Saturday, August 1, 2009

Conversation with a friend

Friend: I sort of want to spend a week in Milan or something. The city is supposed to be really frenetic though

M.E.: Maybe you should go more in the countryside?

Friend: Yeah, although it might get boring in the country by myself. In the city, there is always something to do. And also, I feel less in danger because more people around. I dunno if you have watched the Italian news, but like, it is a little like Austria -- creepy women kept as slaves in basements in rural villages.

M.E.: That happened one time!

Friend: Not one time. It happened a lot of times!

M.E.: Ah, a few times, and suddenly Austrians are perverts.

Friend: I dunno about so suddenly...

M.E.: Ha you're right. Austrians are nasty.

Friend: Okay, the fact that this has happened more than once is not shocking to you?

M.E.: Okay yes, it's shocking. In fact, they should outlaw basements in Austria.

Friend: Well if they are not responsible enough to have basements without making prisoner families then no, they should not have basements.

M.E.: Interesting how it is always within the family too.

Friend: Yuck


  1. Not sure what the point of this was, but here's what I took from it: Empath Libertarians are really hard to find. Like, incredibly hard. I have to try and convert people if I want someone with a similar viewpoint to talk about freedom.

  2. Or M.E. is starting to lose his mind, but I doubt that.

    I think the point of this was to recreate a conversation in which he manipulates his friend through suggestive conversation, making her second guess and then finally change her views on the people in the place of her would-be trip.

    Based on the thing said by the friend, I figured it was a chick, though maybe not.

    M.E. was mostly bored when he did this. I could be wrong though....

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  4. "Friend: Okay, the fact that this has happened more than once is not shocking to you?"
    I myself have a lot of trouble with that sort of thing, Why would something you already know or guessed at be shocking? or are such events and people so evil in the public mind that no matter how often they are brought up it should always be interesting to you?
    Also Austrian family's sound pretty close to me or are they just so stupid they did not notice the insane rapist peoples living with them? XD

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