Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pop science

A reader recently sent this article. I have no way of confirming whether this is an actual newspaper, but I decided to dedicate a post to it because I think it's important to remember that although I'm sure most of us surround ourselves with well-informed, well-educated, and reasonable people, there is still a contingent of crazies out there that not only are clueless, but are also incredibly insistent that the rest of us are deluding ourselves. This irritates my libertarian self (perhaps contradictorily? or hypocritically?) more than anything else -- the only thing this has to do with sociopathy is the subject matter of the article. Under the headline "psychopaths are hard to spot," we are treated to such gems as:
The issue of the psychopath in popular culture is, unfortunately, muddied by TV shows like "Dexter." He's no psychopath, he's just Old Testament, as in justifying taking a life for the greater good. Closer to the reality, only through adept use of satire and irony, is the film version of American Psycho.

True psychopathy has no moral, nothing to redeem taking a life. It's ugly, evil and dark because of the absence of anything resembling any positive human quality. The true psychopath is a destroyed human who can do nothing other than maliciously spread his or her destructive nature.
We are invited to "contact reporter Paul Walton at or call 250-729-4230." Just, you know, if you would like to hear some more of his pet theories.

Now I am sort of questioning publishing this. Who cares, right? It's obviously so stupid that no one would give this sort of thing credence, would they? Yeah, tell that to the next mob that has decided to target one of your personally defining characteristics.


  1. Well yes I'd say that people would give it credence. Most people I would say are clueless because they've formed their opinions based on films and on high profile murder cases.

    I am attempting to get a better understanding. Knowing your enemy and all that, so to speak.

  2. He's no psychopath, he's just Old Testament, as in justifying taking a life for the greater good.

    Sounds like a typical empath trying to justify their sympathetic feelings toward "higher order" murder. (e.g. justice).

    It seems that very few people realize that one possible objective of the show is to unveil the hypocritical nature of moral beliefs. This is clearly evident in the number of fans Dexter has accumulated through the years.

    "Oh, but murder is OK as long as we kill the "bad guys."" Yet, it's not altogether clear what constitutes "goodness" or "badness." The only times where that distinction is necessary is when dealing with society.

  3. Well put Ishtar. Further, Dexter is attractive to many viewers not because "he's just Old Testament, as in justifying taking a life for the greater good" but because he has a conscious-less and remorse-less desire to take human life.
    Let's be honest: The show wouldn't get very far if he was fulfilling that need with whomever crossed his path - those are the casefile shows from the likes of A&E or the History Channel - but from a more morally confusing (some say justified) perspective. A far more sustainable show (and lifestyle for some out there.)

  4. Whaaaaaa! The empaths don't like me!!!

  5. While the "reporter's" position is shrill and vapid . . . is he really wrong? The 'empathy-blind' are not really endowed with the resources to enrich relationships or the culture.

    I may be capable of entertaining myself and making a living. But I don't really 'do' anything (and neither do you).

    The people who 'do' the things other people value are not really like us at all. Guys like Roosevelt, Michelangelo and Dostoevsky could not be sociopaths. Ted Bundy, Pol Pot and Stalin have more of a family resemblance.

    The best you can say is 'a well behaved pscyhopath rarely makes history' (or the news). Maybe ME will begin selling bumper-stickers

    Dexter is a fun but goofy show. It's popular because it allows people to indulge their fascination with serial murderers without experiencing any significant moral ambiguity. He is a 'good psychopathy' - a cartoon intended to entertain.

  6. Some of the P/S here seem to have a delusional persecution fantasy - a big bad world of pitchforks and angry townsfolk. The P/S brilliant, far-above-average IQ, Who would give a damn about a P/S if they were not targeting people with empathy? The P/S protests too much. Antisocial? More like obsessed-with-social of the dullest sort. A life dedicated and driven by the "joy of dragging down normals." Uh, wouldn't that be beneath the P/S's exhaulted intelligence and easily bored mind? Not quite a fair fight is it big man? Like an adult beating up a child. The normal might very well kick your f*ing ass - if you didn't have the advantage of attacking from the back with a machete without warning. If the normal saw you for what you ore normals would simply avoid you = wouldn't care if you lived = wouldn't care if you died. The P/S is nothing but a ghost to step around. On the other hand, the P/S is obsessed with the normal. Frankly, for a normal, it might be extremely unpleasant to have a P/S co-worker or neighbor, but there are many types of unplesant people out there besides P/S. You can make a livin' P/S's without bein run out on a rail. All ya gotta do, poor beleagered unappreciated P/S is not get into intimate relationships with normals.

    Oh but what about sexual needs? Uh, nope. Didn't you get the memo? No need to fool the normals here. Freaks everywhere - lid for every pot. So it sounds like you don't need to bother slumming with mere mortals now do you exhaulted ones?

    So P/S as comfortable under-radar ghost, no injustice to rage against, outside world disinterested. Brings us to the obvious question. Without this battle, why does a P/S even live? Hey, you don't need to stick around on my account.

    OH, don't cry P/S. You know it makes me vomit a little in my mouth to see a P/S cry. Shhh, loser.

  7. ^ Someone's bitter (and over-dramatic).

  8. Or maybe just a stupid faggot?

  9. That's rich

    coming from an "elite club" that spend their time jacking each other off for something decent people look down on.

  10. Sorry, Anonymous @ 3:22PM. I am not aware of this "elite club" you speak of; please elaborate. Perhaps you ought to speak to your therapist if you're having difficulty dealing with your apparent inferiority complex instead of trolling internet blogs? Might be a little more productive and healing for your delicate ego.

  11. Wow, for the superior intellects…

    Rights for Blind Bus Drivers!
    Why the hell shouldn’t the blind that have a desire to drive busses be accepted and supported by society?

    Lack of sight
    Bus driving
    = Innocents maimed/killed
    >> Society condemns

    Neuraldiversity Rights!

    Pathological lying
    Lack of remorse or guilt
    Emotionally shallow
    Callous/lack of empathy
    Parasitic lifestyle
    Promiscuous sexual behavior
    Raging obsession with pursuing the pretense of “relationship” with normals
    = _______
    >> ________

    Don’t f*ing drive a bus
    Don’t f* with normals
    = You are a non-entity to society

    Don’t get no respect? Why be a living joke? Why protest and fight?

  12. "The Myth of the Sociopath", which is exactly what this article is perpetrating, is what makes Sociopaths hard to 'spot'.

    First of all, why the consistent connection with mass murder? It makes for a very glittery article but as far as constructive advice goes, "avoid Stalin and Dexter" is a silly impertinence and one that should really go without saying, anyway.

  13. Anonymous reminds me of the raving lunatic (Aspie) from previous posts.

    Symptoms include but are not limited to:

    -erratic and defensive attitude, which results in...

    -incoherently formed sentences,
    exaggerated condescension and...

    -lack of clear and defined argument/objective perhaps due to...

    -having been wronged previously by those fitting the criteria of psychopathy, though...

    -having little self-insight, searches for venues to express aggression through the internet instead of improving one's own life and emotional issues through therapy

  14. Ishtar- you are my favorite. I enjoy your responses very much.


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