Sunday, August 30, 2009

Raising a sociopath child (part 1)

Although I support sociopathy as an alternative lifestyle, I understand how important it is for kids to be perceived of as being normal, or at least not leave a paper trail of abnormality that will follow them into their adult life (e.g. messed-up children of the most recently discovered abductee turned sex-slave).

Parents and school officials have become ultra sensitive to (read: intolerant of) abnormal behavior in children. That's not going to change in the near future. The key for parents is not to handicap their children even more by buying into the normalcy hype. A parent asks:
I was surfing around your log and I like it so far. I have a history of sociopathy in the family and now have a child whom I am wondering about. I do not like the general feel of searching this on the net cause all I am coming up with "Hopeless" "dead end" "stay away!" That is not how I roll. ;) I was wondering if you have any resources or thoughts on how to approach this in a more positive manner? (I dont even know where to start - I have been in contact with a school official about the issue)

I would love it if you and I could exchange an email or 2! I am feeling very alone right now.


  1. M.E., I hope you respond to the question that the parent asks you. I think we would all agree that most of definitions of sociopaths are overly bleak and hopeless. However, on the other side, we often hear sociopaths present an overly romantic (and often very unrealistic) view of their condition.
    We rarely hear any discussions of what sociopaths do to "heal thyself." Why is that? The common answer would be that sociopaths don't want to heal themselves. But is that really the socipath matures in life, doesn't he want to heal or at least adapt?

    This does not seem to be discussed much...what can sociopaths do to heal themselves?

  2. Anon, the only answer you're likely to get is something along the lines of, "Healing implies there is something wrong. Adapting is we do best."

    Good luck.

  3. As someone with 'tendencies', I wish my own parents had been more astute about helping me . . . I might have liked them more.

    If I had to coach a kid with similar tendencies, I think describing socializing behavior in the context of 'games' would be helpful . . .

    "This is how we play to stay out of trouble."

    "This is how we play to get what we want."

    Share stuff sometimes, so you can take stuff other times. Things like this would have been enormously helpful to me.

    . . . as a child, even if you're good at dissimulation, in the real world you'll never be good enough. Lot's of people with 'tendencies' are likely not often honest about painful formative experiences. Just because we're not often honest.

  4. Perhaps if my mother was as open-minded as this emailer, I wouldn't have killed her and wasted my formative years in the juvenile justice system.

  5. This site is still on the serial killing wierdos phase. Perhaps because all the attention given to wierdos like the child kidnapper and that wierdo that shot up that gym.

  6. so whats new guys? rehab was shit lol,

  7. Peter Pan said, “Harry's Code.”

    LOL! I was thinking the same thing.

    Hey, Tink, how’ve you been?

  8. Anon on 8/31 at 5:15 said, “ Lot's of people with 'tendencies' are likely not often honest about painful formative experiences.”

    And by painful formative experiences you mean what exactly?

  9. hey Daniel, im good thanks, looks like iv missed a load of articles, but i can't be bothered to read them all. lol

  10. Weird how people seem to think you can fix something by just thinking about it. There isn't medication for sociopathy, and most likely very limited therapy for it too. If we wanted to fix ourselves, we couldn't.

  11. I'm a female sociopath,
    I was looking up some information finally about something,
    thats neither here nor there however,
    and stumbled upon you'r blog,
    and I actually enjoy it.

    And of course, I just wanted to explain my outrage on the stereotypes of all sociopaths being evil.

    I mean,
    we're not all waiting outside windows with knives.

    Silly people,
    keep writing and such.

  12. Psychopath and sociopath aren't the same

    And ASPD is pretty much official term for a sociopath

  13. I DID RESEARCH I am right you are wrong!

    You don't become a sociopath being born it

    Bad parenting and bullying and other environments CREATE sociopaths

    I am a psychopath.. You are BORN a psychopath there is no avoiding it

  14. :D I want to kill my self :D

    *kills my self*



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