Wednesday, February 24, 2016

On killing (part 2)

A little bit of a follow up to this older post, from a reader:

I thought this interview was an interesting contrast to the videos of serial killers that are often discussed on the forum.

I've often said that the ability to take a life is really just a matter of motivation.  This guy had to face that choice because he was drafted.  It's clear that his conscience bothers him - but he has an interesting idea: "It's not that they don't deserve to have been born, but they don't deserve to keep on living."  I think in narrow cases, the death penalty is justified along these lines.  However, given the practical problems (i.e. the high rate of "innocent" people on death row), the cases are really quite few where it's justified.

On a more personal level, my father was a sniper in a revolution and on his death bed he worried that I might judge him for his actions ("I killed a lot of people.  I don't know how many; a lot.").  It was one of those rare moments when being...different as we are...maybe served a better purpose.  He knew that I didn't care - it didn't change how I felt about him (good and bad).  I think he liked that my response was that I wasn't qualified to judge him and I didn't care.  It seemed to give him comfort.


  1. Astute observations. Some basic commentary: I couldn't agree more; it all seems like basic facts of reality to me. Shaming him would've been barbaric; shaming, after all, wouldn't be necessary if people simply didn't indulge in "shameful" behaviors. Normal people certainly need to take into account how their self serving morals effects their ability to treat others. Sadism has it's uses, but to me at least only instrumental sadism used efficiently to create desirable outcomes seems good. Shaming doesn't have to be a part of the equation if people were simply more aware of the fact that many actions will have their possible social fallout as a consequence, shaming wouldn't be truly needed; if the person committed the deed knowing this, and the shamer knows this facet of reality, then the true fallout ought to be that the committer of the deed must have the action addressed by their community, express what was done "wrong", state a more desirable outcome, and plan for what must be done to achieve it in the future so that people can be educated to be more responsible and be given agency to develop more favorable behavior patterns that doesn't include behavior that more importantly than being destructive is that those actions may possibly(?) be self destructive.

    ESTP Sociopath

  2. Earlier today I had a candid conversation with my case manager and his boss about my psychopathy and recent events at my transitional living program; they have expressed nothing but interest in supporting me and facilitating an environment that doesn't allow hate speech towards me. I also negotiated with them to allow me to more freely smoke marijuana at the program. The drug has been nothing but beneficial to me. I'm positive it can help treat my Temporal Lobe Epilepsy which activated/created my acquired psychopathy; will it stop "Auras" I wonder? Not too long ago I was sitting at a bench by the waterfront and I felt the strange sensation of blood dripping from my nose down my face, but when I felt it and looked at my hand nothing was there. Walking back to my apartment I began to my apartment I experienced a second Aura, that I lost physical sensation of the lower half of my right arm as if it were a ghost limb.

    I've been sipping cherry cola and was reminded of Lana Del Rey's song, "Serial Killer".

    ESTP Sociopath

    1. I am glad you have found a way to prosper so far - it seems to work pretty well for you.

      However, those "Auras" do seem disconcerting. Did you have them before you started smoking marijuana?
      I am asking because I think marijuana can lower blood pressure (hypotension) which can lead to less blood flow; when I smoked it, for two or more days in a row, I have noticed that it led to frequent and intense "head rushes" when I stood up, which almost never happens to me "sober" or when I took anything else, and certainly not nearly as intense - one time I was awfully close to losing consciousness and "blacking out".

    2. "An aura is a perceptual disturbance experienced by some with migraines or seizures before either the headache or seizure begins. It often manifests as the perception of a strange light, an unpleasant smell, or confusing thoughts or experiences. Some people experience aura without a subsequent migraine or seizure (see silent migraine)." ~

      Based on the light research I've done, marijuana may stop or reduce the amount of Auras I experience.

      ESTP Sociopath

    3. Perhaps you could also look into turmeric - due to low absorption, it should be taken with black pepper with a suggested ratio of 2:1. My research into the spice turned out very interesting facts (namely, very effective antidepressant without side-effects, amazing neuroprotectivity, positive effects on memory, excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and so on). A quick Google search, if it is to be believed, claims that it's also an effective anti-convulsant and helps with epilepsy, and another one claims that researchers found it effective at mitigating cognitive impairment following epilepsy treatment.
      I think it could be synergistic with your "marijuana regimen"; it doesn't hurt to try and see if it helps you, you've got nothing to lose except some spare change and a little time, as the price of turmeric spice in stores is basically the same as the prices of other spices.

    4. It seems I've either forgot to include the second link (I could've sworn I entered it), or blogger doesn't support more than one link at a time.

      Here you go.

    5. Thank you, Socioempath, for providing information that I may be able to utilize for my benefit. The input is always appreciated.

      ESTP Sociopath

    6. ESTP-
      why are you in a transitional living facility with a case worker?

    7. Socioempath-

      I have also heard good things, about the spice turmeric!!!

      I was interested in its anti-inflammatory benefits.:)

      I hope it helps ESTP...


    8. Socioempath & A-

      I love the good you both do for people!!!


    9. I think that if all, or at least the majority, of psychopaths/sociopaths used their capabilities to help people-it would be "Heaven on Earth"...


    10. I have devised an interesting experiment concerning turmeric.

      Turmeric (more precisely, curcumin) is an effective antidepressive, inhibiting MAO-B. Black chocolate contains phenyethylamine, which is the "parent molecule" to dopamine, epinephrine, amphetamine and other "activity and attention" molecules - they are all basically a modified phenylethylanine molecule.
      The problem with phenylethylamine is that it's broken down very rapidly in the body by the MAO, 10 minutes if it's ingested.
      So turmeric may allow it to stay longer and be more effective due to it's antidepressant effects.

      I conconted the following idea: put black chocolate and turmeric into milk. Heat it up so that black chocolate can be dissolved in the milk. After heating the milk and stirring it, put black pepper in to increase turmeric's absorption and stir it once again.

      The effects are interesting. Very amphetamine-like. I can feel my heart beating harder (using the Intant Heart Rate app, I measured around 120 bpm) and my brain working faster, I write faster and more intuitively than "sober", yet I feel relaxed. I'd say it's a much superior alternative to coffee.
      Interesting spice... Very much potential...

    11. I'll give it a go if I can remember to buy turmeric. That's how I make my hot chocolate anyway.

      What's the effect duration?

    12. Officially, it's said about four hours.
      I'd say it's somewhat longer than that; I didn't measure the exact time, but yesterday I was extremely active and more sociable than usual, doing a lot of joking small talk with bartenders and other people, for about five or six hours afterwards, and there seems to be a gradually "weakening" aftereffect afterwards. Similarly, just like on amphetamine (which I don't take anymore), I felt more in control of myself - everything I did, it was because of me.

      In addition, I was reading so much and taking in so much information that my head became very warm. I found it a very, very useful yet cheap tool. It's somewhat of a wonder that it's not more expensive and regulated.
      I'd also say that, just like amphetamine, it could make someone more impulsive, so there's that; if somebody can control his impulsivity, it can lead to a lot of wonderful personal breakthroughs.

    13. As I read, I was wondering if I should try it before or after rugby mini-camp tomorrow. After reading your second para, I'm leaning towards after: the effects of pre-trainer are bad enough for me and I'm often too "vigorous" without taking anything.

      However, I do want to get through some intellectual work this weekend so it might be best to try it for that.

    14. Oh, and have you ever tried Yerba Mate? I recommend it for creativity and a feel-good energy boost.

    15. Well, those effects were when combined with black chocolate - because of the phenylethylamine it was amphetamine-like. A HUGE creativity and energy boost and an insatiable desire to learn and experience more and more!

      On it's own, I suspect, it should make you relaxed, relieve pain, and so on.

      Yerba Mate? Hmmm, I did not. I'll look into it. Thank you for recommending.

    16. Oh, I should also mention; the amount of turmeric I put was quite high - I'd say about three or more grams, which I combined with nearly half a packaging of black chocolate.

  3. A-

    I just read on a previous post that you are a "Night Owl"!!!

    I am, too!!!

    I love the verse you shared:

    “Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. 13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."

    SO COOL!!!

    We have a lot in common.:)


  4. A-

    I also loved the William Blake poem.:)


  5. Socioempath-

    That was nice of you to "dedicate a song" to Jonaid, free of charge.:)


  6. Socioempath-

    The more I hear "Motorhead" music, the more I like it.:)


    1. Motörhead, in my opinion, contains a lot of truths in their songs - that song dedicated to Jonaid describes perfectly people who live their whole lives without taking chances and just blame others, instead of taking responsibility for their own lives.
      And their music will make you rock out!

      I'm feeling especially generous today. So why not give Jonaid another song gratis?

      Come down off your high horse,
      Who do you think you are,
      Just a clown in a one horse town,
      In a broke down second-hand car,
      Can you still get it up,
      Or are we pushing too hard,
      If you wanna get your hands on a beautiful girl,
      You gotta use a Mastercard.

      There's no excuse for bullshit
      So don't try to feed me none,
      You better shake some action,
      Bring it on, bring it on,
      You don't like the way we speak,
      You don't like it when you lose,
      Shouldn't be sad, don't get mad,
      Or we gonna teach you how to sing the blues.

      Get on your horse and ride,
      Where shall we go today,
      Let's go to a place I know,
      Where the speed freaks babble all day,
      Or are you gonna be mean,
      If you ever speak to a beautiful girl,
      She'll laugh you right out of your jeans.

      There's no reason we should listen,
      Why do you talk so much,
      You better bite your finger,
      Bring it up, bring it up,
      You don't like the way we fight,
      You don't have a fucking clue,
      You won't be great, but don't be late,
      Or we gonna teach you how to sing the blues.

      There's nothing out here for you,
      Why did you wait so long,
      You better shake your moneymaker.

      Bring it on, bring it on,
      You don't like the way we laugh,
      At you and your retro shoes,
      Don't be a heel, or an imbecile,
      Or we gonna teach you how to sing the blues,
      You ain't gonna be no hero,
      'Cause you ain't got nothin' to lose,
      So move it out and shut your mouth,
      Or we gonna teach you how to sing the blues.

    2. Socioempath-

      I knew you and Jonaid had something "special".:)

      It was a "gut instinct".:) HA!!! LOL!!!


    3. Hehehehehe
      We sure do have "something special" ;-)

    4. Socioempath-

      I know.:)

      "Electricity" is my new "favorite song" you've given me.:)


    5. I'm glad you liked the song. And I hope you keep unleashing the electricity deep in your soul!

      This is my "theme song" that fits me today - <a href=">You better run!

      I got no reason, to lie to you
      What's in the cards, that's what I do
      I was born a-running & laughing out loud
      With my feet on the ground & my head in the clouds

      You better run, oh baby you better run
      I got a blade like lightning, silver bullets in my gun</a>

    6. Socioempath-

      I loved the song!!!


      It feels SO GOOD!!!

      I like your "theme song", for the day!!! I think it "fits you", everyday!!!


    7. That's the spirit! Never, ever give up, for to give up, is paramount to saying goodbye and digging your own grave.

      As long as there is will, there is the potential to grow and rise up towards the skies! When I read your comments, I simply know, you shall blaze your own glorious path towards happiness and prosperity... You have potential, and now you're beginning to realize it, just like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly and bacoming something so much grander.

      Cradle to the Grave, baby!

    8. Socioempath-

      You always know, just what to say.:)

      Me, give up??? NEVER!!! If I go down-I go down fighting!!!

      I love your quote:

      " shall blaze your own glorious path towards happiness and prosperity..."

      Yes, I will!!! I'm glad you think so, too!!! It means a lot to me.:)

      I have always known and was realizing my potential, until I became a "Girl, Interrupted". You can fail, or you can fly-I PLAN TO FLY!!!

      I love this quote, and thought I would share it:

      “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly.” -Theodore Roosevelt.

      Thanks for the music!!!


    9. PS Socioempath-

      Wrap is one of my least favorite genres, but I do like the song "Love The Way You Lie", by Eminem featuring Rihanna.:) I was going to put the lyrics here, but they were too long.:( You should check out the lyrics and the video-I think the video is pretty hot.:)


    10. Thank you for the suggestion.

      I'll check it out :-)

    11. I found the song and video quite intriguing, Vegas.
      Thank you for the suggestion!

    12. Socioempath-

      I am glad you found them intriguing.:)

      You are more than welcome!!!


  7. Get into a room of reasonable people and ask "Who here is capable of killing someone?", most will raise hands. Then ask "Who here is capable of not killing someone?", few will raise hands.
    Killing someone in itself is matter of context, it is simply reasonable to kill someone in many contexts.
    What comes to matter here is the inability to feel guilt and killing someone having the same value as killing a bug.
    Most people need to see ultimate reason to so some things they perceive as being of value, for this the different are called "crazy", because those do not seek such "ultimate reason" to do what they did.

    1. It all depends WHO´S asking the question. Those famous experiments with folks being asked to deliver (fake) electric shocks to others would not have done so if a "hobo" told them to push the button. If there is authority (and peer pressure), most "normal" people can do almost anything..

    2. Not writing about "scientific evidences". Those experiments only seek to (dis)prove the hypothesis they aim to answer.
      Get into a classroom, a circle of friends, etc., and ask them. If you are no figure of authority, there's no authority bias.
      Most people tend to say "yes" followed by the "self-defense" explanation. If they need to defend themselves, they perceive themselves as capable of killing another person.
      To kill is to kill, independent of the reason. Reason only fulfills the need to justify actions they consider distasteful and keep living without guilt.
      Notorious example of "purifying" actions considered unacceptable through justification is lying. "He is going to die soon. Why not to lie and make his passing away more happier?"

    3. Interesting and I agree to an extent. Reason is often post-facto the actual decision.

      Guilt is a function of held beliefs about the social and metaphysical environment.

      I argue reasoning in the context of your example has a normative function too.

      Further, I people find themselves capable of doing previously unimaginable things when presented with previously inconceivable circumstances.

      I am curious - how would you answer that last (rhetoricical) question? Ie as an indicator of your ethical standpoint.

    4. Reasoning becomes normative, as presented by you. It comes to normalize the way people are: Fluid. Norms seek to crystallize people's behavior and thought.
      As killing someone became an unacceptable act as society rules emerged in socialization, the easiest way to control behavior was to create rules of existence.
      These rules are easily learned because of the plasticity of human brain and as said is "designed to design realities". But most of these realities are inconsistent with the way of natural behavior.
      Most ocidental thought postulates what "is" - "to be" something is not changing through time -, rather than what "is being" - as something that can change over time.
      And there comes the problem of norms, they are static and free of context in peoples minds and as it becomes an ideal, they seek to become static and pursue this ideal without context.
      But every kind of existence is not free of context. And context affects in different ways.
      About the topic, normative function comes as an ideal to pursue, crystalizing the way of the being perceiving itself. The justification function comes after the dissonance of idealization and reality.
      We are context beings. And if it is to be judge, that we judge the moment - the humors, the circumstances. There may be some stability of individual traits, but do not use them purely without context.
      As I saw recently happening (and is often for people to say): "How could I have loved him?" and the answer is simple, because you loved him. As you knew more about him, as him changed, as he was not the "him" you first met, he hurt you. He hurt you because you wanted the first "him". And as you saw the same physical appearance, you tried to see the "him" you loved. You stagnated. And did not love what changed.
      As a music posted, from Jhene Aiko, "Blame on you for staying the same".

      Blame people themselves for wanting to stay the same.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Lots of richness in your ideas around context, thanks for sharing.

      I think there's also another dimension you're adding around the topic of post-facto rationalisation, which is an internal rationalisation. I haven't thought much about it although I have seen questions elsewhere along these lines. Something like 'are people self-aware when they change their moral code after having broken it?' My thoughts in response to this question were along the lines of what we've been saying: when one's experience broadens or their context shifts it expands, one can undertake actions previously beyond their imaginings. In this case, they update if not their ethical framework then at least their moral code. I'll ponder your ideas some more.

      Blame is a favourite for dark triad personalities: I see no value in it whatsoever. Neither judgement. It's a matter of evaluating the opportunity landscape (understanding the context): travel together, solve problems. If that's not working, c'est la vie and au revoir.

    7. I know I have it in me to kill. My mettle was tested once, when someone broke into my house while I was in our basement. I heard them walk around upstairs. I didn't have a phone on me, but I stayed calm, and had the prescience to contact someone via an online game, and ask them to call the police. I am not a nervous person, and the only reason someone like me would *ever* call the cops would be if I thought my life, or the life of a family member, were in mortal danger. So the person I contacted knew I meant business.

      I tracked the guy's footsteps right above my head, buying time. In about 5 minutes, I could no longer hear them, and I had someone very precious sleeping in a crib upstairs, so at that very moment, I bounded up the steps as quickly and silently as possible, heavy lamp base in hand, in case I was accosted on my way up. I dropped it as soon as I reached the kitchen, exchanged it for a knife, and dashed silently up the second flight of stairs, fully expecting to stab that mofo right in the back, without hesitation. And I would have done it. I knew that as a woman, I had to strike quickly, unexpectedly and FIRST in order to survive/win.

      Whoever was in the house had left. The footsteps creeping off must have been his leaving. I thought they might be going after said precious parcel, which spurred me to immediate action.

      You are right, North. One never knows what one is capable of, until unthinkable circumstances avail themselves. It was a bad experience, but in retrospect, I am glad it happened, because I reacted bravely. I know now that I have what it takes to be courageous in the face of a real, life-or-death threat.

      My father gave me shit for not attacking the minute I heard the footsteps. But I maintain that such a reaction would have been unwise. The guy could have been armed. I suppose he overlooked the important detail that I am not a 30 year old beefcake in the prime of his life. :)

      My husband and the cops showed up almost simultaneously. I'll never the confusion, followed by the sinking expression on his face when he took in the cops, and his wild-eyed wife brandishing a kitchen knife. That was bloody well worth its weight in comedy gold. :D

    8. Nicely told story, A.

      I was going bouldering on a small mountain that happens to be in a built up area. I was on the phone to my dad as I parked the car. I was surprised to see a number of cars in the usually deserted area. As I was chatting to Dad, I saw a few men wandering around. One sidled past my car, looking in the window. Big bald dude, dressed in black. One wandered off into the bushes. A minute or two later baldy followed him. Ah, ok. No probs, no concern of mine. I finished chatting with my Dad, got dressed and headed off down the track. I was wearing tracksuit pants over my climbing gear.

      I had a little difficulty finding where to leave the main track, so I stopped and looked back up toward the car park to gauge where I was. There was Baldy, coming down towards. No Baldy, your friends are up over there. Meh, I shrugged my shoulders and stepped off onto the path. It was kinda overgrown and there was a spider web blocking my way, so I looked to find another way through.

      I noticed Baldy had progressed down the track.

      No reason to come down here, Baldy. I started to plan but kept it cool. I found another way - blocked by another spider. I checked up the track. Baldy, if you follow me into the bush, you can only be following me.

      Yep. Here he comes.

      I pick up a rock. Keep walking towards the boulders.

      I come to the first boulder and climb it. I sit there looking out over the city. Chill as. Like I do this all the time. Figure if he wants to make a move I have the advantage of height and I'll crack him on the skull with the rock in my hand.

      He's coming closer. Within ten metres. I look at him. He looks at me.

      "Hello" he says.

      And instantly I knew. I have short hair. I was wearing a tracksuit. He saw me from behind. He was after a rock climbing god... LOL. He walked past the boulder and out of sight. Of course he had to wander back and he was *very* busily engaged on his mobile phone. Classic.

  8. War-crimes are not committed by psychopaths, ordinary empaths filled the trains to the ovens. Somehow ordinary empaths may become killers much more easily because of their respect for "uniforms/authority". If the authority gives the empath an order to "do it", the empath thinks (for real) that this justifies the deed & he as an individual is no longer responsible. And a group of empaths reasoning this way amplifies this "creed" so that they soon will see war-killing/crimes as hunting deer/exterminating vermin. A psycho may of course "join the club" if he´s sadistic, but many psychos will just see themselves as used as "tools" by folks they do not recognize as their pack leader. Many deserters likely are psychos..

  9. "It goes from something, a big something, to the smallest nothing there can be."

    Well put in simple language. I would add that you can die while being physically alive. The same "big something" becomes a "small nothing." That's the end of the psychopath's journey.

    1. J.J said: Don't go easy on me. I dare you alpha, do the worst you think you can do to me. Call your dogs too while you're at it. I mean it go on - God-willing it'll open your eyes and make you realize all power is with God alone
      The person I knew wasn't this far gone or low. I guess he is now.

      Ciao. You'll regret it big time - I won't try forever. Your false pride will ruin you as it has in the past. Child.

      Ooook. Let's try this again- one more time:

      I am not socioempath.

      We are not all puppets of your former lover.

      "Child"...? "So far gone..."?

      *You're* the one so self-absorbed that you can't even IMAGINE a world in which this blog and those who frequent it do not revolve around you! You are SO narcissistic that you have become patently delusional, and it's funny.

      I know it's hard, but try to step outside yourself for a moment, and see how ridiculous you sound when you conflate all of the posters here, and childishly refuse to accept that we are not who or what you misinterpret us to be.

      This is a trend with you. You mischaracterize sociopaths as "evil minions", ignoring ample evidence to the contrary. You mischaracterize your own Prophet as a "good man"- whilst demonizing the sociopathic individuals here for far more benign behaviour. (Chop off someone's head? All a matter of context. Deride Muhammad for the atrocities he committed?? It must be the work of a psychopathic demon from the pit of hell. LOL.)

      How can you blame us for laughing, Joanie? In addition to being illogical, you are a piss-poor judge of character, and the extent of your self-deception is frankly comical. XD

      You skin is too thin. Learn to banter without victimizing yourself and running off like a coward to lick your wounds whenever you are confronted. Perhaps then, you will earn some of the respect you think you are owed, here.

    2. Don't go easy on me. I dare you alpha, do the worst you think you can do to me.

      Fuck, but you do offer yourself up so daintily, on a silver platter. :P


    3. Alpha-

      Deride is a "new word" for me-thank you!!!

      "Joanie" was a nice touch.:)


    4. Alpha-

      COOL NAME!!!


    5. It was a tongue-in-cheek appropriation of Joanie's stubborn mischaracterization of me as an "alpha male" :P

    6. Ha! You know you want it, deep within your heart there's a burning desire to discredit the false prophet. Oh so verily, verily much. Hehehehehe :-)

      Time to play the game! Ahahahaha 3:)

  10. Miike Snow's Genghis Khan
    First rate film clip. Plays out our fantasies of omnipotence and the fairy tale ending.

    There are many circumstances in which reasonable people kill.

  11. I haven't bothered to ruminate upon it much of how one of my objects in life I once feverishly obsessed over psychopathically has been effected by my influence in his life. I spent sometime this morning thinking deeply about it, and I've come to the decisive conclusion that I don't actually love him as who he really is, but actually the concept of him that I've cobbled together of him within my mind,

    “Look at this angelic confection. Never in my life have I laid eyes on such an immaculate swirl, nor glimpsed a crust as delectably golden brown in hue"

    It was a self destructive power obsession. I kept telling myself that if I seduced him efficiently and effectively, if I played my cards right everything that composes his being would all be mine.

    So the dots have truly connected in my mind, the light switched on based on what lingering connection I still have with the man. I thought, "Ah, beautiful cinnamon roll-senpai HAS noticed me. Hmmm. Eh." As quickly as I came to this perspective [the concept of how things are with my psychopathic inner monologue was insight provided by M.E.'s blog post on power and obsession, but I've taken more time to ruminate upon it and process it], I've brushed it under the rug and am content with carrying on with life as if nothing were any different.

    ESTP Sociopath

    1. ESTP, I think in lots of cases what we think of is like that.

      It's the exact conclusion I came to at the end of my relationship with **-*. Rather, even before the start. I had been attracted to another man, a very powerful sexual attraction that was escalating and I pondered the mechanism. Waterfall biochemical signals; his signals triggering more of mine and so on in a fabulous, heady double helix.

      So I learnt that a relationship consists of independent but interacting processes in two separate organisms. A relationship emerges and the participants might carry very, very different- perhaps complementary but often wildly opposed - notions of it in their brain.

      This is where communication is important - to keep checking in where those initially intense biochemical signals have diminished. Both participants need to obtain value or it will fade. Remember the brain efficiently seeks outcomes - even if it does so subconsciously. A lot of times, we don't even really know what needs a relationship is meeting.

      In my case, I discovered the needs my cracked relationships were meeting were based on beliefs that could change.

      This is why self-awareness helps us build better relationships - we can drop our 'neediness' and look after ourselves as adults. Then engaging with others is delicious and nutritious icing on the cake.

    2. Thank you for your feedback, North. It is appreciated, as I gleamed much insight from it which I will do my best to ruminate upon further.

      ESTP Sociopath

    3. Psychopaths/Sociopaths-

      Regarding ESTP's quote:

      "everything that composes his being would all be mine."

      What "composes our being", that you want???


  12. I've always found this scene to be one of the more poignant ones from Hannibal. Quite often you can have a reason for killing someone but in the end most people do it for one reason, Power. As evidenced in the above video not everyone feels this way but I feel that for most people who choose to kill especially outside of combat zones it is only about power.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. In the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate.

    "Say: It is tremendous tidings

    Whence ye turn away!

    I had no knowledge of the Highest Chiefs when they disputed;

    It is revealed unto me only that I may be a plain warner.

    When thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to create a
    mortal out of mire,

    And when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My Spirit, then fall down before him prostrate,

    The angels fell down prostrate, every one,

    Saving Iblis; he was scornful and became one of those who cover up (the truth).

    God said: O Iblis! What hindereth thee from falling prostrate before that which I have created with both My hands? Art thou too proud or art thou of the high exalted?

    He said: I am better than him. Thou createdst me of fire, whilst him Thou didst create of clay.

    God said: Go forth from hence, for lo! thou art outcast,

    And lo! My curse is on thee till the Day of Judgment.

    He said: My Lord! Reprieve me till the day when they are raised.

    God said: Lo! thou art of those reprieved

    Until the day of the time appointed.

    He said: Then, by Thy might, I surely will beguile them every one,

    Save Thy single-minded slaves among them.

    God said: The Truth is, and the Truth I speak,

    That I shall fill hell with thee and with such of them as follow thee, together.

    Say (O Muhammad, unto mankind): I ask of you no fee for this, and I am no simulating.

    Lo! it is naught else than a reminder for all peoples

    And ye shall certainly know the truth of it (all) after a while."

    QUR'AN 38:67-88

    The Book repeats some narratives at various different times, each having slightly more or less details. Just as the chief deceiver was reprieved, so are many of his followers reprieved till a certain time. Those who have any good in them may face trials and problems in the world so that they may reflect and repent. Those who God knows would never return are deluded and become more & more confident & arrogant as that seals their fate.

    God knows best.

    1. That's interesting. Really interesting.
      Especially if I want to die of boredom.

      I am really, really, sincerely sorry to break this to you, but, guess what...
      You have failed! Try again, Joanie! I look forward to another one of your narcissistic rants so I can laugh my ass off.

      Thanks for your contributions. They are greatly appreciated. You always know how to brighten up my day. You are really doing god's work here, big time, pretty boy. Keep it up! ;-)

  15. Socioempath-

    Your quote to Jonaid, CRACKED ME UP!!!


    He dares you! But wait, there's more - he MEANS IT!
    Now I know he's a Real Man™. As soon as he uttered those badass manly words, I immediately realized he's the manliest man in the history of manliness.
    Bow down to the king of kings, the kingiest of them all!"


    1. It was a funny quip, but Joanie is gay. I don't even think he tries to come across as "manly". That was him attempting to demonstrate the extent to which he is willing to make himself vulnerable and submissive to me- so that I might finally "see the truth". He is completely delusional.

      Now he is in "spiritual warfare mode": the state he retreats to when he feels threatened. He will avoid direct engagement, and compulsively quote the Quran in an effort to ward off all the demon-dogs.


    2. Thank you.

      I don't think many of us are particularly inclined towards altruism. If it were not for my faith, I'd be a regular jackass. As it stands, I still am, on occasion.

      But accepting how I am shaped has allowed me to harness some of my strengths more purposefully. I have discovered that helping others by being true to myself is very fulfilling.

    3. *true to my nature, that is.

    4. Oops. That was intended as a reply to the comments "Vegas" posted above:

      Socioempath & A-

      I love the good you both do for people!!!


      I think that if all, or at least the majority, of psychopaths/sociopaths used their capabilities to help people-it would be "Heaven on Earth"...


    5. A, you wrote:

      "But accepting how I am shaped has allowed me to harness some of my strengths more purposefully. I have discovered that helping others by being true to myself is very fulfilling."

      You have mentioned the type of work you do very successfully.

      Would you mind elaborating on your qualitative experience?

      As an example of what I'm getting at, these days, I find that being true to my own nature, expressing myself fully and engaging naturally, allows me to contribute to my social groups in productive but unexpected (and in this respect, unplanned) ways. these contributions are far more pleasurable and useful than my previous approach, which was largely to simply defer my own needs to others.

      I enjoy being myself and I enjoy being a more useful member of my community. I imagine I will continue to grow in this area.


    6. Would you mind elaborating on your qualitative experience?

      Well, I have always been an “idea” person; I have a lot of good ones. But I have frequently lacked the discipline and perseverance to being them to fruition. I had one such idea that started out as a business plan- but it rapidly became apparent that a different, more co-operative model was needed within my community. I partnered with a like-minded individual who happens to possess many of the qualities I lack, such as strong administrative skills, and consistency. We had regular meetings, and held each other accountable. We developed a successful model, which has grown, and continues to operate very successfully today.

      This may surprise you, but as the founder, I insisted upon decision making via consensus, and a lack of traditional “titles”, for board members. Why? Because I’m ego-driven as fuck, and that shit goes straight to my head. So while I bear all the responsibilities of my role, I don’t get to perpetually massage my bloated ego with a powerful title. (Those nasty tongue lashings I am notorious for dispensing? Yeah. I give them to myself, too. :)

      But make no mistake about it: I am “el presidente “. I play that part, and shoulder that burden. Yet my responsibilities are well suited for someone with my personality type, so I get to be authentic as I operate within a desirable sphere.

      I am a resourceful problem solver. I am decisive, ready to assume personal risk, and willing to undertake an enormous workload in order to meet my goals- but I will coast through it, because I handle stress very well. I am assertive and decisive, but I can fly by the seat of my pants like a pro mofo. Directing and organizing come naturally for me. I don’t mind telling people exactly what I think, or playing “bad cop” when necessary. I am generally at ease being in control. And I am very charming. My people like me.

      Our organization is of great benefit to my community, but I would be lying if I said I launched this thing for purely altruistic reasons: it benefits my own family members directly. I am willing to shoulder a great deal of responsibility, and make personal sacrifices, in exchange for the satisfaction I derive from the power and influence my role accords me… For the opportunity to do interesting things whilst helping my own, as well as others.

      So my impetus is, to some extent, self-serving. Yet I am willing to take on much more so as to greatly benefit our collective, simply because it is a help and a boon to our community. There is an element of pragmatic “care” involved in the work I do. I could split the country and start afresh without so much as missing even my closest colleague, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to shepherd my flock to the very best of my ability, while it is my appointed time to do so.

      And honestly? That part, I don’t really do for them. I tend to dislike people. I do it because I believe this is what God has called me to do right now. I know this discredits my words in the minds of a certain kind of person. But quite frankly, I don’t care. I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me, beyond how it can disrupt my objectives.

    7. As an example of what I'm getting at, these days, I find that being true to my own nature, expressing myself fully and engaging naturally, allows me to contribute to my social groups in productive but unexpected (and in this respect, unplanned) ways.

      I get the sense that you have become more confident and willing to assert yourself, perhaps even daring to speak boldly and/or authoritatively at times. Would this be accurate? If so, I would encourage you to continue developing this area. Practice going out on a limb and leaving your traditional comfort zone. Practice courage, regularly. It will make you strong.

      these contributions are far more pleasurable and useful than my previous approach, which was largely to simply defer my own needs to others.

      Hm. I suppose I have somewhat unwittingly constructed a life-scenario in which I get my own base needs met (respect, influence, power) through meeting the needs of others. Sometimes, this means deferring my *wants*. I am weak in this area. I yield to temptation very easily, because I am very impulsive, and somewhat of an incorrigible hedonist.

      I enjoy being myself and I enjoy being a more useful member of my community. I imagine I will continue to grow in this area.

      Yes. When you allow yourself to function authentically- without pandering to artificial, self-imposed limitations, you start to really develop who you are, refine you do best, and shine in a way that only *you* can.


      You are most welcome.

    8. In the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate.

      "Of the people there are some who say: "We believe in God and the Last Day;" but they do not (really) believe.
      9. Fain would they deceive God and those who believe, but they only deceive themselves, and realise (it) not!
      10. In their hearts is a disease; and God has increased their disease: And grievous is the penalty they (incur), because they are false.
      11. When it is said to them: "Make not mischief on the earth," they say: "Why, we only Want to make peace!"
      12. Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realise (it) not.
      13. When it is said to them: "Believe as the others believe:" They say: "Shall we believe as the fools believe?" Nay, of a surety they are the fools, but they do not know."

      Qur'an 2: 8-13

    9. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a new episode of: Sermons of Joanie!

      Today, we shall be hearing the following:

      * Passive-aggressiveness
      * Delusions
      * Narcissism
      * Moral superiority

      ...and much, much more!
      Hold on to your seats, 'cause here we goooo!

      Hope you all enjoy, have a lot of laughs, and remember:
      God knows best!

    10. Joanie, I know the Bible inside out, and believe me, if I wanted to, I could use a plethora of verses out of context, and hurl at you- just like stones.

      But I would never do that. I actually have too much respect for what I believe to misuse the Scriptures in a spirit of competitive banter. In addition to it amounting to poor exegesis (interpretation), it would demean and and cheapen something for which I have a great deal of reverence.

      I WILL use the Scriptures to contend with Islam, and it's false prophet. In the Bible, God's Word in represented metaphorically by a sword. Weapons are to be handled with respect, in accordance with their purpose.

      But you? You will not engage. You have not engaged a single theological argument I have put forth- and I have brought up a LOT of them over the past two months or so.

      You called me a Satan worshipper when I related my experience encountering Christ as a young adult. You say I'm a demon because I expose the falsehoods of the tyrant you blindly admire, and what...? Operate a non-profit that greatly benefits the people in my community? You've insisted that I'm someone I am not, and you are SUCH a misogynist that you can't even accept the fact that I'm female- insisting instead on addressing me as a man! LOL

      So let's get real, here. Who is false?

      The one who is forthright and transparent about her intentions, or the one who dodges, weaves, deflects, misrepresents, and lies?

      Of the people there are some who say: "We believe in God and the Last Day;" but they do not (really) believe.
      9. Fain would they deceive God and those who believe, but they only deceive themselves, and realise (it) not!
      10. In their hearts is a disease; and God has increased their disease: And grievous is the penalty they (incur), because they are false.

      If I had more empathy, I'd feel sorry for you.

    11. Thanks A,

      Running to get ready for work and meetings all morning so will write again later today.

      "Well, I have always been an “idea” person; I have a lot of good ones. But I have frequently lacked the discipline and perseverance to being them to fruition."

      That sounds really ENTP to me. I love working with ENTPs for their wild ideas and energy. And yeah I'm the stable one that says 'yep, that idea will work and this is how... And no, that one's not gonna fly.' Too many conservative INTJs in my company and not enough boldness. I was saying to a friend yesterday that I look like a gun-slinging extrovert rogue by comparison. Looks like I'm in work mode now, catch ya later.

    12. Thanks for sharing a bit more about what you do, A. You do seem very immersed in it and driven to succeed.

      It is something I find attractive, that ability to fully engage in an endeavour and the resourcefulness to bring it to fruition.

      It's perfectly natural to have interests that benefit oneself and one's tribe: no justification required. And your faith seems to provide you with a very useful grounding.

      As for me, my character has always been a little strange. I am a natural leader and have always happily challenged anyone: the more senior the better. I'd get a massive thrill out of it. Most people regarded me as an alpha, this was very evident from both my own carriage and from the responding body language of others. As an example, visiting senior execs are drawn to me, and there have been times they've sought out my name and displayed their efforts to me (one asked me back to his hotel room but that's another story.) I've done very well at work and even through the chaos of the last couple of years, I've received the highest performance ratings and have been promoted. I have an air of confidence, I'm very adaptable and have a strong sense of personal agency. People rely on me and seek my counsel.

      But you are right: I simply never asserted myself and deferred my needs to those of others.

      All of these characteristics can be drawn back to my childhood. My father is a highly capable, highly logical, wildly adventurous and spontaneous narcissistic bully. I kept up with him my whole life and there are very few people that do. **-* wasn't a patch on his pace, for example; I was outpacing him in lots of ways. I kept a tremendous pace throughout life; was never relaxed, but also never consciously scared. No one was as scary as my dad.

      But I also never knew how to look after myself. And especially in personal relationships, I was in a state of learned helplessness without even knowing.

      Things have changed a lot. I relax now. In fact, I've been lazy by comparison at work - doing my job but focussing on my healing.

      And as a result, I am finding my own pace: not Dad's, not **-*'s. My joy and energy and creativity and vision is flowing freely.

      I've practiced being assertive and it is making a lot of difference. I have been wildly spontaneous - for example robustly challenging our CEO during her presentation (which had good effects and I'm glad I did it - I might do it more wisely next time, however I knew passion was required and it did the job.)

      In the last few weeks, I released the anger and vitriol I had for **-*. I genuinely feel it's made a great difference. That spring of energy and spontaneity and vigour is overflowing - but in a sustainable and not-fraught way. I feel like I'm alive. I am able to write again. I can plan my future. I speak more clearly and am pursuing the activities I have always wanted to pursue.

      That anger was a message, but what I wrote was a message for me. I was acknowledging my own needs, my own right to exist, and my ability to provide for my own needs.

      I've grown up.

  16. In the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate.

    "Saad. By the renowned Qur'an,

    Nay, but those who cover up (the truth) are in false pride and schism.

    How many a generation We destroyed before them, and they cried out when it was no longer the time for escape!

    And they marvel that a warner from among themselves hath come unto them, and those who cover up (the truth) say: This is a wizard, a charlatan."

    Maketh he the gods One God? Lo! that is an astounding thing.

    The chiefs among them go about, exhorting: Go and be staunch to your gods! Lo! this is a thing designed."

    QUR'AN 38:1-6

    * "Saad" is an Arabic letter
    * In my opinion, one can understand the "gods" of the olden days as the "dogs" referred to on this blog.

    1. Why are we "dogs", Jonaid?

      Because we disagree with your trite, one-dimensional assessment of all psychopaths as wretched, cruel, depraved, demonic creatures? Because we refuse to accept your myopic view of reality, when we “should” simply be repentant before you and your god- grateful that you have even deigned to set foot in this place- a reeking cesspool populated by minions destined for hell?

      Why do you want so desperately to categorize us as such? Why the reflexive need to set yourself high upon a pedestal, whilst looking down on all of your "moral inferiors"?

      I'll tell you why. Because as a narcissist, that is the only way you can feel good about yourself. You must be the victimized, martyred hero, while the rest of us play villain in the elaborate fantasy world you have concocted to appease your pain and bitterness. This is the only way you know how to make sense of the abuse you suffered.

      You are no great harbinger. Nobody thinks you are a "wizard" or a charlatan, here. You give yourself far too much credit. You are just a broken, hurting man, seeking closure.

      I see you as you are, and show you what you truly look like. This infuriates you, because you cannot accept your transparency before me... One who is akin to the man who destroyed you, yet utterly unlike him in so many fundamental ways.

      You MUST be the hero, and I MUST be the chief antagonist. Anything else creates a cognitive dissonance that you are unable to process, because so much of your identity is wrapped up in your skewed perception of reality. But I am here to tell you that your precious Jihad is a sham, Jon. It is based upon a false premise, and fueled only by your false pride.

    2. Hahahahahaha!

      Jonaid strikes, once again!
      He called us DOGS? Oooooh, I'm shakin' with fear and shame here...
      Shit. Joanie, why do you have to be sooo mean :'-(

      You certainly struck directly into my soul. You touched my heart like those twelve plates of beans I had for dinner. You bastard! How could you know? You are so wise, you are a better judge of human nature than dr. Oz!

      Wow, that god of yours must be giving you some amazing advices. What's his phone number? Do I need to buy an antenna so that I can catch a signal and communicate with the lad? I wanna call him too and talk to him, he seems like such a wise guy...

    3. For any sincere reader:

      Once again, "dogs" refers to Jinn - called "demons" in Western culture albeit that's not an direct translation. The clown above likes to caricature everything I say. It had nothing to do with them but they can't help it. Ask yourselves WHY?

    4. Hahahahahhahaha

      Sure thing, boss. Whatever you say ;-)

    5. "Sincere readers"? You mean those who agree with you... And I'm not seeing many of those.

      We know WHY. I told you WHY. We all have. I spelled it out very explicitly.

      Your delusions are very entertaining. It is comical for a person who accuses others of "not being able to help themselves" to continually demonstrate such an abject lack of self-control over their knee-jerk reactions. It is also very revealing.

      You lie, Jihadi: over, and over, and OVER again.

      You JUST finished stating that your statement about dogs had "nothing to do with socioempath", but in the post above it, you say, and I quote:

      "In my opinion, one can understand the "gods" of the olden days as the "dogs" referred to on this blog"

      So which is it? Hmm? Because now you're talking out of both sides of your mouth. Or was that little gem reserved for exclusively for me?

      You also said you would engage me anytime I wanted- but even when I am very polite with you, you run away like a coward.

      "Whatever you say"- indeed. Those three little word drive the point right home.

      You don't stand by anything that you say, here.

      Run Joanie, run!!! :D

    6. Careful there! You might just - GASP - hurt his feeeeeewings :-(

      Oops, my bad... What I meant was, her feelings...

      And then we'll have to call the whaaaambulance! :O

  17. In the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate.

    "Were We then worn out by the first creation? Yet they are in doubt about a new creation.

    We verily created man and We know what his soul whispereth to him, and We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.

    When the two Receivers receive (him), seated on the right hand and on the left,

    He uttereth no word but there is with him an observer ready.

    And the agony of death cometh in truth. (And it is said unto him): This is that which thou wast wont to shun.

    And the trumpet is blown. This is the threatened Day.

    And every soul cometh, along with it a driver and a witness.

    (And unto the evil-doer it is said): Thou wast in heedlessness of this. Now We have removed from thee thy covering, and piercing is thy sight this day.

    And (unto the evil-doer) his comrade saith: This is that which I have ready (as testimony).

    (And it is said): Do ye twain hurl to hell each rebel ingrate,

    Hinderer of good, transgressor, doubter,

    Who setteth up another god along with God. Do ye twain hurl him to the dreadful doom.

    His comrade saith: Our Lord! I did not cause him to rebel, but he was (himself) far gone in error.

    He saith: Contend not in My presence, when I had already proffered unto you the warning.

    The sentence that cometh from Me cannot be changed, and I am in no wise a tyrant unto the slaves."

    QUR'AN 50: 15-29

  18. My mind has been hard at work processing all kinds of information, I've had some good constructive conversations this evening that were sharing of mutually beneficial information.

    If there is truly no objectively "good" people or "bad" people, there is only humanity. If there is no truly objectively right or wrong actions, there is only injustice. The natural conclusion then is that it has never been a war of good versus evil, but a unified force, humanity, fighting against injustice.

    I want to make it my life mission to fight injustice. Perhaps it is a futile effort, as it would seem that so long as humanity exists, so will injustice. I don't want to have to buy into that kind of cynicism, I want to have faith in humanity. I want to have faith in a vision of a future where people like me, psychopaths, can be tolerated and accepted and allowed to be given the agency to become prosocial members of society. I have that absolute faith for myself to become a high functioning psychopath who can live openly in society as a prosocial member of this world, to be a leader within my world that I have no choice but to live in and fight injustice. I'm not trying to jeopardize the welfare of the forces of "good", I'm fighting against the forces of injustice.

    Martin Luther King Jr. I believe said so himself something along the lines of that it is not the doers of injustice that we must fight, but injustice itself. I believe whole heartedly in this.

    ESTP Sociopath

    1. There is no good or evil, only injustice.

      I agree, but neither is justice some abstract ideal. It is a biological driver, the very basis of our survival.

      Competition occurs at all levels of our existence, both physical and social. The sense of justice and fairness is essential to social lubrication, structure and management.

      Justice, retribution, punishment: these are all reactions to unfair treatment or inequitable resource allocation. It's a primary survival driver, both individually and collectively.

      In my philosophy, it is as important a foundation as normalisation.

      ESTP Sociopath, it is my opinion that you often and successfully strike to the core of the human condition.

    2. I have that absolute faith for myself to become a high functioning psychopath who can live openly in society as a prosocial member of this world, to be a leader within my world that I have no choice but to live in and fight injustice.

      ^I like this. I actively attempt to do this- although I have no desire to trumpet the fact that I have a lot sociopathic traits, because people have a lot of misconceptions about psychopathy.

      Those who possess knowledge on the subject, and spend enough time around me, eventually figure it out for themselves. I don't pretend to be something I am not, unless I have a specific ulterior agenda in mind (i.e: getting myself out of trouble)- in which case I am very good at it.

      On the rare occasions I am confronted on the subject (which in fact happened recently), I will make an effort to educate the person.

  19. I love ESTP's quote:

    "...humanity, fighting against injustice."

    Beautiful. I can't think of a better life mission. I do not think it is futile. As long as humanity exists it may be that injustice will exist, however I do believe that it can be brought to "miniscule" amounts, if not completely eradicated...

    I also have faith in humanity, including psychopaths/sociopaths...

    I also loved this quote:

    "...psychopaths, can be tolerated and accepted and allowed to be given the agency to become prosocial members of society."


    I have faith that ESTP will fulfill his vision for his life...


  20. I also loved ESTP's Martin Luther King Jr. quote:

    "...that it is not the doers of injustice that we must fight, but injustice itself."

    I also agree with this. If we fight the "doers of injustice", the "injustice" which is the core or root issue, still remains. If you fight injustice itself, there will be far less "doers of injustice"...


  21. I understand what you are getting at estp but I believe it's more about increasing personal and collective consciousness and less about fighting injustice. One naturally cancels out the other.

    1. By natural extension then, they're one and the same to me. As I always say, all things that happen, happen because it is meant to be so. Many might take the passive aggressive route for change, but I am all too willing to thrust myself head first into adversity to fight against injustice. I will do what I must to rise to power and create the impact I want to have upon this world.

      ESTP Sociopath

    2. That's freaking awesome. Good on you.

      In the words of Ghandi: "BE the change you want to see in the world." Lead by example.

      You might also want to consider law. M.E. is a lawyer. If that interests you, perhaps you can ask her for some advice.

  22. Emperor Adam Of PrussiaFebruary 25, 2016 at 11:55 AM

    you geeks piss me off. i'm the only real sociopath on this blog and I have the track record to prove it. i'm not some whiny goth writing blogs nobody cares about

    1. You should go play around on SC. You'd fit in great with Jay-Z & Co. I bet you'd be sucking his toes in no time, you big, bad sociopath, you!

    2. Holy sheeeet! What alphaness! You da man, Adam! The best of the best! Behold, all you fake sociopaths, for here comes the reckoning, the ultimate force, the mighty Adam! Tremble before His Magnificence!

      Whine harder, oh mighty, magnificent emperor! You surely are the devil incarnate, the one true master of darkness!

      Emperor Adam of Prussia, for your glorious services to the sociopathhood, I shall award thee...
      Whiny bitch of the year award!

      I sincerely hope you enjoy!
      Ah, who am I kidding...
      I hope you don't!

  23. to me i have no opinion on anybody, you know why? because in my world I am the only one who exists. fuck everybody else on this miserable planet I AM better than them all. if you have an opinion on other people then you are a weak person. when i was a child i created a domain inside my mind in which i was god now it is only a matter of turning fantasy to reality.

    1. Careful there, glorious emperor!

      Your tears are showing, and they are juicy and delicious.

  24. Have any socios figured out how to control their contempt for others? Lately I've been trying to integrate in a small college town, but my personality seems to be quite different to your average college student. I enjoy absurd humor and simple jokes, but this seems to clash with the high brow ironic humor college students seem to be into.

    I'm also a working class fellow, but i think most working class people are disgusting. Like how they're are almost proud of dressing poorly and acting like pigs. I've never felt a kinship among working class people i grew up around. i can barely disguise my ill content towards them, but as an astute man once said - 'I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.'

  25. I said this before but it can be - and needs to be - said again. The conceited idiots here and elsewhere who deliberately mislead and confuse people think that by doing so they'll all be suffering the same fate as them. It's simple psychology - no one wants to be alone in their camp. The psychos of course each want to be (and think the are) the most special and powerful but they want more people to fall into the trap under them. God will not punish someone who was sincerely confused & mislead into error (to the extent that they were capable of using their own reason to protect themselves). The real criminals are the "chiefs" leading the way and they know who they are.

    Why do you persist? How can you knowingly persist? Once again if you don't know what I'm talking about or this sounds like a typical religious sermon than it does not apply to you.

    In the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate.

    "And they say: What aileth us that we behold not men whom we were wont to count among the wicked?

    Did we take them (wrongly) for a laughing-stock, or have our eyes missed them?

    Lo! that is very truth: the wrangling of the dwellers in the Fire."

    QUR'AN 38: 62-64

    1. Heeeere's Joanie!

      Uh-oh. What's this?
      Gasp! Oh no! You forgot your signature! How careless of you! Bad Joanie!
      Here, let me help you with that.

      God knows best!

      There, fixed it for you. No need to thank me ;-)

    2. God does indeed know best. Who knows maybe one day you'll be more staunch in countering psychopathic / satanic nonsense than I and most other people. It's not a new phenomenon. People you'd never ever expect can come around and do amazing things. I hope you're one of them.

    3. I'll admit I have at least a partially selfish motive for that. It'll make me better too if you came back to life and join me in the struggle. One can hope and pray...anything is possible with God, the most Merciful.

    4. Speaking of such people:

    5. Just goes to show how hopelessly gullible some old white folks are.

      Your pedo-prophet was murdered by a Jewess, in the manner explicitly reserved for false prophets. I'll bet Muhammad's severed aorta that ol' Gullible Geezer left that inconvenient fact out of his riveting message. XD

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Ha-ha!
      Your injudicious erroneous "prophet" was killed disgracefully by a jew. And a woman at that! What an idiot! Oh my god, how gullible and gay you have to be to trust the words of such a colossally dissimulating deceiver.

      Glorious message, prophet!

    9. A & Socioempath-

      I have been reading all your posts, and I just wanted to say again, that YOU ROCK!!!


      A-It looks like there's another "A", that posted. What's up with that???


    10. Do you think the "meds" Joanie gives in cars are BJ's???


    11. Who knows? Everything goes for Joanie if it shall spread thy Message©.

      BJ's included :D

    12. "...he said "ahhh" but had this really pleasant, happy look about him."

      I'm sure he did.:)

      "It seemed so genuine, so natural, and I swear to God I feel good remembering that my words were able to bring that look on his face."

      I don't think it was "words" that brought that look to his face.:)

      "I miss those few genuine moments."

      It sounds like he was "quick".:)

      It was nice of him to listen to Joanie, afterwards...

      I wonder if Joanie charges, or gives "meds" for free???


    13. Socioempath-

      U CRACK ME UP!!!

      So many of your posts, make me LOL!!!


    14. His price - listen to him talk and talk and talk and talk about the Message over and over again!

      Woe to those who take "meds" from Joanie. They all kill themselves out of boredom afterwards.

      Do not be fooled by such a charlatan! His words are deadly, he's a silent killah! The pen is mightier than the sword, indeed :-)

    15. Socioempath-

      That's a HIGH PRICE!!!

      I wouldn't take "meds" from Joanie.:) Not that he likes girls...



    16. Socioempath-

      "Dissimulating" is a new word for me!!!

      Thank you.:)


    17. Indeed. It's so high that I'd rather drown myself by crashing a Trabant into a septic tank. It's a much more rational decision.

      Hehehehehehe :-)

    18. Socioempath-


      I had to Google "Trabant".:) You know it's gotta be bad, if you'd rather drive that, into a septic tank and drown.:)

      HA!!! LOL!!!


    19. Oh yeah. It was an immensely hard decision.

      I had to choose between "Stojadin" Zastava 101, Yugo and Trabant. It was a really, really hard decision! I had to think for a whole minute! A whole minute, I tell you!

      Ah, the things I do for Joanie... I do soooo much, and yet she shows me no gratitude :O

    20. Socioempath-

      I'm sure it was.:)

      I know "Yugo"!!!

      You make me giggle.:)

      You do a lot for Joanie.:) It's not nice of her, to show you no gratitude, for all you do.:(


    21. Eh, what can you do. Some people are just ungrateful SOB's...

      Hehehehehhehe ;-)
      I told ya (s)he's got another thing comin' 3:-)

    22. Socioempath-

      I dig watching you and "A" post with Joanie.:)

      I was wondering, when you would address "Adam"...


    23. Glad to be of service, ma'am! :-)

    24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    25. It seems socioempath and Vegas are more like the filth in my family than you. Nevertheless, you are the company you keep.

    26. Um... What? You seriously think I'm this Phillip guy?

      What the fuck, Joanie? Oh my god, you belong in the nutter! Seriously, chill out, smoke a cigarette, take a drink. You're waaaaaaay too tense.

      It seems Vegas was wrong. Dead wrong.

      NOW you've completely, utterly lost it altogether!
      But you gave me one of the best laugh in my lifetime. I thank you for that :-)

    27. Tsk, tsk, tsk...

      I already saw your comment, ya poser!
      You erased it too late, sucker!
      Muhahahahahahha 3:-)

    28. Obviously you don't have a life outside SW. Good for you. I deleted two more comments above but no worries for you you read it already.

    29. Your tears. They are delicious. Yum!

      Please continue posting. You are the light that literally brightens up my day :-)

    30. Only a miserable and doomed soul can't cry or love.

    31. I love your rants so much I laugh my ass off to the point of tears.

      Hell yeah! I'm not doomed!

      Try again ;-)

  26. there is no god.the god of this world is cruelty.if you worship will be god

  27. I visited briefly the other day, and glanced at a few recent threads. There are some familiar faces still there (Eddie, Ana, Sugar), but for the most part, SC has been run over by angsty teens falling all over themselves to suck Jay's dick, now that I'm no longer around to out all his stupid puppets, and pummel his pathetic ass into verbal submission.

    His constant posting of child pornography, incessant chatter about his (small) penis, pedophilic sex, twink sex, transvestite sex, bestiality, and cumming all over everyone in chat, have rendered the place beyond insufferable and boring, now that he struts around unchecked.

    I don't have time for that shit.

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