Monday, August 5, 2013

Can we eliminate evil?

A reader suggested this Morgan Freeman narrated special "Through the Wormhole: Can We Eliminate Evil?" Not surprisingly, it features sociopaths and studies on the brain that give interesting insight to how we decide what to do and what constitutes evil.

The first clip is about empathy, and illustrates well the recent study that found that sociopaths feel empathy when directed to put themselves in the shoes of others.

If you have the genetics of a killer and the brain anatomy of a killer, are you destined to become a killer? James Fallon.

And finally this was an illustration of this experiment regarding the moral lives of babies.


  1. It is impossible to eliminate "evil" any more then
    water can eliminate wetness. Sin permiates mankind
    like oxigen covers the earth. It has always been that way.
    Moreover, it was especially intended by God almighty.
    The events in the Garden of Eden were preordained.
    When God told Adam and Eve you can eat of any tree
    except the Tree of Knowledge, He knew full well they
    WOULD eat of it. People ALWAYS go for the forbidden
    God stage managed the fall of man so Jesus Christ
    would be introduced to the world approximately 4,000
    years later to save the world.
    God creates voids to illustrate contrasts so that He
    can rectify the situation at a latter time. (Like
    the Latterday Saints?)
    There was once a quote that said, "How bleak the
    mounth of November would seem, without the memory of
    May." We can only recognise something through it's
    Of course, God seems to be taking His' sweet time to
    usher in Utopia. But we view everything from a finate human lifespan of seventy years. "A day with
    God is a thousand years."

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  2. Rubbish! Although I do agree that it's not possible to eliminate evil, if we're spaeking of 'God,' then I quite like this quote from a BBC series we had here called 'Being Human.' Much more likely than the bloody "illustrating contrasts" nonsense you're selling, if you ask me:

    Mitchell: "You have such a redundant view of the world. God made man in His own image. What if that included His rage? And His spite. And His indifference. And His cruelty. What if God made us too? We're all his children, you see: God's a bit of a bastard. Look at us both. Covered in other people's blood and talking about morality. But there's one difference between me and you. You had a choice."

    1. Edit: I meant to say 'speaking,' of course.

  3. Ridding the world of evil might be easier than getting silly Mormon girls to stop wearing bad wigs on Dr. Phil.

    1. Now Now. Be nice. It seems that ever since ME came out, the players have gone back into hiding. Laying low must be extremely boring. It's a total cycle. Technology has put the sheep to sleep. The evil has become so blatant, that the players have been playing hard for quite some time. Now the tv has become, monotonous, mundane, drivel and the sheep are slowly waking up. More fun!! The challenge is starting to return. The game is evolving. I'm tired. Night night.

  4. Clever clever toilet lever. Not. Talk about drivel....

  5. empathy is not necessary for morality. lots of research on that.

  6. I would be interested to see genetic profiles on the babies who did not choose the pro-social puppet. Actually all of the babies genetic profiles would be nice to see. If pro-social or anti-social behaviour of other people (or puppets) towards others does not matter to sociopaths, how many of the babies choosing the pro-social puppet might be choosing it on 50% chance? Or based on preference for grey to orange or for orange to grey (I assume they switched the colours up to avoid that as a confounding variable)? Interesting bits nonetheless.

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