Friday, October 24, 2008

Sociopath haters = witch hunting freaks

I troll the internet for sociopath stuff all the time. I look for others like me, but also enjoy reading what others have to say about sociopaths. For instance in this post titled, "Do sociopaths/psychopaths effect our economy in a negative way?":
Hey Obama, hey McCain! Why wasn’t this in your debate? This is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Sociopaths play a huge part in the degredation of our economy. Our financial downfall is effected daily by these diabolical leeches. Most of them do not work, and suck the life out of those around them who do, until nothing is left. They cause bankruptcy in their closest benefactors, and cause economic decay as a whole.
And in a comment for the post:
"In terms of a scientific study, it seems we are on our own. The spread of knowledge of sociopathy has apparently got to be bottom up. The engine driving this spread of knowledge are the experiences of every day people. Keep up the good work."
Wow, way to come across as a crazy person. Can you imagine either Obama or McCain talking about sociopaths in a debate? Or any other forum? Ha, that would seem so ridiculous. And this other guy's suggestion that there be a grassroots effort to spread the word about sociopaths? The image that is conjured up in my mind is the wife from Witches of Eastwick, the movie. She's always like, "they're witches!" -- but she acts so crazy that no one believes her.

Good work sociopaths for staying so underground that we'll never be a major issue in any political debate! If any grassroots campaign got started regarding sociopaths, it would be pro sociopath. What is that Baudelaire/Usual Suspects quote? "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

Cartoon by Hugh Macleod/ Gapingvoid.


  1. People never cease to amaze me.

    1. Is that right Cookie? You cunt! HA HA HA!

  2. people assume that things they don’t understand is evil stupid empaths

  3. The second picture discribes the reality realy well.
    This is probably why people would want sociopaths to disappear from the world:
    On the one hand, they admire sociopath and they all want to be like them.
    On the other, they hate them for being exactly the way they want to be themselves but are not able to achieve their independence...

    I guess, if sociopaths would be extinct like some people would want them to be, sociopathic traits would reappear in society.
    It's just natural selection and some people have to be on the top of the human race...

    1. I'd love it sociopaths went extinct like the hypocritical maker of this blog.

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  7. Replies
    1. You rock, fellow anti-sociopath!

  8. More people need to be on

    !!! it used to be connected to this blog but was disconnected over a year ago. We need fresh blood and lots of interesting things have happened recently (relates to drama: that will go down in the forum's history! Be sure to check out too, as some of its regulars are regulars on SC too!

  9. Way to go, my fellow hater of sociopaths.


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