Friday, June 18, 2010

Sociopaths and animals (part 2)

My response:
You're right, I feel like there is a lot of emphasis on animal cruelty in the diagnostic criteria for psychopaths, typically juvenile cruelty. Does animal cruelty only appeas to a juvenile psychopath's mind? Or they shift their cruel behavior to humans as they age?

I myself have no affection for animals, certainly no greater affinity for them than I would have for any person. Still I don't go out of my way to hurt or kill them, but I have also never shied away from it when the situation called for it. For instance, I don't have the urge to kill a chicken just to see its blood spill, but no problem killing it to slaughter it for food. I am the type of person that would kill a neighbor's barking dog if I knew there would be no negative repercussions from it.

I saw this on some site: "I know one sociopath who really likes her Preying Mantis and doesn't like dogs. An enjoyment of dogs generally requires some degree of caring, empathy--characteristics devoid in sociopaths." Maybe. I just don't understand the appeal of animals, other than their pure utilitarian value. But I love children and inanimate objects, so I'm not judging or anything.

i've also been thinking, though, in regards to everyone that asks me if they are a sociopath or not. my thought is this, either you believe that sociopaths exist, or you don't, you think that they are self-aware narcissists or have ADD or asperger's or autism or are borderline or manic depressive or schizoid, or not loved as a children, guarded, unemotional, or the myriad of other "disorders" that if you stack them on top of each other in the right combinations could explain everything a sociopath is. but if you believe that 1-4% of the population has a condition called
"sociopathy," then ask yourself -- in a room full of 100 people, am i the most coldhearted, remorseless bastard in that room? if the answer is yes, than that is probably a good indication that you are a sociopath. if no, or if maybe, then you probably aren't, or your aren't enough to really be concerned about it. and as many have said before, labels do not have any intrinsic value, just the value from being able to explore the truth about yourself and others.


  1. The last female sociopath I was involved with had a small Maltese dog "her baby!!" and after we spilt up and I saw her for what she was, and then having her sociopathy confirmed to me by a third party I started to see this in another way.

    Towards the end of our relationship she was in the process of swindling an elderly isolated old lady out of her home and life savings. Basically she entered the house as a care worker and using the Maltese she called the old lady the dog's "other mom". This went from free rent, to getting into the will. The Maltese was an intregral aspect of this. In fact it was vital to the swindle.

    I see now that the sociopath's "love" for the dog was more about the love of the utility it supplied. It made the sociopath look like a caring person and was an excellent ice breaker to meet people.

    So I think when socioipath's "love" an animal it is not based on love, rather on usefulness. In this case a social facade enhancement.

    She moved on from the dog when her mother died of cancer. She was instantly on cancer victims groups looking for men whose wives were dying of cancer. It was the same thing but in this case the asset was her mother's cancer death rather than a Maltese.

    1. You aren't a sociopath! Not sure how to reply to the writer of this. So I'm replying here! This is to the person who wrote the original post; you are an extrovert. You may dislike people. But do you want to murder them? Do you want to harm anyone? If the answer is so then you just don't meet the criteria of a sociopath. Also a love for animals is another indication that you are completely normal. I'm a vegan and I too dislike people! I googled this just to feel normal lol I'm 100% sure that I'm not sociopathic. Another trait is being full of yourself, are you? I think you are just more of an extroverted person who isn't into social greetings or situations. Nothing's wrong with you!

  2. I have a special kind of hatred for anything that sheds, shits, stinks, pukes, and makes noise.

    1. Then you have a "special kind of hatred" for yourself, dipshit?

  3. ... except for myself. I love myself.

    Maybe I'm a sociopath.

  4. Ampleseed, I personally think some socios are too apeshit when it comes to swindling other people. Meh. It's part of the sociopath diagnosis that I seem to lack or have a very weak version of.

    Zoe, I think we scared it away on the other post. :(

  5. "I have a special kind of hatred for anything that sheds, shits, stinks, pukes, and makes noise."


    You shed skin cells and other nasty things. You shit. You definitely stink at times. I bet your breath stinks in the morning when you wake up. You make noise. You probably cough and annoy people, or chew loudly. You probably scratch your head louder than necessary, and sigh dramatically, or make that disgusting gulping noise when drinking. You puke.

  6. ^^Oh god, and don't even tell me you're one of those people that go, "Ahhh," after drinking something.

    1. That is second only to people who don't seem conscious of their eating sounds.

  7. Interesting post.

    RE animals. Odd, cats particularly dislike the sociopaths I know. Not sure if it's that the cats fear them or ? And I should add the cats in question are quite friendly and I've not seen them dislike any other person.

  8. Precious, you were supposed to go jump into the volcano with your ring of insecurity.

    Why did you go astray from that grand path? :(

  9. i knew it would be back. :)

  10. M.E., you say that you "love" children. What do you mean by love?

    ...You feel entertained or amused by their personality, imagination, silliness, etc.?

    ...You feel compassion and caring towards them?

    People often say they "love" somebody to indicate that they enjoy that person. But this is different from feeling compassion, caring, concern, goodwill towards them. Loving human relationships, however, are usually a combination of both.

    Or perhaps you mean something entirely different from the two examples above?


  11. Even though M.E. wont answer either one, I have a followup to !H!'s question:

    At what height is the "You must be at least this childlike to be loved by M.E." bar set?

  12. I don't think there is a fine line between sociopath or not a sociopath. I think there are levels of cold heartedness. I am not a sociopath, however sometimes I feel nothing, other times I feel extreme empathy, were I feel what other people feel the more truly empathetic an individual is the more empathetic I feel in response. I have encountered sociopaths and for me they aren't hard to spot because no matter how good a faker they are I feel nothing I don't empathize with them or feel sorry for them. I just usually feel a general feeling of distrust and that they are just full of shit when they try to act like every one else who has empathy.

  13. Replies
    1. I truly congratulate you for spamming this blog. That ought to teach its maker for being a damn sociopath and troll.

  14. anyone who spams this blog is in the right ebcause of how much of a fuckin' hypocrite this blogger is.


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