Saturday, March 6, 2010


Sent to me by a reader. If you magnify the icon of Leopard's text editor (TextEdit) for mac computers you see the following:


  1. i would have to say....''OH HELL YA!!!!'

  2. The magical point where the rebel becomes the revolutionary...

  3. This seems to apply more to actual "crazy" people, such as manic depressives, schizos, etc., but not psychopaths/sociopaths. It's the mentally "ill" who are typically the visionaries in society.

    M.E. seems to be suffering from a bit of narcissism lately.

  4. the rebels and misfits, and other round pegs in square holes, change things from the outside. sociopaths would be the square pegs "working" from within.

    johnny left out the shapeshifters.

  5. Not really, Ishtar. You probably associate more with what you listed as being "visionaries", which is why you're making that point. Don't worry, feel special ... it's all good.

    Sociopathic traits correlate with entrepreneurial traits, and high originality is often associated with a brain that ... is rerouted to express near perfect rationality at the expense of normal emotions.

    Manic depressives are too fucked up to accomplish anything without being medded up to oblivion. Was Henry Ford a poor little manic depressive, so delicate and misunderstood, or was he more likely a sociopath with a powerful vision and nothing to stand in his way? I WONDER. HRMMMM.

    Sociopaths are most commonly found in executive positions and other places of power, authority, and vision. The smart, hardworking ones accomplish good things for society, and the lazy/dumb ones are just pathetic criminals.

  6. Not really, Ishtar. You probably associate more with what you listed as being "visionaries", which is why you're making that point. Don't worry, feel special ... it's all good.

    You obviously haven't read any of my prior posts, otherwise you'd already know by now what I am.

    I bet it makes you feel special to feel as if you know more about a sociopath than an actual sociopath/psychopath. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  7. Do you have any reasoning/arguing ability? You're falling flat my friend, verbal skills are one of the few things that make this condition tolerable.

    That, and it's way easier to get laid and get jobs... sticking with things, not so much.

    Anyway, seeing through the rules, laws, and structures of society for what they really are, and having the intelligence and wild energy to use that for your own benefit, is definitely not something I associate with manic depressives, who are really just pretty loony.

    People with mania can have some visionary ideas, but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the rebel/entrepreneur spirit in that nice little graphic posted.

  8. Do you have any reasoning/arguing ability? You're falling flat my friend, verbal skills are one of the few things that make this condition tolerable.

    Who says I'm interested in entertaining an argument with you? You're obviously thoroughly convinced of your own argument, so why should I waste the time trying to convince you otherwise? Unless you're someone who as any direct impact on my life, or if you've introduced a point I am interested in, then there really is no point then is there? Isn't it enough for you to be entertained by your own limited experience in life?

    Or, are you merely bored? If you were truly interested in learning anything, you wouldn't be here trying to invalidate others' arguments with petty personal remarks would you?

    I'll admit that I come here occasional when I'm bored, and I certainly don't expect to learn anything new about myself from an empath.

  9. "Here's to the crazy ones... The ones who see things differently"

  10. ^ Exactly. Sociopaths don't see things differently, we see things for what they are, while still being able to appreciate the beauty in insanity. What we can do, however, is take those groundbreaking ideas and integrate them efficiently in society, if those who create them cannot.

  11. lame and self-indulgent

  12. Isn't reality just another perception in a way? We have these perceiving organs and they take in information and we organize it according to who we are. So reality is our truth. But since it is a truth of an individual, isn't reality then a group of truths interacting? If that makes any sense. Actually, many may not be aware of their truth so then reality may be a construct of interacting truths and unawares or perhaps reality is just a journey to truth, which may have no favor, that we all walk.

    Perhaps reality is this moment and nothing more.

  13. seeing thing differently could just mean seeing things as they are, as many may not.

  14. Perhaps reality is this moment and nothing more.

  15. if, as you argue, sociopaths have the monopoly on seeing things as they really are, then i, an uber empath have a 'sociopathic' worldview. so it's not exclusive to socios, sorry.

    i liked the main post, as it's what i've said myself.

    owning your difference is crucial, or you'll fall by the wayside, always tragically. these are the ones that the best stories and movies are made about. the most compelling characters, living for its own sake with no need for further explanation. instead, they spend their lives educating others, making them see the wood from the trees in their lives, and the pedestrian nature of it all is irritating. they get bored and restless.

    uber-empathic and sociopathic visionaries: those by virtue of their INSTINCTUAL integrity never pander to the rules that modify and contain their basic natures.
    that integrity is not a choice on their part, just a neurological reality. they simply can't be any other thing than an 'extreme'.

    their vision/contribution is invariably about getting us back to our basic reality. they are anti-culture by default.

    by the by, i'm not romanticising anything. i maintain that the extremes create the quickest, most dramatic changes in society, whether they are deemed positive or negative is irrelevant. they make things happen is my point.

    i'm also not equating the value of the socio to the uber empath, as they are polar opposites, and i am avoiding value judgements here.

  16. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A great read. |


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