Saturday, September 27, 2014

Non-violent psychopaths

A reader sent this video, pretty entertaining, from the author of Wisdom of Psychopaths:


  1. The invoice is in the . . . what? Postal mail is so yesterday. Email is so unreliable and yesterday also. Facebook is so in your face. I will ask the Mexican cartel to collect. If they don't kill me first.

  2. Having almost nothing useful to do (and to keep my wife off my back I went through the motions of doing a few “honey dew” tasks she had requested earlier) I watched the entire video carefully. (Yes, indeed. I have no life.)

    As far as I can tell, and being 70 and senile as shit I don't know shit (so I better go take a crap before I go on) I am not really a psychopath/sociopath, but I am a “wannabee.” Which, when you think about it, is kind of sick, is it not?

    I have been completely fooled by at least 3 sociopaths. Which is about par for the course, don't you think? As I've mentioned before, two were bosses. One was the second biggest new age cult leader in the history of Oregon. He completely fooled me. I completely fooled him. He swindled about a million dollars over a twenty year period. I swindled him out of close to a hundred thousand dollars. I knew scores of people who lost money to him. I felt no urge to share my “ill-gotten gains” with these victims. I suffered about 60 seconds of light uneasiness about the matter.

    1. lol a "wanna be psychopath" least you admit it :P Hey, you know what would be more fun than watching chickens eat mice? Since you're in law enforcement, playing mind games with others cops :D It would be far more challenging, and faaaar more entertaining. (Flipping through the APA's code of ethics), oh wait, the code of ethics told me not to do that. No playing mind games with cops! }: [

    2. Hey Dr. Ginger, about psychopaths and BPD: are there any traits that psychopaths have that no borderline person would have? or vice versa?

    3. Hi All -

      I don't play head games with cops (had enough beat out of me as a teenager...), but I do enjoy my engineer co-workers. It's no where in the same league as they interviewer from the last video - BRILLIANT!!! I am humbled.

      The reason I DIDN'T go into psychology is because, in one of those few moments of clarity, I understood that I wouldn't be in it to help any one. It's a puzzle to be solved.

      Don't mess with the cops - let them be the vehicle for messing with people that likely need messing with - that makes more sense to me...though, I can see the appeal... *evil grin and sound of steal on stone...*)

    4. Dr. Sci fi,
      Teehee still luv the name :P Ok, I’m feeling the pressure to go in to professional mode. Pushing the professional mode button. Professional mode now commencing. I definitely have more of the borderline personality type as opposed to sociopathy, but I’m not sure I can really speak on behalf of the population anymore, or be representative of it. I feel like I have more depth than a sociopath, but after becoming a psychologist, and having spent so long detached from emotions it’s hard to fully identify with borderlines anymore. I often find myself kind of looking at them with confusion trying to understand why their emotions are so intense over something so small. I still have my little sensitivities though that can be triggered, and I go in to destroy mode. My brain identifies an enemy that has to be taken out, but in borderlines it usually has to be triggered rather being predatory. I’ve noticed a number of sociopaths in here have mentioned preying on the weaker, but I target people who are in positions of power…I suppose someone could argue that’s predatory. I think the biggest difference between sociopaths and borderlines are the emotions.

    5. Hmm...seems to me that there is a definition problem here...I see all Cluster B's as psycho/sociopathic.

      However, the difference I see between BPD and what people usually associate with psychopathy (to use just one term here...) is passion.

      I can be mean as hell when I decide that it's useful to me (is helpful towards a goal or feeds my need for love/acceptance). That looks like psychopathy. However, the things that bring me to that place are passionate.

      A few people that I've encountered that are the true "black hearts" - the people that truly don't seem to have an emotional life and really seem predatory - they are different from me.

      I like conflict like an alcoholic likes a drink. I enjoy the action. It's all about the passion - the seduction of conflict. General Patton felt it when he talked about "loving war." Jeremy Scahill talks about the seduction of conflict. And I've talked with war veterans about this.

      My parents, for reasons that I'm sure I will post about some other time, understood this "balls to bone" and they actively discouraged me from going into the military (they grew up in WW2 Europe...). I'm still trying to decide if that really was for the best....

    6. Morality in borderlines can be kind of different too. Most borderlines probably don't feel like they are amoral, but they can have questionable ethics, and be capricious. They can argue morals while doin shady shit without a hint of irony.

    7. Ha! Dr. Ginger - you beat me to it! :-)

      I go into "knives out" mode when triggered - I WISH it was more of a choice. For me it's like that drink that an alcoholic takes...

    8. Dr. Ginger: I SOOO resemble that comment... 8)~

    9. "...arguing morals while doin shady shit without a hint of irony."

      Wow! - nice concept for me to think that I've observed myself doing...just never heard anyone else say it...


  3. I thought about shooting a bunny today. I am a “serial” bunny murderer. I've killed at least half a dozen for no greater crimse than sneaking into our organic garden and inflicting fleas onto my susceptible bride of 48 years.

    My wife loves our four hens. Our four hens have hardly any more fun in life [we have no roosters because males are not necessary to the future what with cloning and parthenogenesis and what not] than chasing, catching, ripping to shreds, and devouring mice. Our hens have cleaned out all the mice who naturally live under their coop. I have been promising them I will buy them for months I will buy them some live mice to chase and devour. [For my enjoyment. Think Romans and gladiator games.]

    I just found a lead on some live mice. Just around the corner from where my depression group meets. Will the pet store have live mice in stock? Will they sell them to me, a 70-year-old, slightly senile, slightly depressed, slightly psychopath man to cheer me up. Will my wife bitch me out if I get home with a box of mice that cost more than we can afford for my sadistic psychopathic entertainment?

    1. I love eating rabbit. Grew up on it.

    2. You probably enjoy hunting. My husband says he would of been a viking way back in the day.

    3. @SC Cool. Did you catch them with your bare hands, bite their little heads off, drink their blood, and rip their raw flesh with your teeth? When we first set up our garden, and the fence had not yet been perfected (and I had not yet purchase a bb-gun (aka pellet rifle) we found a baby bunny crouching under a cabbage plant. My sweet kind empathic wife and sort of wanna be sociopath me stamped it to death. Not with bare feet, I confess, but we are really city slickers playing farmer on a sort of suburban island, so we did the best [worst] we could do. This is how two incompatible people keep their marriage together for 48 years, but we try to break it on a weekly (not to mention weakly) basis.

    4. My wife said, "Don't you dare bring home some 'foreign' mice. The hens might get a disease from "non-local" mice. I said, "These hens drink water from the mud in front of their coop. They peck in their own shit. They peck each other every day. Raccoons scheme to eat them on a daily basis, as do hawks, eagles, and owls. And they must not dare peck a foreign mouse? What is wrong with this picture?" As you can see, we teach seminar on how to maintain a happy, healthy marriage for 48 years.

    5. LOLOL, yup our chickens do the same, peck at their own shit. peck at me, peck peck.

      I like my rabbit fried with a nice tomato sauce. Italian style, dead of course. lol. I don't hunt them, my husband does the killing, but i help him clean them out and we cook it. ;)

  4. Shit! Fuck! I've driven everyone else away. And M. E. is doing such a good job on this blog. M. E., don't kill me! I'm not sorry! I don't repent! I will stop and let someone else post. Fuck! It's too late!

  5. Hi RA -

    Do go all NPD on us - it's not all about you. *smile and wink*

    I've been painting my house with my father in law -

    Hell, I was shocked to see that the topic has changed...and I went and watched to video and everything... *smirk*

    See - it's really all about me! *seriously being silly*

    ...and if your just a senile old BPD - well, that's OK with me. You're still fun to "chat" with - I like the company. 8)~ (I wear glasses and I have a goatee - incase the "emoticon" doesn't make sense...after all, we are empathically challenged...)

  6. Only the Paranoid SurviveSeptember 27, 2014 at 9:47 PM

    I have no doubt that psychopaths are extremely overrepresented among politicians.

    1. ...and NPD's among media types...

      ...and BPD among radicals...

      ...and autistics/aspies in engineering...

    2. So is Noam Chomsky a borderline? : )

    3. I knew Che Guevara was a borderline..

    4. Hmm...I would say that Noam is most of an Aspie, but...Che - No doubt. 8)~

  7. We are all more than our labels. I think. My wife and I like cats. Cats are the ultimate NPDs and the ultimate parasites. Cat to dog: "You stupid fool! You're always running around and panting and thrashing your tail like an idiot (instead of my languid elegant wave) and herding sheep and finding people on mountains and pulling sleds on the tundra and telling yourself they love me the best. I know it!

    "And all I do is purr and admire my beauty and the foolish humans worship me and feed me."

    True story. We lived next door to a pleasant man who offended my OCD wife with the half a dozen disassembled cars on his front lawn. He was actually a very nice guy who knocked down the fence separating our back yards and repaired it.

    He owned two cats. With allergies and what not my wife and I decided never to become slaves to cats. Both cats were friendly to me, though they irritated my wife by digging up the dirt in our backyard vegetable and using it as a litter box. Do you want to own carrots from your neighbor's cats' litter box?

    The cats, who looked alike (all cats are the same in the dark) walked up to me in a friendly manner. Following the rules of cat seduction, I let it sniff my hand. I petted cat #1. It purred. It rubbed against my leg. "Nice cat," I said, gratified and seduced. When cat#1 bored of my attention (as all seducers become bored of their conquests, it wandered away to crap in our garden or lick its butt or whatever motivated its tiny mind.

    I saw cat #2 approaching me. "Oh, cool, a threesome," I thought. I held out my hand. Cat #2 sniffed me. I petted cat #2. It purred and rubbed against me for about 10 seconds. I petted it again. It bit my hand, drawing blood.

    Was it a sociopath cat? What cat is not. If you love a sociopath human, it may let you down easily or it may beat you. When cat #1 wearied of me, it politely walked away. When cat #2 wearied of me, it bit me.

    Tim (the cats' captive) came out and saw me with the cats. "I forgot to warn you. Cat #2 bites."

    "Now you tell me," I replied amiably, dabbing at the blood on my finger. Tell me, did you survive an abusive love relationship and try to warn the next victim and they refused to believe?

    I close (finally) by pointing you to a fine book WE LEARN NOTHING by Tim Kreider. True words were never penned.

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