Saturday, April 4, 2009

Feedback from readers

Here is some feedback on the site, both from commentary regarding the blog on other sites and e-mails:
I ran across another site called “Sociopathworld”. Very insightful and somethiing of an eyeopener. I would describe it as the “Glenda the Good Witch” of the sociopath world. I plan to go back there to read further. I’ve only ever heard of sociopath criminals without really considering the alternative. One article was about raising a sociopathic child. My understand, however erroneous, had been that sociopaths are born not made. It is apparent that it can be either. Taking it one step further, I would expect there to be some crossover or mixture of traits. Actually, there must be. It would explain a lot of things. Okay, I’m pretty sure I have sociopath out of my system now.
just wanted to say thank you for all your work writing your blog. I find it insightful and encouraging.
So I will continue to read, even if I never publicly comment.

Thanks again,


  1. Hi, I came across a link to your site on a neurodiversity blog and just wanted to mention that there are some autistic folks who agree with your view that neurodiversity includes everyone.

    Frankly I don't think the concept would make much sense if it didn't.

  2. Sociopaths are obviously not all the same....think about it...sociopaths aren't clones. I don't consider myself a sociopath, i seriously don't. However when im crossed i am the devil in disguise. Im ruthless, observant and calculating. My temper can be horrendous. I can actually kick down locked doors, punch my hand through glass and not feel a thing, and break furniture by picking it up and beating it against the wall. I have no fear or reservations about punching a grown man in a woman by the way (only if he has got me in an absolute blind with rage!!) I think if i was my home was ever broken into the robber would leave empty handed and in a body bag. Infact im sure of that. I know i have an awful side to me, but only when severely provoked. But the main thing is i could never ever harm an animal or child, no matter how mad i got, something inside me just swithes off! Neither could i kill a person for the thrill, That wouldn't even cross my mind. I know i could slaughter in self defence though. I don't steal i know its wrong, but i'd steal whatever i could get my hands on if i "needed" it. So maybe sociopaths have their own personnel limits? Maybe thats why some murder for the fun of it and others become super successful. I may be wrong ...but just a thought. I wouldn't know because im not a sociopath.

  3. Ms. I'm not a sociopath:

    You seem more like a person with underlying sociopath-like rage.

  4. yeah i know i need help for it, i did try therepy but i feel stupid talking to a complete stranger. Im on medication because its easier than having someone be paid to talk to me. I mean my meds are ok, someone could throw a house brick at me and i wouldn't flinch ha ha ha, its like botox, i can feel the rage bubbling but it gets trapped inside as long as i pop my pills.


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