Saturday, August 29, 2015

Non-discriminatory love

A recent comment on an old post:

I have recently come across this blog and find this post insanely accurate. I know this love. I give this love.

I become obsessed with knowing everything about someone - every detail - and I love it whether it is good or bad or ugly. I love them so much they feel like they can't live without me. My love is intoxicating, obsessive and completely desirable. But none of that means my love isn't real - just different. The intensity within itself is enough to show that the love of a sociopath is real, cemented and totally accepting. What more could you want in love? Sure - I can't love for long periods of time because I end up breaking the person, and myself a little bit - but the love that I delivered prior to breaking them was real and intense and passionate. 

I don't think empaths are vulnerable and pathetic - I think they leave themselves open to be hurt by people like me. But that is what love is all about - give and take, ying and yang, compromise. I have recently allowed a lover (who is an empath) to move into my house with me, as she left her girlfriend (which I orchestrated, but she doesn't know that. She thinks it was her idea after years of emotional abuse. Truth is, I just like the idea of being powerful enough to rip someone out of an eight year relationship). She is now staying with me until she gets on her feet - and boy do I love her. I make her lunch, touch her in all the right places and make her feel wanted and needed and desired. I am everything she has never had. Apart from being her physical fantasy (tall, thin, blonde, green eyes, very womanly and pleasant yet edgy), I give her all of the support she needs - I listen, respond, understand - I see the REAL her and love her anyway. But I know this won't last long. Once everything has settled down, I will get bored and itch to move on. But I love her all the same. Sociopaths can love males, females, empaths, other sociopaths, intellectuals, simpletons - EVERYONE. We don't discriminate on love and that's why it's real. We can love. Regardless of what it looks like. We love. 


  1. If someone captures your interest, it's absolutely imperative that you
    research them 8 ways to Sunday. You must compile all avaible information
    on them. I not just refering to where they live and work, or about their
    "psychology," but about their Astrological and numerological charts.
    Most people DON'T believe in Astrology and numerology because they just
    haven't dweleved deeply enough into them. If you did, you'd see that they DO
    A couple of years ago, when I first raised this idea a poster said she was more
    frightened by my beliefs in Astrology/Numerology, then she was by terror stories
    she read on this blog. Can you believe that? An ancient tool that helps reveal
    a person's personality is more frightening then real life stories of criminality.

  2. What is love? What is hate? Do each bleed into the other (as well as the Other person)? What differences between them form their 'reality' we experience in concrete life?

    This is the question I would ask.

    According to the poster, love is "obsessive and intoxicating."

    That can also describe hate.

    Love, according to this person, manifests in the beloved as a feeling of not being able to 'live without me.'

    On the one hand, show me a hero who can exist without an enemy. On the other, it's the one who loves most deeply who can't imagine life without the beloved. To love is to lose control and surrender one's heart to the will of the Other, to lay yourself down naked and bleeding.

    Here's the beginning of my favorite poem about love by Kahlil Gibran, from The Prophet. I added two lines of my own interpretation in parentheses.

    When love beckons you follow him,
    Though his ways are hard and steep.
    And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
    Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
    And when he speaks to you believe in him,
    Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north winds lays waste the garden.
    For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.
    Even as he ascends to your heights and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun.
    So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.
    Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.
    He threshes you to make you naked.
    He sifts you to free you from your husks. (free you from your masks)
    He grinds you to whiteness. (grinds your defenses to dust)
    He kneads you until you are pliant;
    And when he assigns you to his sacred fire,
    that you may become sacred fire,
    that you may become sacred bread for God's sacred feast.

    Mr. Hyde

    1. "What is love?"

      Baby don't hurt me?


      Love has always been a weird subject for me. I don't have many boundaries in my grouping of people that interest me so it's easy to find myself infatuated with people who should be solidly in the coworker or friend categories. Even professors I've had in school could sometimes fascinate me enough to get that feeling.

      Of course I leverage it, I use love strategically to get people to do things, even if it's as simple as entertain me or provide some fun. But I try not to cross social boundaries that will land me in trouble, that was a lesson I learned early on.

      And like the OP my love sometimes fades, usually when I'm so used to a person I begin to see their failings. Or rather begin to see them as being a bigger negative than the positives they give me. Then it just falls apart. Sometimes it's as simple as me walking away, never contacting them again. Other times the relationships lingers on for a while.

      But I know there'll always be interesting people in the world and thus there will always be love. Like it says in The Portrait of Dorian Gray "you'll always be in love with love".

    2. Ahh perfect reading - Oscar Wilde. I too love having infatuations, but I know they won't last so I don't really classify any of it as actual love. I think I'm able to love for short periods of time in limited degrees depending on the person, but don't like labeling it as love because people assume my 'love' will last and then it doesn't and everyone is disappointed.

  3. Well...this is certainly interesting.

    Hate to rain on your parade, whilst you are trying to make it all seem so wonderfully romantic, but you sound like a typical toxic, narcissistic bitch to me to.

    "You love them so much they feel like they can't live without you"
    That's not love. That's obsession. Desperation. Ego fuel.
    You show them exactly what they want to see, so they fall in love with that false image. And with themselves under your worshiping gaze.
    But that's just it. They are not in love with YOU.

    Nowhere did you say anything about having real honesty with them. Real intimacy. About letting go of your need to show them what they want to see, giving up that control.
    About truly let them know who are, what you think, what you feel...
    About baring your soul and let them see both the light and dark. Letting them gaze as long and hard as they want into the abyss in you.
    You didn't mention it because I am sure you don't do that.

    That means your relationship, your love, is nothing but one big, shallow lie.

    You lie and you seduce them to boost your own ego. Them adoring "you" makes you feel desirable, powerful, clever, charming, etc.
    But all I see is a scared little girl who lies and lies because she doesn't think they will ever love who you really ARE. Who is afraid of the truth. Of real intimacy.

    No wonder you get so bored with them and break them.

    You like the idea of being powerful enough to rip someone out of an 8 year relationship?
    Seriously? You think it's difficult to tear someone away from a stale relationship?
    Then you let her move in and wait on her hand and foot. Lie your ass off so she feels good and keeps giving you that adoration. Powerful? Lol!! Where's the power in that?

    I used to be so much like you, that I could have written what you wrote.
    It takes immense courage and a lot of work to grow past this. To truly be yourself and let someone in. To establish and keep real intimacy. To cultivate mutual admiration and respect.
    But trust me when I tell you, if you do, you will know what real love actually is. And you will look back on all this and shudder inside.

    Kat aka Green Eyes

    1. "It takes immense courage and a lot of work to grow past this. To truly be yourself and let someone in. To establish and keep real intimacy. To cultivate mutual admiration and respect.
      But trust me when I tell you, if you do, you will know what real love actually is. And you will look back on all this and shudder inside."

      This applies on the empath side of the equation, too.

    2. Applies to everyone, really. But you have no idea what it takes for the sociopathic to do so.

      It becomes an almost Herculean feat when you have grown up with narcissists: hypocritical, delusional, abusive, enmeshing assholes, who did everything to control you and raised you to know that you have to make them look and feel good, or else...
      When you have serious trust issues and have learned to give people exactly what they want, use them for what they can give you, but never get attached.
      When you have shallow emotions and have never really received nurturing, supportive love.
      When seducing someone and royally fucking them over feels sooo fucking GOOD!

      It is so much easier to keep going. Using, slashing, burning. Be like that anon a few days back, talking about how he dumps a girl the second she gets too close. If you want to be an asshole and are ok with it, good for you. Let's talk if you start wanting more out of life than empty, shallow bullshit.

      Some people can't handle being an asshole and delude themselves.
      Lie and ramble on about love, truth and beauty, whilst not walking the talk at all. These are usually the most cowardly of narcissists.

      This woman claims she is powerful.
      What a joke.
      She hides who she really is, what she really thinks and wants, what she really feels...
      She showers the other with affection, looks after them, listens, supports, etc.
      She goes to a hell of a lot of trouble to maintain the false image that they love.
      She is a circus monkey.
      And it sounds to me like she is not happy pretending, slashing and burning...

      Green Eyes

    3. Is real intimacy possible if you don't have a self, Kat? How do you let someone know the 'real you' if the 'real you' changes on a whim or as it suits you? Are you saying a sociopath can have intimacy if s/he lets people see beyond the mask because there isn't too much actually there. Sure, I have likes and dislikes but everything about my personality is fluid and in the moment and can change very quickly. How can I let someone know the 'real me' if I don't even know the 'real me?'

    4. @Kat.... Beautifully stated. I am not quite there yet in some areas, but I fully concur with your succinct assessment. As usual, you cut straight to the core.

    5. @Dorian, there are a lot of people who can appreciate the myriad of different colors and textures a chameleon has to offer. Why limit and define yourself according to your deficits when you can turn those attributes on their heads, and leverage them as strengths - especially within the context of a relationship?

      I have been married for over a decade and in some ways, I am still unpredictable to my spouse. My impulsive nature adds a lot spice to our mix.

      Granted, sometimes it gets too hot- but at least it's never boring. :)

      Find someone who can appreciate your weak sense of self, and you may find that they are well equipped to help you discover who you really are, or even complete you by providing some of the missing parts.

    6. Thank you, A!
      That's lovely of you to say.

      I am not quite there in some areas either. Don't know if I ever will be and don't give the slightest fuck. After all, it is not about attaining the goal and doing it perfectly and quickly. It's as you said: "all of the best things in life require an investment of time and perseverance."

      We both enjoy our privacy and a little mystery and at the same time are getting closer, our relationship becoming ever deeper and more satisfying. I'm happier, stronger and more peaceful than I have ever been.

      I suspect you'll know exactly what I mean when I say that even the little "setbacks", besides providing opportunities for further growth, make life more spontaneous and fun :)

      Dorian, A said it perfectly.
      Choose your partner wisely and go for it. It might turn out to be a complete disaster (in which case try again), or the most fun, freeing and meaningful relationship you ever had.
      You never know what you can have until you try.

      Green Eyes

  4. Oh my god Sociopaths. People, love, I love, I do this and that and this is my motivation and that is your motivation and I, I, I, and oh god already. Jesus, sociopaths are boring. It's like they are stuck in this human/relation mechanism, and all they can see or relate is how they relate to the you and I. Holy crap. That must suck. No wonder they don't do well long term. They are too focused and have a small view.


    Love my way

    1. Aspie, you grumpy fucker, I've missed you and your music collection. :D

      Green Eyes

    2. Hi Green Eyes.
      Nice to see you around too.

  5. Love is a word for a range of experiences.

    Enjoy it, listen to yourself, allow it to transform you to becoming more of yourself.

  6. L is for the way you LOOK at me
    O is for the only one I see
    V is very, very extra ordinary
    E is even more then anyone that you adore
    Love is all that I can give to you. Love is more then just a game for two.
    Two and love can make it. Take my heart but please don't break it.
    Love was made for me and you.

    Do you have any idea what that song means for a person who has Venus in
    Pisces, The Moon in Cancer, but also the Moon square Venus, and Venus
    square Saturn (In the 5th house) and Saturn opposite the Moon. Or Chiron in the
    7th house of marriage?
    baby that got crushed by the big rig truck. She's had sex! I never will!

  7. Ewww-Naricissists. ME, please make them go away! They give the tribe such a bad name, especially the stupid ones who ramble on and on about themselves without saying anything of value.
    My favorite excerpts from this brilliant individual's post include;
    "Boy do I love her. I make her lunch, touch her in all the right places" -two fine examples of "true" love.
    "Apart from being her physical fantasy (tall, thin, green eyes, very womanly and pleasant yet edgy..." -of course everyone fantasizes about tall, thin individuals with green eyes who are womanly, yet pleasant and edgy.
    But my favorite generalization by far: "Sociopaths can love males, females, empaths, other sociopaths, intellectuals, simpletons - EVERYONE."
    How profound!- I have no idea how I have managed to exist on this earth for so many years unaware that I am able to love and manipulate anyone I damn well please.
    Thanks so much for the head's up :)

  8. What if you're not vulnerable at all but you still want love?


    1. Not vulnerable at all, huh? No such thing. Everyone has weaknesses, vulnerabilities, that can be exploited. You are not nearly as special a snowflake as you think you are.

      As for love, how can you have love if it is based on lies and half-truths?
      You can't. Because then they don't love YOU and you are a slave to them.
      Constantly putting on masks, trying to manipulate and keep track of all the lies you told.
      It's exhausting. And at the end of the day, what did you do it all for? To have someone love something you are not?

      And then what happens if the mask starts to slip?
      They will likely be angry, hurt, disappointed. Trust will be eroded, and that fucker is not easy to rebuild.

      Maybe they will still love you because they were so in love with the illusion? Lol! Then you are dealing with a desperate, codependent person with little self respect. What a catch!

      In order to have real love, you have to let them know YOU.
      And no, I don't mean confessing absolutely everything to every person you date. Pick someone real. Not just a pretty face or big cock. Someone you feel you can really talk to.
      Try to let go of the idea of showing them what they want to see and be yourself as much as you can.

      Build and maintain trust by being real and honest with them. Even if the truth seems very unpalatable. You would be surprised what people can deal with.
      You need to be able to bare your jugular to them, even if it goes against every instinct you have.
      Yes, there is always the risk that they might turn around and use it against you. They might rip your throat out. You never know... part of the thrill.

      Or they might become the best friend, lover, partner in crime and confidante you could ever hope for. Someone who sees YOU as you are and loves YOU anyway. Because they know you, they can challenge you, fascinate you, support you, help make you a better person.

      I also found that if you are really honest, the sex can also become unbe-fucking-lievable. They will know exactly how to make you purr ;)

      Green Eyes

    2. Green Eyes two questions : One, why are you so passionate about something of very little significance? Two, why have you chosen to come to a SOCIOPATH blog to spew your empty rhetoric on said topic of "little significance"? and I only call it empty rhetoric in the context of the audience (sociopaths). you're preaching about "real" love to a group (myself included) of people whom no matter how much they try, this "real" love you speak of out, it just turns out to be an unattainable object to chase. you coming here to express your opinions on this particular topic is resemblance to running up the steepest hill you could find with 20 pound ankle weights and a 100 pound backpack as your accessories. good luck with that.

    3. Lol!
      Well aren't you a fun little douchebag, who likes to spout "poor little me" crap and generalise without knowing much about the topic.

      You speak for sociopaths, do you? You personally know all there is to know about what every sociopathic person is capable of?
      I do so love the arrogance.

      I am sociopathic. As are several others I have met on this site, who managed to attain the "unattainable" love I speak of. One of those sociopaths and his advice is the reason why I did.

      If you are happy being an asshole and have only shallow, fleeting relationships, good for you.
      But lay off the "oh woe is me, we are all incapable no matter how much we want it" shit. It's sad.

      You strike me as the type to indulge his ego and act like a spoilt child, then rationalise it to yourself and start with the pity plays as soon as you get busted, but that said, I have absolutely no interest in you.

      Your narcissism is the cause of all that misery.
      Good luck with that ;)

      Green Eyes

    4. You missed the essence of my statement for which i take partial responsibility for as i should have thrown a few 'lols' or 'haha's in there to brighten up the dark undertone of my op. The only response i was seeking was a rebuttal to me basically saying that this quest for this "unattainable" love as nothing more than foolish and a waste of time. "why are you so passionate about something of very little significance?" Still seeking an answer to that btw......
      Me writing off your efforts of coming to a sociopath site to spread your message of "true love" as counterproductive was nothing more than sarcasm, humor. We could have been on youtube or facebook or insert any other site with a comment section and my delivery would have been the same. Its not just sociopath specific per se. I would have taken on the stereotypical position of any group on that particular site. Trust me i understand that , like any other social group, sociopaths arent just one big clump of the exact same people. I get that some of us focus on things such as love or altruism while others on things a bit more rational and productive because we are all individuals. And no, i have no interest in being the lord of sociopaths (lol) just curious as to why you care so much about this topic.
      P.S.-Im not miserable if you mean that in the emotional context, more so because of my position in the food chain thus far in my life if you know what i mean. I know not to waste my time chasing fairytale endings, focused on more important things. Besides, from my observation, the protagonist dies in probably 95%of the fairytales leaving the person who watched (in this case the person who chased after this "unattainable" love) vocally dissatisfied and begging for a refund.

    5. Way to backpedal...and not listen...and project.
      But considering how much of a laugh I got out of you, I'm happy to indulge you ;)

      Just because you consider this topic of very little significance, does not mean others do too.
      Love is a big deal to many. And the cause of much misery.
      My "passion" stems from it being the topic of the day, the fact that M.E. is once again promoting pure narcissism as some sort of sociopathic epiphany and the fact that I like to call people on their shit.
      As I said, been there, done that, got my head out of my ass and got better :)

      Where exactly are you getting this crap about " true love", fairy tales and the chick- flick style references?
      You equate honesty with that? Interesting.
      Because that is essentially what it boils down to. Ok, fine. Honesty and some self control.

      Seems like you project far more than you strive to understand. choose the stereotypical position of a site? Well isn't that a sign of being too scared to voice your real thoughts and feelings and perhaps indulging in a discussion that might lead to learning something?
      Sounds like you are choosing the safest, most popular opinion and vying for attention using it.
      Are you that starved for validation?

      Green Eyes

    6. You would have chosen the stereotypical position of any site? :)

      Green Eyes is right: You are so starved for the hypothetical validation of a bunch of people you have never met that you are willing to compromise your own views just to pander to what you consider to be the most "popular" sociopathic position. That's pathetic. And you brag about your "position in the food chain"? LOL.

      You don't even have the backbone to voice your real thoughts amidst a bunch of anonymous strangers. I'd say that makes you an invertebrate of the spineless amoeba variety.

      The OP is clearly referring to infatuation, has obviously never allowed her relationships to mature sufficiently to be able to distinguish between love and obsession. There is a difference.

      People in general, but especially individuals with sociopathic personalities, would do well to remember that love is not merely a feeling. It is a commitment and a choice.

      How is it more "rational and productive" to waste all of your time and energy hopping from one target to another, pretending to be something you're not? Obsessive infatuation requires the expenditure of vast emotional and physical resources. Grooming one patsy after another requires a lot of manipulation on your behalf. Pragmatically speaking, that is both illogical and *counter-productive*. :P

      "Im not miserable if you mean that in the emotional context, more so because of my position in the food chain thus far in my life if you know what i mean. I know not to waste my time chasing fairytale endings, focused on more important things."

      Who the fuck are you to determine what constitutes a "waste of time" for others, narcissist? What makes you the authority on what's "important" in anyone's life, apart from your own?

      I am also sociopathic, and I happen to agree with Green Eyes. I've been married over a decade, and though it has been difficult at times, I would not exchange what we have built together over the years for anything in the world. But if I had relied on my *feelings* to guide me with regard to such an important life choice, I'd have left years ago- because of my narcissism and ego- and THAT would have constituted a waste of my time. Instead, I chose to navigate difficult terrain and reap the rewards that come from perseverance.

      All of the best things in life require an investment of time and perseverance. The sooner you learn that lesson, the sooner you'll stop acting like such an emotional leech to compensate for your own deficits.

      Sociopaths actually have an advantage in this regard. Our feelings tend to be fleeting and shallow. We learn not to rely on them. Adopting a rational definition of "love" allows us to stop defining it according to the false, fairy-tale narratives championed by popular culture, and define for ourselves what we choose it to be.

      Stop being at the mercy of your feelings. Because when you hop from one victim to another just to get that little "rush", that is exactly what you are doing, "sociopath".

    7. My apologies for the delay green eyes, been tied up with classes and work etc etc. but this essay is for you and not that “A” chick/guy because this is the most I’m going to address this DELUSIONAL person.
      A, you can’t redefine love as a rational thing to fit your narrative. Love, from what I understand it to be, is nothing but irrationality and feelings. You saying you’ve been with your partner for 10 years solely from a rational standpoint isn’t love. Young girls in there early twenties be with the Hugh Hefner’s of the world not because they care for him but because he maintains a lifestyle for them that they want to uphold, that’s completely rational on their behalves but it’s not love. By your standards, if I woke up feeling like an Easter Bunny I could go about as being one just because I wanted to ‘adopt’ it in a way that defied the “false, fairy-tale narratives championed by popular culture.” That’s delusion my friend. But I digressed….
      "Way to backpedal" – Green Eyes
      For the last time, the entirety of the second question and beyond on my OP was nothing but humor, trolling. Take my profile pic and name on here for example to prove it. Since I’m assuming you don’t understand it, let me take the time to explain it to provide a little context to my frivolous approach on this thing we call the internet. It’s a basketball reference of a below average basketball player by the name of ‘Matthew Dellavedova’, whom in this past summers National Basketball Associations’ championship series had one good game, bursting him onto the national basketball scene. The white guy’s head you see on my profile is him-Matthew- and if you look close it’s on the body of a black player. Not just any black player, a player widely accepted as the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan. So the profile picture within itself should provide a little context. Coupled in with the fact that I’ve done a little wordplay on his name changing it from ‘Dellavedova’ to ‘DellaveHOVA’ should be the icing on the cake in terms of showing that I don’t GENERALLY (keyword) take internet sites with comment sections too seriously. Hell you should see my facebook and the trolling I do on there when bored. I’ve been secretly stalking this site and its comment section for months trying to soak up information seriously and I never commented because usually when I do it’s to evoke a reaction, which is far from serious. This is the first time you’ve ever seen my profile in the comments and that’s for a reason. I only came at you because you seemed to be so passionate about something that really isn’t worth being all the passionate about, in my opinion, so I decided to be an asshole just for the shits and giggles. So when I said, “I would have taken on the stereotypical position of any on that particular site” it’s not because I’m scared to voice my opinion it’s because it’s nothing more than TROLLING. Now, down to business….

    8. “Just because you consider this topic of very little significance, does not mean others do too. Love is a big deal to many. And the cause of much misery. My “passion” stems from it being the topic of the day, the fact that M.E. is once again promoting pure narcissism as some sort of sociopathic epiphany and the fact that I like to call people on their shit. As I said, been there, done that, got my head out of my ass and got better :)” –Green Eyes
      Fair enough, just because I don’t find love to be that important of a subject doesn’t make it law. It is indeed my subjective opinion. Now you stated that you too were a sociopath and that you got better, what do you mean by that? I only ask because in previous relationships (if I could even call them that) with women that I’ve had, I’ve never made it my intent to hurt them or to after finally catching them lose interest and dissipate out of their lives without a moment’s hesitation, it just happens. I’ve tried to connect – in fact I still do try just to make sure I’m not purposely acting that way- but it’s just never genuine and I find myself commentating internally on the conversation I’m having with said person. I don’t think that can be fixed or “got better” as you would say. I read on this site in the comment section, on a topic of page called “Am I a sociopath” that sociopathy essentially being the inability to connect emotionally with other people (I’m paraphrasing there). I even dug up a quote that has resonated with me till this very day: “..No matter how much I want to want other people, I never do. No matter how much I want to need to feel close to another human being, I never do. No matter how much I want to be human, I never am.” And that, to me, Green Eyes can’t be fixed. Let me state for the record, I’m not complaining about my condition because I promise you I view it 10x more as a benefit rather than an ailment. So when I say that finding true love is unproductive I mean it because I know no matter how much I try to change it, and trust me I’ve tried, my existence on this earth will forever be alone, TRULY alone and I get a feeling you can agree. Whether you’re an empath or a sociopath, love, like everything else we humans indulge in, is meaningless. Much like our existence. Call me nihilistic, fine; but don’t misinterpret my stance as seeking pity because I could genuinely give two fucks about whether I gained sympathy from you or anyone else in this world for that matter.
      P.S. - Please respond, this is just too much fun for me. I love debating.

    9. Thank you for telling me about your experiences. They bring up a whole lot more questions in my mind.

      As for trolling, I have already seen some examples of your trolling on your Instagram page, so I'm inclined to believe you. That and I don't care enough to debate the point :)

      But here's the thing.
      Love is a complicated topic.
      As is your take on feelings and connection.
      As is nihilism...
      I am happy to talk and debate, but have no intention of doing so here. Partly because doing so would require both of us to give away more information than I suspect either of us would want to have advertised on SW.

      I have found Facebook to be convenient for communicating with others from this site and would be happy to talk to you the same way.

      Green Eyes

  9. Hello can someone in this site help with a pair of questions
    My girlfriend told me shes a sociopath, she was diagnosed by a prosefional and is very open with me about that topic and about her life in general, lm the only person that knows apart from her family, and l think we both feel understanded with each other and are open because with dont judge each other.
    We are very similar in different ways, l have noticed some sociopatic behaviors she does, and noticed that l have those behaviors to. I know l love her, and she tells me that she loves me to and that she is amazed with that because she thought she would never love, but l dont know if l might have a type o antisocial personality disorder, l always felt different from other emptionaly. For both is our first long and real relashionship
    My questions are
    Can What she says she feels be real?
    Why do you think she told me shes a sociopath? I mean l wasnt bothered about it at all it even seemed interesting for me and l admire what she did, but l dont undersant why she did it.

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  11. This sounds like the empath's love of food when extremely hungry.

    It's not love - though it is described as a sort of love. It's not at all an empath's love - we just feel that extremely good food love along with this sense that we'd take a bullet to save a loved one's life.

  12. Excellent article. Truthfully, one does not discriminate. Gender, orientation, whatever. We are quite fluid. If we like you, we just do. Nothing else matters. And once we don't, just let us walk away. You've had your fun. We had ours. We each got something and don't LIE and say you did not. No one likes a sore loser.

  13. How do you not be a sore loser then? Still love the psychopath

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  15. I have no idea if this at all is relevant, just an insight, but as a *highly* empathic person, most of my feelings are associated with, well, lots of abstracted things. I was curious if this at all applied to the opposite end of the spectrum--instead of feelings, are there associations? It would be best if I described it first, so:

    Love, to me, is a swelling in my chest, a tensing of my tongue. It is a rolling sensation with velvet texture (velvet which I hate the feeling of, the texture makes me sick), coloured in rich purples and splashes of blood red, the dark kind that comes from deep. It is a dagger-like taste of iron, rounded on the tip. It is a heat that centers in my upper abdomen, my chest, my shoulders, my neck. It is the look I adopt where my eyes feel heavy, piercing, a lidded reflex that I can't control, a smoldering, silent sentence.

    Out of curiousity, reaching to the other end of the spectrum, do you feel those guttural reactions? I didn't read through every comment yet but, still, I would be curious to see. (this is my first comment, it's taken a bit to work up the courage to speak. I'm here as I've discovered a friend of mine is a sociopath, and I have felt this compelling sensation to grow closer and closer to him over time, til we are nearly inseparable and I would feel an emptiness without him... He's bypassed all of my defenses that I erect so tediously, as if it were easy, simple, and for the life of me I can't figure out why he tolerates my volatile emotions and feelings, my impulsive, irrational behaviour driven by senses like the ones above, reactions associated with all my senses. I will say what I feel immediately with great detail, and he listens, intently at times. I feel so strongly it can manifest physically -- my hair will stand up when I imagine that purple velvet rubbing on my skin, unpleasantly I may add.)

    Food for thought.


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