Saturday, December 26, 2009

He knows if you've been bad or good

Am I the only one who has ever been creeped out by the specter of Santa Claus? An all-knowing, one man judge and jury revanchist who allegedly knows everything that goes on, doling out what he thinks people deserve? As a mild-to-moderate dystopian, I am paranoid about things like that, and if Santa gets his way, he is going to be even more efficiently big-brother-ish than before, according to the byline of this article sent to me by a reader:
By using technology to detect guilty expressions, of course. CSIRO is using automated expression recognition technology to tell whether someone is in pain and, according to computer scientist, CSIRO’s Dr Simon Lucey, there’s no reason why Santa couldn’t train the system to find out who’s been naughty or nice.
We've talked about microexpressions before. And apparently "they" have had some success programming computers to read them:
While a guilty person might fool a human with their look of pure innocence, it’s very hard to fool Dr Lucey’s computer.

“There are always some micro expressions that we are unable to control and some of these are associated with deception. It is these tiny facial expression components that the computer can spot.”

The system uses a technique called machine learning. After being programmed with what to look for and what it means, each observation taken or analysis performed is used to refine the computer’s technique so it gets better at its assigned task over time.

“When it comes to finding out who’s been naughty or nice, we show the computer what expressions are associated with good behaviour and it watches for a departure from that” Dr Simon Lucey

One of the applications for Dr Lucey’s research is in detecting whether someone who cannot communicate is in pain and how intense that pain is.
Yeah, that's *one* application for it. Another, perhaps more obvious application also springs to mind.


  1. One day, men of the law of man will look back at this kind of technology and realize that men will no longer be needed to judge people and the downside is that if we don't know what our facial expressions are doing, then we might not know that they are sentencing people based on twitches.

    The worst part is those who know of this technology will automaticlly be found guilty because they will try to control their expressions and the computer will analize their efforts as guilt, even if they aren't...the computer doesn't lie, but it can glitch.


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  2. yes virginia, there IS a santa clause, cept now (s)he's wearing a white lab coat with dr luceys device in one hand and a cattle prod in the other...
    you say you were good, well that twitch in your eye calls bullshit!!! run along, you go to the red kool aid line with the other sociopaths, (and empaths with an allergy to the good dr.s "snuggle ly" laundered lab coat).
    looks like the narcissists are going to inherit the earth.
    i think of myself as an empath, but this is one instance where i really believe the best thing for dr luceys device, is an m-80 up it's ass.

  3. The technology won't have much bearing on any of our lives. It will fail, much like the polygraph, because everyone is different and responds to stress in different ways. As the device can't actually read minds, there will be no insignificant margin of error.

    Deceit isn't a physiological construct. Any changes in the face will be cause by psychological distress, or lack thereof, the causes of which will be wholly unpredictable, since every individual is unique, as are their perceptions of themselves and their circumstances. Without an accurate and detailed scientific road map for the human mind, which does not exist, this machine will have no reliable standard to judge by. And it is, after all, just a machine.

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