Sunday, June 7, 2020

Mormon psychopath video

Here is the video for today's Zoom meeting.


  1. Was interesting talk. The use of religious dogma as moral framework. Mirror that or empaths use of religion all be it a more external approach. The confusion and finding way back of the subject to the "path" mirrored some changes the church underwent over a "bad" decision.

    Also interesting that insidas has had clinical diagnosis and shared the finding with family. With many positive results.

  2. Since religious belief system is subject to functional adaptions for better relevance and practicality within a certain time period, and commandments or biblical scriptures are up to varied human interpretations through history, it means that "God's will" can be strategically deciphered and selectively disobeyed doesn't it? (e.g. animal sacrifice)

    So in actuality, what exactly do believers think constitute "God"?

  3. In a fairytale a cat said: "-There is no religious spot inside me. I cannot even discuss such things; it´s like talking about cartoon superheroes somebody thinks are more real than the shoes they are wearing. What can one say..?"

    1. I wonder if, in the fairy tale, the philosopher delights in the cat's clever concrete metaphors...

    2. In the tale an odd woman appeared and screamed: "I HAVE THE NEEDS OF ORDINARY FOLKS! BUT AT THE SAME TIME I MUST BE VERY SPECIAL! THIS IS AN INNER CONFLICT I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO RESOLVE YET, LITTLE CAT!" The cat poured some milk in a glass & hoped that tomorrow would be a sunny day with few clouds.

    3. In the story, a scientist recorded her observations:
      1. The cat is strikingly beautiful
      2. The cat is by no means house trained. He scratches furniture, pees on the carpet and splashes his milk all over the floor. If he doesn't like something, he bares his ferocious little teeth and often bites. The cat is a lot of work.
      3. The cat is not a companion animal. He does not want scientists, philosophers or women in his life. He only wants milk when he wants it. He doesn't want anyone taking pleasure in stroking his sleek coat; this is an ill he bears for the taste of fresh milk.

      The scientist pondered these data points and concluded she should buy fresh milk for the cat no more frequently than quarterly. As intoxicatingly beautiful as he is, he is simply too painful to invite over more often.

    4. Science:


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