Thursday, April 8, 2010



  1. I was so hoping, after reading the title "WAR", to press play and hear some "Low Rider".


    That's a really good song.

  2. Well goes to show the military is basically run by psychopaths. Right?

  3. it couldn't be run by empaths, since they have a conscience.

  4. Obviously all of the "evils" of the world are because of psychopaths. Empaths are always good, they would never harm other people.

  5. Ishtar,

    Nope only a small percentage of those incarcerated are psychopaths. Why would me post this here unless he is suggesting it? I just obliged.

  6. Really Anon? I thought all psychopaths were evil bastards bent on destroying the world and feasting upon the blood of babies. Please teach me more about myself.

  7. lol, two ships named irony, passing..

  8. lol. The H.M.S. Bullshit.

  9. i read somewhere that many homeless people are s/p

    1. Stop reading from that "somewhere" then. Its inaccurate. Be logical: Why would someone be truly homeless who can con anyone into anything at anytime if needed? Its way too easy to find people to live off of. Although I doubt a real sociopathic personality would ever find him-/herself in that situation in the first place. -DR

  10. Ishtar:

    You're the one that opened the door {{shrug}}

  11. You got me, I take full responsibility for opening the door to your stupidity.

  12. interesting sidenote.

    I was watching a documentary on events leading up to 9/11, and there was a point at which US forces had found Osama Bin Laden's hideout and training facilities and were all set to blow them to bits. However, they spotted children's play equipment on the premises and decided not to go ahead with the plan. For the sake of the mere possibility that children were there, they didn't act then. Less than a year later were the attacks on the WTC. I was thinking to myself that if a socio had made the decision it would have been weighed more along the lines of lives ended vs. lives saved, more rational, and without an emotional attachment to the fact that some of them might have been children. In the end, that emotional attachment permitted the loss of many lives, including children.

    So, sometimes emotional attachment allows us to make humane decisions and avoid war or mitigate conflict or stop atrocities, and sometimes it causes us to be tangled too deeply in our own narrow sense of right and wrong to make the best choice overall.


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