Saturday, June 13, 2015

More on ENTPs

From another ENTP who identifies as sociopathic:

The take on the relationship between INTJ and sociopaths was interesting and summed it up well. Basically, a sociopath is a thinker type that never developed much, if any, emotions. Some dumb psychologists try to pigeon hole antisocial behavior into one specific type, when our sociotype actually reflects how our traits manifest themselves. As an ENTP and high-functioning sociopath, I use and discard people, rather than constantly abuse their emotions. For example, instead of a piercing stare, I have a warm smile that grins wider when I confront someone. Like you, I rarely commit crimes and I am mostly positive to people around me. But instead of affecting people in order to gauge power, I do so because it's a game to me. People are toys for me to play with and I like my toys to be valuable. If I get bored with someone or a person doesn't want anything to do with me, I just stop talking to them and find new people to manipulate. Sure this pisses some people off, but would they rather I destroy people?

Anyway, I have studied sociotype to where most people are predictable. I can read their type and know how to manipulate them. I have even played chameleon and portrayed myself as another type, just to see if I could. I am curious if other personality types can offer their own interpretation of their tendencies. In fact, I bet some ENTPs do things differently from me. I think we might be able to find some similarities between personality type and sociopathic traits if we look into it.


  1. Well the two prisoners who broke out of prison with the assistance of the
    obese sweathog they were bobbing were ESTP's. The "S" part comes from
    the fact they were good with their hands. They used the tools she so graciously
    provided them to cut their way out of prison.
    The female sociopath may be an ENTP, because most women aren't as "manual" as men, but most male sociopath's attend "the school of hard knocks"
    literally and symbolically.
    That's the future of this land: Cunning, educated women professionals like M.E.
    and work-with-their-hands like men.

  2. The dinosaurs are coming back. They don't really look like the creatures in the movie. They were all socios; just uglier.

  3. I would think sociopaths would be ISTP's, especially if they have a compulsion for risk taking.

  4. Whoa dudes. So like I love playing with people. Its awesome. Especially that game with Kat. Lol. Anyways. Idk. Idk WHAT I am. The whole reason I came to this site. If u help me figure out this mystery guys, I'll be as honest as possible.



    1. Omega,
      You might have all the charm and interest of a mouldy piece of cunt cheese, but considering your mental state and the fact that I am Russian born, I am going to try.

      You are certainly not normal.

      You are desperately gasping for attention and validation. Any kind will do, really.
      You don't have the intellect, looks, dedication or charm to get positive attention. So you yap and bite the ankles of anyone you think cannot slap some sense into you, to get them to notice you.
      Otherwise it's almost like you don't even exist, isn't it?

      You are not a sociopath and trying to act badass to make the label fit, so you can feel powerful, is beyond pathetic.

      Keep going and you just might end up getting your 15 minutes of fame. By getting beaten to death by a john who thinks you ran your mouth way too much (and in the wrong kind of way) for the $5 he paid.

      You need to get your head out of your ass and figure out what you are actually good at. Play upon those strengths.
      Channel the energy you put into this ridiculous attention seeking shit, into something constructive.

      Get some exercise to burn off that energy. I highly recommend boxing and Krav Maga.

      Talk to a shrink. They are the ones to be as honest as possible with. Nobody here seems to be interested in helping you.


  5. I have found that a mix of both intj and entp traits profile me almost perfectly.

  6. When will you accept z that you don't fit in anyware cause your a evolutionary failure and not a sociopath no socio will ever accept you not even on (sociopath-community )

  7. M.E. is the Bee's knees.

  8. Socio: a thinker type with little emotional development? A "will-type" with low sentimentality level, more likely. Many psychopaths hate books, many are daft & stupid. People that just chuckle with delight when something blows up on telly. Not really "suave Dracula".

  9. I'm probably either an INTP or an ENTP. I can also act like a feeling type if needed. I'm not sure if this really relates to whether or not someone is a sociopath.

  10. Bee-Keeper: cosy psychopath with "gator-charm". Combines the best with the socio world and the Scorpio universe: something new. Not easily labeled. Makes one think of "hippos": cute AND feral at the same time.

  11. I'm INTJ and I relate to a lot of what the OP stated. People are for entertainment and amusement, and people who are too normal are boring, because they tend to have solid senses of self, confidence, are secure in who they are, and are unlikely to provide me with entertainment. A hot girl just texted me today after I got her number last night, and I just have no desire to text her back, because she isn't giving off any vibes that suggest she'd be fun to play with. The normal stuff like going out on dates, building relationships, forming a family, etc, don't appeal to me. I need to be able to get people to do something that messes with their own heads.

    I wonder if the OP is just assuming that this is due to his ENTP type, when it's really due to just being a sociopath.

    1. it's very clear that you are not an INTJ -_- ..
      this is not an INTJ attitude , unlike shitty ENTPs , INTJs don't like to play with people neither they consider them toys or entertainment objects . even sociopath INTJs doesn't have any interest in people in general .. whatever bad things they do , it won't be for the sake of playing with others . they simply don't care

  12. There are some serious astrology buffs here.... What can you experts tell me about this person?:

    Planetary positions
    planet sign degree motion
    Sun Cancer 4°11'02 in house 8 direct
    Moon Libra 21°38'23 in house 11 direct
    Mercury Gemini 29°07'43 in house 8 direct
    Venus Taurus 18°48'58 in house 6 direct
    Mars Taurus 14°32'04 in house 6 direct
    Jupiter Gemini 18°36'32 in house 7 direct
    Saturn Leo 14°31'47 in house 9 direct
    Uranus Scorpio 7°51'53 in house 12 retrograde
    Neptune Sagittarius 14°14'11 in house 1 retrograde
    Pluto Libra 11°24'15 end of house 10 stationary (D)
    True Node Libra 21°24'41 in house 11 retrograde
    Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

    House positions (Placidus)
    Ascendant Scorpio 24°32'22
    2nd House Sagittarius 25°34'58
    3rd House Aquarius 3°16'15
    Imum Coeli Pisces 11°07'33
    5th House Aries 11°56'17
    6th House Taurus 5°32'50
    Descendant Taurus 24°32'22
    8th House Gemini 25°34'58
    9th House Leo 3°16'15
    Medium Coeli Virgo 11°07'33
    11th House Libra 11°56'17
    12th House Scorpio 5°32'50

    Major aspects
    Sun Conjunction Mercury 5°03
    Sun Trine Uranus 3°41
    Sun Square Pluto 7°13
    Moon Trine Mercury 7°29
    Moon Quincunx Venus 2°49
    Moon Trine Jupiter 3°02
    Moon Sextile Saturn 7°07
    Moon Sextile Neptune 7°24
    Venus Conjunction Mars 4°17
    Venus Square Saturn 4°17
    Venus Opposition Ascendant 5°43
    Mars Square Saturn 0°00
    Mars Quincunx Neptune 0°18
    Jupiter Sextile Saturn 4°05
    Jupiter Opposition Neptune 4°22
    Saturn Trine Neptune 0°18
    Saturn Sextile Pluto 3°08
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°50

    1. I'll bite. At least nibble.

      Astrologers analyze the chart in many different ways. The following is off the top of my head. And I must admit I'm a bit rusty . . .

      Major planetary themes at first glance are Scorpio Rising, Sun in the 8th house (Scorpio's house), Sun square Pluto, and Uranus in Scorpio 'hidden' in the 12th house and Mercury, ruler of the MC in the 8th, suggest:

      A powerful charismatic, original/maverick personality whom seeks to the plumb the deeper mysteries of life and death, an investigative, extremely inquisitive mind that likes to penetrate: taboo and/or occult subjects, the structures of emotional and/or financial power and psychology, sex and the 'dark' side. This person loves research and is attuned to the undercurrents of any situation. Power is important to them because they realize that it resides invisibly, beneath the surface of reality. And, they have likely experienced first hand several power struggles with others in authority throughout their lifetime. Their career has likely undergone periodic upheaval, drastic changes. Detailed oriented with a penchant for digging up, exposing and/or manipulating hidden factors or forces, this person never gives up searching for answers once they smell a mystery or a secret. They will also go the ends of the earth to seek the 'higher truth' of a system, be it religion, law or philosophy. The study of ethics and/or politics may also fascinate (and sometimes intimate).

      Father is denoted by the Sun, and in square to Pluto suggests that as a child, the father himself may have been prone to rages and/or heavy manipulations and controlling others. He may also have struggled with toeing the line . . . sometimes this may include bucking the law, secret dealings, including extramarital affairs. On the other hand, he may also have possessed excellent business skills, perhaps in finances.

      Mother comes across quite different than papa: The importance of friends and ties to organizations of like-minded people appear pronounced. She may be quite charming, a social butterfly or dedicated to a cause or work that involves art, acting, something dramatic. Her looks, charm and the finer things in life appear very important to her.

      The same could be said of the owner of this horoscope: He/she is likely very charming, socially adept, and very attractive, a sexual magnet. An impulsive lover who enjoys the heat they generate and knows how to seduce the scales off a snake. However, Venus/Mars square Saturn indicate that love and commitment have been a challenge for this person. On some level they may feel unlovable, or simply unlucky in love.

      If this sounds fairly accurate so far, I'll write more. If not, well, I guess it's time to dust off my starry skill set. It's been years since I've read someone's chart.

      Saturn in the 9th

    2. Q: Did mother also suffer mental illness, depression and/or was a hypochondriac? Was she often overly critical or cold?

    3. To have 2 "scorpian" positions in the "primal trinity" (sun/moon/asc) is to have been given a gift. There is no border between Libra & Scorpio, originally the same one sign.

    4. The 'primal trinity' is also sometimes called the triad of consciousness, and it's true that these three factors comprise a kind of 'holy trinity' in astrology. As for Libra/Scorpio once being the same sign . . . I've read that, too. However, modern astrologers like myself have observed differences between these two signs. As you know astrology is an art, not an exact science, though there are many astrologers who would argue with that statement.

      In any case, the owner of this horoscope is a very deep person, a serious, brilliant thinker with a lot of spunk and wit, a sly sense of humor. They are also somewhat reckless, especially when it comes to romance, and may have acted in ways that got them into trouble, especially if the romance began at the workplace. Connections to people are made quickly and often suddenly broken. They are likely quite impulsive and may suffer sudden outbursts of temper and/or be prone to risk-taking. Uranus in the 12th opposite Venus/Mars also bestows great social and artistic gifts. The person is ahead of their time and often has a cause of some sort to which they are devoted. They possess teaching skills and exhibit knowledge as if their minds contained an encyclopedia.

      This is the type of person I used to enjoy consulting with: they are complex, intelligent, brave, original, rebellious and intensely curious. They are walking the road less travelled and have likely paid the price for that. Unlike many people who express an interest in astrology, I doubt very much if this person would ask about winning the lottery, or whether they would get married. This person appears interested in the secrets contained within the human psyche and in the the universe. Certainly they would seem to project a fascinating persona and are likely an incredible conversationalist, well versed in many subjects. I'd also venture to say that they are fun to hang out with, because socially speaking, they are adventurous and have mixed with all kinds of people. They may also occasionally shock those closest to them because on some level this person appears quite different, and is quite proud of it. Their reason for being is to develop their individuality, their potential, and they are highly conscious that that involves exploring things that others shy away from, perhaps even find strange or dangerous. This person is never boring or trite -- they are richly endowed intellectually and not afraid to delve into the dark corners of life.

    5. Wow.

      This is my horoscope, and what you write is astonishingly accurate, right down to the smallest detail. (With the exception of certain things relating to my mother. She was not a hypochondriac, but she could be very cold and critical. My father was a violent criminal throughout most of his life, albeit a very savvy, successful one. Both my parents were hard and harsh with me, growing up.)

      I feel as though I have just been laid bare. I was not expecting that.


    6. Thank the stars, A.

      Thank you very much for the feedback; it's good to know my mojo still works. :) Especially at this particular time.

      One thing I would add: This may be a somewhat confusing time that seeds nebulous doubts. The deepest depths of your psyche are being restructured and this can shake your confidence, because on some level you are being challenged to 'let go' of certain habits, beliefs and/or your foundations feel less grounded. If that's true, know that no matter what happens you are the ultimate survivor. You are a phoenix who will always rise above the ashes. Your brains and courage will see you through any obstacles that may arise. Good luck and if there's any particular question you have, please feel free to ask.

    7. I will thank God, Creator of the stars, because I am a believer.

      Thanks for the input, Faust. You are right about my current situation.

      I will never again be so dismissive of astrology.

    8. "I will never again be so dismissive of astrology."

      That pleases me to no end!

      As for a higher power, the three Magi did supposedly identify the star that lead them to baby Christ. And if I recall correctly, there are over 200 references to astrology contained in the bible. I don't claim to know whether know God exists or not; only that anything is possible in this weird universe. If God does exist, I hope He will understand why I study His starry footprints, and forgive my hubris. :))

      I'm happy you found the info pertinent.

    9. Strong scorpio influences may also be seen by some as true "curse"? Its not a "mainstream area". Loners, outcasts and misantropic folks have been given a gift, but folks that wanna be loved by the world and have lots of garden parties with friends may suffer by these influences? Stuff from the netherworld, touched by the "wendigo" so to speak..?

    10. All of the signs and planets have positive and negative traits, not just Scorpio. Any good trait, even kindness, taken to an extreme, has a detrimental impact. All things in moderation creates a well rounded human being. Take Virgo, a highly discerning sign. Discernment is one of their greatest gifts; but if that gift is taken to an extreme, it becomes overly critical. Or Gemini, a sign gifted with a broad versatility and a curious nature. Taken to an extreme, Gemini's gift becomes a 'curse', in that they scatter their energies, unable to focus deep enough to fully grasp a topic. Scorpio has been scapegoated by the public and others because of its association with the underworld, death, etc. they tend to forget that each sign represents a stage of development; Scorpio's journey into the darkness is a necessary 'round' in the wheel of life. Everyone has Scorpio somewhere in their chart; everyone experiences a series of 'mini-death' throughout their lifetimes: When the child enter adulthood, the child must die. When a maiden marries and gives birth, the maiden 'dies' to give way to the mother/matron.

    11. My partner calls my sociopathic traits (or, as astrologers might frame them, the heavy "Scorpio" influences in my chart) a "generational curse" inherited from my father, to be dealt with, and ultimately overcome. These traits simultaneously attract and repel him.

      He compels me to a higher standard, and I respect him for it. Ours is a stormy kind of love.

      In many ways, he is "too good" for me. He has a much more developed conscience than I do.

    12. The 3 Magi were likely Zoroastrian astrologers who visited the Christ child when he was a toddler, not an infant.

      Btw, Faust, my husband is a Leo. He likes to roar. ;)


    13. Scorpio is so far removed from the other signs, the only other comparable sign is Aquarius. The worst Scorp and the worst Aqua-specimen may meet and find some "common ground". But can this be found in everyday life with the other mainstream signs talking about normal life? Doubtful. This type of "energy" makes the individual hostile & paranoid, "it" reduces the world into black or white, "it" runs on aggression, "it" is antisocial by nature, "it" may follow every law & rule but spits at the idea that others rules or laws are "valid". Surely sounds like something prison authorities keep isolated in a glass-cage in the prison cellars, wearing a protective mask to prevent biting when given permission to walk in the prison yard..?

    14. Meh. Aggressive impulses can be appropriately channeled.

      And I only bite upon request. ;)

    15. Good one, A. "biting only upon request."Surely sounds like something prison authorities keep isolated in a glass-cage in the prison cellars, wearing a protective mask to prevent biting when given permission to walk in the prison yard..?'

      Hahaha. There are plenty of Sagittarius and other signs in prison. Your approach to astrology is overly simplistic. Please. Read. More.

      Anon, "

    16. We-ll. I don't know how the last post wound up battered and mutilated as it did.

      To A: Good one, A. "biting upon request." Made me laugh.

      "Surely sounds like something prison authorities . . ., etc." Was addressed to Anon's quote. Anon. I respect that you love astrology . . . Please. Read more books to expand your perception between black and white thinking of the astrological signs.

    17. A, "My partner calls my sociopathic traits (or, as astrologers might frame them, the heavy "Scorpio" influences in my chart) a "generational curse" inherited from my father, to be dealt with, and ultimately overcome. These traits simultaneously attract and repel him."

      I believe that's true. The stars 'label' inherited propensities.

      Fire (Leo) and Water (Scorpio) = steam. Hot times, physically and psychologically. Leo in Saturn in your horoscope denotes a very special bond. Not easy. Steamy. Full of obligatory 'feelings' and restrictions, expectations and real (if you believe in such things) soul bonds. Karma.

      Be gentle. Feed him well and scratch his head, comb his hair. Groom him. And show respect. He's a lion after all. It's more pleasant to hear them purr than have them bite.

    18. A " Both my parents were hard and harsh with me, growing up.)"

      Yes. Your chart is distinct that way. I've seen this sort of inherited burden in the charts of many people. All I can say is that you're not alone. Bad parents who horrifically, inadvertently leave their indelible mark on their children are sadly common. And not just on this site.

      At least you've got several advantages: courage, intuition and a big brain.

    19. A,

      Lastly, If he compels you to a higher standard, your partner is, in fact, sparking/embodying conscience. Therefore, though the experience is 'stormy,' he's good for you. Winds send ripples over the waters and through the trees. Good fortune comes from bending like the willows. Allowing changes.

      You will both grow tremendously through this relationship no matter what happens. How much depends on the willingness of each partner to become conscious of their shadow agendas.

      The shadow knows. Like the nose of all creatures. There's no mistaking the stink of self-deceit or that of those whom we most trust and love.

      As my mentor used to advise when I consulted him about my trepidation to give a public lecture. He said, Picture every person in the audience performing their toilet. I.E., Even the pope's piss doesn't smell like rosewater.

      I love that comment and think Pope Francis would concur.

      If you have any doubt you're not good enough, nail your faults, your half of what's troubling the relationship, to the cross. Dissect and resurrect what's best and bury the RIP.

      Btw, Sun and other planetspresently transiting Gemini in your 7th house suggest this is a good time to promote your public image, make friends with your enemies, win lawsuits and further marriage interests. New connections made now may result in more resources down the road.

    20. You are absolutely right about my relationship to my husband. He is the only person, apart from my children, with whom I have managed to form a strong bond. I do tend to cut off relationships and connections abruptly, but with him I could not do this- even if I wanted to. I hear you re: Karma and soul bonds. As soon as we met, it was as though the universe conspired to glue us together. First the dog came (a beautiful husky/wolf cross that both of us wanted. It sounds silly, but that mutt actually saved our relationship on more than one occasion- because the question of who does the dog go with came up and neither or us was willing to relinquish her.) Then I got unexpectedly pregnant and he *wanted* his kid. He fought to keep it. Though I can scarcely imagine my life without this child now, at first I was not so inclined. :P

      We fought physically in the beginning. I was, frankly- and I'll admit that here- violent and abusive with him. He would have been justified in leaving me. A lot of the "I'm not good enough" stuff comes from the fact that as a younger woman (we met when I was still in my late teens), I was much more of a psycho bitch than I am now. I had no self-control. And there are still ways in which I am not trustworthy. I don't trust myself. I still have not managed to reign in the majority of my impulses, and I struggle a lot in the areas in which we are very different. (He is a firm proponent of absolute monogamy, for example, and this is not my natural inclination.)

      Yes, he is good for me. I know that.

      As for making him purr... The cancer in me leads me to be rather old fashioned and domestic in some respects. :) I cook everything from scratch and eschew processed foods. I bake stuff for him in frilly little aprons (lol) and know *exactly* how to please him. In return, he gives me almost everything I want in bed. I could care less about certain relational aspects (romance and feeling "loved", for instance) but if he were retricent in bed it would be a deal breaker; my sex drive is through the roof. My needs are fairly straightforward and simple. I need good sex, conversation, and respect to be happy. I need someone who will challenge me and not allow me to walk all over him. In past relationships, I was a seductive predator. I wrapped men around my little finger easily, but as soon as I found I could manipulate them too easily, I lost respect for them, and quickly got bored, and so discarded them. I also needed someone who could handle my kinks which are..... Not everyone's cup of tea. :)

      So now I've gone and poured out my soul like an asshat and I feel yucky. I always do when I am transparent. :P

      I like to hide in my little nooks and crannies. So be it.

      I like you, Faust. Not just because you nailed my personality unlike anyone ever has (and as a complete stranger, no less. I am a big fan of intimacy from a comfortable distance, lol)- but also because you are a strong, highly intelligent, and articulate, yet emotionally connected and sensitive in ways that I find admirable and confounding, where I am empty. (The way in which you naturally consider the feelings of others, for example.) The depth of your emotions is palpable. I will never experience that. I don't really want to, in truth- but it makes you truly beautiful in my eyes.

      You are exactly the kind of person I would want on my team. I hope your boss appreciates you. If not, tell her to contact me and I'll fucking set her straight. You're a gem.

      Thanks again for all your counsel.

    21. A, What can I say? You disarm me. :D I like being disarmed; it opens up parts of myself that have become stale and/or rigid.

      Please don't feel bad or lonely in feeling yucky: That unfortunately comes with the territory of being self-aware. I feel yucky, too, but tend to blame it on being too full of feeling rather than being empty . . . that can mean being full of anger, resentment, etc., not just kindness, of course.

      One thing this blog has shown me is how frightfully easy and often 'empaths' harm in the name of 'caring.' It's something I've been brooding about for some time.

      I believe I fully understand the advantages of not giving a damn . . . or rather, not allowing myself to be swept away by stuff I cannot change. (I would passionately love to change what people limit in terms of what's Beautiful.) I sometimes envy the callous disregard displayed so often on this site, even as it tickles the hairs on the back of my neck. I suppose I'm trying to say that you're not the only one who's simultaneously confounded and feels admiration: There's a hell of a lot of brilliant common sense expressed on this site. I've been almost constantly surprised by how reading stuff here has truly helped me.

      Thank you for calling me beautiful. I find your fierce intelligence beautiful, too. I wish with all my heart that I was on your team; I fear my boss has become trapped in the web of her own power. She cannot afford to become self-aware, for that would mean admitting that she really cannot control the situation -- the harm done to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people under her charge. No one in politics much cares about these people because they are criminals, addicts, hookers. Yet I would argue that their suffering is our suffering, as a human society. (I'm sure you can see how this thinking undermines my capacity to make much headway in just about everything; not giving a crap has many, many advantages.)

      In any case, now I feel laid bare. Admitting to being ineffective is a cruel truth to face. But, seeing how I'm presently off work, recuperating from an injury, I'll just suck it up and figure out what path would be more productive. I doubt very much I'll be returning to 'that place.' In a way, it'd be suicidal, given the ruckus I've caused with worksafe to DO something. I also can't trust my co-worker, who literally wore a knife openly displayed to work -- after joking (threatening) for months how he wanted to slit my throat. (He didn't get fired, is still working there.)

      Thanks for sharing the story about the wolf/husky. Blessed are the beasts who howl at the moon, bind together souls and save marriages.

    22. PS to A:

      "I don't trust myself. I still have not managed to reign in the majority of my impulses."

      Meh. Neither do I totally trust myself; I'm a fucking bleeding heart, liable to do just about anything if I think I can save someone who looks like an underdog. All to bloody ready to bare my veins, say Drink, over the slightest sign of suffering. A silly way to live, let me tell you. ;) Unless you live in nature and limit your contact to about 20 human beings, total, after you've investigated them. ;)

      Not anymore the bleeding Fool, though. (I truly hope.) Not the in the same way, for the same reasons at least. Not after reading on this blessed, blexxed site for nearly a year. :D (Yes, I just made that hexy word up.) :P

      "where I am empty"

      Not so. You are filled with a 'vacumn' waiting to be filled. And it sure feels to me like you're trying to fill it with the best you can be. :)

      I am often empty too. Empty of hope for human progress that involves not annihilating ourselves in the process. Empty with this insane sensitivity to and love of all creatures, the stuff of life, which produces no change in political directions or even my own personal gain. Why, at my age, do I even care? But I do.

      Tigers, lions and bears will likely outlive me, given my propensities. Which in turn makes me feel sad/mad, that these deadly beautiful creatures are going extinct. For no reason other than a buck.

      As for "I will never experience that. I don't really want to . . ."

      You never know, A. Don't underestimate your Machiavellian empathic abilities. I didn't want to identify with sociopaths when I came here: I came to this site to learn and gain insight. Into myself as a sucker as well as those socios I found myself dealing with at work, many of whom I am still quite fond, some of whom I loathe. The results of my interaction on this site have been surprising. In many ways delightful. Certainly charming. :D

      Your Jupiter and Mercury in Gemini conjoins my Jupiter: We share a certain ever questing, open-to-experience philosophy. This is a good thing because it connects generations who are apart whom share the same broadly diverse approach to life's big questions.

      Any time you wish to ask me a question about your chart, feel free. If there is something you ask that I think, from an astrological viewpoint, is too 'signatory' I will refuse to answer. The chart points are like a basket of onions (planets). The planets can be' skinned' by house, aspect and sign, yet still manifest concretely in a person's life in a variety of ways.

      . It can result in a kamikaze mentality, because you don't give a damn about yourself as a separate being from others.

      No one enters Nirvana until we all do. I believe that Buddha refuted his entry precisely because on some level he understood that leaving behind others diminished the whole of Heaven.

      There's a suicidal aspect to all would-be rescuers. Christ did rather like to inform others that his savoir destiny involved a grim death.

      The only thing I do trust is my instincts. And my cat, who bares his 2 1/2 inch fangs with love eyes every day.

      Which is why your comment about setting straight my boss wrought tears of laughter. One socio reprimanding another is SO hilarious. Like what happens on this blog. Not that I would ever put my boss that through that Hell: I don't believe she could take it a flogging from your intellect. You would shred her . . . poor greedy thing. She has had a hard upbringing after all. Quite tragic I suspect. I'm not kidding, just still feeling pissed off. So maybe we should go soft on 'it' for the time being. :)

      You're a gem, too. :))

    23. Oops. The paragraph about "kamikaze mentality" does not relate to the previous paragraph. I meant that as part of the stupid savior complex discussed earlier.

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