Saturday, November 14, 2015


From a reader:

I'm an 18 year old female and I just wanted to thank you for your book. I brought it when out with my boyfriend one day as it caught my eye, but as I started at the beginning of your story, I couldn't help but notice so many traits that I associate with my own personality. I'm not sure that I would 100% label myself as a sociopath, some of the emotions I experience feel too real and even from a young age I have been quite compassionate, or at least I have come across that way. I did however find myself relating to a lot of the manipulation and self interest and appreciation that you speak of, surprising since I can be so caring and thoughtful when I want to be. Since reading your book, I've come to acknowledge and accept parts of me that I was unsure or wary of previously, and it has helped me to understand that although I may not be a classic 'sociopath' that I do have a lot of the traits which are associated with the label. Your honesty has helped me address issues with friends and family, in particular with my boyfriend, that I previously had no idea how to go about. I'm not expecting a reply or for you to tell me your identity, I just wanted to let you know how you've helped me and probably many other people who are not as normal as they make out to be. Thank you.

My response: Thanks for this, I sometimes feel that people get hung up over the label and whether or not they fit exactly in the diagnosis of sociopath, when the label seems to hardly matter in terms of people understanding who they or other people are. I think labels and descriptions can be really helpful, but particularly since there is no real consensus on what makes a sociopath, are sociopath and psychopath the same thing, are they separate or related to antisocial personality disorder, are they a disorder at all or a personality type a la machiavellianism, etc., along with the tendency that people have to conform to what the believe to be the expectations of them, people might take care with how much they identify with or rely upon a label for their self-knowledge.


  1. Well, M.E. is NOT a Sociopath. I verified that a long time ago through
    REAL personality tests. You can even see through her behavior, that
    she is far from sociopathic.
    Our biggest task now is to find a way to protect people like the wonderful
    female sociopaths that post here from the invarible terrorist wave that is
    going to strike all Western countries. They have been lining up in gear for
    MANY decades, the sleepers have been put in place, and they do it under the
    aura of "freedom, equality, and doing good."
    The best attacks are "soft target" attacks because you get more "bang" for
    your buck. Look what 8 people were able to do to a modern city.
    The 3rd world has come into the 1st world. Not very pretty is it.
    The refugees don't really want to come here? In a pig's eye.
    Have you seen a Western beach in the summer time? Remember the attacks
    on tourists in Middle Eastern resorts, like the Russian plane? How about
    attacks on resorts right here.
    Look for them to try to hit the Vatacan. They want that very bad. They want to
    get the Pope.

  2. BRAVO!!! I was wondering if anyone would address the "challenge" placed on the previous blog. If sociopaths are looking for identity, a reason to connect, and enjoy a challenge and to win-it appears you have just been given an opportunity. When attacks occur, like the recent Paris attack, I am disconcerted. Disconcerted for the damage and destruction to life, structures, cities, countries, etc. I have had the privilege of visiting "The City of Lights", and seeing the Eiffel Tower. I would like to visit it again someday, along with The Louvre, which I was unable to see during my first trip. I can only hope those historic structures are still there, when I make it back. I remember hearing in recent years, that there was damage to the pyramids in Egypt, as well. I have yet to visit the pyramids, and hope to do so someday. My hope is that those historic structures remain as intact as they are today, by the time I am able to visit. These are just a few examples of many, across the world...

  3. PS-Has anyone tried to solve "the riddle" post, that was given on the blog yesterday? I only listened to the song once, and heard Baltimore, Mississippi, and Houston mentioned, as well as a reference to night, as the time. I would need to listen to it again, though...

  4. PS-The band is called "Starbuck", which I was not previously familiar with. I love the Starbucks Corporation, though, as I am a coffee lover!!! I wonder if that is where they got the idea for the name? Has anyone read Howard Schultz's book?

  5. Maybe Mr. Hyde? I know he is a "reader"...

  6. Mr. Hyde-It appears that Parnasse, Superchick, and I are all longing for your avacados, now.:)

    1. Your desperation would be funny if it wasn't so very sad.

    2. Anon@ 5:09pm,

      Ignore Anon@ 11:00 pm. He/she doesn't like my avocados. To each his own.

      I'm flattered by your comment. It's nice knowing one is being missed. :D

      No tunes to recommend me today? How 'bout something dark and thunderous? I'm about to write a harrowing scene and could use a little help. ;)

      Mr. Hyde

  7. The song you refer to above was written 40 years ago.
    On the surface, it is just as it appears. A Sociopath male, attempting to get
    into the pants of a female, and using all avaible tricks.
    The writer's didn't consciously know at the time was that they were subliminally
    predicting a future event. Time is fluid. The men lived in the geographic
    vacinity of the coming event, and got the unconsious urge to write the song.
    This is simular to a novel that was written prior to the sinking of the Titanic,
    where the ship is named the "Titan." The description was almost identical to
    the actual event. It's kind of like Jules Vern predicting the Moon shot 100
    years previously, and that Florida would be the location the rocket would blast
    off from.

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