Saturday, February 13, 2010

New blow to aspies: sociopathy under umbrella of neurodiversity

A reader provides even more info on the changing face of neurodiversity:
I have had the chance to interact with lots of researchers who aim to help autistic people deal with their affective problems (and the resulting social ones). I must say that many of them are now aware of the "neurodiversity" principle. I have even had the chance to discuss sociopathy as a potential condition to be placed under the umbrella of neurodiversity with a specialist, and the response I got was surprisingly encouraging. The discussion concluded, among other things, that sociopaths ought to be allowed to think however they wish, as long as they don't break laws and harm others, and that no one has the right to impose a particular method of thinking to anybody else. Of course, ideas that emerge in select institutions of higher education take decades to spread among the general public, so that will be something for the following generations to witness I guess.
Ah aspies, when it rains it pours. Don't worry, though. You can stand under my umbrella.


  1. under my umberella, ella ella a a a

  2. Classic, aspie.

    My dad played that for me when I was 14 as a warning about all the shit head guys out there. Every young girl should hear that song.

  3. happy valentine's day y'all *kiss kiss*

  4. Do you think Amy Bishop is asperger or sociopath?

  5. Watch how M.E. revels in this "victory" over aspies hahahaha!

    This is the most entertaining shit you've posted in a while!

  6. Aspie linked us to Henry Rollins. Here a response to types like that:

    "what's wrong with him we're perfect / go jerk it in your cell..."

  7. wait, anon @ 2:07pm on the 14th said:

    "My dad played that for me when I was 14 as a warning about all the shit head guys out there."

    That song came out like last fucking year! So that means you're a 15 year old girl...on a blog about sociopathy...emo much?


  8. That's my nickname, not a hobby by the way.


  9. douchebag/cutter, I was responding to Aspie's link to Henry Rollins' song. think man, think!

  10. neurodiversity can only be recognized in a truly free society...Nadsat??? doubt it. civilization always seems to come at the price of freedom. i for one, am all for it, and will try to cultivate the idea in my little corner of the universe and should i see it recognized during my lifetime i will be pleasantly surprised.

    and the vid, eh couldn't sit thru it. one would think the clash or sex pistols would have done something to better address neurodiversity.

  11. thought the henry rollins was better suited, (can u still get purple microdot? haha, good times!!!)

  12. myumalgal wrote:

    "civilization always seems to come at the price of freedom. i for one, am all for it..." (neurodiversity) "...and will try to cultivate the idea in my little corner of the universe and should i see it recognized during my lifetime i will be pleasantly surprised."

    ... Just had to quote, it can't be said enough!...


    Nice song, aspie! Didn't know of Henry Rollins ... but now I do ... thanks to you... :)

  13. What the F? What do Aspies and sociopaths have in common? This blog seems to be suggesting a link that doesn't exist.

  14. They're not saying that aspies are sociopaths. What do they have in common? Both have an existence that is frequently shat upon by the neuro-typical.

  15. (Aspie typing) Perhaps the conflict between Aspies, NTs and S/Ps can be summarised as follows:

    Aspies resent S/Ps because we simply do not pity them - that would be stupid. So what we see is more like a blatant attempt at exploiting NTs via sentimental nonsense.

    NTs seem to have a never ending desire to come across as 'tolerant' or more specifically vomiting holier than thou crap onto everywhere they go. This is sickening to non NTs

    S/Ps seem to resent the social acceptability of Aspies. (Why a S/P would want to 'main stream' is beyond me thus I can only conclude the 'campaign' is a farce).

  16. I remember being surprised the first time I learned that sociopathy/psychopathy is a neurological condition like autism, and furthermore that it is not necessarily linked to malice...but now that it's old news...Oh Hey More Aliens To Learn About. It does kind of make me uncomfortable that neurodiversity allows people to lack the same boundaries that keep me on decent terms with other people and make me feel better about myself...but I also realize my comfort doesn't make the world go 'round.

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