Monday, May 25, 2009

Reader feedback

On an anti-socio site:
I previously posted a site that I’ve been watching that may help all of us quit swimmin in River De-Nile.


I am paraphrasing a new exact post of a self proclaimed S-
” As a N. I also memorize other peoples emotions , its the easiest way to seem human. Because I have No idea how to feel them myself. I’d be easy to spot….. Normal people may sense or feel the presence of evil.. It permeates from the P.”

Caution: For what its worth, someone also posted: “Warning this site is dangerous, Do NOT BLOG just read & leave!! IT IS A VIEW INTO THE MIND OF EVIL.”
Maybe a joke (?) but I tend to agree with the no posting. No winning in a war of words with a P. Crazy trumps ANYTHING we got!

When you guys have time to check into it- lots of info to sift thru- let me know what you think. I said before its good to ‘Know Thy Enemy”. THis may be benefical.
Ah, Sabrina, I am so glad that you found the site to be helpful. But "know they enemy"? Naw, let's be friends, shall we?


  1. Well i suppose Sabrina has a point
    its always best to keep your friends close but your enemies closer.....that saying has always made so much sense to me. As long as you understand something why is there any need to fear it?

    Sociopaths can't change and chances are everyone will come across a sociopath at least once in their life time(maybe even be related to a sociopath),whether they realise it or not. I'd rather know exactly what im dealing with than bury my head in the sand and pray for the best. (God doesn't like me anyway ha ha ha)

    As for commenting...why not leave a comment if a person has something to share? All the sociopaths on this site are hardly going to jump out of the computer screen and eat us all, if they disagree with a statement. lmao!!!

  2. "why not leave a comment if a person has something to share? All the sociopaths on this site are hardly going to jump out of the computer screen and eat us all, if they disagree with a statement."

    You sure? Us sociopaths are like such monsters ._.

    But, onto the serious side of this topic:

    I honestly find their fear to be quite pathetic. If I am going to "feed"--so to speak--I'd rather wait until I get the right chance because most of the time, they just come to me. Almost like fate, ironically.

    Although I am a bit hungry now that I think about it. The last person I fed off of was simply a Catholic prick who now probably will never come back around.

    It makes me feel fuzzy inside thinking about it. Haha.

  3. A comment section to an article. Hundreds of stories and lots of fear mongering.

    Pyschopathy Research forum. More fear mongering and stories... did I meantion fear mongering?

  4. Link for my post above.

  5. is there anyone over the age of 21 on here?? I want to know who is the oldest. Don't ask me why, its just one of my many random questions.

  6. Tinkerbelle:

    I'm a whopping 35.

  7. Mr Birdick 35 is not old at all lol, Tinkerbelle.

  8. Anon 1's site seems to be describing the most extreme sociopath and trying to generalize all sociopaths as that type. While I'm sure some of the sociopaths here can be that ruthless, I doubt they are all the time and some may even choose to be nice instead of mean with their sociopathy.

    Albeit, it's an interesting read.

  9. ha ha that's good people would not recognize us if we hide the way we do so Sabrina I believe you could not find us no matter what you do for the most part

  10. Any asexual sociopaths around?




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