Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aspies in the news

Aspies are like the prom king of personality disorders. That's right, you heard me aspies. I called you personality disordered. Money quote of how much people love aspies, discussing the film Adam:
"Mr. Mayer, 54, grew up on the Upper West Side and was interested in developmental psychology before being drawn into theater and film. He says the inspiration for “Adam” came when he heard a radio interview about Asperger’s while driving in California and became so “emotionally involved” that he had to pull off the road."
Imagine if people wrote this sort of stuff about sociopathy:
“Adam is about life, not his disability,” said Jonathan Kaufman, the founder of the Manhattan-based consulting agency DisabilityWorks Inc., who worked as a technical adviser on the film. “It uses his Asperger’s as the lens that colors his life, not the central focal point. It’s about relationships, love, family. The illness is not separate from the person.”
Yeah, I think it is tragic that they have no empathy, are completely focused on one thing (themselves), and are a leech on society's resources. Who else does that sound like? Can we be your prom queen, aspies? We're meant for each other.


  1. I think I would rather have an aspie playing with my kid than a sociopath. Unless of course, the play was unsupervised, in which case I would not allow play with the sociopath at all.

  2. they might not be an awesome influence on anyone but i have never read anywhere that sociopaths are incestuous or child abusers per se?

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  4. peter pan

    do you consider yourself a sociopath ( and i dont mean do you agree with the term or labeling it a discorder)

    in that case, are you speaking from experience?

    cause what i have seen in regards to this subject is yes they wil use a child to appear loving, or to let them run errands and stuff like that. basically selfish behavior but toying with the childs mind or sexual abuse etc have more to do with other things than sociopathy as such, no? ( usually the sociopath would have suffered trauma from abuse as a child himself or perversities etc)

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  6. peter pan

    its a matter of taste. i guess they would be capable but many wouldnt be interested in it. Mmm...actually not that interesting.

    oh youre an empath too?! i must have missed something.

  7. I grew up in a neighborhood with enough kids around that we had a "village psycho" kid.

    She always wore an expression somewhere between a poker face and a disgusted scowl. Any play with her always wound up with some kind of trouble which she caused - broken toys, vandalism, disrespecting adults, getting younger kids to do something nasty or foolish, etc... After she was outcast she learned to act, lie and manipulate well enough to sucker kids some into playing with her until she pulled some creepy shit. I never understood her behavior. I found it so much more fun to be involved with other kids in some game, activity, or goal. Plus since we were all rooted together, playing well with the others seemed the rational thing to do.

    We all assumed she’d suffered some kind of child abuse. But her sisters were pretty normal. In hindsight she was probably just a common sociopath.

  8. Today's headlines:





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  10. I got a real question for everyone:

    If christian means christ-like and Jesus Christ didn't eat macroni and cheese, would macaroni and cheese be anti-christian?

  11. i would joke to people about how people with assburger syndrome are so fucking annoying, and nobody would get it.

  12. pager

    yeah i missed the connection with internet. glad its up again.

    i see on this thread i didnt miss out

  13. Windowlicker furballs it again. Arsenic, red light sabers and macaroni may represent things “antichristian”, yet by themselves are simply arsenic, red light sabers, and macaroni. The how is more important than the what.

    What makes the difference between assburger and sociopathy, from a neurological standpoint?

  14. I was waiting to see who the idiot would be to try to answer a obvious retarded question with a wanna-be intelligent answer. Evil what did you do with your alter ego furball?

    "What makes the difference between assburger and sociopathy, from a neurological standpoint?"

    The same difference between you and me. You're retarded and socially inept, while I'm intelligent and people love me.

  15. I've never understood why aspies and sociopaths don't put their differences behind them...together they could take over the world! Or at least bring sociopaths some more understanding in the public eye. Instead they see the doors of 'neurodiversity' closing on one of the most interesting and potentially useful variations on the human mind.

    I wouldn't say all aspies are a leech on society's resources; there are lower functioning individuals, just like among sociopaths. There's definitely an ability to obey rigid moral rules in aspies, and if they truely lack empathy, perhaps sociopaths are capable of following such codes too? Not that they'd want to. It's certainly false that the only thing they focus on is themselves; they usually have some other obsessions. The media definitely angel-ises assburgers as much as it demonizes sociopathy; it should replace both with a more realistic view of both variations, sympathetic to the low-functioning members and curious to explore the capabilities of the higher functioning people.

  16. I envision gladiatorial combat between the sociopaths and these assburgers. These spectacles would involve exotic weapons and creatures from distant parts of the galaxy, my galaxy. I am sure such entertainments would be... excellent.

  17. You're retarded and socially inept, while I'm intelligent and people love me.

    Could you survive without your mother's teats? I think not, windowlicker/furball. I control them both!

  18. I guess the reason why aspies get more sympathy is because they are not feared. BTW is it sympathy or condescension?

  19. Please tell me this is a joke.

    Aspie/autistic people have difficulty reading social cues and empathizing. With time and effort they can and do learn to read basic social cues, and they do have consciences. I think there is a bit of a difference between poor social skills and having no conscience. Lumping those two in the same category is profoundly insulting to the entire autistic community--and to anyone who's ever had trouble empathizing with anyone else, for that matter.

    Aspies are not entirely focused on themselves, as you claim. Difficulty reading social cues does not equate to a lack of desire to help others, or to a selfish outlook. Also, they are not leeches on society--many Aspies tend to have deep skills, usually in areas like mathematics and computers, which they have used to benefit others. Most Aspies are perfectly capable of leading fulfilling lives and maintaining healthy, give-and-take relationships with others. One of the sweetest, most conscientious people I know has Asperger's. Whether Asperger's is a disorder is to be debated, and is frankly a matter of semantics more than anything else, but lumping it into the same category as sociopathy is grotesquely inaccurate and downright wicked. People do not need to protect themselves from the manipulative, backstabbing schemes of Aspies the way they need to do so against sociopaths.

    Do any of you people actually know a single Aspie?

  20. You'll find that aspies who can function and fit in to society are actually pretty compatible with sociopaths.

    They have a unique incompatibility, too, but I won't spoil it for you. They're also the only group of people I think of as jerks.

  21. As an Autie who's suffered at the hands of sociopaths and psychos, I can tell you that we're very different. For example, somebody with antisocial personality disorder will hurt someone else, receive their punishment of whatever form, then go and do the same thing with the same person as well as others. If I hurt someone else, I receive my telling off, then ask how I hurt the other person to avoid doing it again. That's because, contrary to popular fallacy, I have empathy. In fact, I recently took part in a study whose results showed that a higher number of Autistics than NTs are empathic, and with more than just humans. But I suppose if you'd rather accept the bull crap rather than Googling for the truth, then you will believe that we're like emotionless and unempathic drones who only feel when observing the effects of the pain they've caused others.

  22. Wow. Until the last two comments, I thought that everyone on this thread was a completely braindead waste of human flesh. Thank you to those who understand that Aspies (now referred to as High Functioning Autistic) are not anything near what a sociopath is. The reason that people respect them is because they are not ill-meaning or purposely hurtful to others in their behaviors. They may seem disruptive or hindering at times, but it isn't because they orchestrated it in order to suit their own agendas.

    A sociopath will manipulate and use people to get their own way while an Aspie sometimes just doesn't understand that their own way is detrimental to the people around them. They can, and will, overcome these things with the proper guidance and experiences to help them along. A sociopath may act like they are learning, but only if it gets them what they want.

    Please stop trying to lump the two together. They are not cut from the same cloth.

    One last note: I do wish the media would stop portraying autism like it's a superpower. It's not. Sure, some Autistic individuals may have extraordinary abilities that stand out, but that does not make them Clark Kent any more than A-Rod hitting a curve-ball makes him Bat-Man.

  23. I have a friend who is either autistic or an aspie. I'm not sure quite which, but I suspect it's Asperger's. (I do know for sure she is one or the other). She has a conscience, she is quite intelligent, and, at least as a younger child, she had trouble relating to the other kids in our class. Still, we were best friends for years (we've lost some contact after I moved). She has emotions just as everyone else too.


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