Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More feedback

Some more feedback regarding this site left on other sites:
I found the perfect site for him, its a pro-sociopathy blog (found by googling chay's 'sociopath for dummies' on a whim! luvs) where the author goes on about sociopathy being a normal human variant and stuff about how superior he is and shit. Should appeal to this person's narcissism. He's be wearing the disorder like a badge of pride after this and after all, don't we all want our madmen out of the closet? Win!
Aspies are particularly interested:
Psychopathy and other personality disorders is one of my special interests. I've been reading about the psychopath mind online from time to time and this website http://www.sociopathworld.com/ the guy is asking the same thing we're asking and that is for his mindset to be acceptable in society. I totally agree with Neurodiversity to the core but I had a feeling this would present itself as an issue and a problem. More and more of them are going to ask to be in the ND movement and will even try to pretend to be an aspie. This man is using our logic against us and logically and technically he is correct and again I was afraid of this would happen.

I think what will have to happen is we're going to have to develop some kind of code of ethics for the ND movement and for any different mind configuration. If we have one already as I am just beginning to get into this than it will need to be developed in more detail.

We also have to be able to develop a way to root these types out and out them when they do inflitrate our movement.
I don't know. Aspies are always talking about how they can tell who are the sociopaths and who aren't, but they have always seemed to me as clueless regarding sociopaths as they are regarding neurotypicals. In fact, I'm pretty sure sociopaths have already infiltrated the aspie/autie movements and do their business with those groups undetected. The good news, though, is that maybe this means that socios and aspies can live symbiotically, especially if the aforementioned infiltration hasn't caused any problems already.


  1. Darkmysticdream@gmail.comDecember 13, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    "I'm pretty sure sociopaths have already infiltrated the aspie/autie movements and do their business with those groups undetected."

    I don't doubt this at all. When many of the behavioral traits are remarkably similar, its easier for many of us to blend in with the odd, antisocial, quirky aspies than to be recognized for what we are. Some of us actually have ASD Dx's because we're ethical "monsters" to some extent, or at least our own rules match well enough to society for us to get by without much trouble from either professionals or most other folks.

    In fact, in my own extensive study of psychology, I'd say that I can't find much of a damn difference between Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Sociopathy in practice except that people with the traits of actually harming others get sociopath labels and the ones that simply stick to themselves tend to get autism dx's. I think the two are actually the same thing neurologically with the main difference being the fact that sociopaths are viewed so negatively and are considered the "dangerous" ones while being Aspie is almost popular at this point, despite many of the same traits.

    As the book "The Sociopath Next Door" discusses, most of the people who are sociopathic are not mass murderers. Plus, many folks who are not sociopathic are given the title just because average folk have no freaking clue what sociopathy actually is because they associate it as being a sadistic asshole rather than simply having no perception of guilt.

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  3. absolutely not! that site's a crock of shit because it has sociopaths.


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