopath.

  5. Do you know, I don't find Jolie alluring. I find her hollow and contrived. Which is odd because she has the oversized facial features that I so adore in Dalle and Loren. Is she an artful self-promoter? Of course. But sexual seducer? Well, not to my mind.

  6. Is that a proven fact? never mind. She represents something compelling that attracts interest not unlike that in sociopaths or narcissists but as a woman. Puhlease don't reply that a man as a sociopath is tolerable but a woman socio is just ridiculous.

    Cute though how quick you are to want to label, of all things, a person who is a professional actress and a public persona. She and her publicist could make you believe anything you want and back it up.

  7. Touche, Asid. Jolie and her publicists have crafted 'Angelina' based on a bunch of compelling archetypes according to her work and personal circumstances at any given point in time. The troubled teen became the father's daughter who became the femme fatale who became the nurturer. Her film characters have always played a strong supporting cast to complement who she is in 'real' life at any given time, and vice versa, which makes her a very skilfully manufactured star. Kudos to them, I don't enjoy her films but I do enjoy their show.

  8. does all sociapaths have endametriosas

  9. hmmm...I think M.E. is trying to change his target audience. That would explain the recent increase in lame pop culture posters and his uncharacteristic remarks. He must have been doing some research on how to increase visitor volume.

  10. May 17, 2011 8:15 AM

    Its all about the Search Engine Optimization. Love Fraud overtook SW again so ME is working hard to change that.

  11. Perhaps we should ask Jerry Springer to host a Love Fraud vs. Sociopath World showdown.

    With the publicity one could produce a Tony Award winning Broadway musical with Gaga-like pageantry covering the themes of desire, love, betrayal, magical thinking, seduction and manipulation, power, instinct, rage, loneliness, death, leadership, our shared humanity, genius and redemption.

    A comedic tragedy.

  12. soulful it would only take one sociopath to take those love craving clowns down, let alone 4 or 5 we have on here.

  13. Regarding Jolie . . .
    When a woman is aligned with her deep creative fertility its entertaining to watch it flow.

    Power is a difficult thing to sustain. Many can be overwhelmed and become self-destructive. Even a brilliant publicist cannot completely clean up the fallen. Think of all the wanna be's who end up in rehab clinics repeatedly. In those cases, there was usually too much personal focus on self-satisfaction which is not regenerating in the long run.

    The opinions regarding her charity work and her extended mothering can bring up negative smirks, yet as a model of sustainability of energy its a reciprocity which is a positive working model.

    If you are depressed, go help someone who is; if you are lonely, reach out to someone who carries the same burden is a logical natural law of return on investment.

  14. Sorry I meant 2 or 3.

  15. Anon, yet just think of all the prime emotional drama for TV viewers. Perhaps in that case best to make the match even. 10 Love Fraud for every 1 SW. Gang warfare. Can ya take it?

  16. One million for every one, that is what a sociopaths life is worth.

  17. I always figured her for a beeper. And she was probably well and truly stoned for that interview, and trying not to show it.

  18. She's nothing special but I'd still fuck it.

  19. I'd peg Jolie as BPD or HPD before I'd go with socio.

  20. Have you taken my quiz? Which Famous Person Who May Or May Not Have a Personality Disorder Are You Probably Nothing Like? will shed light on your big questions about being lame ^_^

  21. Funny, I've always seen her like "I'm a bad girl because deep down I'm chasing my daddy's love".

    I do find her truly hot and seductive, but her "damaged goods" scent trumps the whole process. So instead of being enthralled by her hotness, I have a reflexive nurturing attitude.

    I think sociopaths would see her directly past the veneer and smell the fresh scent of her broken soul. In fact, I suspect she makes the prey type socios feel excited the be amused by.

  22. Pat yourself on the back and have a silver dollar.

    Anyone who puts themselves out there to sell as the bad boy or bad girl is going to show up as prey. That's just common sense. It doesn't matter if they are strong, or dangerous. If they feel the need to display such a mask, it shows that they are weak underneath it, ripe for the picking.

  23. "the fresh scent of her broken soul"
    AmoralBing wants to be a poet.

    Illusions can be broken, hearts and horses. Not souls. That's like claiming to break the wind.

    Harness or tarnish yes, broken never.

  24. Sociopath? I doubt it.
    But if she is, she's one hell of a good one.

  25. Don't worry, AMoralBeing. The scent of Eau d'Retard emanating from your post is potent enough that predators won't smell my glorious stench. Brad and I look forward to suckling the teat of a nurturing sociopath while wearing our Swarovski nappies. Where might we find such a delightfully paradoxical creature?

  26. Hardly, if she is a sociopath, she does a piss poor job of making herself seem normal.

    Of course you think shes Histrionic or Borderline. Wouldn't that be nice, to throw one more piece of meat into your sympathy vault. The poor damaged women, sociopaths? No, impossible. She's just (sexy) damaged goods.

    As if we need any more names in ours. We've had a good roster of famous sociopaths since before there was a written word. You can have Angelina if you want, there's always more sex kittens in the drowning pool to pick from.

  27. The most famous sociopaths of all time:

    1. Leonardo Da Vinci
    2. Michael Jackson
    3. Albert Einstein
    4. William Shakespeare
    5. John F. Kennedy
    6. Abraham Lincoln
    7. Martin Luther King
    8. Walt Disney
    9. Christopher Columbus
    10. Ludwig van Beethoven
    11. George Washington
    12. Napoleon
    13. Mozart
    14. Isaac Newton
    15. Princess Diana
    16. Cleopatra
    17. Elvis Presley
    18. Michelangelo
    19. Thomas Jefferson
    20. Pablo Piccaso
    21. Charles Dickens
    22. Gandhi
    23. John Lennon
    24. Benjamin Franklin
    25. Thomas Edison
    26. Vincent Van Gogh
    27. Neil Armstrong
    28. Oprah Winfrey
    29. Aristotle
    30. Marilyn Monroe
    31. Michael Jordan
    32. Bill Gates
    33. Keith Richards
    34. Mark Twain
    35. George W. Bush
    36. Mother Teresa
    37. Ronald Reagan
    38. Madonna
    39. Mohammad Ali
    40. Tom Cruise
    41. Paul McCartney
    42. Houdini
    43. Alexander Graham Bell
    44. Bill Clinton
    45. Plato
    46. Harrison Ford
    47. Edgar Allen Poe
    48. Tom Hanks
    49. John F. Kennedy, Jr.
    50. Spider Man
    51. John Travolta
    52. Clint Eastwood
    53. Eddie Murphy
    54. Britney Spears
    55. Sean Connery
    56. Elizabeth Taylor
    57. Hillary Clinton
    58. Justin Timberlake
    59. Sigmund Freud
    60. James Dean
    61. Jim Carrey
    62. Stephen Hawking
    63. Darth Vader
    64. Mick Jagger
    65. Alfred Hitchcock
    66. Julia Roberts
    67. Bill Cosby
    68. Dwight D. Eisenhower
    69. Charlie Brown
    70. Robin Williams
    71. Jack Nicholson
    72. Beyonce
    73. Michael J. Fox
    74. Bob Dylan
    75. Pele
    76. Whoopi Goldberg
    77. Ray Charles
    78. Meryl Streep
    79. Helen Keller
    80. Denzel Washington
    81. Paul Newman
    82. David Letterman
    83. Liberace
    84. Ernest Hemingway
    85. Neil Diamond
    86. Pamela Anderson
    87. Jane Austen
    88. C. S. Lewis
    89. Fred Astaire
    90. Steve Martin
    91. Bob Hope
    92. Frank Lloyd Wright
    93. Jesse Jackson
    94. Margaret Thatcher
    95. Magic Johnson
    96. Miles Davis
    97. Jessica Simpson
    98. Henry A. Kissinger
    99. Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis
    100. Chevy Chase
    101. Lucille Ball
    102. Vladimir Putin
    103. Kanye West
    104. Susan B. Anthony
    105. Michele Pfeiffer
    106. James Taylor
    107. Louis Pasteur
    108. Tyra Banks
    109. Lewis Carrol
    110. Weird Al Yankovic
    111. Willey Mays
    112. Andy Griffith
    113. Sigourney Weaver
    114. Julia Child
    115. Billy Crystal
    116. Steve Irwin
    117. Hank Aaron
    118. Mr. Rogers
    119. Yogi Berra
    120. Henri Mancini
    121. Walter Cronkite
    122. John Candy
    123. George Carlin
    124. Peyton Manning
    125. Benny Goodman
    126. Danny Glover
    127. Michael Landon
    128. Borat
    129. Tommy Lee
    130. Colin L. Powell
    131. Roy Rogers
    132. Carrie Fisher
    133. Anna Nicole Smith
    134. Nathaniel Hawthorne
    135. Howard Stern
    136. Norman Rockwell
    137. W.C. Fields
    138. Bob Newhart
    139. Mae West
    140. Alicia Silverstone
    141. Carol Burnett
    142. Shirley MacLaine
    143. Arthur Ashe
    144. Bill Hicks
    145. Peter Jennings
    146. Norman Schwarzkopf
    147. C. G. Jung
    148. Chuck Yeager
    149. Phil Donahue
    150. Ashley Simpson
    151. Elizabeth Dole
    152. William F. Buckley, Jr.
    153. Dan Aykroyd
    154. Jimmy Conners
    155. Gloria Steinem
    156. Paul Harvey
    157. Dr. Seuss
    158. Terry Bradshaw
    159. Andy Rooney
    160. Ross Perot
    161. Dan Rather
    162. Carl Sagan
    163. Tom Brokaw
    164. Newt Gingrich
    165. Charles Everett Koop
    166. Marilyn Vos Savant

  28. teh socio sees her as weak, when she does charity work and adops nigges this is all weakness to the socio

  29. Right. Because any of this is ever so important? Oh wait.

  30. What a random list. It's like you just listed anyone who ever acted like an a not-perfect person.

    Neil Diamond? Weird Al Yankovic?

  31. Cesare Borgia was the biggest socio ever.

  32. Dr. Seuss was clearly pathological: glib or what?

  33. Khadafi is a malignant narcissist like Saddam, saddam was so paranoid he had his own personal food tester. These are the most ruthless type.

  34. i think it's only a matter of time before a celeb 'comes out' as being psychopathic. perhaps an actor who stops getting work and needs some publicity. there's no such thing as bad publicity...
    i'd say christian bale in a few years time.

    angelina - no way. she's just had an abnormal upbringing making her social niceties appear slightly odd.

  35. that list is pretty fucking random - darth vader at 63, lol

  36. Robert Blake has classic P/N eyes.


  37. There's this study mentioned in I, Psychopath, on wich scientists concluded that sociopaths have a good eye for reading people. They can, for instance, spot a sexual assault victim in a crowd. I agreed firsthand because I can feel where this comes from, even though I'm an empath.

    On a side note, I hate poetry, and yeah I'm paradoxical.

  38. bloody bill


  39. @Notable

    She's a celebrity. She doesn't NEED to seem normal, it's actually expected of her to be odd. But she's found a mask that lets her be odd, lets her play different people or modify her behavior on the fly, AND she still get's people fawning over her. If she's a socio, this is probably fucking heaven for her.

  40. I am baking cookies. Does that make me sociopathic.

    Chocolate chip! . . . the dark side.

    This argument over who is a socio or not has a circle aspect to it. In the outer world it's a game of hide and denial. In the SW wilderness there is this crazy contest for pedigree.

    Darth Vader likes my cookies.

  41. AMoralBing, and I can spot your self-hatred . . . you poet.

  42. I think Christian Bale brings his own brand of crazy to pretty much anything he does... Even in innocuous roles, there just seems something... Off about him. P/S? Maybe. I dunno. I haven't seen any interviews with him, only his movies.

  43. do u beleive that saying that one can spot a P by the eyes? i think it is true...

  44. why did he stare at me then ignore me then not meet my eyes...

  45. I like Christian Bale, he has that magnetism that other actors lack, he is like Charlie Sheen in that he doesn't give a fuck. I think Bale and Sheen would be the only two who could pull of portraying a psychopath in a movie. Anthony Hopkins as lectar didn't work because he was undesirable as a character, old and bad looking. American psycho worked so well because men could identify with Bateman a young, handsome, arrogant, misogynist who was rich and had style, the beautiful face of narcissism.

  46. do i remind u of christian bale?

  47. Sociopathic eyes when happy, excited or in seduction sparkle like jewels. They avoid as a show of dominance, hyper focus or pensive anxiety.

  48. Do any of you sociopaths use safelinking for downloads and think that the part that asks you to prove you are human by dragging a heart into circle find it mocking or amusing?

  49. you sociopaths - is that like you thieves, or you vampires, you bullies or you zombies

  50. @F-the a, thieves and vampires, pretty high functioning, bullies- low functioning and zombies way too slow.

  51. ANGELINA: Tiger, tiger, burning bright
    In the forests of the night,
    What immortal hand or eye
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    THIEVES: In what distant deeps or skies
    Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
    On what wings dare he aspire?
    What the hand dare seize the fire?

    VAMPIRES: And what shoulder and what art
    Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
    And when thy heart began to beat,
    What dread hand and what dread feet?

    BULLIES: What the hammer? what the chain?
    In what furnace was thy brain?
    What the anvil? What dread grasp
    Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

    ZOMBIES: When the stars threw down their spears,
    And water'd heaven with their tears,
    Did He smile His work to see?
    Did He who made the lamb make thee?

    M.E. Tiger, tiger, burning bright
    Changing your target audience of the night,
    What immortal ULR or eye
    Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

  52. It's intimidating. Not just the looks but the whole aura. More than once that day, afterwards, I heard several journalists referring to her as "regal". She is very still, spare with her movements, not warm, not mean, but not, like, obsequious in the least; nice, but not gushy no way, and somehow you feel you need to please her - it's not a command, it's not like she's Julia Roberts who straight up tells you you're there to serve her, but there's something natural about it, like it's been ordained, something you don't question.

    I get this description or something very similar on a regular basis.

    My problem, until recently, is that I never took such comments very seriously or equated it with real and useful power.

    I just figured that everyone was retarded.

  53. do my eyes sparkle like jewels? do you know that you're aloof?

  54. Jewels? An aloof sparkel like blue diamond caverns.

    Medusa everyone is not retarded. Just not spesul. They played this motif indirectly in the storyline of the recent film "Limitless"

  55. Gimme Gimme MoreMay 17, 2011 at 11:45 PM

    NZT as a metaphor for the potent use and misuse of power in everyday life, hmmm?

  56. Good god, Soulful, my eyes do not sparkle they glower with intent. For they are not blue diamond caverns but ever-inward-circling black holes of menace and ill will that summon all who dare to peer into them to certain doom. Just sayin'.

  57. I mean, retarded because they noticed something in me that I didn't. Not consciously, anyway. Not really.

    Either that, or I was the retarded one and everyone was just being patronizing.

    I will put that movie on my download list.

  58. from little things big things don't always grow *plucks a seed and plants a weed*

  59. r u growing pot anon

  60. Hilarious NZT drug ad promo from film "Limitless" http://www.movieviral.com/2010/12/10/limitless-viral-nzt-mails-out-drug-samples/

  61. Black holes of menace and cosmic dust pulsating into doom's boom.

    Ahhhhh your eyes are like the Big Bang Theory.

    (Carl Sagan made it on the long winded and controversial sociopath list)

  62. Two gold stars of doom's boom for two less desperately contextual links today, Soulful ☆☆

  63. All hope is lost. Two stars is not enough to keep me on this precarious pedestal of playful logic.

    Yes, Sagan was quite dull.

  64. my dearest soulfulpath,

    this moment i have set myself 2 copy sum verses out fair. i canot proceed w any dgree of content. i must wrte u a line or 2 & see if that will assist in dismissing u from my mind 4 eva so short a time. upon my sole i can think of nothing else!!! the time is past when i had power 2 advise & warn u against the unpromissing morn of my life!!! my luv has made me selfish. i canot exist w/o u!!! i am forgetful of evry thing but seeing u again!!! my lif seems 2 stop there!!! i see no furthr. u have absorbd me. i have a sensation @ the present moment as tho i was dissolving!!! i shud b exqisitly misrable w/o the hope of seeing u. i shud be afraid 2 seprate myself far from u. my sweet soulfulpath, will your hart never change? my luv, will it? i hav no limit now 2 my luv!!! I canot be happier away frm u!!! it is richer than an argosy of perls. do not threatn me even in jest. i hav bin astonished that men culd die marters 4 religion!!! i have shudderd @ it!!! i shudder no more!!! i culd be marterd 4 my religion!!! luv iz my religion!!! I culd die 4 that!!! i culd die 4 u!!! my creed iz luv & u r its only tenet!!! u have ravishd me away by a power i canot resist, & yet I culd resist til I saw u, & even since I hav seen u i have endeavrd offen "to reeson against the reesons of my luv." i can do that no more!!! the pain wuld b 2 graet!!! MY LUV IZ SELFISH!!! I CANOT BREETHE W/O U.

    urs 4 eva

  65. i have a sensation @ the present moment as tho i was dissolving!!!

    Are you a Beeper, JC?

  66. "What hope have we to discern 'truth' when our entire existence is build and propagated upon a complex and fragile structure of myths and lies."

    Ah the cold comfort of science. They say 3 points have been identified in our brain which controls lust, attraction and love. Do not loose hope loyal minions, for one day you too will share in the mysterious bounties of the sociopath.

  67. Um, you know that's a photo of Jolie not Soulful, right JC?

  68. ...the mysterious bounties of the sociopath.

    Oh dear, it's time to wheel out the pirate analogy again. On that note, I must jump ship.


  70. Asid, myths are pattered stories which deliver a certain type of truth.

    JC is playing a game, a lie. Yet the eternal story of unrequited love is a reoccurring pattern in social dynamics. And therefore our game could be true. There is natural law and then delusion.

    Do tell of the mysterious bounties?

  71. Isn't that an oxymoron? In fact what purpose would a debate about 'types of truth' serve?

  72. I'm a bit surprised that no one here has yet to comment on fact that jennifer aniston has said on more than one occasion that badd pitt had "lacked an empathy chip"

  73. She never said that! Strauss Kahn's maid was the one who said that.

  74. Blake was recovering from a relationship that had culminated in a refusal of his marriage proposal. He recounted the story of his heartbreak for Catherine and her parents, after which he asked Catherine, "Do you pity me?" When she responded affirmatively, he declared, "Then I love you." Blake trained her as an engraver.

  75. In his mind, his desire for her and her's for his was one. He loved her but she was only using her left brain.

  76. Medusa

    In reading the link I see that we may have known the same socio....hmmm how interesting....

    I am sure that he was fascinated by my ablity to "see him," and we both learned much from each other. I guess Id like to share some of that beauty, but i think he is self- aware, and i would not be surprised if he reads here. I certainly would not want to out him, as I like him, and have forgiven him for treating me badly. I think he has forgiven me, too. I did my share of disrespecting him, and driving him to feel threatened. It became a compulsion with me. -But i had never met anyone like him before.

    He would like a friendship (he says. --nnnnnot convinced but will tell you why i think it is possible:

    I thought rationally and yet remained independent, which he admired. He told me that i had a strong personality, I told him that i wasn't sure whether he was capable of acquiring his goals(my bad)re: his quest for a sustainable relationship. i accepted it, and he said to me: "kind of like taking the good with the bad?" regarding my patience with him.

    He was lovely, and had an open mind, and although he sucked the life out of me, we learned a great deal from one another. he did teach me to be more selfish, and it rubbed off in a good way. the sad thing, for me, a bit, is that i am currently mourning the fact that i lost some innocence. However, I'm getting over that. He was older and wiser, and truly, i think i needed to grow up. He told me to "stay lovely," and i'm following his advice.

  77. 5:43 than maybe i was listening to a talk show that got the facts mixed up

  78. Just messin with you to see how geeked out we can get bout actors :)

  79. oh. ha. heheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    scrabady gragedy
    mishmash bedash yip yip ca ching!

  80. do u want to out me scorpion bby? do u like me scorpion bby? has u forgiven me scorpion bby? im so srry if I made u cry scorpion bby! I coudn help it bcoz i are sooo retarded scorpion bby! im so graetfl that u forgiven for douting u scorpion bby! i will let u carry me across the river scorpion bby! u r a wise eldar just promise u wont sting me scorpion bby! k? lol

  81. @6:00am you are a muppet

  82. if ur both frog and scorpion, you have nothing to worry about. unless scales become tipped. then again sometimes it's hard to tell .....

    what do you think of that mr froggy?

  83. no, i am a good little monkey, 6:33

  84. no, i am a good little monkey, 6:33

    I'm not interested in a friendship with my ex. Is that what a muppet is? im not acquainted with that terminology

  85. froggy don't cry. atleast not over you

  86. narcs are retards fer sher

  87. but you do me good. tx!

  88. The caverns, a day trip to Capri. Do remember to leave the cave as the tide rises and of course, Enjoy.

  89. i have been to capri.the grotto is so beautiful. have you really been there?

  90. Badpenny, we never lose all our innocence. We only gain in wisdom, experience and presence (our power base). What innocence was crushed needed to be. Yet a heavy heart can be a 'boxed in' burden.

    "Innocence of heart and violence of feeling are necessary in any kind of superior achievement." Louise Bogan

    You wrote "He told me to "stay lovely," and i'm following his advice." He meant internally.

  91. Sausee, seesaw:

    Pompeii, Capri, same port old sport.

    I am interested in anything that destroys the known and fraying universe and dances the world into motion anew. Sometimes its the daily wash and other times volcanic. Beauty floes/flows.

    (We are all fire, water, earth and/or air. Some are purer than most but almost none go untempered.)

  92. "innocence of feeling and violence of heart are necessary to achieve total dominance"

  93. f*ck socios, who even gives a flying f*ck?

  94. then does that make superman a flying sociopath?

  95. woman who fly upside-down have hairy crack up

  96. "You couldn't spot a sociopath if your life depended on it. She is far from a sociopath. "

    actually is it possible to spot a Sociopath. I've lived with one for 17 years. My brother has lived with one for 21 years. And my mother has been married to one for 25 years and knew him 3 years previous to that.

    He has every symptom and sign. He has the most uncanny way of getting out of trouble. He lies about the most apparent things. He says something then 5 minutes later he'll say he didn't.
    Everyone thinks he's nice and he's funny. All my friends think he'd be a blast to live with. I tell them that it's torture. No one sees this except me and my mom.

    If anyone is living with a Sociopath and needs help/advice or have some advice you can offer me,
    Please e-mail at ReeferxBaby@yahoo.com
    I don't know if this blog is still recent at all and still has viewers. But oh well c:

  97. Jolie was diagnosed with sociopathy whilst still in High School. It's obvious that she has this condition. She couldn't care less about refugees or anyone else - but she loves to benefit from the apparent accolades for her faux humanitarian work. She is one very sick woman in my professional opinion, but she's holding on to her mask of sanity with every ounce of her being. I believe she will be exposed sooner or later. Even her alleged preventive double mastectomy was employed in an entirely self-serving manner.

  98. Jolie was diagnosed with sociopathy whilst still in High School. It's obvious that she has this condition. She couldn't care less about refugees or anyone else - but she loves to benefit from the apparent accolades for her faux humanitarian work. She is one very sick woman in my professional opinion, but she's holding on to her mask of sanity with every ounce of her being. I believe she will be exposed sooner or later. Even her alleged preventive double mastectomy was employed in an entirely self-serving manner.

  99. she has said things and done things that do elude to the idea that she is a sociopath. I think she has channeled it a new direction since Brad Pitt.She is getting the accolades and attention she needs from being with brad and having the kids and the "humanitarian" work. These things alone give her 1. superficial charm that the general public and the press eat up and gives her and 2. grandiose sense of self that she thrives on. Both of those thing are characteristic of a sociopath

  100. Word is she's a drug addict. Why get surgery for cancer you don't have? The more you think about it the less sense it makes. It's been noted that her NYTimes Op Ed employed a lot of high quality persuasion techniques. I highly doubt that she squeezed studying an English or Communications degree in on her off time so I'm guessing it's the work of a great ghostwriter. One who she hired to spin whatever it was she wanted to cover up.

  101. The first celebrity to pop into my mind when I think sociopath: Michelle Rodriguez

  102. Idiots.She is a borderline with few antisocial personality disorder traits.She kept blood in valves as a teenager,and admitted herself for suicide tendencies.She has been part of no violent history so far.She has a terrible relationship with her dad.She loves her football team of kids and probably is sane now,because she cannot be abandoned anymore and has reasons to love.The most terrible thing she has done is seduce Brad Pitt from her ex wife,another borderline trait.She seems promiscuous yet deeply in love.You have probably not seen a borderline person acting out,as most of them contain their sense of damaged self in.Not all borderlines commit suicide.She is part of ridiculous amount of humanitarian organizations and tends to stay mysterious to people,probably cause she knows she would get attached to them.

    Borderlines don't have a self image to ,are part of erratic relationships and are charming.Out of that stupid list someone gave above,listing almost everyone with personality disorders who are great as sociopaths,I can think of only Albert Einstein and Gandhi as one who would be high functioning yet somewhat benign sociopath (You would notice none of the two gave a damn about their sons and family,yet were very stuck to their cause) .

    Don't be so proud of yourself ,low functioning sociopaths are irrational,stupid,and wreck their life too.But Angelina Jolie is none of the two.You should read her stories,before making assumptions based on her acting.


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