Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sociopath films: Barry Lyndon

From a reader re the movie Barry Lyndon:

i haven't watched this movie yet, but here's part of roger ebert's description: 

...observes a man without morals, character or judgment, unrepentant, unredeemed. Born in Ireland in modest circumstances, he rises through two armies and the British aristocracy with cold calculation.

sounds interesting!


  1. Why hasn't M.E. been on more programs? Dosen't she want to advance?
    She would have to "out" herself more. Why not? If her sociopathy is a secret,
    it's a very poorly kept one.
    With each year that passes, abnormality becomes more "mainstreamed."
    I don't want M.E. to be a "one trick pony." I want to see my heroine out there.
    If Bruce Jenner, and soon Casey Anthony can be gawked at, then so can M.E.

    1. > Why hasn't M.E. been on more programs?

      The promotional tour for the book is over.

      > Dosen't she want to advance?

      You're right. She needs a sequel.

      > She would have to "out" herself more.

      Well, she's bi. Do you mean go full lesbian?

      > Why not?

      She's gotta have it?

      > If her sociopathy is a secret, it's a very poorly kept one.

      She definately should've put more thought in to starting a blog about it.

      > With each year that passes, abnormality becomes more "mainstreamed."

      Jerry Springer mainstreamed abnormality in the 90's.

      > I don't want M.E. to be a "one trick pony."

      You want her to do tricks?

      > I want to see my heroine out there.

      Turning tricks?

      > If Bruce Jenner, and soon Casey Anthony can be gawked at, then so can M.E.

      She should start transitioning.

    2. Someone say heroine???!!! Where???!!!

    3. That was by Z fyi because Z will be your end cuz she so epic


  2. This may seem ridiculous- but is there such thing as a "lazy sociopath"? I mean- someone without empathy who still follows the set laws (not necessarily "social laws") because they just can't be bothered to hide a body?

    I would go and talk about my past experiences and all that- but I'll just stick with this. There's no telling what people here could do with my information. Not saying that any of you would go out of your way to mess with this random anonymous. It would kind of be a waste of time.

    1. Considering how incredibly diverse humans are already, probably. Is "because they just can't be bothered to hide a body" to be taken literally? Stinks of pop culture into reality osmosis; there certainly are quite a few sociopaths who are serial killers, but not all serial killers are sociopaths. We can more or less blame pop culture for allowing people's understanding of "pop culture sociopathy" and "clinical sociopathy" to blend together.

    2. I'm not saying that they all are seriel killers- just that some have thought of it and use that as a reason not to rather than "it is bad" the way an empath might.

    3. I gorgot to call myself "anonymous"... Oh well

  3. Well, according to Dr. Scott Bonn who has the "Wicked Deeds" blog on
    Psychology Today on line, sociopaths ARE lazy, as distinguished from
    A sociopath would be more impulsive and spur-of-the-moment.
    Casey Anthony killed her daughter, and deposited her in the pet cemetary down
    the road, (Though she DID first attempt to bury her in the backyard, among other
    dead pets. She couldn't crack the earth.)
    Ted Bundy would never behave in such a way. He would troll for his victims in a
    discliplined way driving vast distences, and dispose of the bodies in isolated
    locations. Psychopaths (Like Jodi Arias PLAN.)
    Psychopaths are BORN. Sociopaths are MADE.
    Jodi's first name begins with the letter "J." She is very J-udgemental, especially
    when scorned and "used." She was also very J-ealous.
    Casey had sociopathic inclinations. Her mother is a narcassist, and her father
    was quick to anger: He threw his own father through a plate glass window, when
    angered. Since she has Saturn in the 4th house of early home life, it's possible
    she had some abuse.

  4. Whoa Whoa, so fyi Im neat and clean with.most stuff. But I'm also impulsive. Might be a teenage thing but I seem to ride the line between the psychopath and sociopath. Anyone got some answers to that? !!


    1. Probably a teenage thing

      - "insert badass codename here*

    2. Yo, "Z " IS a badass codename, sooooooo......... what? You want me to change it to "French Tickler" or "Blue Waffle" or something?


  5. Btw, where's Kat? I'm not done with that son of a bitch. If he/she were anywhere near me I don't think I would be able to stop myself from getting a life sentence. ..... except I wouldn't get caught lol. ;)


    1. You're right Z. I'm just an emo faggot that wishes he could be something awesome like a sociopath and isn't. My apologies. I just wish I could be awesome like you. You are the greatest person that ever lived. I will never again underestimate your awesomeness. You know what, you should go ahead and kill me. I would do anything to make you the greatest.


    2. Lol!!
      That was really cute. Thank you :)
      But I don't use the word "faggot", not my thing.

      Z, you imbecilic little cum stain...first of all I am female.
      Second, I highly doubt you would do anything other than cry and run away if faced with a confident woman offline. In any capacity. Then, of course, jerk yourself raw at home picturing all the things you want to say and do, but will never actually have the balls to.

      I really think the name Omega suits you better.

      Now get your pitiful ass back in Paris Hilton's handbag :)


    3. Lm(awesome)ao. Are you plain dumb or did you not notice me say "because Z so epic SHE(I put this in caps for dumb-asses like you) be the end of u" ? That right there is REALLY pitiful lol. And as far as killing goes Im perfectly capable and look forward to my first victim. Lol :) ur amusing. The only reason I haven't killed anyone yet is because I haven't met anyone that is worth the trouble of it. Lol.


    4. Bye the way sorry Kat (short for Katherine?) But I forgot and put Z at the end of my message when I should have put "Alpha" . So sorry.


    5. Oh, Omega *shaking my head*.
      You actually think I would read your ramblings if it wasn't for that person using my name to reply to you?
      Talk about delusions of adequacy.

      Male, female, are nothing more than an annoying, sociopath-wannabe wigger.
      Hmm...try the sociopath forum. Ask for Demon. You twats are soulmates for sure :)

      Now... it gets into the handbag, or else it gets the rolled up newspaper again.


    6. Keep wishing u were an actual sociopath like me. Lol. Ur just a lame adult :P waiting to die xD.


  6. Hey did u guys hear about the genius Richard Matt who escaped from prison? A definite sociopath right there Lmao


  7. Isnt the Lyndon movie known for its "natural light" (candles?), not for any anti-empathic stuff going on? What is SW known for these days, a place with "empath guarantee"? I dont hear that shark soundtrack anymore. Psychopaths are like gossiping old ladies. Nothing like "Scorpio horror". Or the ominous "Virgo Moon-condition", thats like hearing the bells from a chapel known for its use of upside down-crosses..

  8. Shut up z no one wants to here your pathetic ramblings we all know your just a ten year old who has no friends your not a psycho/sociopath or a narcissist just a pathetic kid trying to fit in and failing at it

  9. there's no one ...

  10. Wait Wait, am I supposed to CARE what u think? Whoa that's a leap. No Im not ten years old fyi I'm 2.13 years. God. Get it right. And if you think you can get me off this site by telling me I have low self-esteem, ur fuckin hilarious AND dumb. Lol. Go to hell already or I'll trace u and send u there XD.



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