Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Interview with a sociopath part I

M.E.: We have a mutual friend who turned me on to your Yahoo group. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a similar interview for the blog?
V: I'm sure it would be fabulous.
M.E.: Perfect, this will be very interesting. So, how did you realize you were a sociopath?
V: Dunno that I did, per se. Just realized that everyone else was a bunch of dumbasses.
M.E.: How do you think being a sociopath affects your life?
V: I think the realization that I was "different" was life changing. All those years as a kid surrounded by idiots, and trying to "act normal," and "fit in" by trying to be like THEM. LOL. And this includes adults. It made me realize I could INDIVIDUATE. And that I SHOULD. Are INDIVIDUATION and "SOCIOPATHY" identical? Heheh. "Let us face ourselves. We are Hyperboreans. We know very well how far off we live. Beyond the North, ice and death. OUR life, OUR happiness..." -Friedrich Nietzsche, THE ANTICHRIST.
M.E.: What does Nietzsche mean by Hyperboreans? i read the wikipedia article but I don't get it, and I've only had layovers in Nietzsche land, not actually stayed there for any amount of time.
V: Nietzsche wants to talk about "transcending," but without a system of values, he doesn't necessarily know precisely in what way he wants to become "better." So he uses lingo from Greek mystery cults.
M.E.: Yeah, okay, I'm familiar with the whole ubermensch thing. Leopold and Loeb, Hitchcock's rope, yeah.


  1. Once again, I know I'm not a sociopath because I cry and I do it a lot and I get really angry over social issues and all that jazz, but at the same time even in my most self-loathing moments I still feel like I'm better than everyone else, sort of like "Okay, I suck, but they suck way worse than me." So I still fail to see how sociopaths, save the ones who go around chopping people up, are really any different than me. Maybe I'm narcissistic or something, but I'm actually a pretty big loner. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I was gifted and the only people I cared to talk to where the people who wanted to talk to me about stuff, and I also never gave a shit if other people judged me because over the course of human history those who acted different are the ones people remember. But I'm also ready to take responsibility for stuff, its just more of a "Okay, so now what" kinda way rather than actually caring if I made a mistake because everyone makes them. It's human. I guess I just fail to believe that the guy who writes this is actually a full blown socio or that I really am just missing something about because it all sounds like completely normal human behavior to me.

  2. He doesn't sound like an √úbermensch but a tard.

  3. i wasnt born one

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