Friday, December 27, 2013

History written by victors


  1. I think that one of the reasons that M.E. also started this blog was so
    she could take suggestions about how to make the most of her
    "situation" and to even raise above her situation if she wants too.
    Those of us who have followed M.E. for sometime enjoy this blog,
    and generally like her. Contaray to popular believe, famularity DOES
    NOT breed contempt. People actually LIKE the people they are
    famular with.
    I could care less whether M.E. is an actual sociopath. In fact, as a
    person who admires M.E., I would hope she's NOT a sociopath!
    It would only work in her favour. Lies? So what? Who doesn't lie?
    Many charming people lie. We elect them to the highest positions in
    the land.
    It's grace and charm that a person must posess. A person can't look
    like a fool. That's why Anthony Weiner couldn't make a comeback. He
    looked like an ugly, dumb fool.
    M.E.'s chief problem is that she's boxed herself into a corner. She's
    slapped this "sociopath" label on herself and this constricts her
    movements. Who is M.E. anyway? Is she the middle-aged lawyer who
    have a photo of, praticing in court? Or is she the younger woman
    we saw on Dr. Phil? The older wrinkly woman DOES look like the
    younger one. Did M.E. undergo cosmetic surgery? Where does the
    truth end and the lies begin? Or, is it ALL a lie?
    In any case, it is up to us to support M.E. and see that she doesn't end
    up a satistic. Casey Anthony is an example of a person who will come
    out ahead because she has the support of friends and family.
    The same holds true for M.E. If this entire chrade should fall through
    M.E. would STILL have the support of her friends, family, and church.

  2. It’s a clever advertisement. The movie could be misinterpreted to be more for young female audience, but he is making it like an action movie to expand the audience. I am sure anyone who watched it, loved it. We are all different but yet very capable as we are- realization is the key.
    I feel like Dorothy, now. I had a fantastic ride in this blog, and amazing moments of self-discovery. So, thank you M.E. I think, I am ready to go home.
    To Super chick, Dr. Ginger, Carlos Murphy and their friends: LIVE AND LET LIVE.

    1. I do let others "live and let live" so I'm not sure I'm understanding.

    2. @ Dr. Ginger, I was sure your ego wouldn’t get it. But that’s alright, I retract it. Good luck to you all.

    3. Yes, thank you M.E. for a great blog. : )

    4. I don't tolerate abusive behavior so be on your way.

    5. Thank you I am trying to keep a more lateral perspective.

  3. happy holidays y'all!

    1. Welcome back, zoe. I missed you!

    2. right back at you, anon!

  4. Cant argue with the facts

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