Saturday, September 27, 2014

Colonel Russell Williams

An update on our friend from a reader:

I suggest you check this out:

A few key moments:

1) 40:40 The interrogator explains that Russell is busted and that he ought to cooperate in order to look more human. Our colonel fails to understand that cooperating because the jig is up *is* in his rational self-interest, and coldly recounting the disgusting-to-normal-people facts doesn't make him appear sympathetic or human. If anything, it makes him seem like a psychopath (42:20).

2) 52:08 I'm concerned that they are tearing apart my wife's brand new house. This guy cares about his wife and his cat. He doesn't care about the victims or their families. He confesses, supposedly to help his wife. He and the wife later took action to transfer their assets to her - so as to protect their assets from the families of the victims. My sense: he cares about himself, his wife and his cat - and pretty much nobody else. (54:43) I want to minimize the impact on my wife.

3) 55:50 "got a map" - having decided that he's busted, when asked to say where the body is, he says, "got a map". For the empaths, this is apparently proof that the guy is very callous - having decided to cooperate, he cooperates.

4) 58:30 the investigator tries to convince Russell that he is "doing the right thing" by confessing. Russell immediately affirms that he is confessing to help his wife and her family. I suspect this is a bit narcissistic.

4) 2:08 "As I described I suffocated her using duct tape."

5) 2:38 - talking about suffocating her, how she died, etc. Quite cold.

My sense is the guy is a high-anxiety (secondary) psychopath:

He got addicted to burglarizing and assaulting women. If he was low-anxiety, he'd have "played" at work with all the men and women he could have easily seduced. That would have been easier than breaking into homes to steal fetish items and sexually assault and murder people.

I think that explains why he's so tense about his self-image. If he was low-anxiety, he'd be looking forward to a life of not having to work, not having to make decisions - basically permanent vacation compliments of the Canadian government. He's high-anxiety, so he gives a shit - and suffers.

To the extent that he seems unemotional, my guess is that he's focused on the content of his speech. Empaths wouldn't be able to focus on the mission like this guy. He's decided his mission is to confess (for the sake of his wife), so he tries to do it.

This whole thing is eery for me and my friend; we recognize that but for the grace of god, we'd be like this guy. We don't empathize with his victims, we empathize with this guy and are a bit sad that he screwed up his life so badly. And yeah, it does suck the women got victimized. But this guy was actually kicking ass as a colonel. He was being productive - until he threw it all away.


  1. To continue from the other day...
    When Christ died for our sins, He was throughily dead. He was DEAD AS
    A DOOR NAIL DEAD. There IS no life after death, and man would have NO
    chance of life after death, had Christ not raisen from the dead 3 days after His death: "If Christ be not raised, thy faith is in vain, and all that
    died believing in Christ are perished." Man does not posess inate
    immortality. Man is a MORTAL being. Man has a general SPIRIT that
    animates his body, NOT an immortal soul. Man IS a soul.
    There are 3 parts to a "living soul: A body, mind, and a spirit. When the
    body dies, the mind ceases to function, and the spirit goes back to God.
    But this "spirit" only gives life to the body and mind. Seperate from the
    body it has no consciouness at all. That's why a resserection from the
    DEAD is necessary to come back to life. Who needs a body if you
    already have an immortal soul? How is it MY fault that humanity has
    believed in the Serpent's lie, that "Ye shall NOT surely die."

    1. You are beginning to irritate me. Fortunately, I don't know where you live. I am not a skilled carpenter, but I am good enough to bang nails into a cross. Please put your arms out and stand still. That's a good J.C.

    2. Lol radical so funny...ahhh I never know if sites like this are an outlet or a trigger for my crap.

    3. Why are religious people attracted to this blog and write long monologues about their particular beliefs? Are they trying to save sociopaths, or righteously condemn them, or maybe it's because ME is a self-professed Mormon.

      Also why does anyone care what they write? To me it is just noise.

    4. They are attracted everywhere. The only people who feel this deep seated a need to proselytize are those with no actual faith or conviction. Their actual motivations are three-fold

      1) Attention seeking behavior
      2) They are radically insecure about themselves and their beliefs therefore the more people they can make believe the same as themselves the more proof they have of their own "power of faith". The more they "prove" themselves to be "good". To not only have worth but, they think, a higher worth than people who do not believe as they do.
      3) They worry so much about what other people are doing because it keeps them form looking at their own behavior. This behavior is just a form of ego masturbation for them.

      Ultimate narcissists they have no true desire to share their "faith" only to prove to themselves that they are more worthy of salvation and God's love than anyone else. They have no true understanding of the scripture they spout, they are usually parrots of low intelligence. The greatest teachers of all faiths questioned the teachings in order to learn. these poor slobs don't usually have any knowledge of the history or underpinnings of their professed religion other than what they have been told.

      If they truly believed the gospel they would do good works instead of trying to make other people feel bad about not being in their exclusive little club. It would make no difference to them what others believed as long as they themselves acted with integrity, compassion, and faith but they have none of these attributes themselves. Usually they are the most likely to engage in judgement and hypocrisy.

      These are the people whose faith I can deconstruct in under an hour. I can't touch people with actual faith since their is no actual way to deconstruct TRUE faith. These sheep however? They know nothing of the faith they pretend to espouse, they are using it to construct a system of denial for their own bad behavior, since their faith is insincere they are easy to manipulate, and they (usually) have the intelligence and debate abilities of a stunned baby bunny. I no longer use them for my amusement (since my teachers say not to) but the temptation is always there.

    5. Hey Puppy Basket, I appreciate often your sharing your ideas, particularly since whatever you say is unlikely to have occurred in such a structured way to me before. One thing though -- I am on a number of other blogs about related issues, and forums too. Many are not moderated, some are. I dont see religious zealots on those sites. that's why I wonder why many are attracted here.

    6. I see these crackpots on a lot of the blogs and forums I am on DocSciFi. Been on the internet since AOL first started and they were there then and still are now. They seem to target blogs/forums/chats where they are least likely to have any success. Which just lends credence to my supposition that they are just doing it to annoy/make themselves feel better at other peoples expense.

  2. So, what happened to everyone who died before Christ? Were they lost forever?

    Also, seems to me that God had to open a precedent to get his son back. If he ever really wanted to bring another person back, he simply would've done so, without the need for the whole resurrection circus and dogma. But Christ died, God couldn't live without him, so he had to invent an excuse to bring him back. Hence resurrection.

    How is it YOUR fault? Why do you think any of this should even remotely be related to you? Why do you think you even matter in the grander scheme of things? Shit happens to people every datly, suck it up and move on

  3. I tried to watch the interview. The interviewer's voice put me right to sleep. If I was in a small, gray room with that guy talking it would be nap time for sure!

    1. Anon: Perhaps you suffer from insomnia? Now you know an effective way to help yourself go to sleep. However, if you are being interrogated for a murder, perhaps they will turn off the camera (even though they are not supposed to be able to do this -- but every system can be hacked by a psychopath -- even one in the cops -- and then they can beat you with rubber hoses or something similar that does not leave marks, until you are awake enough to confess. Even in a primitive place such as Canada, self-incrimination is not accepted as proof of your guilt. Even though you are anonymous we all know who you are and where you live and we all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are guilty. Dirty Harry is on the job, so we can save the taxpayers some money.

  4. I've watched about an hour. I need to stay alive (heart disease runs in my family, but I seem to be more likely to have a stroke), so I can set out in search of victims. I am scheduled to meet with my therapist in my depression group therapy session on Monday. Will anybody show up? (Attendance is very irregular and sketchy, even though they make reminder phone calls each week.) I know the therapist is concerned about someone in the group committing suicide. Hmm . . . that gives me an idea. . . .If X drives Y to suicide (and I was connected (distantly) to a situation where this allegedly occurred, would this not be the "perfect murder"?

    Anyway, I need to get on the treadmill. I have a tendency to commit "slow suicide" (I have tried this in the past). My wife would be very irritated and would plunge a knife into my corpse and say, "How many times have I told you not to commit suicide?" Then she would deal with it because I have trained her to be tough.

  5. Only the Paranoid SurviveSeptember 27, 2014 at 9:10 PM

    "for the sake of his wife"
    I doubt it. He could not care less about his wife and she is:
    a) a brainwashed person with dependent personality disorder that he is using as a strategic asset.
    b) a sadistic person that was helping him to rape and kill under the guise of "being manipulated by an evil sociopath".

    1. Agreed. More like for the sake of his money which he had transferred to her for safekeeping. Rapists have a deep seated hatred for their target demographic and in his case it was women. Therefor the thought that he had any real love for his wife is ridiculous. The mates of serial rapists and their families are there simply for window dressing. A single man is more likely to be looked at for a rape than a married one. A wife under the rapist's control can also be used as an alibi.

  6. I could to "care less." We all need something to strive for to give us a reason to wake up. How would you like to die. Most people prefer to die in their sleep. Some, like a dentist near me, did it naturally (or so his wife alleged) and some get in their car in their closed garage and leave the engine running and some forget to take their generator out of the basement when the power fails (as often happens on our island) and some are mushroom experts and forget they are in America instead of their native Vietnam and forget that one mushroom with slanty eyes looks save near Da Nang but has poisonour relatives in the Washington state cascades.


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