Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sociopath song of the day: lying from you


  1. Nice song choice.

    Pretending is a funny word. I pretend so much it doesn't feel like pretending. I am an amalgam of personalities. Displaying one is like choosing a shirt from the closet. The big question is who is the man behind the fashion get up. That's the fuzzy area where boredom prevents me from choosing a long term position to work from.

    What I want is always changing, which seems to fuel my compulsive behavior. If I want something I know I should get it now to achieve satisfaction because tomorrow it won't hold the same thrill or joy. It's easy to be at peace when what I want is the smaller things in life, but the frustration of wanting grander things lead me to manipulate things/people to get what I want without long term planning.

    Nothing seems to keep me happy very long either, I'm constantly in search of the next problem to solve, result to achieve, etc. The better you get at manipulating others the more potentially easy things are to get. However, some grand schemes cannot be achieved without sacrificing time and energy elsewhere. Basically you can't have it all, and that's what I think I truly what. ALL OF IT, AND NOW!

  2. Perhaps you should start your own blog about sociopathy; you seem to enjoy talking about yourself as much as M.E. does.

  3. Ishtar,

    Well I'm quite curious. I've always felt a bit superior compared to most. I do enjoy a great mind game. I'm not disturbed by things most people are. I'm not sure I'm a through and through sociopath. I certainly don't need a doctor to tell me I'm different. Though the few I have been to told me I have impulse control issues.

    I just want to put out what I feel and think and get a little input in return. I know so much about others and so little about myself. Observing others gives me a chance to compare.

    BTW, love the nickname Ishtar. Any kids? LOL

  4. BTW, love the nickname Ishtar. Any kids? LOL

    Yeah I sell you one cheap. One dollah.

  5. Ishtar,

    No, you have to pay me. I know what those little monsters are like.

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