Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kill the rats!

Michael Vick was convicted of torturing and killing dogs. Many other football players have been convicted of rape. I asked my liberal co-worker, “What is worse, torturing and killing dogs or raping humans?” She said, “Of course killing dogs is worse!”

I’m sad to say, this is where the animal activist/liberalist/conservationalist mentality has matured to be. I once was asked, “How many lab rats would you kill to cure cancer?” I said, “Any and all rats I can get my hands on!”

I’m certainly not advocating killing off animal species left and right because any good biologist knows that the more diversified an ecosystem is, the more stable it is. If the lab can “produce” as many animals as they kill off, I say kill as many animals as you need.

One of my recent jobs had some Threadleaf Brodiaea (see image) on the site. We wanted to replant the bulbs on a portion of the land (almost ½!) that was not going to be developed. The environmentalist did not like that idea and made us create a 40 foot tall wall in order to not disturb the dirt the bulbs were in.The wall cost about 2 million to build. These are the reasons the economy is in the tank.


  1. Well...

    The comment has nothing to do with this post above. Beware.

    Do sociopaths have the ability to intellectually empathize--almost like emulating empathy?

    If I were to believe in labels, I would be an empath, and my empathy is increasing as years go by. I find this ability to be useful for understanding people's feelings and motives.

    In my life I've suspected three sociopaths. They are hard to measure on a 1 on 1 basis. I've suspected them, and I even have asked about them by people close to the suspect.

    One of them successfully got a free lunch from me, after reporting that he had no money or food. I found out later numerous evidence of sociopathic traits and along with lying and stealing—and obviously does indicate he is a sociopath. To be fair to everyone, all people manipulate in one way or another for what ever reasons--no one is excluded. I do think that this particular person wasn’t exactly the most charming person. I don’t he lived up to all the stereotypical aspects of a sociopath. In saying all this I'm very interested in people and behaviors especially on how people treat others.

    I've personally never let people manipulate me enough to devastate my life because as an empath, we are constantly bombarded with feelings from others, and we must protect ourselves from external threats whether they're sociopaths or not.

    Every pause in speech, eye blink, and micro behaviors help me understand people. Sociopaths have a different underlying function in their brain, though I admit that I have not had enough encounters to correlate these behaviors versus the majority. It is obvious to me not just because of my empathic traits, but because I'm aware enough to connect the dots with evidence.

    I’m not really sure, but this site seems to give a justification toward people that are sociopaths. On one level I do feel sorry for sociopaths due to the developmental biology and sociological implications toward the becoming of a sociopath. Intellectually I’m interested in them, this seemingly special contradiction that goes beyond what non-sociopathics commit on an everyday scale. To manipulate without expectations of being a part of the world, but above it is incomprehensibly arrogant from an intellectual perspective—not a moral perspective.

    Just some thoughts. Cheers =)

    1. Are we arrogant, or just honest?

    2. Hmm maybe arrogant yes, either way true pride is humility.

  2. I'm pretty much an environmentalist. The problem is that I am not a primitivist and I do not make false divisions like equating human dam building as being different from beaver dam building. They are both natural phenomenon and one has more power than the other.

    This person you speak of is delusional. They should go live in the forest without technology. Let them see what kind of life that brings them. I also do not believe the story.

    Might the people in this story of considered simply not planting non-native species as a compromise. It would have been more efficient and cost effective as well as being politically expedient.

    The economy is in the tank because of people who absolutely have to live in opulence at the expense of the commoner or regardless of the future consequences. The concerns of the "environmentalist" are warranted yet misguided.

  3. I'm more concerned about what goes on in the animal industry every day than what one guy did.


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