Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sociopath and autistics go together like...

There have been a lot of responses form yesterday's hypothetical and the responses keep coming, so I thought I would continue it another day (not everyone reads this blog every day?) until I post the responses.

In the meantime, here is another audience participation invitation from a journalist looking to investigate, among other things, the sociopathy and autism communities:

I recently graduated from journalism school and am, for now, a freelance journalist. I write mainly about social issues and behavior. Here’s a story of mine from January on sex trafficking.

After hearing an interview with M.E. on NPR, I spent some time reading up on ASPD and digging around Sociopath World. I’d like to write a narrative feature about  ASPD and want to speak with someone who’s been diagnosed with an antisocial disorder, or someone whose family member (or significant other, close friend, etc.) has. I’m in a fairly early stage of reporting, and haven’t yet determined the angle, but I’m most interested (I think) in two issues:

  1. The relationship between the ASD and ASPD communities.
  2. Innovative and/or progressive methods of treating ASPD. I realize not everyone treats personality disorders, but, obviously, some people do. Treatment could mean medication, therapy, or even personal philosophies for living with/among empaths (and other non-empaths, too, possibly).

Please let me know if you're interested in talking. You can email me at Thanks very much.


  1. So basically you made a post to tell us that someone is interested in something.

    1. Unrelated yet controversial title included.

  2. If you read what's on the tin, she is soliciting feedback.

    As far as relationships with the communities are concerned, there are none. As far as new treatments to "fix", there are none which have fared any better than previous. And in truth there won't be, anymore than a cure for cancer. Because like both, there is too much money to be made being left perpetually "in-progress". It isn't nihilism, it's how the real world currently stands.

    1. Oh, there isn't a cure for cancer because there's too much money to be made treating it? First things first, you're a fucking idiot. Science isn't a moneymaker, and I guarantee you that if someone found a cure for all cancers the information would be disseminated nearly immediately.

      As it stands, MANY cancers are curable, but for many more the cause is multifactorial and different for every patient, and so difficult to cure at high rates.

      If you want to put your tinfoil hat back on, I'll give you a nice nugget of info. The cure for many cancers, get this, puts you at MUCH higher risk for developing cancer later in life. The nature of chemotherapy and radiation is simply to damage cells so they can't divide uncontrollably, and that damage causes mutations in otherwise healthy cells that will then go on to become cancerous. Isn't that hilarious?

    2. 10/10
      You have earned your shekels for today.

    3. Everyone knows that science is all about money.

      That's why no one takes it seriously.

    4. There are still people who believe that radiation cures cancer.

      Just like there are still people who believe that the earth revolves around the sun.

    5. Heliocentrism was debunked millennia ago, I can't believe people still cling to that ridiculous theory! Next thing you know, people will be saying the earth isn't flat or that God didn't plant dinosaur bones to test the faith of his followers.

    6. Or that people actually walked on the moon.

      ...Or even that the holocaust actually happened.

      What kind of unwashed ape comes up with these things?

    7. Obviously not the type of person that frequents a website devoted to sociopaths! Being highly evolved is such a burden, sometimes I pray for ignorance.

    8. Don't even get me started on that ridiculous theory of evolution.

      I suppose the idea of eventual 'evolution' is as much as some people can hope for, desperate and sad as that may be.

    9. There is money to be made in *treatments*, not cures. This is why, for instance, it is common to still use chemotherapy drugs developed in the 60s and 70s. They are very cheap to manufacture, but costly to buy.

      Also, don't mistaken the idealism of science being the same as the reality of biotech and the pharma industries. The scientists may be virtuous, but the corporations which produce chemo drugs are not.

    10. I am genuinely lost. Which parts are you being sarcastic, and which parts are you being serious Erik? What parts are your actual stance? Are you advocating that anon @ 1:06 was being anti-science to suggest profit? If so, how, because I don't see the suggestion.

    11. Erik,

      Personally, I prefer a tinfoil bra. You crack me up!


    12. Not to sound overly stereotypical as a sociopath, but I am genuinely confused. There are levels of sarcasm I do not get. Who is supporting what?

    13. Erik is an ugly, disease ridden faggot.

      That should clear up some of the confusion.

    14. I assume by your colourful descriptor that you are saying he wasn't being sarcastic? Debunking heliocentrism, that was a genuine statement?

      How intriguing.

    15. Lord above, you people make me laugh :)
      At you. Not with you.

      It's hard to tell who's funnier. The homophobic shut in with all the charm of twice digested roadkill at 1146
      Or the aspie who does not know heliocentrism was debunked millenia ago.

    16. Fucking sun-worshipers.

    17. On the internet, no one knows that you're a dog.

    18. Bite me: Sociopath, not aspie. But I see the resemblance - we both have issues with sarcasm. Also, you believe in geocentrism? By the way, we are talking general astronomical dynamics - specificalities such as elliptical orbits and other more complex modern models are an aside.

      By the way, while "some" sarcasm is confusing, I'm not an idiot. I do understand it was all meant as an insult. That's something I consider irrelevant and useless. My point in question was asking what was a legitimate defense of "you're wrong because..." and what wasn't. Isolating the arguments from the nonsense.

    19. We really need to give you a name. It gets a bit too annoying for me to continue guessing if this particular anonymous is the same person I was speaking to before. Why not try a favourite artist?

      I never said you were an idiot. I called you an aspie. Hardly the same thing.
      I actually wanted to ask you a few questions regarding your diagnosis. Let's just say for now that I would very much disagree with it. But we can talk about that tomorrow.

      This thread is dripping with sarcasm. Pretty clear sarcasm when taken in context. It was especially clear to me that Erik was making fun when he said that about heliocentrism being debunked. He is a scientist. And I dare say he was also joking about how god planted dinosaur bones to test our faith. Poking fun at those who reject all knowledge that does not support their bible thumping, basically.

      And yes, I do find it amusing when people don't understand what I see as very clear sarcasm (at least in context) and make it into something so serious. If there was a language or cultural barrier, then it would be understandable. Otherwise, it just feels rather... aspie to me.

    20. Indeed.

      The earth is fixed, it doesn't rotate on an axis either.

      The Copernican model is factless. It's a Jewish fantasy, an attempt to validate that ridiculous Qabalah of theirs.

    21. Most of taught mathematics is also based on 'irrationality' and fantasy.

      The correct value of pi is 4.

    22. "There is money to be made in *treatments*, not cures. This is why, for instance, it is common to still use chemotherapy drugs developed in the 60s and 70s. They are very cheap to manufacture, but costly to buy.

      Also, don't mistaken the idealism of science being the same as the reality of biotech and the pharma industries. The scientists may be virtuous, but the corporations which produce chemo drugs are not."

      Many leukemias and lymphomas are curable with a bone marrow transplant. If you don't have insurance, though, a $250k down payment is usually necessary in order to be admitted to the hospital. There's more money to be made with cures than you think! Chemo drugs from the 60's and 70's are still used for one reason. They are effective. When you do chemo, you're taking advantage of the easiest thing to do with drugs. You're slowly killing yourself with them. You just hope that the cancer dies before the rest of you does!

      Scientists are not virtuous. Nobody is, really. But, listen closely. There is no conspiracy among all scientists to not cure diseases. Biotechs and pharma produce drugs, but the VAST majority of research leading to the development of those drugs is done by your average Joe on a lab bench. Try curing cancer yourself some day. It's a pain in the fucking ass! Does nobody invoke Occam's razor anymore? Cancer isn't cured because it's hard to cure. A vast conspiracy involving thousands of scientists in cahoots with drug companies to keep the cure for cancer a secret is not the simpler explanation.

    23. Go and shill somewhere else you piece of shit.

    24. Oh fuck, I've been found out! You're absolutely correct! I'm working for big pharma and biotechs, and I've been sent to this corner of the internet to quell rebellion among the intellectual elite. You see, we only recently figured out that sociopaths and aspies, with their cool rationality, are the driving force behind public opinion. Alas, I have failed, been foiled! As soon as my supervisor sees this, I'm getting the boot. You've performed a valuable public service my friend, with less people like me around maybe one day there will really be a cure for cancer!

    25. Thought so. What's with all the 'big pharma' shills these days anyhow?

    26. Oh, right...

      Obummer care.

    27. Erik: I am aware of those. I've worked in health care with chemo clinics, and had an immunologist who was one of the thousands of scientists who tried working to develop cures for specific cancers. I believe this is a miscommunication - cure and treatment are distinctly used, and we're using them differently. I used the literal term "cure" in medical usage, not the layman's - all current "cures" are in fact treatments with different levels of effectiveness. A cure completely ends a medical condition. The most effective multi-approaches (ie. chemo & radiation & ultrasonic) can remove up to 99%+ of malignant cells leading to complete remission. But remission is not a cure. Microscopic levels of cells can remain, leading to reemergence.

      Bite me: I will consider it. Also, that diagnosis has been considered and discarded by professionals. Understand that my behavior in comments is not the same as real life. The difference here is that I choose to limit things you consider "clearly sociopathic". I have "done" plenty in my life. That being said, I am higher in terms of being a primary psychopath than secondary. Crime is just bad due to consequences. The costs are too high for the benefits gained. There are plenty of legal ways to accomplish goals. Bragging about manipulation and emotional facades seemed unnecessary, but if it fills any holes, yes I have and still do plenty. I have done risky things, for example such as jog near midnight in a high-crime area because I needed the exercise. If I was mugged (hasn't happened yet) I would simply surrender my wallet and/or stab them with my knife, depending on the assessment. As for impulse control, it has taken years to regulate it to satisfactory levels. I consider it more like self-discipline. It's power and control over myself, and the rewards are tangible. Have I manipulated people for my own gains? Of course I have, I would be lying otherwise. Have I ruined people? No, I haven't had reason to. Besides, you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. Enemies can turn into friends, or at the very least be managed. If you don't ruin, you can't get caught for ruining, and come out legitimately clean. Thinking you can manipulate without it ever being observable is foolish, and the repercussions on opinion and reputation lead to long-term impediments. The manipulated/ruined have mouths, and they fight back. A stable foundation of good deeds, both big and (more importantly) small is invaluable. To the coin the phrase, I don't want "a chance" to get rich now, I want to guarantee to get rich later. I am patient.

      And since you require verification, I was diagnosed by more than one psychiatrist. What were you seeing before to suggest Aspergers? I am hardly the only sociopath on this site who has difficulty with sarcasm. Just ask M.E.

    28. As an addendum, I consider ruining people to be the nuclear option. It's not the first option of the options and tools you have. It's the last. And, if you're going to use it, to be completely thorough with it. War is serious business. Annihilate until they capitulate, and leave them with nothing to counter you with during or afterwards. Leave them with an exit (pushing into a corner is foolish against people as well as animals) and they'll be glad to flee and take up basket-weaving in another country.

      In the military, they call this tactic "shock and awe". It's quick and overwhelming in force. You use it to blitzkrieg them into the ground, where unconditional surrender is the only option they have. If you're going to do it, do it right the first (and only) time.

  3. The answer to the hypothetical question is to kill the brain surgery bitch and see a doctor.

  4. M.E., when will you get over this "kick" of comparing sociopaths with
    victims of Aspergers?
    There is very little, if any, comparison between sleek, sophisticated
    and sexy sociopaths and asocial, resentful, sour grapes injustice-collecting autistics.
    Everybody wants to be associated with the extraverted, winsome,
    chemillion-like sexy people pleasing sociopath. Empty suits like,
    J.F.K. "Slickster" Bill Clinton and 100 million dollar John Edwards.
    Of course, there are many fine looking autistics, but generally, their
    introverted and depressive, and resentful state inhibits sucessful
    social interaction.
    Ted Bundy was percieved as a winner. He didn't HAVE to kill the girls.
    He WANTED to kill for fun and recreation. Philp Chism was more on
    the Asperger's realm. He knew he couldn't "haggle" for his teacher's
    affections. He wanted her body just as much as an extravert would
    but he knew he wouldn't stand a chance. He couldn't have a relaxed sex
    encounter with her. So instead of facing that reality, he cooked up a
    sceme to take her by force. But all his accumlated resentments about
    the "unfairness" of life were represented by that "privilidged" teacher.
    She had no problems. The world was her oyster. He would show her.
    And get some pleasurable sex in the bargain. He was on top for once.
    How tragic that Mr. Chou of V.A. Tech fame, and Adam Lanza didn't
    think to do that! That way, only ONE would have had to be sacraficed,
    not DOZENS.

    1. You have a really autistic view of other autistics.

      There is no reason to hate on them, they're actually rather harmless.

    2. I like ME's latest tweet because we have been talking about empathy on linkedin.

    3. Well asshole, if the shoe fits...

      Aspies = stupid sociopaths

    4. I will point out that Aspberger's does not necessitate and inclination toward resentfulness.

  5. Hello. I post here once in awhile. My teenage son has Mild ASD, and I share some of the triaits but consider myself an uber empath. I have had a relationship with a guy who is on the socipath spectrum
    For 3 years. He has let me see behin The mask. I think that my experience with my son and the ASD traits I share make it easier fore to relate to my ASPD guy. It's also a relief to be around him because i don't feel an excess of emotions emanating from him. I calm right down around him as a consequence and can relax and be myself.

  6. I've never been diagnosed with asperger syndrome, but I can't help but identify with some of the tendencies. However, I've been diagnosed with major depressive disorder/generalized anixiety disorder/alcoholism for whatever that's worth. Sometimes, I feel like certain aspects of asperger syndrome can be attributed to a degree of emotional maturity not commonly found among empaths. Many empaths react in an overly emotional and/or arbitrary way upon negative emotional stimuli. Most of that stuff is so perfunctory and meaningless though, that its endlessly silly to react so seriously. I do feel empathy, but I also like to put things in perspective. We're all just living things until we die.

  7. As a Diagnosed Autistic, and as an individual who displays antisocial traits (Irritability, lack of guilt/remorse, the ability to display a "Shallow Affect".), I find people with AS to be despicably hypocritical as it regards individuals with ASPD. They demand to be understood by "Neurotypicals", and they demand that society not demonize them and make them out to be monsters, and damn it, they demand that people respect that they're "wired differently", but they're willing to throw sociopaths, narcissists, low functioning autistics and other supposedly "Neurodiverse" people under the bus, lest God forbid, some imbecile attribute the asinine stigma they attach to other people to them. Utter cowardice. Here's a radical concept: If you're going to embrace human rights, guys, embrace them for all individuals. Otherwise they cease to be rights and become privileges for the "In Group".

    Jordan C. Garrett


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