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Topic: Elsa and M.E. Brother
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  1. Discussion of self. Perhaps in the simplest form the "person" asking is the self. When you say for example I'm not in the mood for X or you are in the mood. Who is asking.

    Ontological view calls this the "witness" the one watching you be you. This is distinct from the "voices in your head" like when you question your self on making a decision.

    This model of the "witness" formed the basis of recent work in neuro science on the idea of the hippocampus as the seat of consciousnes.

    All of Which for me raises the question where consciousness and self overlap. You have to have be conscious to have sense or self.
    But from what has been discussed you don't need a sense or self to be conscious.

    Will have to read the book "illusion of self" or at least make a start before next meeting.

  2. In a tale a weird woman said to the cat: "-You are self-centered, cold, unfriendly, almost like a small predator with little feelings for others!" The cat looked at her odd feet & said: "-Eh..yes. Mhm."

    1. In the tale, does the cat have a foot fetish? Why does the cat think the woman is weird?

  3. Another interesting book on the topics discussed: Nick Chater’s "The Mind is Flat: The Illusion of Mental Depth and the Improvised Mind"

    1. Have picked those up. Thanks for the details.


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