Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interview with a sociopath part III

M.E.: So I think your yahoo group is pretty unusual, if only because the conventional wisdom seems to be that sociopaths are disassociative. Like redheads, sociopaths supposedly don't like associating with other sociopaths. Has there ever been a problem? Do you think that sociopaths are disassociative?

: No. "Sociopaths" as I think of them are not dissociative. This is why they are not normal. Read the last section of Wilhelm Reich's CHARACTER ANALYSIS. What he says about the "emotional plague" of mankind. "Normal" people are captivated by their rationalizations and delusions, which function to protect them from reality. It is the rare and unique individual who can face reality, the possibility of human freedom and rise above.

: Any common misconceptions about sociopaths you want to debunk?

: Why bother? "Sociopaths" already know the truth, from the inside. Are you asking me whether I want to "reason" with irrational people? Sounds like a waste of time to me.
I don't feel the need to justify my personal integrity to assholes.

: Yeah, okay. Thanks.


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