Friday, August 28, 2009

Sociopaths and gypsies

Speak up for either, and expect to get booed:
A Russian trio performing Gypsy music with Madonna on her worldwide "Sticky and Sweet" tour says it regrets the pop star was booed during her Bucharest concert for criticizing widespread discrimination against Gypsies.

Thousands of people applauded the trio's performance with Madonna in Bucharest on Wednesday night. But minutes later they booed Madonna when she said discrimination should end against East Europe's Gypsies, also known as Roma.

In Bucharest on Friday, the Kolpakov Trio said it believes it is the only time the tour has been booed, but declined to say if Madonna had commented about Gypsies at other concerts.

Band member Vadim Kolpakov said "Madonna was surprised" by the booing.

Two members of the band are Roma, while the third is a Russian Jew.
Ed note: I've always thought that Madonna was a sociopath: she picks up accents, charming, constantly reinventing herself. It's no surprise to me that she would support the gypsy cause and be totally oblivious as to why normal people might think she's crazy for doing so.


  1. Is Madonna a sociopath.....fuck yes! For all the reasons stated by the blogger and probably a few more.

  2. I can see that however I think she might be way too disciplined to be a sociopath...

  3. I thought she is a narcissist, but hey the border among NPD, AsPD, Psychopathy is very thin and blured.


  4. Aye. I never met a gypsy who wasn't a thief. Been in Romania loads and all over Europe. It's part of some Gypsy strains' culture to nick things. If you don't believe me, ask a Gypsy.

    Also years ago Dave Mustaine got up on stage in Belfast and said "This one's for the cause" - as if he knew jack shit about the troubles. Cue armoured escort.

    I'm an S

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