Sunday, August 9, 2020

Victoria Part 4

Ok friends! So Blake never made it on the call and sorry it was cut off suddenly in the last few minutes because of an internet glitch. Here's the YouTube link of Victoria and I talking, and the YouTube description:

Victoria and M.E. Thomas swap stories about narcissistic fathers, talk about whether ASPD and BPD are a good match, talk about boundary problems with people who suffer from a personality disorder, nature vs. nurture for developing psychopathy, parallel universes and the trauma psychopaths may feel when realizing that the way they thought an experience was unfolding was really very different. 

I will get back to you on the next zoom meeting as soon as I can confirm them. 


  1. Correction: My father is actually the third youngest child (second youngest son, but the youngest son already passed). Didn't mean to lie, I'm not close with his side of the family and haven't talked to him much in a decade so these pieces of information are not readily accessible in my brain. No clue why he's the way he is, he seems to spiral more and more out of control with age.

  2. Thanks for update. These discussions are always enlightening. Clearly the different nuro-forms not only come to different conclusions around emotional issues but arrive at them in different ways.

    The nature verse nurture debate always seemed like a mixture of both. But to what degree each plays a part and if that proportion is the same for each nuro-type is open to futher study I think. Are there genetic based tendencies that are realised by circumstances it is unclear. Could the genetic trait for sociopath development be countered for example or an empath made more emotionally detached for example.

    Looking forward to the next debate.

  3. i guess we can conclude that psychopaths are terrible interviewers, must be that trouble with empathy. but better interviewing and listening skills can be learned. i reccomend it.
    i'd be curious to talk more about elisabeth smart. i think there's something more to the story. i find her stability uncanny.

  4. On the topic of not noticing that the other party does not reciprocate your feelings - would empaths simply blame the other party for being insensitive/manipulative/taking advantage of them? And same question for sociopaths - would they be blaming the other party, or look fault in themselves for not noticing lack of reciprocity?


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