Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sociopath song of the day: aestimatus sum


  1. nice tones to the voices and nice harmonies, sad and beaufitul

  2. haunting, invokes an inner darkness.

  3. i used to like this song:


    i like this at: 2:50

  5. boy I wish i has a delete button, lol

  6. I was in a romantic relationship with a sociopath. His charm was so powerful or my character so weak, it was hard to get away form him. Luckily, he died. Otherwise, I think he would have literally destroyed me. Actually, he kind of did destroy me as I am totally a less-confident, less-ambitious, less-caring, less-trusting, and pretty much less-human after being 'tricked' repeatedly. I definitely am a sucker for 'pity ploys' which is a common tactic for sociopaths and have an overly-developed sense of loyalty. Since I promised to be loyal to him, it was my own sense of loyalty, through thick and thin, that kept me on. Luckily, he died. It was the only reason I am 'free' of him.

    Also, I believe my sister and mother were narcissists, which is kind of related to sociopath but different. It was really hard to get away from the narcissists as they were family and again I have an overdeveloped sense of 'duty' in that they always needed help, or money, or use of me as a social accesory to inflate themselves. Luckily, my mother died and so I wasn't stuck in that toxicity anymore and her death allowed me to extract myself from the toying trap of interacting with my sister.

    So, with sociopaths who are clever and charismatically powerful, it is hard to get away. Pretty much death is the only way out. And it is either you or them. So far I have made it out alive .,. though nearly driven to suicidal madness with their bullying... I hope I never get into any entrenched 'familial' or entrenched business tryst with any more sociopaths/narcissists. In my experience, death is the only way out. (in case you are wondering, no, I didn't kill them.)


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