Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Yale Finance Professor Denigrates Personality Disordered Individuals

I don't know why the world of wokeness has not even begun to approach the issue of the stigma of psychopaths, but I thought I would just flag that in a Yale University Coursera course on finance by Robert Schiller, he spends a whole module on personality disorders, including ASPD and BPD. Why? I don't know. Can you imagine sitting in his class diagnosed with ASPD, BPD or another personality disorder and hearing him give you his take on how these people will not succeed in finance but will end up in jail?

From the transcript:

The movie The Big Short suggests that some people in the finance [LAUGH] profession have antisocial personality disorder, is that true? Well, there's a literature on this, I think the answer is no, those guys are in jail. That the profession like, the finance profession, like other professions is pretty successful in discovering these disorders, but on the other hand, there might be an attraction. If you read the list of symptoms of antisocial personality disorder, it does fit, but I think that it's not true. That, like in any other profession, we are successful, and you can't hide these things for too long, and you'll end up caught. It's unfortunate we have to deal with these, it's 3% of our male population has this disorder, we have to live with it. Anyway, I'm just going to conclude with these psychological principles that I talked about are involved in many things that happen in the financial world.

There you have it, you can't hide these things for too long, you'll end up caught. 


  1. Undetected criminals are not in jail, I suppose?

  2. I actually saw this course recently and steered away from it because of that module.

  3. Just the other day. There was a drama called Agatha Raisin on UK TV. The story featured a psychopath. She (fiction has attractive female "psycho" as trope now) killed on very flimsy excuses.

    However the more Interesting element was the visit to a psychiatrist. Here he claims a person asked; should a BPD "sufferer" be friends with a diagnosed sociopath.

    The answer was no as the sociopathic monster would kill the BPD, She being a pathological lier and fantasist. Can you imagine any other group of people, with any other criteria being so generalised in a modern drama.

    In my view the medical health profession has some responsibility here. The diagnosis of mental states are not absolutes yet they are often shown as being definitive.

    Another interesting note the BPD was seen as having "weak sense of self". The psychopath as having shallow emotions and no consicence. Recent discussions. M.E hosted we have been exploring the idea a key part of being a sociopath is a weak self image.

    There is a lot of confusion about personalty typing in fact and fiction. But to be told you are destined to fail and/or imprisoned simply because you are neuro atypical is prejudice.


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