Sunday, June 28, 2020

Blake Video and Victoria Part 2 Invite

Here's the video from today with Blake, fresh out of prison.

Here's the invite for next week's part 2 interview with Victoria:

M.E. Thomas is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Victoria Part 2
Time: Jul 5, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 797 9854 2315
Password: 3THw1T


  1. Thanks good insight into the prison system and the difficulties sociopath impulse control when young can have.

  2. Most people in prison are antisocial. Most people in prison are not psychopaths. And it´s there that the problem with todays modern view on "psychopathy" starts. Do average non-psycho felons feel bad about their crimes? No.

  3. The cat in the tale visited the odd woman again. "-My dear. I´m not evil. I´m not thrilled by crime. I don´t get excited by the thought of shoplifting. Crude people with tatoos bore me, their tiny minds are a criminal offense to me" it said.


  4. I saw the interview with Blake and thought it was crap. The state, with help from the feds, convicted me of one murder and of shooting two cops. When they had me, the first thing they did was send in a psychiatrist, who decided that my IQ of 131, and my personality, qualified me as a Sociopath. Three or four "interviews" later over the years led them to the same conclusions. But Blake's idea that it gave him "extras" is ridiculous. I had a "counselor" tell me that they were instructed to watch people like us closer because we would "use" the system. My "people" and I, perhaps with that in mind, did just that. We used our Sociopathic Skills to make money and run our part of the penitentiary, not asking the "authorities" to please give us extra anything. We also used our god given Sociopathic Skills to learn, (most of us ended up with Bachelor Degrees). and become better at whatever we wanted to excel in now that we're back among the sheep.
    Oh yeah, I read your book and, other that the fact that you have no compunctions about hurting poor animals, (which I see as Psycho rather than Socio), thought it, and you, are great!


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