Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Inside the mind of a narcissist

Here are a few anecdotes that a narcissist sent me recently:

Recently my housemate was annoyed at me. I'd been a stickler (a real asshole) about our house rules, and she was irritated at me for bothering her to comply. She's emotional enough that she'll stop saying hello and goodbye to you if she gets bothered at you. That sort of thing really rubs me the wrong way; even if I hate someone, it never is OK to be rude.

After a few weeks of her not greeting me, I noticed myself daydreaming about getting her illegal boyfriend deported. I was excited at the thought of retaliating. Given my previous experience reporting people, I figured I might have to lie in order to get them to take action, and I tried to think of what might work.

Normal people would think this is extreme, particularly given that I live with the guy and I like him. At times I pity him for having the awful girlfriend that he does, being stupid and having a difficult lot in life. But when I get angry enough at his girlfriend, it is easy for me to rationalize wrecking his life and really enjoying it. I can easily anticipate the thrill I'd feel at seeing it happen. Normal people would call this "evil": premeditated harming of other people, for my own selfish reasons.

I think this illustrates a key difference between me and others: I'm polite and rule-oriented, but potentially vicious, in a cold and instrumental way.

I've attempted to use the authorities to hurt people before. Once I was dating a former professor of mine (10 years older than me) going through a divorce. One day I woke up in her bed to hear her husband kicking my car and yelling. As I saw it, I was having sex with his wife, in her (formerly "their") house - 100% legal. Him creating a disturbance, trespassing on her property and kicking my car was 100% illegal. Had I had a gun, I might have easily killed him and tried to claim self-defense. We called the police. I explained to the cops that I wanted them to throw the book at him.

The cops explained to me that the criminal case probably wouldn't go anywhere, because of the extenuating circumstances: guy going through a divorce, another man in his bed having sex with his still legal wife. Of course I could pursue a civil action if I wanted, but that maybe the best thing was to just avoid antagonizing a guy going through the most difficult phase of his life. A few days later I called the INS (it was INS back then, not ICE) and tried to get the guy deported. They didn't do anything, which incensed me, because I had to reckon with the possibility of a potentially lethal confrontation with the guy.

Final anecdote: when my ex wife and I used to go on walks, she'd carry a gun. We'd had trouble with dirtbags and irresponsible dog owners in our area, so we figured we needed lethal force. We discussed it and concluded that if anything happened, it was crucial that she be the shooter, because as a pretty woman, she would certainly get off. So she carried the gun, and it was her job to shoot anyone or anything that needed killing. We talked about it like it was a math problem.


  1. the smug and deluded final anecdote are what wreak of narcissism in my nostrils.

  2. Narc,

    You are a flaming idiot.


  3. I like to see idiots narcs dueling bec they are always getting "hurt" and calling the other sociopath

  4. As an interested "outsider" I'm interested in how you tell a naracist
    from a sociopath. Does a naracist have limits in what thier prepared to
    do? Would a "white collar" criminal like a Barnard Madoff be more likely
    to be a narcasist then a murderous sociopath?
    I've never been able to understand how so many different conditions are
    lumped under the umbrella of sociopathy. Narcassism, Miliant narcasism,
    Aspergers syndrome, Psychopathy. To me, these seem to be different con-
    ditions. Don't forget Boarderline personality disorder and Histrionic
    personality disorder. Can a person only have one of these disorders at a
    given time? Or a combination of thereof? It would seem that introverson
    or exraversion would play a role. Aspergers would seem to be an introverts disorder like Chou of Virgina Tech fame and Lanza of Sandy
    Hook elemantry school fame. Extraversion would play a role in cases like
    "the Preppy Murder Case," and "The Crags List Killer."
    Do naracists and sociopaths compete with each other? They seem to hate
    each other. Is there a game of one-up-manship between the groups? Or, do
    they just dislike in the other what they see in themselves?

    1. Most you mention have narcissism in common. then it makes sense they would not like to see themselves in others . I think.

    2. Can a person only have one of these disorders at a
      given time? Or a combination of thereof? It would seem that introverson
      or exraversion would play a role.

      imo, yeah. i believe ev is capable, when pushed past personal boundaries, when the stars are aligned just so, when their personal circumstances are such that the shit hits the fan, yeah, Just yeah. And fuck introversion and extroversion. There is an animal in all of us. W/e are not civilized underneath, and anyone who tells you they are is full of shit. if you don't live under a rock, chances are you've done some things.

    3. Yes i think you could have more than one dissorder. Just remember a socio doesnt care enough about anything and has a really hard time listening to YOUR problems, much less reading them. Unless it directly applies to them.

    4. I believe I can provide an answer that would satisfy your question a little better then the ones you have already received. I am a subclinical psychopath (psychopath being interchangeable with sociopath for those that are not aware.) which is also so times refereed to as a successful psychopath or an almost psychopath. I also suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. In addition to these personal experience I am also a personality psychologist.

      Severe narcissism or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and Psychopathy can generally be found in the same individual in equal or fairly equal parts. Though not all psychopaths are narcissists and not all narcissists are psychopaths there is a high degree of comorbidity.

      "Can a person only have one of these disorders at a
      given time? Or a combination of thereof?"

      Yes. In psychology this is very common especially in personality disorders and individuals with psychopathy. We call two or more disorders occurring at once comorbid disorders. Also in general there is a great deal of over lap in the symptoms of the different personality disorders. It is best not to look at the individual disorders in teams of their similarities but instead at the difference that make them distinct from one another.

      "Do narcissists and sociopaths compete with each other? They seem to hate each other. Is there a game of one-up-manship between the groups?"

      It is not so much that narcissists as a group compete with psychopaths as a group and more that individuals from both parties compete with any other individual who would seek to move in on their manipulative territory. Neither group is known for its collaboration with peers or for team work.

      For simplicity's sake I will referrer to both groups as "manipulators" as this is their unifying and defining feature. Most manipulators keep around them a flock of sheep or "empaths" for them to use and manipulate for their own benefit. However, when a fellow manipulator enters into this flock, regardless of what "tribe" they are from, the manipulator already attending to this flock will feel threatened and attempt to remove the intruder. We are not pack animals in other words.

      While we may find it fascinating when another NPD or psychopath comes up on are radar that fascination is fleeting. Once it fades we simple wish to edge them out of the situation all together rather than engaging in as you called it a game of "one-ups-manship".

      I hope my answer was helpful to you.

  5. A "stickler"?

    What the fuck is a "stickler"?

    Normal people don't even use that word.
    Just admit that you were being a cunt. It's not that hard.

    1. Your comment is intellectually insulting and entirely unnecessary. You should seriously reconsider your worth as a human being.

  6. This guy is a douche, but I'm reading the final anecdote and wondering if he believed all that or was manipulating her in order to get rid of her?
    Give her a gun and a lot of bullshit about how she'll get away with it, then encourage her to shoot someone. She goes to jail, he's free and no messy divorce.

    1. There must be easier ways of getting rid of an unwanted wife than waiting and hoping that one day someone will attack you both in the street and that she will be brave enough to shoot.

    2. Sure there are, but can't hurt to have an extra iron in the fire :)

      Besides, if she fell for his lies that easily, it shouldn't be too difficult to rile her up to the point where she shoots someone who wasn't even a huge threat. Get her nice and paranoid with some stories about beatings or rapes in the area, get the adrenaline pumping, then provoke a "dirtbag" and watch the fun unfold.

      What are some of the fun ways you can think of to get rid of the wife?

    3. It isn't unlikely at all that the overwrought wife might accidentally shoot the husband instead or in addition to the 'dirt bag.' Your plan is idiotic.

    4. Why so serious, Fred? It's not that likely and some risks are acceptable.

      I'm bored. Give me a great plan?

    5. He doesn't have to manipulate her, you idiots. She's already w i l l i n g l y carrying the gun! Just bec you're a chick you get a lighter sentence ?
      I thought there were law enforcement folk who commented here. what say yous?

    6. I'm afraid there isn't a 'great plan' for murdering one's significant other, unless your object is to be convicted and imprisoned! Lots of innocent people have been convicted simply because the police have (with good reason, the romantic partner of the victim nearly always IS the guilty party, so why should they trouble themselves investigating further?) that bias, as a point of fact.

      My advice is to not get married in the first place, and avoid such sordidness altogether. Take what you like and move on...

    7. Fred,
      I go away mentally without a good fucking If i tell my bf this i fear he will be insulted, but i don't think so . I think he thinks it is hot. He MUST have sex with me to keep me. I will stray away if he does not give me the sausage every time we are together. i will get moody and do "ugh ... ugh ...ugh ...ugh" to him. He repulses me without his dick in me.

      ^THAT is inside the mind of the narcissist

    8. Whoa there, Fred! Who said anything about murdering them? I was talking about a good plan to get rid of them without a very messy divorce :)

      And Anon 7:19, what are you on?
      Did you consider that she is carrying the gun w i l l i n g l y because he might have manipulated her? Partly by making her believe that nonsense about pretty girls getting clean away with shootings.
      She might have been very reluctant to even touch a gun in the beginning, but to protect the two of them and avoid losing him because he's busy getting his ass reamed in prison, she became willing to do it.


    9. He doesn't brag he manipulated her. He says they discussed it together and talked about it like it was a math problem.so if she is bad at math that means she was manipulated?

      Y'know, no it didn't occur to me. I did forget theses are his words, not a third party's story. It didn't occur he might be a lying sac. What if he isn't lying, though? You don't know that she could be just as disgusting as he is.

      and if she Was manipulated, does that mean she did not agree ? how much of a pass should she get for being under this jackass's spell if she pulls a trigger?

    10. I'm starting to like you. You're fun to talk to.

      And I'm not saying he did manipulate her, just presenting it as a possibility. For all I know, he really could be the world's most deluded douche.
      She could be one of those women where you spend 10 minutes near them and become convinced that sometimes peroxide does seep in and destroy the fuck out of the brain. You can almost hear the air whooshing through her head :)

      I'm paranoid, so can occasionally see a much bigger game behind what could just be simple narcissistic delusion and idiocy.

      It could have been part and parcel of a good manipulation to get her so comfortable with the idea, make it seem so natural and logical, that she can discuss it like a simple math problem.
      At the end of the day, if she did go through with it, it would be up to her lawyer to prove he had any part in it.

      If he was playing to get rid of her, I kind of doubt that he would admit to manipulating and setting her up. Would make much more sense to me if he claimed she's been acting weird and jumpy, rambling about people out to get her for a while now. That he tried to calm her down, to help her, etc.

    11. "I'm starting to like you. You're fun to talk to." Idk why, but this sounds like some kind of a set up to me lol. Idk, sounds like an attempt to massage my ego or sthg

      Because of this statement and then the one abt peroxide seeping into skulls, i'm thinking maybe you don't trust/like most women.

      People who are in love...men and women... do turn their heads away from criminal spouses to keep the relationship. It is one way for the narc or socio to bond with the seductee. IMO. I had a relationship (2 actually) where i turn a head away for love. But i do it knowing fully. I guess that is what...semi denial? playing with fire? whatever it is, it isn't dull.

      Once you have a person bonded to you this way, they are valuable. Idk, if i was as repulsive as this guy sounds, i'd hold onto that loyal bitch.

    12. unless, of course, i had replaced her.

    13. Lol! Nope, no setup. I have far, far better ways of massaging egos and setting people up. I just like you.
      And yes, I am a touch misanthropic.

      This guy does sound repulsive, but that's the problem with narcissists. They tend to see themselves as being far superior to what reality has to offer, so think they deserve better.

      "if i was as repulsive as this guy sounds, i'd hold onto that loyal bitch. unless, of course, i had replaced her"

      He might have been thinking the wife is getting too old, nagging too much, whatever. It's her fault she couldn't keep him happy. Doesn't appreciate him ( he needs his narcissistic boosts ), is holding him back from achieving true greatness. He'll rationalize it till her loyalty is meaningless, or something to be used against her. Once he's single again, the bitches will be killing each other to date him.

      There are so many reasons why people turn their heads and pretend not to know. Power, excitement, love, fear, deniability, avoiding confrontation, the list goes on and on.

      I'm really curious about your relationships. What sort of crimes did you see them commit/know about? How long were you together? Why did it end? Did you use that knowledge against them? etc.

    14. Misanthropic as well as misogynistic?

      How can you know whether you like me from a couple comments exchanged?
      I'm curious, not judging.

      I hesitate to talk about me within the old relationships. i have shared a lot here over time and i think you know who i am. so.

      But i will talk about them. No one has gotten personal here for a while. I hope that you reciprocate.

      white collar stuff (THough there was a dramatic recollection of a murder from a third - douchebag no 1 - who knows wtf. ) The most strange guy (most socio) showed the fraudulent papers to me imo to see how gullible or willing to look away i was. However, he did not admit or flinch when i questioned/laughed at the denial. It was a very very clever grooming/game i didn't really care was happening. He got off on my being flabbergasted. Hilarious guy. No, i didn't care to use anything but things they did to ME against them. I dont think there will be more douchebags in my future, though I find them all very entertaining.

      Do you consider yourself outside the norm, or pd, or whatever? is ya a wolf in sheep's clothing ?? Do you usually datamine for fun?

    15. "How can you know whether you like me from a couple comments exchanged?"

      Fair question :)
      Because you made some interesting points that made me think. Because you're not one of those narcissistic douchebags who come here to ramble endlessly about how great they are, nor are you a rabid lovefraud victim.
      Because you're curious, a little paranoid and not narcissistic.
      To be honest, if you had started acting like a happy puppy and taken that opportunity to show your real greatness, my opinion would have quickly changed.
      See, I could have massaged your ego, but not in the mood for all that bullshit.

      More misanthropic than misogynistic, really. My pet hate would have to be attention seeking, whiny, desperate or passive aggressive people who don't learn (but do find their misery hilarious up to a point) and most of those that I know just happen to be women. So do prefer men in general.
      Know how to hide this very well. Just don't bother much on here or with people who really know me.

      And not sure who you are, but appreciate you getting personal. What brought you here? Your ex does sound like a treasure. Like he was testing you, seeing how far he could push. It's a very fun game to play.

      I've shared a lot on here before too. Not datamining, just chatting. Have met the most interesting people.
      Am usually sweet and charming, but can be quite the lying, manipulative, nasty asshole. Aka human.
      Not really interested in changing either.

    16. thank you for making me feel more comfortable.

      I think being in touch with anger and learning how to express it makes for less whining and passive aggression. You can blame society if women stereotypically do that more than men. The other stuff...complaining but not learning? that is not typically female imo.

      I found this site doing research on the ex -the treasure.

      I am usually sweet and charming too. With strangers all the time, and with my friends when i am in a good mood. when i am in a shit mood i have a bit of a time putting on sweet and charming.

      You are a sweet and charming liar, and a nasty, manipulative asshole who likes to play games. But do you reject the sociopath label? Or is the point you are trying to make is that sociopaths are human ?

    17. "The other stuff...complaining but not learning? that is not typically female imo."

      Perhaps not. Maybe I'm just lucky that so many of the women I know spend a lot of time whining about their horrible exes. But then date men who could be clones of the ex, make the same mistakes, then bitch about all men being assholes.
      Have had a few male friends do the same, but at least there's a lot less crying and neediness.
      And yes, those displays annoy the hell out of me because I don't give a fuck about these people. They are there because I need them for something, not because I care.

      Life's a bitch. For most who are smart enough to learn, being fucked over by a sociopath, as painful as it may be, can ultimately be a good thing. It can teach them a great deal about themselves and make them stronger.
      As for the rest? Their narcissism, feelings of entitlement and/or belief in karma and fairness will not protect them. Maybe if they get fucked over enough times, they will finally learn. If not, who cares?

      Came here because my family and a very close friend kept telling me that I'm a sociopath. That there is something very wrong with the way I see the world and the people in it. That the sadistic little games, aggression and lying were getting too much.
      This place was a godsend.

      Don't reject the label, more like learned that labels don't mean much. It's the behavior that counts and too many people use labels as an excuse to act like a complete dick, rather than taking action to correct the damaging behaviors. Some even start acting far worse in an effort to make the label fit.

      And sociopaths are just a natural variation of "human", no matter how much lovefrauders say otherwise :)

    18. But then date men who could be clones of the ex, make the same mistakes, then bitch about all men being assholes.

      Ha. You do know that most men ARE assholes, sociopath or not, don't you? They don't have to be clones. All they have to have are one or two foul odors too similar to King Douche's for them to get put in the asshole bin. Idk if you've ever been fucked over badly. At some point a person says ok now let's see... assholtry in general is on a spectrum, and hmm I really need to weigh out which of these asshole characteristics aren't too heavy ..heavy enough for me to ditch this bozo.

      of course they all pay for another's sins. That's how life works. Ask Hitler : )

      "A lot less crying and neediness from the men" sure, but what do the men do with their pain? Drink? Start being rude haters and feel completely justified in acting like little power-hungry weasels, taking out their bruised egos on underlings at the office, whatev? Oh and i really love the ones who start rethinking their views on women's rights altogether. I can think of a million things men do and say that just wreaks of victimhood.

      I'd say men would be better off crying like we do, and getting all that emotion out there to get past the pain and anger.

      Oh and It takes a normal guy's prick a while to start working right after he's gotten fucked over. Weak ass mojo-losers ;

      Being fucked over by a sociopath isn't always a learning experience, I agree, it should be. THe treasure i spoke about almost got me to change my position on a very very important lifestyle i never thought i'd compromise.

      No one should ever try to cross certain boundaries. Now i put up my boundaries and i let the men dance around them. it's really cool. never thought i'd be unafraid to see what would happen if i did that. it never occurred to me i had loose sense of self/loose identity/weak boundaries.

      This place has been good for me too.

      I don't dig on the labels either. They're too tidy and life is messy.

    19. **Joking on the prick comment ( if this makes you paranoid ). Just being nasty to show how haters become. Healing takes as long as it takes. I will always love the company of men 'cept npd and i guess high narcissists like the one in this post.

      I liked chatting with you too.

      One more question, if you will? Have you been hurt by family ie : in your opinion, made or born?

    20. "There must be easier ways of getting rid of an unwanted wife than waiting and hoping that one day someone will attack you both in the street and that she will be brave enough to shoot."

      You are making the assumption that narcissists and psychopaths are rational people. We are not.

    21. "Fred,
      I go away mentally without a good fucking If i tell my bf this i fear he will be insulted, but i don't think so . I think he thinks it is hot. He MUST have sex with me to keep me. I will stray away if he does not give me the sausage every time we are together. i will get moody and do "ugh ... ugh ...ugh ...ugh" to him. He repulses me without his dick in me.

      ^THAT is inside the mind of the narcissist"

      As a fellow Narcissistic Personality, I find everything you just said repulsive. You are clearly inferior in your ability to control and focus your desires and manipulations. In fact given this brief description of your personal life I'm not even sure you fit the criteria of a Narcissistic Personality. You sound more to me like a Histrionic Personality. Or just a slut. But who can be sure.

    22. Well aren't the two of you cute. If not a little sad. I will say though, vulgarity aside, I found your conversation mildly entertaining.

      "Oh and It takes a normal guy's prick a while to start working right after he's gotten fucked over. Weak ass mojo-losers"

      A common response of the narcissists bruised ego. That would merely be our dicks repulsion that a sexual partner would dare even consider "fucking us over". How can I be sexually aroused by someone who so completely repulses me (I had this experience with an ex-girlfriend after I discovered she had cheated on me with my best friend).

      We stayed together for a few months after I found out about her unfaithfulness and in that time she became upset that I could not perform for her. It wasn't that I couldn't perform period, I could perform just fine for her friends, I just couldn't perform for her. I found her actions to repulsive.

      "in your opinion, made or born?"

      Both. There is no simple answer to the origins of what we are. I believe we are a combination of natural predispositions and products of our environments. In other words life events affect and shape us in ways they would not otherwise affect and shape others because of our natural predisposition.

    23. Omgoodness yippee I was waiting for my diagnosis. Thank you so so much.

      Did you even see th winky(;) . As a "fellow npd" lol I'd work on your reactivity to stimuli and strange ,foreign ,evil humour you cant or wont even attempt to acknowledge as anything more valid than an affront to your sensibilities. You're insulted poor me attitude is exactly what makes you no fun. This is why its a strain to be around you and
      why its so very easy to goad you into an entertaining tizzy.

      Im a harmless oversexed bipolar person trying to get a decent rise out of fred. Thanks for keeping it interesting for me.

      But ill give you this. I love sex and talking about it for shock value. I think you are right in that its a histrionic thing to do that.

    24. Im sorry abt uour experience with your ex jon. Of course you were repulsed by her. My comment/JOKE abt the prick was abt future women. I know men who cant feel manly with other women after being fucked over. Its another story altogether. I think this is what iit means to ruin someone for future relaationships.

      I was making a comparison to how you said the females cant enjoy a future man because they becme so bitter, lumping all men as assholes who fucked her over before.thats all that comment /JOKE was about.

    25. Hey Jon,
      How I wish you could see me blush and curtsy because you think I'm cute ;)

      Your story about not being able to get it up is hilarious. You remind me of my narcissist friend. I like to rile him up by telling him what I really think of him every now and then. Watch him deflate, then do everything to prove his manliness to me, including talking about his (imaginary) conquests. Endless amusement.

      Quick question, who the fuck told you that a sociopath and a narcissist is the same thing?

    26. Hey Anon,

      Apologies for not responding sooner.
      That prick comment gave me a good laugh.

      It's not that all men are assholes, more like everyone is on the asshole spectrum. Some are just higher up :)
      Really good point that you made about men and signs of victimhood. They are still generally easier for me to deal with and to have honest exchange of opinions with since they don't tend to get as emotional.

      Example: take a friend that bitches non stop about something till I get annoyed enough to tell them some of the truth as I see it.

      I've had some male friends become rather aggressive, which I can deal with no problem. A few I never spoke to again. With the others it's more the case of "Hmm. Really? It's a good point, but you still don't have to be such a cunt about it." We discuss it, then proceed to get drunk and have a good time.
      But have never had one start crying, get theatrical and proclaim me to be heartless. Then storm off, refuse to speak to me, but bitch endlessly to their friends in a bid to get reassurance and attention.

      As for being born or made, I go with a little bit of both. Lots of miserable assholes in my family.
      Had some eerie similarities to M.E.'s childhood actually.
      Doesn't matter, really. They failed miserably to break me and now I just love fucking with them.
      What about you?

    27. "Quick question, who the fuck told you that a sociopath and a narcissist is the same thing?"

      What the fuck gives you the impression that I was of the belief that they were the same thing? Do I believe that narcissists can be and often are also psychopaths? Yes. Does that make the two synonymous or mutually exclusive? No.

      It is an undeniable fact, however, that there is a great deal of co-morbidity between different personality disorders and psychopathy. Also I'm glad you got a rise out of my story, my ex certainly didn't. ;)

      "Im a harmless oversexed bipolar person trying to get a decent rise out of fred. Thanks for keeping it interesting for me."

      I was very happy to add to the conversation. ;) I can also sympathize with the desire to elicit a rise out of others with vulgar shock humor just for your own satisfaction. In fact I'd say my life is built on doing things to get a reaction out of others for my own satisfaction.

      "I think this is what iit means to ruin someone for future relaationships."

      I don't think I ever quite learn enough of a lesson from my failed relationships to be ruined by them. Good or bad I just try to take that for what it's worth. I am the way I am with people, generally good if not slightly too intense in romantic situations.

    28. I thought you didn't approve of vulgarity, Jon?

      Have to disagree with your claim that sociopaths and narcissists are "largely one and the same".
      Sociopaths can be narcissistic and narcissists can on occasion be sociopathic, but there is a difference between expression of traits and having the PD.

      The differences have been discussed on here (and plenty of other places) many times and I am far, far too lazy to do so again unless you tell me something new or interesting.

      Oh and just in case, I'm not the harmless oversexed bipolar woman.

    29. Hey 518. Prick comment person here. Tx I located a sense of humour. I hwve the same truthtelling experiences. And thanks for ur insight. Never knew abt that reason i like male company better.

      I have 2 narc parents. ...Dont get me started :)
      I dont identify as an s. Just have similar qualities. Got a littla this a little a that

    30. I don't approve of vulgarity, however, I do approve of the concept of in some way feeding of the reactions of others. Even if the means are some what distasteful.

      Sociopathy and Psychopathy are not themselves personality disorders, though they are often indicative of one. While the most common personality disorder related to psychopathy is Antisocial Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder also has a high rate of psychopathy. Personality disorders can often be comorbid as well.

      I work in the mental health field at a psychiatric hospital and I also conduct research on psychopathy and personality disorders there. I am still in the entry levels of the profession but I do have some professional experience to draw upon.

    31. Really, Jon? Feed my reaction?

      Your use of profanity, directly after your expression of contempt for mine, just made me think of you as a hypocritical, arrogant ass. Aka a completely full of shit narcissist :)
      I tend not to take such people seriously. Or was that the intended reaction?

      Disorder according to DSM or not, there is a world of difference between a narcissist and a sociopath.

      And now I'm supposed to be impressed with your qualifications and professional experience?

      Fuck me, Jon, you are priceless!

    32. I'm truthfully rather ambivalent about your reactions to any of the things I have to say. I only get off on people whose feelings I can manipulate and I don't come here for that. If I did I wouldn't nearly be so honest.

      I come here to share the truth about myself. To let it free because I can't do that any where else. I would think that's the reason you're here as well, but of course everyone has their own reasons.

      "What the fuck gives you the impression that I was of the belief that they were the same thing?"

      Is this the use of profanity you were referring too? I felt the use of the word "fuck" an appropriate parody of the question I was responding too. And I would like to know your qualifications in the field if you think so little of mine.

    33. Come now, Jon. It's not that I think little of your qualifications, more like little of you in general ;)

      You don't rile me up, unfortunately. That would be really entertaining. I'm simply very bored and find it mildly amusing talking to you.
      Loved how you came here and interrupted my conversation with the sweet, oversexed bipolar woman with your arrogant bullshit. Expecting to be taken seriously, no matter how you contradict yourself, because of qualifications you claim to have.

      Qualifications don't mean much to me, especially without proof. I can tell you that I have a PhD from an Ivy League university, but for obvious reasons will not share any details here and you can't really prove otherwise, can you?

      I think you came here expecting to impress, to have your knowledge, qualifications and overall greatness recognized.
      Impress me, Jon.

    34. I would if, gosh dang it, I hadn't just lost my mojo for you ;

    35. :( So no more hard ons for me?

      And to see that after I read your message about you being flattered by my attention and being willing to drop the condescension and hostilities in favor of actual conversation.
      You had me with your winky emoticon, damn it! Surely you know they are my weakness.

      I'm kind of starting to like you. Was expecting a defensive response, so a less arrogant and more manipulative one was a pleasant surprise.

    36. "I would if, gosh dang it, I hadn't just lost my mojo for you ;"

      I did not make this statement either. The response at 10:16 was me, however. Are either of the two following responses from you Original Bite me?

      If so I am shocked that you would think I would answer anything you said with such a brief answer first of all. Or that I would use the word "mojo" in a sentence. And I thought we were really getting to know each other and here yo fall for a an obviously sloppy impostor. I'm hurt. ;)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. ^Did you delete your comment because nobody recognized your awesomeness?
    Typical narcissist.

  9. is it very VERY narcissistic to spit in someone's jar of peanut butter and not tell anyone? ? ?

    1. Yes! You could tell us everything interesting that you're doing to them so we can enjoy it too, you inconsiderate narcissistic dirtbag.

    2. Why don't you ask for details before you judge me? How do you know that the peanut butter owner is not a narcissistic dirtbag? Which ..he is! No i don't want to go into it. I was just asking. I don't go around here telling details like an idiot. I don't want to. Im not proud.

      But hey let's talk about that kind of lame, vindictive behaviour. Go go on lovefraud and see victim vindictiveness applauded, why don't you? Let's talk about how normal people do it and how it's acceptable for them. Just when are you considered a innocent victim and when just a moronic piece of shit?

    3. Lol! Well that changes everything. As long as he's a narcissistic dirtbag, you've got every reason to act like a passive aggressive dick and spit in his food ;)

      And lovefraud is hilarious!
      Nothing wrong with fucking up someone who used and abused them. As long as they admit (to themselves, if nobody else), where it all went wrong, what their glaring weaknesses are and most importantly, how these can be addressed. Essentially learn their lesson and don't keep repeating it.

      The moronic piece of shit is the one who cries and whines, but doesn't learn and keeps on repeating those mistakes.

    4. lol yep, agree.

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GLxUIH-1d4

    Just look at this lazy ass sociopath

  11. are sociopaths at war with an uprising narcissist militia? what am I missing?

    1. That would be irrational considering we are largely one and the same.

    2. Says the man who just said:
      "You are making the assumption that narcissists and psychopaths are rational people. We are not."
      Fuck me, you are priceless!!

      Or are you going to claim that you were joking?

    3. No I will not claim that I was joking. I most definitely was not. Narcissists and psychopaths are walking contradictions of the world around them. Is it at all surprising that the comments made by one of them would then be contradictory? And having said that, does it make those statements any less true?

    4. Yes, Jon, it does take some of the wisdom and magic out of your words when you keep contradicting yourself. I would go so far as to say that it makes you sound a little confused.

    5. Duality is the nature of our condition. Do you deny this? I fully accept my statements as contradictions of one another. But I am most certainly not confused.

    6. I'm not saying you are confused, I'm saying you sound confused. Or if you wish, like you don't know what you are talking about.

      Duality is fine, I know I can be extremely two faced and give people what they want to see and hear. But if you are that obvious about it, you are taking away pretty much any validity your statements have.

      If you want to convince someone, it really helps to sound like you believe in it yourself. Keep contradicting yourself and nobody will take you seriously.
      For fucks sake, Jon are you acting silly to try to rile me up?

    7. Like I mentioned earlier, and yes I did just put it together that it's you I was talking to in the comments about the over sexed bipolar, (you calling me priceless again made me double check the names. lol) I don't come here trying to manipulate or convince anyone of anything. I just come here to be honest.

      I'm not nearly this "obvious" about who I really am in my personal or professional life. I just don't feel I should have to hide anything here, what would be the point? I just told you I'm a narcissist and a subclinical psychopath, what would be the point in not acting like it. Narcissists are the embodiment of hypocrisy, why should I deny that?

      And while know I was not intentionally acting silly I do enjoy riling you up.

    8. Yes Jon, I was also the one who blushed and curtsied when you were being a condescending dick and called me "cute". Simply picked this name because it was getting a touch confusing with so many Anons.

      You came here to be honest. Right. That's why you jumped on this thread practically begging for attention.

      Well, you have my attention. Tell me all about yourself.

    9. Well I'm afraid my story isn't that interesting. Nor is my desire to tell it as profound as you might imply. So my willingness to tell it entirely depends on how sincere your gesture to hear it is.

      So are you sincere or are you being hostile for some unknown reason? Just because we are master manipulators and altruists does not mean we cannot also be gentlemen. Tact and graciousness are two of the fundamental characteristics upon which our humanity is founded and two of which I take great pride in in myself.

      So if your gesture is sincere and you wish to share stories and intellectual beliefs in an attempted to possibly grow as human beings then I would be happy to share my life story with you. If it is purely for your condescending amusement, however, then I am not interested.

    10. Hmm. If not for my condescension we wouldn'nt be having this conversation at all now, would we? Admit it Jon. You enjoy my hostility. Tell me ...which of your parents did you continually have to prove your worth to?

      I assure you, you have my attention. my gesture is sincere and I shant temp you into jumping through any further hoops for my approval in future.Tell me about your life.

    11. There you go contkinuing to try to rile me. Laughable. Can you not control yourself or is this your way of telling me you have a crush on me?

    12. Lol! You fucker!!
      Jon, this new Bite Me starting at 2:57 is an imposter.
      But they know my love of emoticons and even my use of ... Fuck I love this place :)

      Double kudos if you tell me who I am, New Bitee. It is pretty obvious in all fairness.

    13. Well you're no newcomer, original Bite Me. I think it'd be way more interesting if you revealed yourself....but that's me..no pressure. How are you? Well, I hope. Your spirits seem to be anyway :)

    14. "There you go contkinuing to try to rile me. Laughable. Can you not control yourself or is this your way of telling me you have a crush on me?"

      I did not make this statement. It would seem Original Bite Me that we are both being trolled and impersonated. To bad the impostors did not realize they were only trolling each other.

      Would you like to continue our original conversation Original Bite Me?

    15. Sure thing, Jon.

      One of the things I love about this place is that it does attract some rather clever trolls, so you might want to consider signing up.

      If you start chatting away on the new posts, I'll be sure to join you soon enough.

    16. I have actually been anticipating a response from you one my comments in one of the newer posts. Regarding mirco chip implantation's in confirmed psychopaths.

      And I'm afraid I don't share your love or enthusiasm for trolls. lol. But I will be sure to sign up. I look forward to continuing our conversation on other subjects in the future.

  12. It's interesting that so many people read this blog, and try to self-identify as a sociopath. Barring anything else, writer just sounds like a bit of a douche with a side of little-man syndrome.

    1. Dont be mad because you don't have emotions.

  13. The writer of that post is the guy from Narcissistworld who deleted his blog.


    1. That's actually a thing? Narcissistworld. Man I must have been spending my life under a rock. What's wrong with me. lol.

  14. Hello everybody. I'm one of the regulars but I will not be able to say who. A psychopath just killed someone very close to me. Oh, how it shurts. But, strangely I feel no emotional negative energy towards the guy. Having understood who a psychopath is here definitely has helped me to feel so. It also helps that he was quickly caught. Everything from how he identified the victim (helpless female) and how he did this only a couple of days after attacking another one to how he has that straight face and words as how he talks about the events checks. Never thought it would be this easy to get one one's path. WIsh you all a better luck, get a mace and sleep with it under the pillow.


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