Monday, August 3, 2009

Sociopath tip of the day

It's hard to fake real emotions, particularly when the expected emotional response is complex or is unusual enough that you haven't had much experience witnessing it, much less practicing it well enough to be considered genuine. Better to instead come up with a lie about why you aren't having the expected emotional response. For instance, I had a close family member die. I didn't feel like making a big deal out of it but I also had to be out of town for a while, so I had to let some people know about it. Some were surprised that I didn't seem that upset. Luckily I had a readymade excuse: "It was expected. S/he had actually survived longer than we thought, so we are just grateful for the time that we did have with him/her." Voila. Death suddenly becomes something that you could legitimately take in stride.


  1. People are easy to manipulate because they want to believe that you aren't manipulating them. People are especially prone to lacking all logic when you shift to "serious" subjects: even if they feel you are acting "weird" they'll just blame it on whatever "sad" thing has happened. I find it harder to manipulate the paranoid, because they'll suspect even an empath of doing it, although not impossible. Pandering to their paranoia and pretending that you are in fact, paranoid too, helps a lot.

  2. But would a paraniod person suspect that you're acting paraniod as you key angle to manipulate them?

    I mean, that sound like the obvious angle to shoot for, lol. What if and bare with me know that your victim is indeed a paraniod guy/girl, thus the convintional angles,let's say acting like there is nothing wrong with them or pretending to be paraniod yourself, those obvious angles would be always looming in their minds right?

    So the trick would be to find multiple, small and almost invisible testing grounds on where the guy/girl gets fidgety or suspects you of trying something...that way when you finally go in for the big manipulation, you'll know exactly the right angle!

    Wouldn't that work?

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  5. I would think that one of the best ways out of any situation where emotion might be necessary would be to simply shake your head from side to side slowly and quietly say, "I'm still in shock." No emotion necessary.

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  7. Peter Pan

    So true. My experience with psychopaths is you hear them say " Im soooo sad, so intensily, crazy sad" and then what my eyes see is someone who is plain frustrated.

  8. I manipulated thunderball into sticking his head up his ass for a week.

  9. I just say "I'm emotionally delayed/retarded and out of the blue when I'm alone in my house/at work/in the shower I'll just start bawling then" to the people confused by an absence of emotional response.

    Only, I never do.

  10. jane

    haha yeah Ive heard sociopaths continuously saying how often they cry but in reality not one person in their entire lives have seen them actually cry.

    Once you know their style its ridiculously easy to spot.

  11. Ya know, I've found I don't really have to fake emotions. Not anymore. If you have a blamk face and say very little, people will just put emotions on you. They'll make you up to be normal themselves and eliminate any need for acting. people don't like the idea of others being unemotional so they just cover it up for you.

  12. "not one person in their entire lives have seen them actually cry." i don't know about this comment, my partner is apparently a sociopath and he has cried twice that i know of. is that a strange thing? for a sociopath to cry?

  13. jasnowflake

    "people don't like the idea of others being unemotional so they just cover it up for you"

    if anything empaths can take away here its that. THAT is where all the power lies.

  14. This is comical. I used the exact same "excuse" when my father died. I decided not to attend his funeral, since it was a waste of time for me. My friends did accept when I told them that he was ill and that he was personally dead to me 10 years ago.

  15. I just read this... and had used the exact same line (with a little more body to it, involving how true love exists because of his wife dying a year or two before) last night.

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